Apr 052011

frostedWarlock wrote:
…is that a horse? Or… a stoney fish?

I demand that Katia get a Relicanth somehow.

NitroGlyde wrote:
>Bats: Burst into the room. Swarm around the cat girl.

McFrugal wrote:
It’s coming from the left.

Keep in mind you are in near-complete darkness. You may as well be invisible. Just don’t stand out in the open and nothing will notice you so long as you remain quiet. So right now, you need to sneak. Approach the noise while making no sound yourself.

That “axe”? Not quiet. Ditch it. This is a sneaking mission.

Is that… flapping? It sounds bigger than a bat. You’re not sure if it’s dangerous or not, but uneasily conclude that the worst thing you can do right now is turn your back and let it sneak up on you.

You’ll have to investigate.

Whatever it is, you don’t want it knowing you’re here. You abandon your noisy 300-pound-axe and slowly creep over to the source of the noise.

You ready your makeshift shield and piece-of-shit machete. You don’t know if these things will hold up in an actual fight, but holding them makes you feel a bit less defenseless.

Weird, you don’t hear the sound anymore. You cautiously enter the hallway, keeping your eyes on the ceiling.

No sight of the mysterious winged creatures. The ancient stonework is striped with large, deep cracks. Not only does this make you question the structural stability of this place, but there’s pretty much a 100% chance that something is hiding up there and going to spring out when you least expect it.

Or maybe you scared the creatures away? That would be nice. You nervously continue onward to the end of the hallway.

What the hell is going on here?

  • This is just getting better and better.

  • You this read wrong.

    Love how the Venn diagram has booze off in the corner, even though she’s already had drunken sex with an orc that just robed her because of it.

  • SRG

    Not all birds are classified in things that flap

    • Cherry

      Haven’t you heard of an Emu?

    • A majority of “things that can kill you” aren’t classified as “things that can hurt you”

  • Cole

    She looks so cute in the first one, and actually like she can hold her own in the third.

  • Moo?


    • RampantSeaTurtles

      We found him!

  • i am

    more like disrobed amirite

    • Djinnfest


  • Djinnfest

    I really don’t think making the book that she needs to replace into a +2 Hide Buckler of Waning Intelligence was such a good idea in retrospect.