Sep 222013

By the end of her first day in Kvatch, she had become a local celebrity: a newcomer who had won the heart of every citizen.

Within a week, she was wealthier than the counts.

She didn’t stop or grow complacent with her position. She poured her time and resources into research. Within the month, she had accrued an encyclopedic knowledge of Tamriel’s greatest speakers, merchants, and conmen. Her tongue was silver even without mind-altering alchemy.

Not that it mattered for her. Within the year, she had cashed in on many of her old Guild connections and commissioned enough enchantments to render the bug musk all but unnecessary.

Anyway, between her education and the magical enchantments, her status and power in Kvatch is firmly secured and she is free to pursue whatever grander goals she deems appropriate. That is what Sigrid has been doing in Kvatch.

Lupinator wrote:
>Katia: Assess moral compass here.

How justified is Sigrid in all this?

TheTurnipKing wrote:
Obviously we’re still missing something, because I’m not seeing how opportunistically stealing a guild hall of necromancers isn’t evil.

That doesn’t justify anything.

saintdane05 wrote:
Explain to him that “Righteous” usually doesn’t involve taking things from random visitors.

I wasn’t—

Yeah, you were! You’re acting like just because she’s conniving, powerful, and probably unstoppable, that makes her right! And you’re probably going to pull some bullshit about how good and evil are subjective, so she’s not really that bad.

Stephane says he’s a priest, moral subjectivity isn-

—all so… what? So she can nest in a mound of stolen gold, beloved by everyone, while I’m out in the rain with scraps of bread and maybe half a friend?

Look, Stephane says, he’s not trying to say Sigrid is right about everything she does. Or that her actions don’t come with costs to people who probably don’t deserve it. He’s just trying to explain why he’s helping her.

Why, you ask, because you and everyone else in this town are mind controlled into doing it? Because she’s a heartless, sociopathic megalomaniac who will just charm you into submission if you or anyone else tries to stand up to her? Because she thinks she’s doing some huge favor to the magic community by keeping the Kvatch guildhall there?

No, Stephane says, it’s not that. Well, not exactly. It’s…

I think she might be a hero.

Additional resource credits:
Ch’marr – Vine wrangler
Cider – Drawing everything Kaz was too lazy to draw

  • Elly

    Ahh, finally! Glad to see Kazerad has managed to find a bit of time to make an update, but that suggestion at the end leaves only more questions…

    I love it when the comic breaks the bounds of the panels.

  • Furbeh

    Well I think that pigs might be able to fly, but that doesn’t mean I am right.

    • Tachyon

      Yet another problem that can be solved with a catapult!

      Now if only Katia could trick Sigrid into one…

      • panoz

        no no no you really need a Katyusha rocket … then they will be flying not just tumbling through air.

    • Jistuce

      Why would you doubt his suspicions? That’s pretty much EXACTLY how heroes behave in every game I’ve ever played.

  • anonymoose


    • NachtMusik

      not quite… unfortunately

      • anonymoose

        by a few seconds. I’ll take third.

        • Kazerad

          Edit the post! I want to make sure user comment editing still works.

          • anonymoose

            it does not.

          • Kazerad

            Well shit.

          • m is for wolf

            Kaz, I believe you overlooked something I’ve learned from my experience with IntenseDebate that could very well apply here as well: Editing a comment with replies is impermissible. When you replied to the comment to ask whether it was editable, you prevented it from being edited.

            In other words, the system still works.
            However, it does appear that you have to open the comment editor in a different tab; sometimes a blank page arises when trying to edit in Chrome.

    • Yarrr

      Have some yaoi anyway.

    • Elly

      Sorry. 🙁

  • NachtMusik

    DUN DUN DUN~ Awesome work Ch’marr on the picture hacking awesomeness!
    Perhaps this is a chance for Katia to become the hero she was born to be! 😀

    or maybe she could show her awesome skills of messing stuff up!
    I’m hoping for the former and not the latter.

