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DeltaPangaea wrote:
Katia: Last I checked, ‘Hero’ doesn’t excuse fleecing people of what little wealth they have. In fact the two are often mutually exclusive.

McFrugal wrote:
Well she doesn’t seem to be doing anything heroic. She just sounds like a conman.

Stephane explains that he doesn’t mean “hero” in the common sense, but the mythical one. Like the great warriors and tricksters of old tales: individuals said to be born outside of fate itself, unaccounted for even in the plans of all-knowing gods and Daedra. Mortals who, solely through their unpredictable nature, could rival omnipotent beings.

The mythical heroes weren’t good or evil, but instruments of change – powerful wildcards who existed to rival the dominance of those who would otherwise take the world for themselves.

And the gods, if you believe the old stories, never seemed to care. They’re just like, “hey, at least half the people you killed probably deserved it. Take these Aedric artifacts and just keep on carriagein’.” That makes it alright.

So you’re unquestioningly helping Sigrid on the off chance that she’s destined to become some mythical hero like in old stories that probably aren’t even real?

Stephane notes that “destined” is probably not the appropriate word for it, but… yes, more or less. Sigrid… the way luck shines upon her constantly, the ease with which she achieves her every desire, the fearless manner in which she could confront even a Daedric Prince… he could not be more certain that she is something different – a Hero in the most legendary of senses. Untamed, unstoppable… and needing someone at her side to guide her in the right direction.

… you mean you.

Exactly, he says. As soon as he began to suspect her true nature, he tried his best to maintain her trust and friendship. To dissuade her from wrongdoing, to praise her good works, and to lead her down a path the Nine would approve of.

As you have no doubt experienced, my success… varies. Sometimes her actions are benevolent – she once conned a highwayman out of a giant, priceless diamond only to wordlessly donate it to the orphanage that night. Other times, such as your pathetic encounter with her, I fear she falls into hubris knowing that no impulsive action she commits will carry consequences.

I have no wish to jeopardize my relationship with Sigrid by second-guessing her decisions, nor do I wish to in any way inhibit her power. At the same time, that doesn’t mean I agree with all actions she takes. I hold out hope that in time, she will come to have marginally less traits worth despising.

EmperorAgon wrote:
You can start by resisting the urge to flip the table.

Pajaul wrote:
Ultimately we can explain how we understand, but we can’t agree. It doesn’t seem fair for her to do what she did, no matter what anyone says. We don’t want anything more to do with Sigrid, we just want the letter and book back. Afterwards, we will leave well enough alone.

Okay. I think you’re crazy and putting a lot of stock in fairy tales, but I can accept that. I just want to get my stuff back. Can you help with that?

Stephane reiterates that he has no desire to damage his friendship with Sigrid or question her actions. She saw fit to take your belongings for whatever reason, and they are hers now.


It would perhaps be to Sigrid – and the world’s – ultimate benefit if someone more… expendable than himself, who was likewise unaffected by her charisma, took it upon themselves to call her supremacy into question. To give consequence to her careless actions by taking back what was theirs and then some.

Regardless of whether the thief succeeded or failed, maybe it would be the push needed to spur Sigrid into action. The push needed to make her act like a true hero, actively taking the fight to those who deserved it.

It would be far too risky to try himself. But if he were to, say, offhandedly mention a secret entrance to the Mages Guild via the chapel undercroft – and you were to, say, slip the chapel key from his pocket when he wasn’t looking…

Additional resource credits:
Cider – Training to become a second Kazerad

  • A Nameless Adverturer


    Kaita, do NOT take this quest. He can easily report you to the guards and have you locked up. After all, throwing rocks at someone might be legal, breaking into the Mages Guild is definitely not.

    Inquire further, find out if there is anything else you can learn about Sigrid before blindly stumbling into a trap.

    • That Guy

      Why would he need to report it? – the guards in Oblivion are practically psychic. If you so much as spent too long looking at an item that wasn’t yours, in a dark alley on a moonless night, wearing black felt clothing, with no other witnesses in a million miles you could be certain that moments later y- STOP RIGHT THERE CRIMINAL SCUM!

      • LP

        Easily rectified with a little preemptive charisma wheel spamming. They’re still psychic, but then they apologize for interrupting your murder/thievery spree and take care of the paperwork for you. Rather like Sigrid has arranged, come to think of it.

