Oct 292011

(That last Flash was big! Worried you missed something? Check out the summary!)

Iarei wrote:
As for what to do -after- delivering the letter. . . Katia could catch slaughter-fish by filing one of those buckets with the old fish, and lowering it down the well on a length of yarn. Katia shouldn’t have too much trouble finishing off a fish out of water, and she can process the fish for supper, or sell the scales to purchase lodging.

GreyAcumen wrote:
Katia: Also, check with Lenka to see if she has garlic, (no point in taking chances) then accept that clearly-not-a-vampire-lady’s offer; She’s so shady that she’s wrapped back around into “seems legit” territory. and with a net profit of 25 septims, you’d be able to afford to replace your meager Machete with one made by Gra-Sharob, which in turn would make you well enough armed that you just might be able to go up against those imps that are bothering Tavia. Of course before doing that, you should try to recover more mana, and also decide on a price that Tavia would be willing to pay you for dealing with the Imps. (Only use the fire in an emergency though, you don’t want to burn down tavia’s shop trying to deal with the imps)

Zagura wrote:
>Katia: Make a mental note to leave yarn on windowsill of tavern you are now banned at. In the mean time, you have quest finishing to do! Introduce yourself to the book store owner and explain that you have a letter from Quill-Weave for him.

[…] plan to inquire at the Mage’s guild, maybe you can get membership there. This would be an excellent source of comfortable bedding, training, and free stuff.

Kieve wrote:
1. You’re already in the bookstore – just hand QW’s letter over and politely explain where it came from. Complete task! Then consider other Kvatch-ly things.
2. FORGET the “Not-Vampire.” No amount of drakes is worth risking an eternity as a blood-sucking parasite of the night. (And yes, you know she is, you’re not that naive.)
3. Free combat lessons from either the old Redguard or the elf! Free is totally within your price range, go take one of them up on it when you’re done with the bookseller.
4. Speaking of price range – don’t forget to sell your loot.

AdultPuppetShow wrote:
Bookstore Owner: Continuously stack books into pyramids as the conversation between you and the Kahjiit progresses.

You put the finishing touches on your map of Kvatch, jotting some notes down in the margins.

Overall, this afternoon has turned out surprisingly well. You’ve already identified several potential employment opportunities, met a couple people willing to give you free training, and found a few items you’re quite interested in purchasing once you have some gold in your pocket.

And you’re definitely planning to check out that Mages Guild as soon as it opens – not just out of curiosity, but because you still need a place to stay tonight. Buying a room at the inn is one thing, but if you can somehow get a membership with the Mages Guild… well, then you’ll have free lodging, free food, and access to all the wizarding paraphernalia your heart could desire. The very thought makes you shiver with excitement.

Right now, though, you have important business to attend to!

Cobalt wrote:
>Katia: Ask the gentleman his name and introduce yourself. Perhaps not in that order. Politeness is always a plus in high elves’ eyes!

You proudly introduce yourself as Katia Managan, professional courier and wizard-in-training. You ask the gentlemanly elf his name, and ask if he is the proprietor of this fine literary establishment.

Wow, he says. He’s usually just called “the bookstore guy” but he likes your rendition much better. He tells you his name is Hirtel. He buys books, puts them around on shelves, and then other people come in and buy them. So yes. Proprietor. He Propriets.

Well then, I believe I’ve got something for you, Mr. Proprietor.

Bibliophael wrote:
Katia, you are not certain what the contents of this letter are. If you appear enthusiastic to be delivering a letter bearing ill news or, worse, insults, it may go poorly for you.

So be dignified. Be respectful. And be prepared to apologize.

Despite the fact you are brimming with pride from your first real accomplishment, you try your best to maintain a professional composure. You hold the letter out and explain that it’s from Quill-Weave, back in Anvil. She asked for it to be delivered as soon as possible.

Gods’ Blood, a letter from Quill-Weave! And in a beautifully wine-stained envelope, no less! Are you returning to Anvil? Can you bring a reply?

You answer yes to both.

Hirtel gleefully says that he’ll have his response ready in just a second. Don’t run off yet. No, don’t run off. He’s been awaiting this for quite some time.

While he frantically scribbles something on a tattered piece of paper, you move on to your second order of business. You explain that there was an… accident involving a can of purple paint, and you ruined one of Quill-Weave’s grammar reference books. Would there perhaps be a copy here you could purchase as a replacement?