    • Digo

      It would be hilarious if Sigrid stole Katia’s bad luck. Can you imagine all these suggestion boxes and how awful we’d totally distroy Sigrid with our terrible suggestions. XD

  • Ger

    I really enjoyed the depth effect on the opening image. When I first loaded the page I was quite surprised! It took me a while to notice the different scrolling velocity and it only added to the effect.

  • Sage038

    Very visually pleasing first panel!

  • Lokion123

    dat sh*t magic(1st panel) still kazred,from last page WILL u decide on my charater idea,cause u could fit it in pretty easy,also i LOVE how ur building the series too,also got a feeling soon slutcat is gonna strike again(and probably even get her own flash game,probably bout sex tho…)

    • Sorcedude

      My douchery aside, you seem to be utterly ignoring everyone else’s kind hints and helpful advice. Even Kaz said it himself. Your character concept is over the top. I’m REALLY trying not to be a complete asshole right now, but seriously. Take. The. Hint.

    • tronn

      I cleaned up your character concept, I hope I didn’t make him look too smug?

      • Lokion123

        its not bad,tho he rly isnt a criminal(except when he was 9,he got into a stealing stage for a while)i got the feeling u made him look like a criminal(also the 1 i made is what he looked like at 5 yrs old,in current on my idea for story hes 20 and a lone wolf)tho still is NOT bad at all,also did use the bartender zoom for charater,plus i think kazred should include the bartender lil more in the story too…

        • tronn

          That’s weird, the design is very neutral. What specifically makes the character criminal-like?

          • Lokion123

            its like the eyebrows…,and the eyes are a lil lower too

          • tronn

            Now I see what you mean, although I was going for ‘a scoundrel’ more than outright criminal. Nevertheless, fixing that is really easy! Just lift the eyes a bit and make them larger, give it a try!

        • Johannes

          Just make your own Comic then! Asking someone to include your character and your story in their work is in -incredibly- bad taste, and makes you come across like a selfish 13 year old.

          • Samuel McAfee

            Hey I am thirteen and I am not selfish. Why would you think that we are selfish? I stick up for my friends and never myself.

  • kome

    boo. yah. first panel update since i hit the end. i love the work you do kazerad!

    • Dragomok

      Welcome to the fandom!

      • kome

        im not sure if it qualifies to be a fandom yet… maybe we should do a count.
        at any rate, im glad to be a part!

        • LoLbuster

          Okay I’ll start the count:1

          • Alex


          • Timothy


            No, wait…

          • Lokion123

            OVER 9000!!!!

          • Dragomok

            Plus all these people that draw porn out of Katia F. Managan.

          • TimeTraveler

            I have come from the future to warn you,slutcat sex game is being created by an evil mind right now,bewarned it is extremely hot!!

    • timtomtum

      this is my third comic since I got to the end. I must say the whole Sigrid ordeal had me a bit miffed and I’m glad Katia didn’t black out again, if she did I would have stopped reading honestly.

  • The Slumbering Crocodile

    That is one hell of an opening picture. My compliments to whoever did it.

    • Dragomok

      It was made by Kazerad and enchanted with CSS wizardry of Ch’marr.

      • Dragomok

        On a further inspection, it might be more of XHTML witchery than CSS tinkering.

        • Bob

          Whatever the case, Ch’marr truly is a wizard.

          Now if only we’d get contact from him once.

  • NoriMori

    Okay, at the second last panel, I honestly thought he was gonna say he was in love with her. Last panel was a huge relief but also kind of a disappointment, in a way. XD

    • Dragomok

      I also thought that for a moment, but then I realised it would be rather silly.

    • Dan

      I was expecting him to awkwardly reveal that they are cousins.

  • Delta Pangaea

    … Well. This is an interesting turn of events.

    So she MIGHT be a Player Character, eh?

    Everything she’s done is stuff PCs get away with on a daily basis. And stacking enchantments to break the way the world’s supposed to work over your knee? Yep.