      • panoz

        You forgot about the mudcrabs. When they don’t have stuff to sell to you they sell information to the guards.

    • DaeD

      Since the comment is another command not in the Submit Commands area, Im gonna comment-hump shamelessly.

      -Stephan may actually be right about Sigrid fitting the hero qualities despite taking advantage of the poor (Katia) and effectively getting away with stealing. How many of us have played Oblivion and not mercilessly pilfered from everywhere from helpful npcs to the most dirt poor shack, on an otherwise well intended playthrough?

      • panoz

        I tried to steal everything in morrowind. I ended up building a pocket dimension in tes to hold it all. I got through 1/4 of the map and gave up after picking Vivec clean of all their silverware, candles, and buckets.

      • cmj

        Not all “heroes” are well intended though. On my mage play through of Oblivion I think I wiped out almost the entirety of Imperial City, all the NPCs that were killable anyway, just to see if I could. Not to mention the Dark Brotherhood quest line.

    • Bizarre Monkey

      Couldn’t find the reply button that wasn’t attached to a post, so the following statement should not be taken with any expectation of relevance to the respondee.

      So theory-crafting, a fair few pages back when the Daedric Prince of Nightmares showed up, she/he/it suspected that the guard dude (I forget his name) may have been victim to a prankster… One who was stepping on Vaelimina or whatever the name’s turf.

      This recent update leads me to think that Stephane may be onto something, what if Sigrid is giving out these nightmares, the evasion of Valiemeira’s knowing certainly slots into “individuals said to be born outside of fate itself, unaccounted for even in the plans of all-knowing gods and Daedra.”

      Totally making theories and forgetting everyone’s names. if it starts with V it’s the Daedric Prince of Nightmares, anything else is probably me trying to remember the name of the cultist fearing guard and then just putting down largeguard ironshoes or something.

      But yeah, TL;DR, Stephane is right and Sigrid is the one causing both cases of nightmares we know about, that’s Garius and Katia’s.

      Wait shit did I just remember his name?

      • Dan

        Those dreams started when they were kids. If Sigrid was the one causing the nightmares the she must be older than Katia and Gaius. Unless she is sending those dreams to the PAST!

        Names: paranoid guard = Gaius ; daedric prince of nightmares = Vaermina

    • Onlyson2

      Her taking this quest would get her in prison but remember the hero always starts out in prison.

      • APStorm

        At least prison’s not a terribad ending. Meals, a place to sleep… sure, you’re not overly free to do things, but basic needs are usually taken care of in such situations, so long as the nation’s doing well enough to fund the prisons.

        And, yes, there’s also the fact that heroes in Elder Scrolls seem to start out as prisoners released because the Emperor believed they would be important (at the very least, in my bit of research on Elder Scrolls turned up that the hero of Morrowind, the Nerevarine, was a prisoner of Septimus’ released into Morrowind to fulfill the prophecy, and there’s the more obvious Oblivion introduction of starting off in the Imperial City’s prisons, which I recall seeing in preview clips).

  • Nitron ZX

    you know, I wonder how effective it’d be if Sigrid was persuaded, if she’s actually a player character, to treat giving katia’s stuff back as a quest.

    on another note, her being an NPC in oblivion (I think someone said that?) doesn’t disclude her from being a player character here I don’t think – look at Sheogorath in Skyrim, after all. that IS post-shivering isles, right? ovo

    • Dragomok

      Unexpected spoooileeeersssss.

    • Dan

      Considering Sigrid condition during the game, is probable safe to assume that she only develop her mercantile skill and lost her charismakicks enchanted thing (probable some amulet or ring).
      Does that means that Katia has any chance of steal the charismakicks? Would be interesting to see Katia delight herself in the way people suddenly treat her respectfully until she moronically lose the object.

      • panoz

        Yes egg is what is on your face for not paying attention to the last few comic updates. Please reread the last few updates and remove said egg-on-face.

        • Dan

          What? Did I said something offensive? Is my idea to stupid in some way? Is it because the mercantile develop I mentioned supposedly already happened? Is “egg” reference to some kind of insult?
          Whatever the case is I’m sorry. The intended reference was much more silly than you may think.

          • panoz

            and now for something completely different … heres some spam for your egg. Nothing offensive but you didn’t see the bathtub of bugmusk which is a little less transportable than an amulet or ring. and so since it is not a small trinket that tells me you skipped that bit and so the egg on face reference was just too good to pass up.