Hirtel says something that boring wouldn’t exactly be a hot seller, so just check around on the shelves. If you can find it, then the two of you can discuss a price.

Fair enough. You scan the main bookshelf for anything that looks close. Before you can get very far, Hirtel calls after you and announces that he has finished his reply.

Oh! That was fast. You, ah, don’t want to use an envelope or anything?

Nah, Hirtel says. The letter is much better this way.

  • rarborman

    Ja’khajiit that twitchy elf frightens me.

  • Al_434

    That guy was practically jizzing himself to that letter O-O

  • Darth GW7

    Did he just… spit on that letter?

    • Suraru

      i saw that also o.O

    • cerapa

      I dont think he even wrote anything on it. He just took a sheet of paper, and spit on it.

      • rarborman

        No, he definitely wrote something on it.

        • TMA

          and then spit on it.

      • Hallbeast

        Necroposting, to say that, he’s actually blowing on it to make the ink dry.
        people back then didn’t have gel based ink like we do in our days, and so the wet ink would smudge if it wasn’t dried.

        • Sklobington

          Half-recroposting, just to say I think he is actually meaning to spit, because (potential spoilers) it seems that he and Quill-Weave have an ongoing joke where they write insulting letters to each other. If you read small snippet of Qwill-Weave’s letter from earlier, it’s hardly… complimentary…

    • r0b963

      Maybe he’s actually just sending Quill-Weave scientific samples for some HORRIBLE, PAINFUL disease he picked up in some slums, and is a dick so doesn’t care if Katia’s safe or not.

      • Billigan’s Desert

        Or he’s just a dick

    • Hallbeast

      Necroposting, to say that, he’s actually blowing on it to make the ink dry faster.
      people back then didn’t have gel based ink like we do in our days, and so the wet ink would smudge if it wasn’t dried.

  • Cactus from outer space

    We did have a glimpse on the Quill-Weave’s letter here: http://prequeladventure.com/2011/04/298/

    “(…) bowl of grapes again I
    f***g swear to every
    aedra and daedra whatever
    I will personally hike(?) up (…)
    Kvatch and kick your altmer

    It seems there is some bad blood between them…

    • Christian Walde

      If you look again, there’s a heart at the end of the letter, so it’s likely in jest.

      • Grey Acumen

        That may simply be a standardized part of her signature.

  • Stoic


    • Ghosti


      • Kinyin

        If you could get drunk off grapes…

      • Zorva

        Grapes are bad for cats D: (this is actually true)

        • NuVanDibe

          Katia is not a cat.

        • justme

          I thought that was dogs? Then again, I’ve never actually seen a cat eat grapes…

    • Ytso

      As soon she grabbed the grapes i was worried she would be arrested for theft.

      • polysyllabist


  • Adult Puppet Show

    So this is the high elf that runs you down the first time you travel to Kvatch in Oblivion.

  • Supes

    Gingerly take the letter and stick it in your bag in a safe spot. Now lets haggle this book down! Its a common, boring book, so probably not even worth 10 septims. Maybe he’d consider offering it to you for 4? No? How about 5?

    • Billigan’s Desert

      A true man of money would convince the book-keep that the book was worthless and by taking it off him for free (or a fee) it would do his business better.
      However Katia is neither a man made of money or one who is good with money.

  • Soadreqm

    Standing next to that Altmer makes Katia look really short.

    • EruditeDragon

      To be fair, though, anyone standing next to an Altmer looks short… mainly because Altmer are so damn tall. Seriously, one of the main reasons I don’t play Altmer in OB is because it’s really weird to almost have to look down to chat with anyone.

  • The Silver Spoon

    Smile politely and take his letter, explain that you’ll be heading back to Anvil soon enough, though you’d like to explore Kvatch a little more before you go. And try to get a good deal for that book! Quill said it really wasn’t worth much, and he himself has said it’s not a hot seller…

  • meh

    Inquire about the grapes?

  • timepainter

    Hehehe! That flash was wonderful. Also, am I correct in assuming that the elf’s name is an anagram of Hitler?

    >Katia: Inquire as to why Hirtel is so excited to be exchanging letters with Quill-Weave.

    • Sad Nord
      • Wind

        Why is there a page devoted to a random Altmer that has almost no point in the game at all?

        • Billigan’s Desert

          for this exact reason right here.