    And Stephane is a Follower. He helps her because… reasons.

    Don’t let her talk, Katia. If she doesn’t talk, she can’t diplomance at you. Keep talking at her if you have to. You’ve got plenty of things saved up. Vent.

    • Lawrence

      Damn it man, you got it before I could post. Anyways, yes I believe that is what Stephane is implying. Potioned her way to a good standpoint, learned about what can easily turn people to your path, get all buddy buddy with the guild, make super enchantments to get to a point where you no longer need personality enhancing potions. Last but not least, get this, still making time to pickpocket or steal even the small meager amounts of gold using your strengths e.g katia. Nice update Kaz and also very, very nice effects Ch’marr. These little things make it worth the wait.

    • sav

      Spoilers, Sigrid is an actual NPC in Oblivion. 😛

      • KynElwynn

        What PC doesn’t want their character to be forever immortalized as an important and irreplaceable town NPC?

      • Akatosh

        Well so was I, but I don’t get a fancy, namby-pamby butterflies and adorable animals opening…

  • Nickel

    aw yiss
    motha fuckin’ Prequel

    excuse me while I flip the heck out~

    I am so psyched for this update, I swear I de-lurked for this. I’ve only been following this for a month, but this is maybe the best thing??

    Katia’s “stare, *beat*, flip-out” expressions are adorable, but for some reason I’m far more amused by how the bartender seems to have finally lost interest in their conversation.

  • Ghar

    That first panel is so ridiculously cool. I want to know how it was coded so badly. Whoever was in charge of coding that, you are awesome.

    • Dragomok

      Yeah, Ch’marr is pretty awesome.

      Judging by the source and CSS snooped by my WebDev addon, it seems to be an effect of using “factor” attribute for div tag (and some pretty normal CSS). I have never heard of it before, never seen it before and it’s not in a single piece of HTML 4 and XHTML documentation I know of.

      So it’s probably something really obscure.

      • Actually, the “factor” attribute you are referring to is read by a jQuery based script, and probably doesn’t do anything by itself. It indeed pretty cool, but I don’t think it uses anything magic and undocumented. 😛

        • Dragomok


          I feel a bit like Katia learning that cakes are actually something people make right now.

          (By the way, really nice homepage address you’ve got there.)

        • Ch’marr

          Exactly right. One is allowed to (albeit not recommended) to add custom attributes to any element in the DOM. The JS that does the parallax magic reads the factor attribute to give it some additional “shift” when scrolling. My previous code stored all of that in JS variables itself, but I’ve been leaning towards keeping a DOM elements “special attributes” and the element itself close together.

          Also, this lets Kaz fiddle with it without getting me involved.

          • LoLbuster

            What everybody else is thinking as you guys talk: derp derp Ch’maar deeeeeeeeeeeerp

          • Ch’marr

            omg, you’ve caught me! I don’t know what I’m talking about either!

          • thristhart

            You should try using data-* attributes. At least that’s valid HTML5, and it’ll probably work the same on older browsers anyway.

          • panoz

            yeah the data attribs are html 5. … Need to play around with parallax and paperjs with a site built entirely out of vectors. If I remember correctly you can also target vector groups objects and even individual points the same way you do html elements

  • stupidjellyfish

    Lipstick must be expensive in Tamriel, because she wasn’t wearing it until now.

  • Ransom

    Awesome effect,

    Sorry Stephane, impressive as her fears are, she’s just an NPC, her fare determined by the game programmers, I mean gods.

    I’m sure you’ll never meet a player character, I mean hero.

    Nope, never.

    • A Nameless Adverturer

      I would like to point out that no hero ever starts with all the wealth and friends they need to save the world. Sure, many heroes end up getting all that stuff eventually, but doing so requires copious amounts of work and a lot of pointless side quests that just waste your time to make some random NPC like you a bit more.

