Jun 302011

>Katia: You can win this since a nightmare can’t hurt you, no matter what it tries to do to you.

Brickman wrote:
dreams can’t hurt you.

NaesrTazam wrote:
Maybe it really does just want to talk.

CranialHeartache wrote:
surely you can handle a little pain? It’s only temporary until you wake up, and then everything will be okay again.

  • Suraru



    (thank god its only a dream)

  • Lisa

    OR IS IT!

    btw: friend told me that most likely all the characters are from Oblivion so I’m sorry I don’t know D:
    I’m still really enjoying this comic Dx

    • Kazerad

      Don’t worry, there’s no need to apologize! I tried to write it so it would make sense whether you’ve played the game or not. Most of the Oblivion characters who appear in here are extremely minor NPCs with only a couple lines of dialogue.

      • Suraru

        thank you for doing that btw, i havnt played oblivion (or any of the elder scrolls games for that matter) and im still loving the series.

        i should really go buy it sometime :-/

        • NuVanDibe

          you can search the name of most npcs on the unofficial elder scrolls pages (uesp) and also the name of places to find out more than you need to know about them. major spoilers for the game though.

      • Talos

        Except that my theory is that this “king” is really the Emperor of Tamriel in the setting of Oblivion, prior to, or after, his assassination. The necklace is very similar, strikingly so, to the Amulet of Kings. I LOVE THIS COMIC!

      • dtlux14

        You made it well for me to understand. I didn’t know anything about the Elder Scrolls 3 days ago exept that the 5th game is Skyrim, and you are a Dragon Born. Now I want Oblivian.

  • matty406

    Disembowelment what the fuck man?

  • Skelitor

    WHY!?!? WHY!?!?!

  • Someone Somewhere

    I… I… I have no comment on how horrified I am right now.

  • dharmaduke

    Ohh, is it ripping at the amulet? I hope so!! D:

    Just found this web comic today via a facebook link, but can’t. stop. reading. Awesome stuff!!

    • Weji

      You and me both dharmaduke. I’ve been impressed so far. Being a fan of TES and just good story telling in general.

  • Pollock

    is this Uriel? at first I thought it was Hermaeus Mora, but in the last panel it kinda reminds me of Namira

  • GentleCorgy’s#7COMBO

    Maybe if cat jokes cause fire then maybe fear will unleash her Sparks spell.

  • patrick

    this is hitting really hard after getting attached to the character. i just want this dream to end for her.

  • Edmond Dantés

    Yeah, this is so not a king. This is HP Lovecraft, Cthulhu-esque territory right here. But to keep it within TES lore it would have to be some daedra lord that would cause these specific recurring nightmares, I’m just not sure which daedra lord fancies torturing people through their dreams…

    • Dalen Vreth

      Clearly it’s the king in yell….er….blue?

  • ThatGuy

    The link at the bottom is missing the end of the arrow.

    • Stop right there, Guy.
      I’m the only guy around these parts. Now pay the fine for face the consequences.

  • Drey97


  • Erik

    Omfg the neighbors must think i’m insane! It’s 01:50 and that “Next Page”-button (-__-)….is…jus…t…*manical laughter followed by dying from asphyxiation*

  • Reharl

    Well. This got suddenly dark. Did Lewis Allen direct this?

  • Gren

    Why is the king trying to pull off her amulet? Hmm, that’s intriguing. I didn’t notice the first time I read it.

  • ryu113

    Well… um, I’m not sure “choking” qualifies as “trying to pull off”…

  • dtlux14

    NO! KATIA!!!!!!

  • Dragon

    How deliciously haunting those bones are.
    Poor Katia though, that looks excruciatingly painful…