        • Spatzist

          Because the uesp wiki is nothing if not thorough. My only gripe with them is that they’re a bit lacking in pictures at times.

  • Red Dye No. 5

    > Lie: Say the letter was delivered Cash On Demand and that Quill is making him pay for the delivery.
    Tell Altmer since he’s such a nice guy, you’ll consider the book you need as payment.

    One less boring book cluttering up his shelves, and you walk away with what is needed
    to repay Quill-Weave. It’s a win-win for all parties!

    • Red Dye No. 5

      and by “Altmer” I mean Hirtel
      not sure what I did there….

    • Billigan’s Desert

      Why, that would be stealing!

  • TMA

    Katia you should look around the town some more you might fine some useful items, meet new friends and learn new things. ^_^

  • Amazing

    Read the letter

    • Skullman

      Don’t read other people’s mail. Not until we can afford “Cyrodril Law for The Inept”.

  • Katia should show him her new complete set of dinnerware.

    • Second


  • Kiba

    How can we afford this book? We don’t have any gold! Maybe we can trade our full set of cutlery for it, perhaps? And the yarn? Yarn is precious. Especially in neat little skeins!

    • TMA

      hold it right there, you never know when a fork a spoon and a butter knife will come in handy. Lets just hold on to these little beauties.

  • hallaballo

    he may have been sealing the letter with his spit

    • Kinyin

      I’m pretty sure that is what he was doing, but it’s a ridiculous idea. It’s going to smear the ink and the paper is going to sitck together when it dries.

      • daverboy

        well based on what little I could make out of the letter she was delivering on an earlier page, and the somewhat sinister grin on his face, I think he was just spitting on the letter. My guess is that they have a correspondence with each other based on insults and mutual dislike.

  • Malefactor

    Angry letter writing battles.

  • Koachie

    So let me get this right. He finished the letter, that quick, no envelope, just a piece of tattered, ratty paper, and you’re really willing to deliver it? At least read it when you get out of the bookstore. ..If there is anything on it to read, that is.

  • KamiKaze1337

    Why don’t ya also see if he has any of Quiil-Weaves works in the store. You’ve been living with an author this whole time, and never took the time to read one of her books. At any rate, it might be a nice read while your there and on the way back.

  • Kyoji

    Katia: > Now that you have made good on part of your promise to Quill-Weave, pocket Hirtel’s reply to her and continue your search for the book she needs replaced. And don’t revert to your past mistakes, it’d make us all very sad if you did… :c

  • Stormwatch

    Come on, artist, you keep moving between two designs, I mean…

    This darn cute thing: http://prequeladventure.com/this/story770.gif
    The cartoonier one: http://prequeladventure.com/this/story779.gif

    When you zoom in, use the cute one!

    • Kazerad

      I actually thought about it when I was putting this update together – I even have an earlier version where I did use the first one you linked. The more I thought about it, though, the older face graphic just felt more appropriate. Partly it’s the circuity of it (e.g. feeling that I should make this panel parallel the one where she originally accepted the job, partly it’s just because I want to emphasize that the style shifts are part of the style, rather than actual “artistic improvement”.

      I’ll probably waffle on this in the future, though. With all the other more detailed face zooms I have by now, the original one is just begging to be phased out.

      • Grey Acumen

        Actually, Kaz, I think you went the right way. The newer art style lends better to serious moments, and using the old style helps drives home the sense of bumbling ineptitude and that she’s really just playing a “role” that she has in her head of the type of person she wants to be. In this case she wants to be dignified and respectful, but that’s only because she’s telling herself that’s what the person she wants to be would do, while on the inside she’s actually cheering her head off in celebration.

    • Corovaneer

      It looks the other way around to me. This “beard” around the ears makes her look skinnier and, I don`t know, weathered? More confident? Stronger?

      • MatthewAurion

        The tufts of fur (similar to the Khajiit style of Skyrim, I must say) do make her look experienced and more predatory. Even though in that scene her expression is sad, they seem to help convey her emotions and her presence more than the nearly-featureless rendition.

        • Grey Acumen

          Newer artstyle makes her look physically cuter, but the old style makes her look emotionally cuter.