      On the other hand, NPC’s seem to have all the luck and can start with lots of wealth and connections in order to make it even harder for the PC to save the world, and take all the credit in the end so that the heroes are left right back where they start, as a broke wanderer.

      So no Stephane, she is not a hero, just an annoying NPC that gets in the way and tries to take credit for what the real heroes accomplish.

      • Dragomok

        You, good sir or lady, obviously haven’t heard about min-maxers.

        • A Nameless Adverturer

          Still never seems to prevent the world is always working against the PC. A high personality will still cause bandits to attack you without justification simply because they are bandits and it is the PC’s job to kill them.

          Either way, what (serious) player chooses personality as a max?

          • Dragomok

            The kind of people who play Fallouts with 10 Charisma characters. And probably any game that links personality to minion count. And D&D (hurhurhur).

            But yes, very, very few games make seriously investing into personality – or pretty much anything unrelated to combat – a viable choice, which is kind of sad.

        • panoz

          or hackers

  • TehRedMage

    Well, crap. Is there a prophecy that says that a hero will rise from the ashes of Kvatch to save the world? And that she would be a totally kickass wizard?

  • Octane

    I wish I wasn’t on mobile. dang.

  • Typhon378

    New reader here, just started reading this three or four days ago. I guess I started at a pretty good time too. Didn’t think I’d see an update this soon. And I was close to just stopping a few times there, but decided to truck on through despite…all the depression there…I must be a glutton for punishment though, considering I am knee deep in the Nu52…

    However I must say well done and I am loving your comic so far, especially the animations, LOVE The animations, and you have inspired me to give Oblivion another shot. Never really got into it when it came out. Only because I am a hardcore Morrowind fan. And too much “Bloom” and Ren fair style for my tastes. but for Katia’s sake I’ll give it one more go.

  • Soadreqm

    That WOULD explain why she took Katia’s worthless-to-anyone-else quest items.

  • I love panel 6 :3

  • Kallisti

    Hey, it’s Shocks and Venison and they’re even cuter than before! I guess you could say they are quite endeering.

  • Relth

    Hero? HERO? What the @#&$ do you mean about “hero”?! What has she done that’s so ‘hero…

    Wait a minute…

    Not that I’m implying that Stephane’s breaking the forth wall, or something, but I think he believes that Sigrid’s the main character. But she’s not! What else could he mean?

  • Furnut

    oh deer god that’s epic effect 😀

    also such cute deers <3

  • cheesybob

    the magic of PARALLAX!!!!!!!

    or whatever the css equivalent is.

  • twelvegoat

    There is a grammatical error in: “By the end of her first day in Kvatch, she had become a local celebrity: a newcomer who had won the heart of every citizen”

    • tronn

      Also, it’s “without costs to people”.

  • Atlas

    Wait, is that Teekeeus from the Chorrol Mages Guild I see?

    • Dragomok

      Probably not, since he had green spots around his eyes.

  • Psithief

    Haha, he thinks Sigrid is a Shezarrine. BZZZZT Wrong.

    • D. G.

      Not necessarily that she is one. Just that she could be a hero like one.

  • Thrime

    Damn it Ch`Marr, you’ve done it again.

  • tronn

    Hot damn diggity, that is a nice effect! I also like the exaggerated, cartoony reactions of the country bumpkins to Sigrid’s presence, simple yet effective.

  • Moo?

    If that bitch was a hero she would be in prison duh…

    • Dragomok

      Gah, it’s so obvious in retrospect!

    • tronn

      Not necessarily. She might be a hero, not the hero. There’s a difference.

  • Bluescale

    Is that Argonian enchanter Miun-Gei in his shop in Vivec?

    • Dragomok

      It must be him – same horns, same robes, same colour scheme.

      I’m constantly impressed by how many little details from the games Kazerad manages to squeeze in.

      • Confetti

        Seriously. I didn’t realize that Quill-Weave was an actual character in Oblivion until I recently replayed through it. Then I also found Sigrid outside of Kvatch. So cool!

