Oct 252011

Argonian wrote:
Katia: >Hurry into the city. Stop for nothing. Everything worked great up till now and you don’t want that to change.

JJA wrote:
Since our cautious words suit not your will,
Embrace thy doom – more weird than Galahad’s.
Excelsior! Brave Khajiit, charge that hill
And boldly seize the bovine by the ‘nads!

^(click the link!)

Or, if your device cannot play Flash, view a summary here!

Additional resource credits:
Silence – music
MyUsernamesMud – music
Dapperpixel – backgrounds, characters, objects
Bropocalypse – backgrounds, characters, objects
Squiggles – objects, characters
Whimbrel – animation
Cauchemar – characters, objects
acerbicAves – objects
Ryavis – programming
Chevy Ray Johnston – Flashpunk
pgil – a really handy script
RPG Maker 2003 – a single sound effect
Shaktool – another single sound effect
Concept and visual style inspired by Andrew Hussie

  • Merus

    Oh my god slaughterfish! Dead bodies left and right! (Well, not left, but certainly right.)

  • Whoo! We made our goal! Yay us! πŸ˜€

    Hope you guys like it and had fun playing. :3

    • Glav

      I lost my shit in excitement and bewilderment, some fluid came out of my left ear.

    • Matt Smith

      Man, you almost killed me with joy.
      I loved every bit of this flash game!

      So much detail has been put in it too! And great music πŸ™‚

  • This is a really impressive walkaround, a lot of attention to detail.
    Music’s nice too.

  • Holy shit, you’ve been busy.

  • Adult Puppet Show

    The way Katia flips out when she meets Martin was a nice touch.

  • Soadreqm

    I got 12661 at the dance minigame. Have to try it again later with a faster computer. Pretty laggy.

    • The flash game was very interesting. I had no clue what to do with the pole dancing mini game, I thought the obvious and tried to shadow the goal mark. Of course it would be difficult to hit the goal mark if you computer lags. I scored almost 16,000.

  • Riddles

    Damn this was worth the wait, the attention to detail was pretty good (matches the real Kvatch as far as I can remember)

    Love all the little references too.

  • someone

    Did you deliberately time Prequel’s return to be at the same date as MSPA’s return?

    At least here there is a reasonable chance to manage to see the flash on site, though.

  • Numerals

    That was amazing! Also i found a spoon, a fork, a paintbrush and some yarn. Did I miss anything?

    Plus a I got a highscore of 13887 at the dance minigame, wich was awesome!

    • andwhyisit

      The knife.

      • Eagle0600

        A complete cutlery set, yes!
        Truly Katia is moving up in the world.

  • Cliff_Racer

    Oh lord, that poledancing minigame. I’m laughing so hard right now.

    • VinnyTheGuy

      Yes but now we can make more sexy cat jokes.

      . . .

      When they’re needed.

  • Urist

    Almost 15k at dance competition. Got complimented by the dance guy.
    Fuck yeah, I love this game.

  • skooma devourer

    Better than Oblivion itself.

  • Adult Puppet Show

    I’d pay $15 at least if this were a full game.

    • Birnenbroty

      Me too. I would even pay $25 if it contained the whole story with some fighting scenes.

    • Dragon

      There are such things as fangames of webcomics – Slightly Dammed had at one point three developers doing their things, though I believe only one is still active.

      This concept might be the first to be a fangame of what is technically a fanfiction, though.
      …Nah. There’s nothing new under the sun.
      Also, first post where I’m not anonymous

    That flash game looks really so full of details… I just had like 15 minutes to check it, but I’ll try to get into it later this day.

    By the way, I need the music you used for this game right now! *stalking composers* XD

  • Oh wow, this is the best update yet! The attention to detail, as everybody keeps saying, is very good. I love how most anything is interactive. And the music is also great. Ugh, makes me want to play some old video games hard core. D:

  • Greed

    Holy SHIT, if this was a real game i’d buy the HELL out of it – you should get into contact with the guy that made Tales of the Drunken Paladin and work something out.

  • CB

    You’ve certainly outdone yourself this time.

  • DewiMorgan

    Oh… my… *shuts up and plays*

  • Confused

    I get to the bookstore and nothing happens. ???

    • I came here to inquire about that, but now that I think about it it’s probably the intended ending to set up the strip. I don’t want it to end though! D: SO EPIC.

