Apr 062011

RationalAbsurdity wrote:
Take a mental note not to attempt to climb anymore pillars with crystals on them…


Kraft wrote:
> Offer your condolences for having to meet him like this. Ask him what happened and what makes him linger.
>Also if there is someone that should be informed.

You politely greet the ghost and remark on his gruesome death. You’re not really sure the proper way to respectfully speak to a ghost, so you nervously offer to deliver any final messages to the surface if he wants. You’re very sorry about his accident.

Save your concern, the ghost commands, he’s been dead for centuries. He was that mer’s guardian ancestor, before the guy accidentally pulled a pillar onto himself. The ghost has no more descendants left to guard, so figures he’ll just loiter around here for a while. You know, tell any explorers about how his dumbass grandson died while trying to climb a nine-foot pillar. Feel free to loot the corpse.

You are more than happy to oblige. Luck seems to finally be working in your favor (took it long enough!). You thank the ghost profusely.

It’s fine, he says. He can think of no more fitting ending to his bloodline’s legacy than being robbed blind by a mangy Khajiit whore. It wouldn’t be the first time it happened to his grandson. Just take that awful man-purse off the corpse as well, in case someone respectable comes down here and sees the body. There’s a pretty strong personality-enhancing potion in there, the ghost explains…

… His grandson was probably going to use it to get a better price when selling those five bottles of wine. You’d be surprised how much collectors will pay for these old vintages.

Then again, you probably already know this stuff. Khajiit or not, he assumes you are an experienced adventurer given that you got past all those imps unharmed. All the traps in this place have been set off ages ago, but most people who wander down here still get electrocuted, mauled, and disemboweled before they even make it down the stairs. Sometimes someone gets lucky and comes in while the swarms are out, but that never lasts more than a few minutes.

You hear that? Sounds like some are returning. He looks forward to seeing you in action!

Okay, you tell yourself, don’t panic. There are no light sources remaining in this hallway. The imps probably can’t even see you in the dark.

GeneralDisorder wrote:
> No time to be a scaredy cat, either ask the ghost what’s going on or hightail it out of there.

Hey! Cat jokes are very hurtf-


  • Jebediah Oldenheimer

    Oh God, lol

    • Hey brony :p

      • SilentSymphony2

        ??? Hey NOT brony :p

  • Rodrigo

    She really needs to have those issues checked… If she survives.

  • Spore

    I like the way things are going! Interesting… I almost quite because every page was depressing… until recently

  • Malefactor

    That ghost reminds me of spades slick just a bit. I hope he becomes a recurring character.

    • JRCameron

      I wholeheartedly agree. It would do her good to have a ghost following her around.
      You know, someone that doesn’t depend on her, someone that doesn’t need anything from her…
      Someone who isn’t in danger when she gets into trouble.
      Someone who can look upon her failures and depression with a purely objective eye.
      Maybe he’s her…


    • Oh man. Malefactor’s post is relevant now (October, 2013).

  • GentleCorgy’s#7COMBO

    That’s just sad and hilarious how the fire this time combusts on the arm of the Ghost’s dead grandkin.

  • George

    emotional fire

  • Tygrahof

    HAHAHA! Even the readers comments cause burns! Ask ghost to help!

  • dtlux14

    But she no have wizard beard?