  • Zackwell

    Stephane has been playing too much Fable.

  • Drakkard

    Can someone remind please why Katia was banned from this bar? When that happen? Was it in the mini-game?

    • tronn

      It happened in the Kvatch walkaround flash. Katia was being clueless about her Khajiiti heritage, and the bartender thought that she was making fun of him.

      • Drakkard

        Ah thanks. I thought it was in that flash somewhere

  • MaximumCarnage

    Whelp. That first panel was the most terrifying thing I’ve seen all week. Reminded me of when The King from her dream was infecting the webpage. But… all… fru fru pretty things. Really did startle me a little on load, taking that image in all at once. Still, another fascinating effect.

    Meanwhile, Stephane’s not doing himself any favors in my book as of yet. His explanation of why he’s following her has yet to explain -why he’s following her-. Though I’m curious about where he’s taking this hero explanation. Even if I think he’s just naive.

  • Confetti

    I just noticed we haven’t seen any male Khajiit. Except for that one dead one. He doesn’t count.

    • tronn

      The bartender is male.

  • bobucles

    Reading books and bathing in bug turd doesn’t make you a hero!

    A TRUE Tamrielic hero jumps 20 hours a day, sneakily walking into a wall while summoning skeletons to use as punching bags. Does Sigrid do any of that? I think not!

  • BaronvonSomething

    I really have to say, the third panel featuring Katia is pretty poorly drawn by Kazerad’s standards, along with the other two Katia ones by a lesser extent. So is the first one with Stephane/

  • zortharg

    Yay, he healed more than the injuries she sustained chasing him, her eye is better too.

  • Insane Randomness

    A Hero using nothing but fortify personality?

    Seems legit…

  • Борис Балалайкин

    Какой… ГРАФОН!!!

    Ебать, я кончаю.

  • Kat

    ahhh this page is so beautiful!
    didn’t expect that cliffhanger ish though!
    ugh, more waiting

  • C0Mmander

    So unless he start speaking of daemons escaping from hell itself, she should tell him to go fuck himself. And even then she should tell him to go fuck himself because they took her stuff without trying to explain themselves first.

  • Charismakicks is totally the sort of name I would give my character’s Enchanted Boots of Speachcraft.

    Sigrid confirmed for Player Character.

  • cake

    I bet she’s a Villain.

  • Xolroc

    Oh dear. A Hero? But does that make Katia’s adventures an Event? I’m not entirely sure about the lore here, but I know that there’s going to be an Event if there’s a Hero involved.

    It’s also possible she’s not a Hero, though. Maybe Katia is! Actually, scratch that. She doesn’t seem to be doing too well in the controlling-one’s-own-fate department.

    • D. G.

      “Each event is preceded by Prophecy. But without the hero, there is no Event.” – Zurin Arctus, the Underking

      In each of the 5 TES games (plus Redguard, Battlespire, Dawnstar, Shadowkey, and Stormhold), there was one hero as played by the Eternal Champion (the PC), one major event, and one prophecy to match.

      But there have always been lesser heroes (see below). I think that Sigrid is most likely one of those rather than one of the Eternal Champions.
      – Saint Jiub
      – All of the Heroes of Sovngarde
      – Pyke in Shivering Isles
      – Frandar Hunding (from the book “Redguards, Their History and Their Heroes” seen in Daggerfall and Redguard)
      – Blademaster Gaiden Shinji
      – All of the Shezarrines (Talos, Wulfharth, Hjalti, Ysmir, Arctus, Septim, N???)
      – Lyrisius from “The Story of Lyrisius” in Daggerfall
      – Ysgramor in Skyrim
      – Oreyn Bearclaw from Valenwood
      – Mendel Eves in Morrowind
      – The original Nerevar in Morrowind
      – Etc.

  • Vaelus

    Nice subtle parallax scrolling, this is actually the most technologically advanced webcomic I have read, and homestuck has been pulling some amazing tricks recently.