  • TodoDeygulash

    This is the first update since I caught up with this adventure. Awesome. Missed the minigame first time so now I have to wait for the flash to load again.
    Also, this adventure convinced me to play Oblivion. Props for that.

    • TodoDeygulash

      I’m not sure I fully understand how the minigame works…

      • Outordinary

        same here but i got 8000 the first time so i guess mashing stuff worked out

        • Outordinary

          Nevermind i just found out

          How to get high scores: The object of the game is to make that bar on the right stay level with the green goal part of it. The bar on the left is stamina (like in oblivion and morrowind). just keep the yellow bar level with the green and scores will be yours. Ps 15311 after understanting it.

  • Illidan

    Oh god, that was fun.

  • Confused

    Yeah, I would expect a “To be continued…” or something, but they just stare at each other.

    • Confused

      Huh. That was supposed to be a response to Twincannon@6:06.

  • Nathan Ewing

    That walkaround was freaking awesome! I loved talking to all the civvys. Kajhits are mean though πŸ™

  • DewiMorgan

    …this is way bigger and better than I even dreamed!

    Would LOVE a full version of this. Hope the Bethsoft people are looking!

    Have no idea how to play the minigame, though. Am feeling dim πŸ™ Any pointers, anyone? Keyboard flailing just gets me some very polite put-downs.

  • Magnus the Blue

    That animation was beautiful. The music and top notch animation was EPIC! One day someones gotta make a full game. T_T

  • Noxid

    Oh my god this is worth every second of that wait
    You are my hero right now Kazerad (& co.)

  • Jebediah Oldenheimer



  • Soadreqm

    Yess! 15054 in the pole dancing game! πŸ˜€

    Everything anyone does in the game is canon, right? Before going to the bookstore, Katia is first looking through every barrel and crate and talking to absolutely everyone in the whole town.

    Quill-Weave is probably going to get some great material from this if Katia ever gets a chance to report to her.

  • BlackFox

    That was AMAZING!

    i whent everywere and talked to everyone. helpt the guy locked in the tower, found the yarn, paintbrush, fork, spoon, butter knife, played the mini-dance-game and got 13895 points.

    you did a very great job! the animations are amazing! if you had the time to make a (kind of) full game, it would be awesome!

  • Halbean

    Wow, the walkaround was pretty amazing! I think I wasted a good hour on it. NO REGRETS!
    So much content and attention to detail, and the minigame was… pretty hot…

    Totally worth the wait! :3

  • cake

    shit, I must be like the only one around who CAN’T LOAD THE FUCKING FLASH.


    • cake

      FYI, this is because I can’t connect to foxmage.com for whatever reason.

      • Kazerad

        D= aww, hope that fixes itself soon. I’ll move it to the regular site eventually, I just wanted to keep it on my old site for now in case I overstepped my bandwidth.

        • Wind

          … wait … you have another site!? O.O

      • Tormuse

        Could it be something to do with your browser settings? I found that it wouldn’t work with Firefox, but when I switched to Internet Explorer, it worked fine.

  • Kyle Hyde

    Am I the only one who can’t find the dancing mini-game? >:/

    • Kyle Hyde

      Never mind, found it.

      (emphasis on breasts: why)

      • Adult Puppet Show

        Because breasts.

        • Dov

          We’re all mammals here, no need to worry about the particulars.

          • Adult Puppet Show

            Except Argonians, but close enough in my opinion.

          • SpazzyHyena

            Yea the argonians are close enough, let em have fun too.

    • Sparksol

      It involved talking to a specific person several times.

  • Nicholas

    God, Kazerad’s taking forever to update recently…

    *Opens Game*


  • Dagon

    Is BEST update!

  • a Drow

    So awesome! I laughed so hard at the vampi- I mean the PERFECTLY NORMAL GIRL WITH A STRANGE FETISH ofcourse.

  • MrgaPatron

    ….I got banned from the tavern….

    • Kyle Hyde

      He’s just depressed.

      • MrgaPatron

        how is he depressed while every one els is happy D:…well some…

        • Kyle Hyde

          The other Khajiit hated her as well.

          • MegaPatron

            So it seems yea

    • Locke

      That simultaneously pissed me off and cracked me up when it happened to me. The first because I hadn’t investigated the rest of the tavern, but the latter because, well, it’s a GREAT touch. XD

      Also, how dickish all the Khajit are here reminds me of about every one I met during my play through.

  • waitwat

    Oh.. wow, an update after one day?

