Mar 262011

frostedWarlock wrote:
but seriously, investigate.

Zombiitwo wrote:
> No.

Vissia wrote:
well what are you waiting for go there , your day can’t become any more worse can it?

I’m wrote:
Discard the silly notion of exploring the hidden horizon

Bropocalypse wrote:
These are often laden with inexplicably undisturbed ancient treasures!

TheFinalWraith wrote:
I’m not predicting desecrating ruins will be a profitable endeavor.

Plagorath wrote:
Better go around it and explore it

Armok wrote:
> Leaving the road seems like the height of stupidity

Rune wrote:
>Go investigate.

Simsmagic wrote:
Choose to return later when your duties are complete.

ShadowoftheLotus wrote:
Katia: Go go go! All this thinking is delaying the side-quest. Just jump in headfirst. Thinking isn’t working; action might.

ewar wrote:
Fuck those ruins, they’ll be crawling with monsters anyway. Keep on this road.


Democracy isn’t working here. Time to look at the arguments for and against and see which can personally appeal to you more.

  • Cole

    Is her head swelling?

    • GlassAdventurer

      I don’t think so.