Prequel: Precede


Far away, a ship sets sail.

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Additional resource credits:
Ryavis – programming
Silence – music (“Prelude”)
Makkon – music (“Dianne”, “Pohs Yot Elttil”)
Downpitched – music (“Peanut Butter Monster”)
Cider – background work
Mikey The Fox – tiny elves
Rawrunes – larger elves
Aku – more larger elves
Grape, justinbw, akemov, CGeffex, laft2k, noisecollector,
hardance, zimbot, OneSoundToRuleThemAll – sounds
Jaylew1987, sittingmonkeyanim – two sounds I decided not to use,
but left in the source files regardless. They’re linked in so
heavily I’d almost certainly break something removing them.
Chevy Ray Johnston – Flashpunk