    What will ‘Man who gets very angry when I do not update’ do now? :’c

  • MaxIsRight

    Utterly magnificent. The attention to detail was really amazing.

    Now then, once our business is concluded at the bookstore, we have an appointment with some grape jelly and fifteen gold. Nothing dangerous about that gal at all.

  • wombatmacncheese

    Magnificent work, i totally lost it on the dance game, i am astounded. I must have examined every single inch of this game, successfully bringing nearly every element besides combat from what i love in traditional RPG video games. The off-color humor is the shining accomplishment here, on par with the incredible animation and expression on every face. First day purchase, if this ever came out. I was not expecting anything near this lovingly crafted segment of one of the most charming universes I’ve ever cared to immerse myself in. Pure euphoria to experience this short flash game, i am enamored.

    • mpuone

      I would love to have this on my Game Boy Color (or maybe advance);you know, if it was a real game.

      Also, once you enter the bookstore… what next?

  • fareydoon

    this is what took you so long you asshole?

    fucking worth it!

  • fareydoon

    also, how do i get the dance minigame?

    • Adult Puppet Show

      Talk to the Nord at the right side of the arena’s staging room several times.

  • Adult Puppet Show

    Ha, I had to answer the challenge question and the captcha at the same time.

    • Kazerad

      Heh, caught me in a period of transition there.

      Apparently the robots found a way around the challenge question, either brute forcing it or somehow reading the answer. A friend of mine suggested Recaptcha, so I’m gonna roll with that until I find something better.

      • Adult Puppet Show

        Let’s hope my nearsightedness doesn’t stem the flow of praise I have for this work of art.

  • “You have been banned from the tavern forever”
    -Favorite part

    Either that or the orphanage. Partially because that baby ork is the cutest thing ever. But mostly because of the contents of all the containers in there.

    Also, isn’t that sound effect when the loading screen pixelizes fromβ€”or at least also inβ€”Realm of the Mad God?

    • Kazerad

      Oooh, good ears. The sound effect was from Assemblee, the TIGSource competition that spawned a bunch of games from the same resource pool (among them, Realm of the Mad God).

    • Corovaneer

      The kids are awesome! I liked the hatched one most!

  • Galeus708

    The computer I’m using currently doesn’t have the ability to play flash. Words cannot convey my envy to all of you other readers.

  • justme

    Props, you guys! This was so much fun!!

  • oldbushie

    Woohoo! I made a complete set of dinnerware! Too bad I couldn’t repaint that guy’s sign with the paintbrush I found. I wonder if I could fashion a hat out of yarn and sell it to the hat store…

  • BlueJay

    You are a hero amongst men Kazerad.

  • charyoshi

    Katia: Use your string to tie up your silverware so they don’t get lost. Also, I once heard an old story about a guy who dropped a heavy and light object to see if they would fall at the same rate. You should test this theory by dropping both your tied up silverware and the paintbrush. You know, to make sure that gravity affects both items equally. Not like one would freeze in midair or anything right?

    • Wind

      Ha! I didn’t even think of that! What would the citizens of Kvatch think if you revealed this to them?

      • charyoshi

        Assuming that the glitch is worked into the storyline, they would probably think “holy hell, free immovable rods for everyone” and fastrapidly proceed to building hundreds of thousands of paintbrushes everywhere.

  • Vidiotdragon

    Less than three, OMG.

  • Malefactor


    • uh

      can I say there’s already rule 34

      • amanofthebox

        i have now seen the pineapple trick… kinda

        • uh

          actually it’s not the pineapple

  • Malefactor

    Also she’d probably be alot comfier if she actually got a hold of a real non painted on bra. (seriously the bounce is approaching danger level when she is idle in the minigame)

    • Grey Acumen

      Don’t forget about those splits; me-yowza. I can see why the minigame was set up to promote that as the finalΓ© move.

      • EightBabies

        “me-yowza”. excellent work. save that for a rainy day of fire-inducing cat puns

        • Grey Acumen

          It takes more than puns, the flames need cat-based “sick burns” to start.
          But then again, the heat of embarrassment might do the trick, if her smoking hot dancing isn’t enough to do it alone. Isn’t fire dancing a legitimate technique?

  • EightBabies

    This is amazing. you must have put a shit ton of work into this and i cant thank you enough. this is the high point of my semester. as badass as anything ever was.

    Has anyone found any secrets, or console command tricks, etc?

    broke 15k poledancing. different response from nord. anything higher than that?