  • Nodzilla96

    Hey Kaz when Steve is speaking he is speaking in 3rd person in this one line

    Look, Stephane says, he’s not trying to say Sigrid is right about everything she does. Or that her actions don’t come with costs to people who probably don’t deserve it. He’s just trying to explain why he’s helping her.

  • Sporky

    That first panel is fantastic… looks like someone’s been keeping up with Homestuck.

  • DontQuestionMe

    THAT FIRST PART IS SO DAMN PRETTY, although it took several attempts to click the add comments button. Sigrid sums up every player, steals shit, has too much money, infinite amounts of stats, robs NPCs, but as long as you save the world in the end after dieing 292 times it’s justified.

  • Bee

    Plot twist, the oblivion gates open because sigrid summons 10 obsidian then katia accidently uses her flint and steel on them.

    • LoLbuster


    • Lokion123

      then somehow katia spawns in (using almost unthinkably NOT cultist magic btw) alduin,parthunaxx and other dragons,meh runes(more like meh ballz),and somehow spawn in god!

  • BlueNight

    She’s a User.
    She’s a Player Character.
    She’s an Author.
    She’s an Avatar.
    She has been chosen by the fates, the gods, the Gods, the beings from another plane.

    She is metafictionally bigger than you will ever be, CAN ever be.

    And you, Katia Managan, are just a bit of rogue Radiant AI, with randomly low Luck.

    Yet your dreams have been played with by a being that makes the Daedric Prince of Dreams pause and look through the fourth wall she’s painting. Perhaps you ain’t so small after all?

    • Lokion123

      MAYBE she could be dovahkiin too,yea….. immortal ftw!

  • Funderful

    Omg she’s a player character. It all makes sense: the got her speech level to 100 by alchemic means and Katia is actually an NPC.

  • Bunni

    dis page

    dose deer

    dat pseudo 3D

    i’m dying send help

  • pheonixflyer

    I was honestly expecting him to say Sigrid is his mother or something.

    • Somehow your comment made me laugh really hard 😀

    • Bee

      No way could sigrid birth someone with such badass hair, that’s stretching it even for her.

  • Lokion123

    >Katia:Asses the opptions here.


    Let him go on…,i guess.

    EASY,kick to the balls always works!

  • bobucles

    Dammit Katia, if Sigrid is a hero, then why are YOU the one plagued with prophetic dreams so strange they give the Lord of Nightmares pause?

    Oops, wait. Don’t actually say that out loud.

  • Weasel16

    A hero, a hero of Kvatch… ah damn!

  • Skillzor

    So I recently started reading this…. and in recently, I mean yesterday. It seems I finally caught up with the story, now I wait for more awesomeness.
    I fucking love you, this story is awesome and I love the characters and the plot and… yeah, I like it
    Also hi everyone.

    • Dragomok

      Hello. You’re a second soul declaring its readership in this page’s comments.

  • TheEnigmaMachine

    I really love the analysis of common fantasy tropes here! Sigrid is a player character and Katia is an NPC. But it’s amazing how it’s been shown subtly without breaking the story. I can believe Sigrid is a PC and Katia is an NPC, but still feel like a real story is being told, with this knowledge as a feature of the world. Well done!

    A lot of the fantasy game based stories cross the line with “game logic”, making the story itself seem less epic and less believable. I think this is one of the few times where the PC/NPC split has been done in a way that makes everything seem more believable, not less.

  • Jonesman64

    What.. we’re suddenly in Fable?

  • cheesybob

    You must have used CSS or something to make these images, because for some reason on my phone Sigrid is black.

    • xKiv

      So I clicked Web Developer and Disable all CSS styles …. oh hahaha, that looks neat :_)

    • cheesybob

      OK, got a pic up:

  • Azakhaer
  • Azakhaer

    >> Also is it just me, or does Katia have a cute little gap in her front teeth.