          • Dan

            I didn’t skipped any page. Maybe you wasn’t paying attention, but in the previous page Stefan states that Sigrid “commissioned enough enchantments to render the bug musk all but unnecessary”. Unless I am reading this wrong, this means that she doesn’t depend on the telvanni bugmusk.
            I was trying to point to the absence of enchanted objects in her possession during the events of TESIV. Why would she leave behind such valuables and discreet objects? Why wouldn’t she wear they all the time?

            By the way, what’s up with you and eggs? They are not that interesting.

          • panoz

            You need to poach them in a soup or pickle them or fry them with some truffle oil then they are really interesting, remember they are breakfast tofu they absorb whatever flavor you give them. but the reason it came up at all is because you just said “egg?” in your first post and the on your face part seemed comical and slightly fitting but since it is I who was not paying attention then it would be me looking foolish.

      • mewsers

        Your question “egg” i presume is in reply to Nitron ZX saying “ovo.” I suspect you are english secondary (or more) language, used a translator, and it translated “o v o” as “egg.” This is a coincidence. I believe this is Nitron ZX’s signature.

        • Dan

          I know. I was just been silly. Annoy the egg guy wasn’t my intention.

        • APStorm

          More likely that it’s an emoticon, meant to represent a facial expression or arrangement.

    • Ma’iq the Liar

      Wrong, I played Oblivion as a Khajiit.

      • Nitron ZX

        but wouldn’t that make it moooore likely, since it’s so mad~?

  • Willhelm

    Sounds like it is high time for some good ole fashioned cat burglary. I have waited long for this moment…

    • Tachyon

      Hey, hey! Whoa!

      Are you TRYING to start some sick fires, bro?

      • Lokion123

        she has no fire skills now,it wont become a CATastrophy,dont act like a scaredy CAT!

        • Confetti

          Now don’t be such a PUSSY. I’m sure he was just KITTING.

      • zortharg

        It’s kind of a shame the necromancer with the cat fetish was killed. He would have been good for her, getting over being a self-hating cat and whatnot. He’d have made some cat pun, and she’d have been like “no, don’t say that!” and he would have said “but I don’t mean it as an insult, I LIKE kitties”, and then she’d have said “Oh…. okay”.

  • Cloudy14

    Hmm. What Katia needs at this point, is to look sympathetic. If Sigrid really is the PC, Katia needs to be a devolved character, involved in a quest to restore her to something respectable, rather than another shmuck to be ripped off.

  • Gig

    Hang on… The way Hero is talked about here…

    Is Sigrid… The Player Character?

    • siveon


      All we know is that the “Hero” is supposed to be the Player Characters in Elder Scrolls games. I’m not too sure about Sigrid being a Player Character, though.

    • Marvelous TK

      Mmmmmnope, Priest-for-Brains is just a sucker.

      • Murder

        (SHIVERING ISLES SPOILER)See also: Sheogorath in Skyrim(SPOILER)

    • Philip

      That is what is implied, yes. “Hero” is the in-universe name for player characters.

      • LP

        Once we see Sigrid pull off a Dragon Break, sure. Up till she reloads from last save she’s still an NPC.

    • Du du duhhhhn

      Wait, maybe Sigrid has…….. a DOPPLEGANGER!!!!!

  • IT’S A TRAP!

    • Insane Randomness

      IT’S A WRAP!

      • lol i’m stupid

        It’s a crap?

        • Akatosh

          No, you are just a sap.

          • Riverfish2000

            Time to fap.

          • Akatosh

            That’s a trap, good night everybody!

          • A Nameless adventurer

            Don’t forget you nightcap.

          • zortharg

            Stop that. I’ll slap you so hard you’ll need a map to find the Gap so you can buy tap shoes and a burlap knapsack to put your cat in when it’s not having a nap on your lap and can’t fit through the catflap without a squeegee. I just wanted to say squeegee there for some reason.

          • rejectedagain


  • Adam

    Hold on Katia, even if this is your only way to reclaim your stuff, there has to be a better way to call Sigrid to justice. My suggestion is you take your stuff and GO. You have a quest, and staying around for that dance contest won’t be a requirement if you just take some extra coin from her stash. Get the response to QW, then perhaps console with her on what to do with Sigrid.