  • amanofthebox

    awsome game. jus like the cities in oblivion and i loved the conversations and the minigame… beastly

  • Rhei

    Hoping to hear more of the shirtless trainer in Fighters Guild, such charisma!

  • DrDoctor

    I hope the floating paintbrush comes up later

  • matty406


  • icweiners



    • SpazzyHyena


  • sylcat

    Katia, it’s probably best that you got banned from the tavern forever. Think of all you’ll be able to accomplish in in this town knowing you can’t, at any time, have a seat in a cozy, even familiar establishment at this point for a nice cool, refreshing, relaxing, and dare I say, well deserved drink?

    So what if you’ve been on the right track for so long that you’ve probably conquered some silly irrational addiction and could handle a drink like an adult with no problem. You don’t need to feel that unparalleled sense of class that comes with having a nice intelligent conversation with a new friend while being comfortably tipsy.

    I’m sure if you talked to the tavern keeper and offer to tip well, he won’t have cooled off by now and perhaps even apologize for his prior mood. Yes, most likely he wouldn’t open up to you over a drink, sharing ages of Kajhit secrets that you would benefit from knowing.

    We love you, keep going!

  • James Almasy

    Man, I hope that Katia has to go to Martin for a Magic Refill.

    Besides, the Next time Martin sees her, have him make a quote about his dabbling in Daedric magic, and how some people can sense it.

    (besides, i think Marty would make a good tie in to the story.)

    • Adult Puppet Show

      That’s a really good suggestion, but you have to post it on the MSPA forum thread.

  • christopher poole

    The link just leads to a black page with ‘[S] Katia: Excelsior!’ at the top for me :-/

    • Adult Puppet Show

      Try refreshing a couple times, it did that to me as well.

  • Blast

    I lost it at

    “Are you following the law?”
    *bounce* “Yes, I am!”

    The other Suthay-Raht are so rude though! :<

    • Tormuse

      Even better if you talk to him again:

      “Have you broken any laws yet?”


      “Good. Let me know when you do so I can arrest you.”


  • Link

    Paintbrush, full set of dinnerware, yarn and a ban from the Khajiit owned tavern… I think I had a good run =D

  • Porncakes

    you should go eat those slaughterfish, they are fish just with teeth

  • Porncakes

    eating the slaughterfish would probably make you a hero of some kind by a small extent. Afterall they are in one of the towns water sources

  • Some User

    This is so awesome, it made me stop lurking and comment! Very well executed and conceived, even if the writing and characterization is gratuitously aimed at single males. You should continue to develop the engine you made this with, and use it to deploy the first installment of the story as a mobile application for Android and iOS. I know I’d buy it. Since it’s done in Flash, you could port it over directly, using AIR.

    • ZedPower

      Bethesda are real douches about copyright though, not sure how they’d feel about a commercial thing.

      • Grey Acumen

        Just make sure not to call it something not obviously referencing any of their content. As long as you stick to more general terms, like “scrolls” you should be fi- oh, wait, nevermind.

      • Some User

        I wonder if even using the words Cyrodiil, Khajiit, The Nine, etc., would be enough to get the author in trouble. Surely US copyright law protects derivative works, but that doesn’t mean Betheseda Softworks wouldn’t sue the crap out of the guy. Maybe we should open a pre-emptive lawyer fund.

    • Karnewarrior

      I think it’s less “aimed at single males” as it is a running gag how accidentally sexual she acts, even when sober.

      • Some User

        I’ll take back “single males” and replace it with “males in their early twenties or so,” since I don’t think there’s anything unique to single males that’s being targeted. But surely it’s targeted very firmly at (and probably written by a member of) this group:

        Katia, a naive, single, vulnerable, often-slutty yet still appropriately guilty-and-shy, cute, and available girl wanders the land of Cyrodiil, her uncofident quest for self-improvement pausing only for her to do sexually suggestive things with or in the proximity of pineapples, a similarly attractive and available young woman (who also happens to be into other women), all of which provide her with her ample opportunities to bounce bodily.

        I’m not sure it’s a bad thing, but it’s definitely a thing that is happening.

        • Kyle Hyde

          Katia isn’t into other women.

          Also, I’ve been kind of annoyed by the fact that Katia keeps being called a slut even though slutty things only seem to happen when she is drunk.

          • Some User

            I was referring to Quill Weave

          • Bombzinski

            I don’t think she is ever really *called* a slut by anyone? She calls herself that. Rape victims sometimes tend to hate and blame themselves, so that is not an unrealistic attitude for her to take.