  • Gavinfoxx

    Notice that the orphanage is totally going to go up in flames at some point, what with the obvious improper storage of a huge number of highly flammable substances within. Perhaps you should mention this to a few people in power, like the captain of the guard or maybe the nobleman (of course you would probably have to just tell the nobleman’s bodyguard). Make sure to express concern, but in no way imply that you are actually going to be an arsonist or anything. Maybe someone is conspiring to light the place up? Do you want to try and solve the mystery, save the children, perhaps?

    • someone

      The entire city is a fire hazard. If you’ve ever played the first step of the Oblivion main quest, you’ll know why.

      • Billigan’s Desert

        Well you know what they say.
        One man’s fire hazard is another man’s…
        burning desire

        • tech


  • LK

    Am I the only one to see that Hirtel is an anagram of Hitler?

  • rarborman

    He probably did something unspeakable with those grapes, that the Ja’khajiit put in her mouth…
    Like rubbing his Ma’volen on it, and Ja’khajiit would probably not notice this because she definitely cant taste Ma’volens anymore…
    I’m going to stop interjecting now.




    • RollingEye

      With hats. Paintable hats. That I can combine with other hats.

      • Billigan’s Desert

        And we need keys!

        • Paul

          “This crate is full of hats”

    • Kazerad

      If I updated once every three months it would totally happen.

      • Kyle Hyde

        If you got a lot more people working on it with the same format you used for the last one, it could take less time. This community is pretty chill so far

  • daverboy

    Okay, so far so good Katia. Now make sure you put his reply letter away safely in your pack, and to periodically double-check that it’s still there. Remember, you’re halfway there!

  • TodoDeygulash

    Those grapes are poisoned or something, aren’t they?

  • Mead

    Hey Kazerad, it seems people aren’t quite getting that you only take commands in the forum. Why don’t you put a link in the “NEXT” slot in the most recent entry that connects there? It seems like the natural place to put the referral, and everyone’s bound to see it. Call it “submit command” or somesuch, people would understand it then.

    • Grey Acumen

      I like to think of this like an idiot filter. If you’re not smart enough to go to the forums, or don’t care enough to find out and sign up, then katia is probably better off without the advice they’d give.

      • Mead

        I get what you’re saying, but looking at the suggestions here they seem to mostly mirror what’s given in the forum. I say give them the benefit of the doubt and not attribute to idiocy what can be explained by simple confusion.

  • Antares

    Hey, isn’t Fixes-Homes’ place in Kvatch? You should get an estimate for fixing Quill-Weave’s room; let’s get this day all the way up to Five-Stars!

    Remember? http://prequeladventure.com/2011/03/204/

    • Stormwatch

      If Fixes-Homes knows Gharug, he could give a clue about that scoundrel’s whereabouts. On the other hand, he could be an accomplice…

      • Norexico

        The name is more than probably fake. Even Katia believed so.

    • Ura

      Fixes-Home is a fake, I think.

  • shaytalis

    My but aren’t those some delicious looking grapes?

  • Locke

    At least you have the Invisible, Intangible Blade of Legend, Katia. Nothing can stop you now.

  • SuperDaddy

    Wait, is that a copy of “Fireslinging for Dummies” on the floor beside you?

  • Winters

    Katia you havent noticed the wet stain on the letter yet? It’s probably your fault for having big sweaty cat paws.

    Oh and you wont find the grammar reference there its his pornography collection. Theres a reason he’s called “the book guy”.

  • Link

    I think I saw the book Katia needs in the tavern with the chocolate cake (not the one with the Khajiit bartender) in the game/flash. But she wasn’t allowed to read it unless she paid for lodgings. Perhaps it wasn’t the book she was after but the name sounded familiar.

  • swarley

    anyone else notice his name rearranged spells hitler?

    • TMA


    • Stormwatch

      No, it’s an anagram of Hilter, the famous national-bocialist politician.

  • Ames

    I noticed that too.


  • Neowildstar

    Katia, offer your services to organize the books in a fanciful/whimsical manner that would, no doubt, increase the sale of said books in the store.

    • Gigi

      ooo good idea!
      Maybe it would better his image of QW too… or insult him-either way good idea <3

  • Lm@o

    poop on hes face lmao

  • Flitch

    In a non-Prying way, ask what the letter was about. He seems in a good mood about it so he shouldn’t mind telling you.