    • tronn

      She’s a cat person so it’s more like that her fangs are longer than her front teeth, than a gap though. I don’t see it as particularly endearing quality.

  • lonewander2077

    (hey kaz how dead is Dmitri ?) and > Katia : be Dmitri

  • uyoiou

    Guys, if you think about it, who here can say they never hurt anyone while playing one of the elder scroll games, who can say they never killed a random person for something or even just for fun, or even stole something from someone like jewelry, that could have been something very special and dear, also any random person in the game could have a backstory as sad as Katia’s, which would mean that if you did anything wrong, then we are in no way in any position to judge Sigrid.

    • Hope

      I dunno. I try my best to avoid killing or stealing from innocents.

  • Sekeido

    If she’s a hero, where are her super powers? Look around for a cape.

  • SomeShadyGuy

    Guys, Sigrid can’t be the Player Character because she is an NPC in Oblivion. Just saying.

    • stupidjellyfish

      She could be a “lesser” hero, then. Or she could have been destined as a hero, until the Gods decided that it was a mistake to give her that fate and took it away from her.

      Or hell, maybe people are thinking too technically on the ordeal. Maybe we should just suspend our disbelief and take it for what it is, not accounting the video games’ rules.

    • Hylleddin

      Wild Mass Guess: Katia is going to steal Sigrid’s PC status.

  • jona.fibiger

    Gee thanks for making me spend almost a whole day (which includes a night) reading this comic. Seriously, this is some of the best things I’ve seen/read for a long time! 😀

    • Dragomok

      Hello. You’re the third new reader making their first comment on this page and counting.

      • jona.fibiger

        Huh, I did not know that. Well that was a surprise.

  • Alceris

    Skankgrid, you’re obscuring parts of the screen, GTFO.

  • no more yolo

    Ch’marr we all love your art

  • Murder

    Somewhere, *somewhen*, the Hero of Kvatch is laughing his ass off in jail for no reason.

  • bobucles

    “Suspects” and “Knows” are two very different things.

    Sigrid’s unusual rise to power is a very good reason to suspect that she has a greater role to play in the fabric of fate. But Katia has a lot of strange stuff happening, too. As a power player, Sigrid would definitely be interested in Katia’s unusual dreams and how they intrigued Vaermina him/her/itself. Stephane might be interested too, but his connection to Sigrid makes him as dangerous as she is.

    Perhaps it is best to bleed this interrogation for all it’s worth, and call it a day. Playing with heroes is a surefire way to get burned, and a cat has no business being curious.

  • Vawkis

    Oh, yes a hero. Because we all know that as long as it’s good intention and a noble heart, all transgressions are forgiven…bah, this is fools logic. She is thief, she knows this. She’s wronged you and now her little assistant is trying to win back good graces for fear of Khajit claws.

    You know better then this, he do to. If he no wishes you a fight, he returns your things and is end of it. If he wishes fight? He continues to pull your tail

  • lonewander2077

    katia, sigrid could not be the “hero” she swindles and lies ; Demand your stuff back and tell sigrid that she is not a hero but a petty thief , you seem more like a ‘Hero’ then any one .

  • xron

    I NEED a wallpaper of that first panel.

  • nirnroot

    A hero? A HERO???? No stupidhane, she’s no hero. She’s a robber.

  • Lokion123

    >Katia:Be Dimitri *rotting away SUPER slowly!*

  • Story mode

    i love that everybody says thing like “she is not hero because she stole Katias stuff” but guys realy who wasnt head of the thief guild?

    • ross

      lots of people, probably

  • rua’iri

    This one wants his questions answered, until then may you walk on warm sands

  • Pfff- HA HA HA HA….you serious?

  • A really really really small person that lives in the back of your head, feeding off your motivation in life!

    dat squashed plate

  • tech

    *Snerk* Yeah, right. We aaaaaaallllllllll believe you.

  • dtlux14

    YAY! Wait, a different person? But it looks exactly the same…