        • Lachesis

          Nah, you’re an ass. Not all characterisation is automatically about pandering to the bases, sorry. If I, as a gay man, wrote a comic like this in every respect except that Katia was male, would that necessarily mean I was pandering to other gay males? No, of course not. Maybe the author is pandering, I don’t know, but you’re got no basis to make that accusation.

  • Gray Vlen

    am i the only one having problems loading it in firefox browser? works fine in IE but i hate using it.

  • sawamudcrabtheotherday

    Am I bad for wishing that Katia would become a vampire? I think it would open up alot of… opportunities. :X

  • Humans must enjoy corn as much as bears enjoy cocaine.

    That paintbrush should be helpful. Make sure to use it if you want to get to a high place, Katia. =D

    • sawamudcrabtheotherday


  • catchTwentythree

    Whoo, 15,462 at the dancing minigame! Took a screenshot and everything.

  • Dawn Mew

    Am I seriously the only one that got more than 15000 on the dance game so far?

    If you do, he goes off on a tangent about how Katia should compete. It’s adorable.

    • Kyle Hyde

      Pssh, it’s not like guys want to see more Katia poledancing…


      • SpazzyHyena

        about that :V

        Take a seat.

  • Dawn Mew

    …Did I really get ninja’d while idling on the comment form? ><

  • Ravlash

    I just found out about all of this today, I am completely amazed and have loved the story so far!
    If you were to make a complete game like this update, i would buy it no questions asked. I had a ton of fun playing the walkthrough!

    • kitsunekage

      Heh, me too.

  • Malefactor

    Katia will be responsible somehow for the opening of the obliv gates, Called it.

  • Supes

    Things I enjoyed:

    The orphanage is a powder keg just waiting to burn down. Fireworks in one crate. Oily rags in another. Dry paper. Torches and pitch… Leading up to something?

    The Captain on the wall who is watching the cultist: Talk to him enough and you start talking about your prior cult experience. And then start making jokes about how he’s afraid of cults.

    Talk to the little Argonian child enough and he’ll explain that his only friend is this mysterious blond woman who lives in the mage guild. She smells weird, but only to him.

    You can find a full set of cutlery and a paintbrush in the crates. Humans fucking love corn.

    If you don’t have any money, you can simply watch the fancy dinner grow cold. Why would people do that anyway?

    The Vampire underneath the tree with the grape jelly. So great…

    Apparently Katia can’t speak her native language properly or even tell the difference between others in her own race.

  • Not The Author


    (This is a pretty great adventure)

    • Whimbrel



      • Anza


        with that

  • Folikeln

    I can’t find the dancing game or the orphanage. Naturally, after posting this, they should be the very next thing I see. :/

    • TwilightNinja

      The orphanage is by the Mages Guild. As for the dancing game, I’m looking for that myself…

  • ManWhoGetsVeryAngryWhenYouDoNotUpdate

    Just wondering real quick, where can I submit fan art?

    • Kazerad

      The forum thread or the Fanart page (check the sidebar on the right) are both fine!

      • ManWhoGetsVeryAngryWhenYouDoNotUpdate

        Before you responded I sent you a PM on the MSPA forums. πŸ˜›

        sowwy :’c

  • Some guy

    I noticed if you don’t do ANYTHING during the dancing game, you get a score of 8,508, and a large sign pops up saying “Disasters Avoided 10,000” around the 5000 point mark. Anything else hidden in this thing besides the dinner-set, yarn, paintbrush, and this?

  • Some guy

    Nearly forgot, talking to the Orc after doing this, makes Katia cry. *claps*

  • Arinot

    My day has been made

    Katia: proceed to have a normal conversation

    • SpazzyHyena

      No katia don’t, it wont be funny if you have a normal conversation D8

  • Antares

    Katia, you were totally insensitive to that nice lady/rabbit/khajiit with the grape jelly fixation! You should go back and apologize, maybe let her lick some jelly off your neck to let her know you mean it. Hell, you’d get 15 septims out if it as well!

  • Stendar

    I love this… Just read it from the start a day or two ago and I love it. The bouncing thing she does in the flash? Keeper. It’s cute. Also loved the pole dancing minigame, but who didn’t? Would love to see more pole dancing.

