May 092011

Whimbrel wrote:
Just use soap Katia! Normal, unassuming, SOAP.

Eagle0600 wrote:
Don’t bother with scents, you could just screw them up.

chimericWilder wrote:
Dont even think about it. We all know that you will fail horribly and be stuck with some kind of odd scent that is not suitable for any kind of formal dinner. I REPEAT, DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT.

Soadreqm wrote:
Yeah, don’t bother with scents. Just wash yourself clean. And hope you won’t need that silly painted underwear anymore.

McFrugal wrote:
Also don’t put anything special in the water. Just use soap.

Squiggles wrote:
Skip on putting any scents in the bath, it’s too easy to use too much. Let your smell be that of freshly cleaned fur and you’ll do well enough.

greyscaleScavenger wrote:
Katia: Don’t use scents. Some people are allergic to scents, or you could add too much, etc. Far too much can go wrong.

Okay yeah, maybe you shouldn’t be aiming that high.

If you try to do anything fancy to this bathwater, there’s pretty much a 100% chance you’re going to screw something up. Better play it safe and stick to what you know.

LemGambino wrote:
> Wonder why the hell you decided to put a friggin’ bathtub in front of the FRONT DOOR. Someone could just barge in on you while you’re bathing! Move the tub–somehow–to another room before you get caught in your birthday suit.

Hey, it’s as good as any other room! And it meant shorter trips back and forth from the well.

You could flip the filled bathtub up on its side and roll it into the kitchen. Or…

… just lock the door.

McFrugal wrote:
OH! Also it looks like you may have put too much water in the bathtub, so it’ll overflow if you get into it.

You are pretty sure it wouldn’t have actually overflowed, but you give yourself a point for this anyway.

Doing simple tasks without screwing up sure is hard work!

You take your long overdue bath. You try as hard as you can to get the paint off, but it’s apparently not washable. You’ll just have to wait for the fur to shed.

You guess this bath is still kind of relaxing, though. You don’t feel as panicked as you did a few minutes ago.

In fact, might be a good time to check out these cards.

Aww, cute! It’s a special Argonian deck. It feels like it’s waterproofed too, which makes sense for a race of amphibious lizardmen.

What’s this guy, a Knave? Not exactly a royal, as far as you know, but he looks pretty chill. You could totally carry on a conversation with this guy. Hello, Knave. I like your tiny hat! It goes nicely with your shirt.

Yeah, there’s nothing hard about this. Time to go deeper…

That hit a little harder than you expected. You’re starting to feel like maybe this whole dinner is a terrible idea and you should just run away from this town and never come back. At least then you wouldn’t embarrass yourself or have to admit to Quill-Weave how you have this ridiculous fear.

You hope that card didn’t land face-up.

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  • Zerp

    The best thing about this picture is her tail sticking STRAIGHT UP in the last panel

  • Sara

    This comic is cute, funny, sad, yet adorable at the same time!
    But aren’t cats afraid of water? =/

    • Chthon

      No, they are not afraid of water. Our cat Sam will hop down in the kitchen sink and get in the water in the way of the person doing the dishes. It is true many do not like getting wet, this is mostly those with longer fur as they can catch pneumonia pretty easily, however in warm areas some do not mind at all.

      Finally you are forgetting, Katia is not a cat, but a Khajiit. Don’t make her light you on fire.

  • Leold

    Maybe the Black Marsh edition wasn’t the best deck to use for this. Argonian kings are friggin terrifying, dinosaur royalty!

    • Worm Anchorite

      Hear, hear!

  • Satch

    Found this story on accident, but finding it really interesting so far. Though, have to say, she seemed very too “chill” about the paint, going how how she PAINTED OVER her vulva. Granted, she might not know about medicine or what have you but… it’s her freaking pride xP That paint can’t do well on it. Ah well, hopefully not too much got in, the mucus in there dislikes alien elements. Granted, she seems rather reckless, but going with how she took the cure disease potion, she seem to care somewhat about it at least. Anyhow, enough trailing off, really like this story so far, despite all the puns, it manages to hold a very serious tone.

    • Alex

      Well she painted her fur, right? Maybe the fur around that area is extra long( pubic fur????) so none of the paint actually went inside any orifices.

    • FlutterScratch

      I cam across it looking for kahjiit porn.

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  • AlDorado

    I saw the last panel and instantly thought: “Yellow Submarine” (Beatles)! 😀

  • Tormuse

    I Lol’d at how she avoided two disasters by locking the door. 😀

  • ronin1337

    It would be hillarious/awesome/amazing if her fear of royalty would stem from the fact, that this world is connected to the Homestuck universe. That would be like… the greatest twist in the history of paradox space.

  • Uknown

    If i see 1 more green nose, kaz, im going to flip out.

  • ecuador

    this was done wrong, on any well made deck of cards the king of hearts is killing himself.
    look it up

  • dtlux14

    I love this, and the last panel is great.

  • Djinnfest

    She sheds fur?