Jun 292011

Brick wrote:
>This is just pathetic. Go fight or Go home.

starburst98 wrote:
fight to the death katia. you will get hurt but if you go down fighting you will show that even when the worst has come, you can be brave. and besides. everyone knows you can’t die in a dream, you just wake up.

Apathy wrote:
>Katia. Rise up.

You’re not perfect. You’re not a fighter. You may even be irrelevant to the gods.
But you are already taking the first steps along a road towards becoming great. Who knows how far you’ll go. Who cares. You’ve accomplished quite the feat these past 24 hours, have you not?
It’s okay to be afraid of dreams. It’s alright to fear the lurking horrors of your own mind. But every weakness you find in the mists beneath your consciousness is another potential strength waiting to be refined.

Ride out the storm, Katia. You will survive this nightmare, and you will be stronger for it.

And have a little pride. You deserve it.

>Katia: You can win this since a nightmare can’t hurt you, no matter what it tries to do to you.

Jacquerel wrote:
Eye of fear!

  • Suraru


    btw how is she standing with that leg injury? i would be in shock at this moment whimpering like a little cat……

    • Vincent

      Well, it’s a dream, for once.

    • Lineo

      it’s called adrenaline you wouldn’t feel it.in the heat of the fight
      you mostly wouldn’t even notice it,trust me.

  • Wytsfs

    One thing that’s always made me curious about the dream sequence is that second long armed snake thing that shows up but doesn’t seem to do anything but watch. I’ve always wondered if there was some significance to it being there.

    • Beano Curufinwe

      Is it the king’s tail?

      • creeperbro

        … 😉

  • Elosan

    Damn, I love how you are using the spoiler box. Very clever!

  • Neo765

    Is it just me or the monster is based on Eater of Worlds from Terraria?

    • zee

      It’s just you.

      If anything the king is inspired by Lovecraft, or supposed to be a Daedra if we’re sticking to the TES universe.

  • Dutchguy

    Call Freddy Krueger, this king is totally stealing his gimmick

    • Uknown

      (Freddy enters commands box) (Says) Hey king! Go home Ive got tjis now! (Claws king in the face)

  • Aly

    It’s okay to be scared honey. You’ve made great progress for one day, you don’t have to be so brave all the time.
    It’s okay.
    It’s okay to be scared.

  • pheoniz

    I’d be afraid of royalty too if they looked like THAT…

  • MerryOnceAgain

    more like Eye of the Tiger…

    its ok i die now for that.

  • dtlux14


  • Dragon

    This has to be one of the best Eldritch Abominations I’ve ever laid [i]eyes[/i] on.

    • Dragon

      Curse you, wrong syntax!