    And you’d probably be best to avoid Kvatch until you speak with some of the other Mage guilds, if Sigrid is a hero, then perhaps it’s beyond you to bring her to her own tragic end. Then again you have been recharged, and a charbroiled Sigrid sounds awful tasty.

  • Lokion123

    >Katia:I would just not give 2 shits and BURN THAT BITCHES HALL TO THE GROUND,and lets DO some ANARCHY,BRING OUT THE CULTISTS!!!

  • NoriMori

    Lol, *jing* *jing* *jing*

    That was great. XD I’m starting to like Stephane more and more, though I hate his rationalizing…

  • Raven

    That Sigrid silhouette with the staff and scarf in panel 2 : it is the coolest thing ever.

    • Kyber

      Have you seen that Katia, mage, warrior, silhouette thing at the top of the page? It might not show up anymore.

  • Panel 8 Is good practice for me for her profile.

  • Voxx

    first paragraph “outside the of fate itself”

    • Kazerad

      Proofreader is FIRED.

      • Anon

        7th panel, second paragraph: “they are are hers now”

        • Kazerad

          Contacting the Morag Tong regarding proofreader.

          • LP

            “Take these Aedric artifacts and just keep on carriagein”

            What on Nirn is a “carriagein”? I even uh… scried… it with my Googles and couldn’t figure out what it was.

          • xKiv

            @LP: it’s like trucking, but all the trucks all still carriages.
            At least Katia can’t get hit by a truck while saving somebody’s life?

  • xrogaan

    Oh yeah, going below the ancient necromancer’s mage guild in hope to steal your stuff back. Good plan. Did I mention zombies, animated skeletons and rats? Did you remember the red liquid flowing under the weird door in the mage guild? And the human skulls? Well, you certainly do not want to go down there all by yourself.

    For all you know, he is maybe trying to make you disappear…

    • Drynwyn

      Red liquid is probably Bug Musk.

  • Thrime

    Press spacebar to skip and get on with not sitting around.

  • Vidiotdragon

    I kept expecting the bartender to do something interesting in the background, he just seems to be looking around a bit.

  • I Saw A Bear

    Katia: You’re a Khajiit, not a very good one, but you’re still one. They say thievery is in a Khajiit’s nature. It’s time to test that statement.



      • Murder

        She lives in a world where there’s magical elves, athletic orcs, frost-resistant nords and mercantile imperials.
        I’m pretty sure racism works to a few degree here.

        Not to mention that IRL we are all affected by our birth. The thing is we are still all individuals, and whether you’re black, yellow, white, it’s still just a small factor.

        Katia’s small factor just happens to be that she’s a born thief.

  • Ursula Cat

    But who’s to say that YOU aren’t a Hero, Katia?

    • Link

      She can’t be, even after all her troubles she has yet to hit F9, or simply loaded the last save =P

      • spaced

        She just has not reached CHIM but if she does after that she can use saves

  • Insane Randomness




    • Murder


      It’s because she’s a khajit.


  • D. G.

    Yay Katia finally gets to break out her lockpick! 😀

    • Dan1

      her lockpick was in the bag with the rest of her stuff.she isn’t that lucky this time.

      • A Nameless adventurer

        Magic, it could happen.

        Or Stephen could give her one of his.

      • Moo?

        I’m sure she pulled it out after being thrown out onto the street…

      • Link

        There’s always one lockpick, even if there was none before =)

  • OldSchoolRPGDude

    Oh my!

    Kaz, I applaud this latest chapter for two (probably unorthodox) reasons:

    1) The fact that you have (what we can only assume is) an NPC effectively “meta-gaming” the DM is hilarious! “Look, I found someone who is probably a PC, or at the very least an NPC of significant value to the overall story – I am not going to mess up this deal! Do you have any idea how brutal life is for those faceless, unimportant characters out there?!?”

    2) I also love love love the way that you couched Stephane’s mental paradigm / framing of Sigrid’s position using common ’ex post facto’ rationalizations / flaws in human cognition. It’s like projecting ideas of destiny or amazing traits into someone who just happened to win the lottery.

    Ironically, Stephane also notices the flaw in his own mental construct – namely that Sigrid has already set up some (delayed) negative repercussions for herself. She’s not immortal or invincible, and it’s only a question of “to what degree will she pay for her mistakes?”.

