Mar 162011

Wessolf27 wrote:
Resist urge to drink liquor and SHOW YOUR PENMANSHIP!!!

ShadowoftheLotus wrote:
Offer to demonstrate your artistic talent on the back of the old sign!


You’re the best fucking pen in Cyrodiil.

Lelles admires the legibility of your handwriting, though he actually needs the sign engraved and he thinks the flowers and smiling heart might not be reaching the store’s target audience. Maybe you could just carve “Lelles’ Quality Merchandise” in fancy letters? He’ll give you maybe ten Septims if you do a good job. That should be enough to get you a good meal and a night at an inn.

You accept.

You spend the following hours toiling away on the wooden sign using Lelles’ tools. You know this has to be your best work. This little sign will be the first thing you are known for. This is your first step in the right direction. You put your heart into every letter, polishing every curve and serif to perfection. Once your engraving reaches the pinnacle of artistic quality, you carefully dab a fine coat of white paint onto every character. It is beautiful.

By the end, your arm is cramped and your eyes are strained. But you don’t care, you’ve made something good and are going to reap the benefits. Time to show Lelles.

He comments that your handwriting is good but you misspelled “merchandise”.