Jan 282019

eugd wrote:
Do not let her get away with that ‘no resistance to your robbery’ BS. Insist she GIVE YOU the items back.

K’ wrote:
Make sure you have proof of “membership” to the Guild in hand when you walk out of that place with a bag full of gold…

Oh, before I go, could I get you to sign this form saying that actually I am in the Mages Guild, the bag of gold I’m about to get was voluntarily given to me, and this isn’t some elaborate scheme to betray me and crush my tiny Khajiiti heart?

Sigrid finds the precaution somewhat tedious, but concedes that it’s probably justified given she’s betrayed you in an elaborate scheme every day since you met. Why’s the contract written in imp gall on a page of nightwriting?

You tell her it’s because she took your only pencil and paper. You hadn’t really thought about it until now, but makeshift papers and writing utensils are pretty much the main thing your inventory items get used for. It’s actually kind of amazing how much simpler your life will become once you own a notebook and pencil.

Merry Saturalia, then: you can keep this pen. Anyway, since I’m the ranking member at this Guildhall, my signature on this should be sufficient proof of your Guild membership. It won’t be one-hundred-percent official until I get the papers to the Imperial City, but I’ll send them with the next patrolling guard. Unless you’re headed that way?

Nah, I’ve got a courier job taking me the opposite way, back to the coast. A friend’s waiting for me, so I kinda want to get that finished rather than taking up a zillion more quests. You know, one thing at a time.

Nopon wrote:
Katia: Move quest “Miasma of Megalomania” to your completed quest list. Make “A Simple Delivery Job” your active quest.

CustodianoftheDice wrote:
Okay, time to update that quest log!

First you’ll need a “Completed Quests” section since you actually managed to complete a quest and also not die. Go ahead and put “get stuff back from Sigrid” in there.

Now you need to set some new active quests.
1: Buy Quill-Weave a replacement book. That’s like the reason you came to Kvatch, so don’t forget to do it.
2: Return the Arena gear to the Orc. You’re not going to compete now, so it would be kind of a dick move to keep it when you have actual clothes to wear.
3: Find and apologise to Capt. Atrum. Maybe he’ll have calmed down and can tell you more.
4: Wait for ASOTIL to come back and travel to Anvil with him. You’re far more competent now, but there’a no reason to take unnecessary risks by traveling alone.

And speaking of quests…

You rip your quest log in half to create a fancy new Completed Quests section. The whole Sigrid thing is clear, and joining the Mages Guild is clear. Just to fill the list a little more, you mark the dance competition as clear too, since it requires an arena raiment; yours was shot with ice bolts, set on fire, soaked in blood, pierced full of holes, and torn apart to make a plate for a dog. Rest in peace, Kvatch arena raiment.

Other than some miscellaneous stuff like punching Rajirra for being a dick and apologizing to Captain Atrum for being a dick, it looks like your top priority is buying the replacement book, meeting up with Asotil, and heading back to Quill-Weave’s. You’ve been dealing with this Kvatch stuff for so long that it feels almost surreal to have everything… just moving forward.

Gilly wrote:
Sweet. “Ummm Is there a loaning program on the books? I think I need to read up on the summoning basics . . . and absolutely everything else. ” Mental note: replace any pillaged items like the books and straighten the posters.

Sigrid, by the way, is there like a loan program or something for the magic books upstairs? Can I take some with me, learn all the spells, and become the best wizard ever?

Probably no to most of that, Sigrid says, but the books are public Guild property so you’re free to take what you need.

And alchemy equipment, am I allowed to take a full set of it? Like, with the burny thing, the grindy thing, the tubey one, and the other?

If you take the Guild rules completely literally, you can take as many sets as you want. The government doesn’t care. You know, this would be a lot easier if you’d just act like a Khajiit.

I know, I know, I’m sorry. Anyway, you said I could take “silver daggers”. Was that a hyperbole, or are they like the alchemy equipment where I can just kind of take as many as I want?

Really, Sigrid says, just take whatever. You’re starting to make it very embarrassing to have lost a magic duel to you.

Sorry, I’m just excited that all this hassle finally has a silver lining.

She got it! Did you get it?

Whiskers wrote:
All things considered. Sigrid is owed some slack. She could have handled these turn of events VERY poorly, but she’s resorting to diplomacy, if nothing else. Remain wary, but give credit where it’s due.

You know, Sigrid, without all the weird megalomania-inducing mind control stuff, you’re really not that bad. Sigrid points out that she’s done nothing but encourage you to steal things and abuse public services. Okay, you say, so you’re objectively bad, but I still feel like you’re the kind of person I could conceivably be friends with. Like, someday. It’s been like thirty minutes since we were enemies, so my emotions are complicated. And possibly influenced by a charm-magic hangover, but I think I hope not?

Iiiiii’m just gonna leave before I make this weirder by continuing to talk. Sorry. Bye.

Saber101 wrote:
This has been fun and all, but you have your stuff and a sack of gold to collect.

wolfknight wrote:
slowly walk away, get your stuff, and enjoy your BAG OF FREAKING GOLD

hop wrote:
Don’t keep too much money on your person, and be sure to buy things that don’t have a high resale value. That orc is still making the rounds between Anvil and Kvatch, remember?

Kazeread (not to be confused with Kazerad) wrote:
You’re likey going to get robbed on the way home. Might want to start thinking about that.

You’re not “likely to get robbed”. People travel between adjacent towns all the time without getting robbed, and just in case you’re somehow the exception, you already set up a plan to go with Asotil or another patrolling soldier traveling the same road. Random highwaymen aren’t going to pose any threat when you have an Imperial Legionnaire watching your back.

Tonight should be all the proof you need that the universe isn’t completely out to get you, and that sometimes, things turn out alright. While you’ve certainly learned an important lesson about caution, that doesn’t mean you have to expect everything in your life to backfire disastrously.

Huh, what’s that orange glow coming from outside?