    But it’s the combination of this fawning paradigm coupled with the self-contradictory acknowledgement that she may conceitedly plant the seeds of her own destruction that’s so delicious. It shows a character that is both observant and self-deluded, passive and manipulative, self-righteous and cowardly. MMpf. Now if that ain’t a masterful caricature of the human condition, I don’t know what is.

    • 65534

      It shows a character that is both observant and self-deluded, passive and manipulative, self-righteous and cowardly. MMpf. Now if that ain’t a masterful caricature of the human condition, I don’t know what is.

      And I thought, that’s what a priest is.

      • OldSchoolRPGDude


        Zing! 🙂

  • tronn

    Well, that explains why Kvatch’s mage guild was such a sore spot for Gro-Upp. I think that he might not be the PC after all, if he got hoodwinked by a NPC. Looks like the main conflict in this story is shaping out to be about who’s the real deal and who’s not…

  • A really really really small person that lives in the back of your head, feeding off your motivation in life!

    Awkwardly fumble his pocket as you try to take the key. Then bend back the dish and give it back to the bartender. Of course, you’ll somehow mess that up too. I bet that priest guy has so much faith in you.

    • That guy who likes writing really long nicknames because he’s a really bored person this is taking a while isn’t it?

      Cool name bro.

      • I didn’t think it took that long, but I just might be a fast reader


  • M

    Actually Stephane, Sigrid is definitely an NPC, in fact she’s not even essential.

    She is NOT essential.

    Beating her to death in fact won’t carry a penalty if there are no witnesses.

    Hint Hint.

  • Armael

    This was actually a quick update. I assumed that we’re going to wait like, two or more weeks for the next one.

    Good job, Kaz.

  • NoriMori

    I love the look Katia’s giving Stephane in the last panel, like, “Yeah, I fucking get it already, and I do in fact know what a pocket is, moron.”

  • Sir Prize

    I have one one word.

    Just one.


    • stupidjellyfish



  • Contemplar

    So what he’s saying is that these “heroes” are also capable of being utterly villainous? What if this little thiefly jaunt causes Sigrid to rise to the challenge, but in a far less wholesome manner? Don’t you remember that mysterious door with mysteriously blood-coloured liquid mysteriously creeping out from underneith?

    I suppose it’s not like she would notice if you just took back your paperly possessions alone. This is probably the best offer you’re going to get.

  • Lord of a little village up the coast

    Dat bootay in the third picture, more on topic, i foresee katia clawing sigrids eyes out and being linked to the deadric invasion somehow.

  • Photosynthetic Ziggurat

    Well, this appears to be the one chance you’ve had in a while to repair the mistakes you’ve made. May as well, right?
    Arkay’s blessins upon ye.

  • ALRIGHT! Let’s get some theivin’ up in here!

  • BanditoWalrus

    I love how deliciously meta this concept of a “Hero” is, essentially meaning “Player Character”, and referencing how a Player can essentially get away with anything in Oblivion without consequence.

  • Link128

    Wait a minute…
    Isn’t that Solaire’s armor from Dark Souls in panel 3?
    Because it looks a lot like it.

    • Nopon

      It is actually Pelinal Whitestrake’s (The Divine Crusader’s armor) From the Oblivion DLC Knights of the Nine. The diamond in the center is in the visage of the Adabala-a I.E. The Amulet of Kings which was worn first by Alessia/Al-esh w/e you want to call her, who was allied with Pelinal.

      • Link128

        Well, thanks for the clarification.

  • Dr.C

    Seriously, if i (as a hero) had stolen someones stuff and it was not of particular consequence, all that would be needed to make me give it back is someone asking for it back. If you are too uncomfortable with facing her charisma for that, communicate via notes rather than in person. just make sure you dont be a stalker about it.

  • bobucles

    Katia: Embark on stupid, suicidal quest.

  • zortharg

    Ahhh, by this definition, Katia is going to turn out to be the real hero no doubt. Because otherwise, what would be the point of the story. A true underdo… undercat story. Here she comes, from very humble beginnings, no one thinking she amounts to diddly, and SURPRISE! She’ll be the one to change fate and whatnot, and no one is going to expect it, least of all her, what with her inferiority complex. Because there’s another thing that heroes often get from the gods – tests. Put the hero through hell and they face adversity but they win in the end; it’s not ALWAYS that they just get their way all the time, every time. And we already know that someone powerful is out to get her, right? Whoever has given her the nightmares, that is. That could be a reason why.