  • AIexander

    Hmm…Hirtel…an anagram of Hitler…

  • Gigi

    OH that is one heck of a response letter XD
    Hey wouldn’t she have heard such a vile noise such as a lougie being horked onto paper four feet away? Not that it’s any of her business to inquire….. (?)
    Also, when she has a second-pull out the book-we’re scribbling on it after all, might as well get the name off that abused binding.

  • shenryyr

    Buy the book cheap(he said it wasn’t a hot seller), then ask if he knows a back entrance to the tavern. Katia cannot leave this town without a shameful one night stand! Surely there’s a pineapple in town, or stripper pole…

  • Griffin

    You should tell him he needs to pay you for either the delivery of the first letter or for the delivery of the second one.

  • Dousiq

    Hey, I’m new to this. About how often does the author update?

    • Zayle

      Typically, once or twice a week, but it varies. He can go without updating for a month then update three times in three days.

      • Dousiq

        Ah, thanks.

    • someone

      I’m guessing here that he’s one of the many people whose power has been cut off by the freak snow storms and stuff.

      • Dousiq

        Oh crap, really? Damn.
        Man, I was just starting to get into the story ;_;

  • Lord Krain

    I just realized that in Oblivion Kvatch gets attacked by the Mystic Dawn and the guy at the main gate is wearing a red robe o_0

  • Katia: Scream. Scream like you never Screamed before. SCREAM, SCREEEEEAAAAM. Then stop, let the awkward silence takes a minute or so, and then smile at him.

  • Dousiq

    IMHO this story needs more hugging. It’s absolutely adorable every damn time.

    • swarley

      is the IMHO really necessary, isnt everything everyone says always in there opinion? and what would you game from lying and yes this whole comic is adorable

      • Dousiq

        Well, it’s up to the author to draw what suits the story, I’m just saying that she’s so adorable when she does that.

  • Katia has been doing pretty well for a time… but then, it only means that a big disaster is comming ahead and eventually it will make Katia cry (because, after all, it is the whole propuse of this, no?), because, in her future there are only dissasters and pinneaples.

    Time to burn down all that hazardous town to ashes.

  • Tenkikun

    You know that you have to cum in your pants now that you ate the grape.

  • TechUnadept

    fuck just a ball of yarn. I’d order him a truckload! The Khajit in this town aren’t very freindly…

  • sabata2

    “You scan main bookshelf for anything that looks close.”

    scan THE main bookshelf

    Also, there were a TON of misspellings in the game (which was a total surprise), though I figure that’s a lot harder to correct.

    • Kazerad

      oh god, the game was full of misspellings? That is what I get for not installing a spellchecker in Notepad Plus D=.

      Anything particularly embarrassing? I probably won’t fix it at this point unless it’s cripplingly bad, but I want to at least berate my beta testers for their failure.

      • Tormuse

        I played the walk-around yesterday and I recall there being three misspellings. (Is that considered a “ton?”) 😛 The only one I can remember off the top of my head is the “intaggible” sword instead of “intangible.” I’d have to play through it again to remember what the other two were.

  • Levantine

    I just noticed that…well, no one pointed out the fact that the books are arranged in a manner similar to how a player would try to arrange books on a shelf that isn’t a bookshelf in their own home. A snort was elicited, as I did this early on in Skyrim. xD

  • Kreton

    “She asked for it to be delivered it as soon as possible.”

    Third minor typo I’ve spotted. I should be getting points for these. I’ll just accept that I’ve made the world a better place than I found it in.

    I’m really enjoying your story. Thank you for the time and work you’ve put into it.

    • Kazerad

      Fixed! It must have been another place I changed the wording and never removed the original. These are very obvious things, but a whole lot of people apparently overlooked them. Your ability to find them with such frequency is astounding =O.

      And thank you! Both for the compliment and editing.

  • Rik

    I keep reading “Hirtel” as Hitler…

  • Tormuse

    Typo alert: Just above the second panel,

    “Right now, though, you have important business attend to!”

    It should be “important business *to* attend to!”

    Also, I think it’s worth noting that your typos don’t diminish my love of this comic. 🙂

    • Kazerad

      Ack, that has been there for like a year and no one noticed it! Good job and thank you.

  • MrXler

    Sixth picture, on the right: photobomb?

  • Foxe

    Did anyone else notice she shifted her pack and everything to her other hip when she turned? (yes, I understand drawing her again wastes time, but still, bad form flipping the character xD )

  • dtlux14

    What is in that letter?

  • Dragon

    I don’t think it was until you mentioned it.