Jul 162019

Baker wrote:
Best angle: a swan dive right into it.

BloodSung wrote:
Dive in that gold, Duck Tales style!

Okay, so –

First of all, even the bigger of these two gold piles is like two and a half feet deep at most. That might be pretty deep as far as mountains of gold go, but it’s shallow enough that any swan dive would be a faceplant.

Second, piles of tightly-packed metal pieces don’t exactly move around like water. This means it would still be a faceplant, except a faceplant onto metal, two and a half feet earlier than expected.

And third, growing up in the desert never taught you how to swim. So even if the pile were deeper, and sheer force of will could cause the coins to flow around you, you’d just drown in a giant pool of money. Really, every part of this plan is bad and it bothers you that swimming in the gold is the most prominent thought on your mind.

Makoto wrote:
The right angle is the low one, with a big open coin bag ready to grab the shinies.

Micro wrote:

You’ve got to approach this strategically. Grabbing an appropriately grocery-sized bag from the storage room, you position yourself low to the ground, placing the bag adjacent to the huge stack of gold coins. With this optimal and carefully-planned setup, filling the bag should be a piece of cake. You’ve just got to scrape at a few of the coins on the surface and let them tumble in, where they will legally become part of your giant bag of money.

You really shouldn’t be having so much trouble with this, especially as a Khajiit.

Ngrasta wrote:
If you’re uncomfortable just ‘taking gold’ why not just take what you need for a week? Like, do a budget for basic cost of living, and add in any other reasonable expenses related to your current quest.

Lenithen wrote:
Admit that you’re not going to be able to take all the gold because of the weight it would put on your conscience. Instead, take an amount equal to your projected hourly pay over the last few days, and hazard pay due to dangerous work conditions and also spoopy upper management. So, maybe a hundred gold or so.

DiscipleoftheCog wrote:
Alright, so let’s think about this.
– You know that you’ve been given permission to take a sack of gold from this pile.
– You know that just taking a huge amount of gold with make you feel guilty and probably look guilty to people who think you’re just another khajit.
– You need at least some gold to get yourself ready to travel and stay safe.

Try and figure out how much you need to look and feel like a semi respectable member of society. You basically just need a basic adventuring kit (backpack, bedroll, compass, etc) and some spending money for food and future supplies. Don’t be greedy, but take what’s needed to keep yourself from being on the streets again.

You, ah… guess that does make it a little better. Sigrid took 22 septims from you, and you want to bring Quill-Weave back 30 septims to replace the money she gave you on your first failed trip to Kvatch, plus maybe 200 to replace that invisibility potion you lost, and… 50, to fix her windows and walls? You’ve never paid for windows before, but there’s like, the two glass parts, and probably some complicated thing they have to do to get them into the holes. Usually your area of expertise, but not with fragile glass panes.

Anyway, that’s 302. The Mages Guild will cover your basic living expenses, but you want to give yourself some reward for breaching the barrier between realities and defeating an evil sorceress, so you add an extra thirty. Making off with a sack full of money didn’t sit right with you, but the notion of taking 332 septims as payment is much more comfortable. That’s probably not even a full bag, so you’re not really abusing the contract, just taking what you need, and maybe deserve.

Zynnie wrote:
Touch the gold, but let it stay there

Theawsometurtle wrote:
touch approximately 1 money

Additional resource credits:
Connor D – programming
Caliber – programming after the discovery
that HTML5 is way different from Flash
AMKitsune – web integration
Makkon – a background
Xiode – a song