    I also like the mention about that rotten orc’s beef with Sigrid. Although it didn’t really need to be mentioned that she charmed something valuable from him to figure out that’s what happened.

  • Myufi

    Wouldn’t Sigrid just get upset that somebody took ‘her’ stuff? Why would she suddenly experience an epiphany about her own misbehavior and become a hero of benevolence? She could very well become enraged to the effect of causing more malevolence.

  • Exdeath64

    Seduce Sigurd.

    …What? You got all sorts of weird free stuff from that Necromancer and the Orc, there’s at least like a…30 percent chance you’ll get your stuff back.

    • tronn

      Katia didn’t get anything free or weird from the Orc (unless you count a good tumble).

      • xKiv

        Isn’t his sword still stuck in QW’s wall?

  • Ghostwoods

    Oh, dear Gods… Sigrid is the Hero of Kvatch!

  • Raves

    Okay, I love what Kaz and ch’marr have done with this comic. they appears to be writing the story not just about the elderscrolls universe but also the perspective of characters from in game as they were played by people. When Priest-Face there was talking about the amoral heroes who managed to (literally in some cases) get away with murder because they were “unfated”, he seems to be referring to how most of us played the elderscrolls game. Sure, quite a few of us played characters that were righteous or good most of the time, and got the major story arc dealt with; But I would hazard to guess most of us also had characters that did things “just to see what happened” because we knew there were no real consequences to our actions. What this comic appears to be doing is showing us how our choices in those games are actually influencing the universe now! It could be that because so many of us acted like sigrid (swindling entire towns, robbing homes to the last coin, exploiting flaws in the game, charisma mind raping) it’s starting to have consequences for our current character Katia!

  • Macdoo

    When he says “taking the fight to those who deserve it” he’s talking about Sigrid – the hugely wealthy, popular, magic, “heroic” one – taking the battle straight to some poor defenceless khajiit who was told to do it. It’s not exactly going to be much of a fight.


    Really? He really thinks that sounds like a plan? Did you not mention the whole “I need to do this to prove to myself I’m not a completely worthless fuck-up” bit? Why would he think you’d be able to get past what is evidently a highly skilled, wealthy, charismatic and morally ambiguous Enchantress – especially one who is leader of a mage guild? There is no way this can end in anything other than further crushing disappointments on everyone’s behalf, if only because you are not a skilled thief.

  • Moo?

    I didn’t know Stephane worked for ASDA…

  • Weasel16

    Oh just type TGM into the console and say F the world!

    • Camron

      THANK YOU!!!

      • Story Mode

        lets make story about immortal katia!

  • Relth

    I’ve taken some time to think about this, and I’m still not sure if Stephane is right. Nonetheless, this sounds like the only way to obtain your ‘stolen’ goods. Furthermore, by the off chance that Stephane is right, the benefit of undertaking this… crime… far outweighs the consequences of doing it OR not.

    Otherwise, if your only concern is getting a letter back to Quill-Weave, Katia, I believe the bookstore owner is writing another letter for her now that you had lost the first. If I’m wrong, and I know I will be due to my poor memory, then you don’t have much choice.

    As much as I hate to say this, and as much as I really, REALLY want to see you succeed, I’m afraid you’re going to have to do what Stephane says.

    I wish you good luck, Katia, and for all that it is worth, I’m sorry it has to come down to this.

    • Camron


  • Blue Dragon

    This is such a bad idea. Sigrid, under the “law” hasn’t even stolen anything. All was given to her. Katia will be on the wrong side of the law completely if she follows this – alienating both the captain of the guard AND ASOTIL. (I know this isn’t the command area, just like to use it to bounce ideas off others). Better plan would be to get Stephane to bring her some musk of her own and ask Sigrid to GIVE her stuff back – and more. Turnabout AND still on the right side of the law. If breaking into the guild is unavoidable, then first find some musk and don’t touch a thing till she’s got some perfume of her own – then carry out operation Two Can Play That Game. Breaking and entering is a far lighter crime than thievery.

  • Actua

    And I just saw the tie in to the beginning of the game. Beautiful.

