Mar 142011

ShadowoftheLotus wrote:
> Approach lady but feel nervous over possibility of having to refuse alcohol. Prepare by drinking liquid courage.

Droke wrote:
>Reply and approach the crazy bottle lady verrrrry cautiously. How can things get any worse?

Your special day can’t get any worse, you figure. Time to do something stupid.

You cautiously approach the crazy bottle lady.

She heard you were new in town. Yes, you reply. That’s cool, she says. She was new once too. She didn’t really know what to do with her life. Then she met some nice people in robes who gave her food and a place to stay and something to believe in but she’s not supposed to tell you about them. That’s okay, you say, you don’t want to know. She appreciates your non-prying-ness and declares you to be her best friend.

She takes another swig and goes off on a tangent about how she left the peas on her plate because peas are the worst fruit. She’s not even entirely sure they are a fruit. She says you can have them if you want, but you say you’re not hungry. You also point out she is still waving a knife at you. She apologizes, sometimes she just knifes people.

You look thirsty, she says. You should have some of this awesome wine. In fact, you have to have some, it’s just that good. You nervously try to explain that you are a recovering alcoholic and have the booze tolerance of an anorexic six-year-old, but your new friend insists you are just pussying out. Pussy pussy pussy. She asks again if you would like a drink.

Frankly, you would love a drink right now. Also she has a knife.

  • Anon44

    According to Wikipedia, peas ARE a fruit, so long as they remain in the peapod.

    *The More You Know chime*

    • Hurrington of durr

      so apparently peas are seeds, which makes them nuts instead of fruits.

      *The More You Know chime*

      • VintageCthulhu

        Nuts are fatty seeds with hard outer coverings. Fruits are ovaries containing seeds. So the pod is a fruit, the peas are seeds. No nuts were involved.

        • Diggingforfire

          >Fruits are ovaries

          While I don’t doubt that, OH GOD

          • Grimtunes

            dear god thats too many chimes, my head is ringing!

  • MindEqualsBlown

    Dude that stabby chick is the pirate Isolde and she just tried to recruit Katia into the Mythic Dawn cult, ie. the main bad guys of the entire game. How did I completely miss this the first time around?!

  • Ixam

    Doesn’t that make peanuts rather redundant then?

  • ingrid

    Really bro? Pussy pussy pussy? Really? Will there be a double entendre on every page? (did I spell that right?)

  • creeperbro

    I thought the crazy bottle lady was a dude… LOL

  • Extraintelligence
  • Ja’ Jarsha Rovandi

    …pussying out. Pussy pussy pussy.

    Stop right there Kazerad, you violated the foreshadowing. Make something light on fire (last panel) or feel your shame.