  • Aquilus

    Nice. Btw, HOW’D YOU GET MY ARMOR OFF ME!!!! *points at Stephan throwing the Armor of the Crusader*

  • Mr. Skungeous

    Let’s focus on the word “expendable” for a moment, and consider the wisdom of stealing from a self-entitled sociopath with considerable resources, both inanimate and otherwise, who probably has a pretty good idea of whom she has recently motivated to revenge.

  • Kanjigirl

    Don’t do it. This isn’t worth getting caught. There has to be another way to get your stuff back.

  • Sir. Muffin

    Take the key Katia, you now you want it.

  • Evie

    she is not the player character, sorry to break your dreams and use them as amy’s kleiophone but she is a real *NPC* in oblivion go look it up

    • Moo?

      I killed her multiple times…

  • Neu



  • Uknown

    Me: Kazerad, what does the scouter say about his swag level?
    Kazerad: It’s over 9,000!
    Me: What?! Thats impossible!!!
    (Dragon Ball/Stephane reference)
    Also, do you want to play with keys, Katia?

  • Alex

    YES. I totally called it. Gharug Gro-Upp was robbed by Sigrid, and that’s why he hates the Kvatch Mage’s Guild so much!

  • pheonixflyer

    As much as I would like for Katia to have something good happen to her, this seems to be too easy…

  • Camron

    LOL, I can’t believe that SIGRID(a character who is not even note-worthy in oblivion) supposedly being a hero, when we all know that the real hero is, oh, say, a few hundred miles away in the imperial city prison, being insulted by a mother fucking disgrace of a dunmer.also, most likely, Stephane and nearly every other inhabitant of kvatch is going to be killed by fucking dremora and get their heads mounted on spikes, except for, you guessed it, sigrid in the coming pages.OH YEAH, AND KATIA IS PROBEBLY GOING TO HAVE TO FACE THE DAEDDRIC PRINCE OF CHANGE, DESTRUCTION, AMBITION, ETC, ETC, Mehrunes Dagon, ALSO KNOWN AS THAT MOTHER FUCKING FOR ARMED MONSTER THINGY THAT WANTS TO KILL YOUR LITTLE, INSIGNIFICNT, MOTHER FUCKING ASS.

    • Lokion123

      IDIOT,it said at start it takes place like 100 or more years or something like even 20 yrs from oblivion events,and katia could be alive after oblivion crisis(maybe?),sigrid in a mod DOES get impaled on a stick,and stephanie idk…

      • Riverfish2000

        The start of what exactly said that?

  • Camron


  • Lokion123

    WAIT,Sigrid is NOT a pc,shes a opmod(like a HOLY SH*T U ARE A F*CKING RICH A**HOLE mod)katias the pc!(a crappy pc at that….)

    • tronn

      I don’t think neither is the hero, since both are NPCs. Katia is just a glitched piece of the Radiant AI with luck stat in the negatives.

  • cmj

    Guise, Stahp. This isn’t canon. Canon logic is useless in this place.

  • I love this comic.

  • Arsonance

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    • pheonixflyer

      That’s how she sees alcoholic drinks when with other people. Remember the dinner party in Anvil?

    • Katia imagines an x on the cups that aren’t hers so she doesn’t accidentally drink them. It’s not a real x, just a ‘don’t drink this, me’ x.

    • bobucles

      As part of Katia’s 12 step program, all alcoholic drinks are WATER and they have an X BECAUSE ITS BAD WATER SHUT UP.

      Hmm. There’s a good chance that Sigrid could charm Katia into giving up some of her more terrible vices. Hypnosis is a powerful technique, and it relies on high charm to work.

  • Shadow

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    • yo mama

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  • Throw a fireball at him. If he deflects it use your other power to throw a mug at him


    I think that katia might have some magicka back; doesn’t the atronatch absorb spells, including healing?

    • Lokion123

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      • Emperor Ervinmar

        That one’s already been used. Copycat.

  • Slipshodsliver

    Katia, take the key and see if Sigrid will trade your stuff back for it.

  • Sigrid

    Maybe you should just give up and let me have all of your stuff

    • Steakman

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  • Emperor Ervinmar

    Do it, but make sure Sigrid isn’t home at the time. What with how she’d murder you.

  • Slash his throat with your claws, since he is a mage he might heal himself so keep doing that until you get answers. After you get answer cut off his hands, cut open his chest, pull out one of his vital organs and make him eat. After kill him

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    … Fuck this, i’ll just continue the sad cat story with sock puppets.

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    • Alex

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      • Mzuark

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