  • Gavinfoxx

    So uh, I can’t, um, figure out what the bars mean on the dance minigame? What is all that extra info? I’m just pressing the keys randomly, I don’t really know what I’m doing HELP HELP!!

    • kitsunekage

      Okay. First off, The bigger bar is the gauge by which you score pionts. As you do tricks, it will fill up or empty, depending on the trick. What you have to do is keep the gauge as full as the green line marked “goal” that moves around said gauge. the smaller bar shows how much stanima you have. Diferent tricks use up diferent amounts of stanima.

      Did that help at all?

  • kitsunekage

    Damn. Took me long enough, but 15256 on the poledancing minigame.

    …. Should i be proud or ashamed?

    • Kazerad

      Little bit of both.

  • mr. Countdown

    So no one noticed how that drunken Bosmer was talking about having no son?
    You know, the guy with the eye-patch and that ice-cream looking hair that is surprisingly similar to that of one particulair ad

    • mr. Countdown

      …doring fan?
      If my suspisions are true we can confirm that NOT EVEN HIS FATHER likes that lil’ vermin. πŸ˜€

      My comment got cut-off mid sentence it seems, hence this reply.

  • GlyphGryph

    Is that Matahari from the White Depths I see in the orphanage? That can’t be a coincidence… ir is it, and there’s actually a character like that in Morrowind?

    • Ha ha your suspicions are correct. Bropocalypse, the creator of White Depths was on the art team. Yay cameos~! :3

  • Trevor

    There’s a mod over in 4chan that’s deleting and banning for this stuff on /co/ now.

    • Dov

      /co/ always has shitty mods. That might as well be their job description.

      • Kyle Hyde

        They only want ponies.


        • SpazzyHyena

          Everyone: Draw pony versions of the characters in Prequel.


    • Kazerad

      Eh, I appreciate the advertising and community that /co/ brings in, but I try to stay out of their drama. Which is quite plentiful.

      Ultimately, the mods have the final call on what is allowed/disallowed. The cool thing about the internet, though, is that people can usually just find another site if they start to feel their current one is poorly moderated.

      • Monterrey

        You’re totally talking about us on +4, aren’t cha?

  • Mr_FurryUziman

    I think the orc (don’t remember the name) who assaulted Katia and killed Dmitri, can still follow the main story of Oblivion and become the champion of cyrodiil.

    • Kami

      Katia is obviously destined to be the champion of cyrodil. ^^
      > The champion of cyrodil wakes up in a jail cell that’s supposed to be empty, having no idea how they got there. – I don’t think anyone would be too surprised to see this happen to Katia at some point.
      > The emperor says he saw the champion of cyrodil every night in his dreams. – Katia sees the emperor every night (that she’s not drunk) in her dreams. It’s fate :3

      I just found this story for myself, and I think it’s great. I don’t normally like stories where nothing but bad things happen to likable characters, but you have a cute art style and the ‘internal dialog’ is amusing.

      • Mr_FurryUziman

        I personally can’t see Katia killing daedras and saving the son of the Emperor without getting drunk in any point of the game.

        And, if she’s really the champion of cyrodiil, she would have suffer an heart attack when seeing the emperor in front of her. but no, in the game he/she was really calm when talking to him, lol

  • Unclever title

    Okay, so I just read/watched this whole thing. And I have to say I am amazed and it was incredibly entertaining. Your sense of humor is incredible.

    Asotil’s intro had me laughing hysterically. It’s a good thing I was the only one in the house at the time.

  • Lanny

    Gawd she’s cute πŸ˜›

    Great game, loved every single playthrough O_O!

  • NS

    That was wonderful! Thank you! I haven’t laughed so hard in a while.

  • dan

    Dude… AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  • TMA

    Awesome a paint brush Fuck yeah Spoon, Fuck yeah fork, FUCK YEAH BUTTER KNIFE, this town is a gold mine now time to find a dinner plate ^_^

    • JTA

      Don’t forget the hank of yarn!

      • TMA

        O_O Must… find… everything

  • Dracmatais

    1. I love this whole comic thing. The humor has had me busting out laughing quite a bit.

    2. Excellent work on the art and on the flash animations. Especially fine work with the game.

    3. Did anybody else find the invisible, weightless, and intangible Sword of Legend?

  • Carbuncle

    My computer can not handle this game T.T Even at low setting I’m getting like 1 fps @.@

    • Kazerad

      oh nooo D=. I knew this would happen to at least one person. I guess all I can really do is say I’m sorry and hopefully the map on the next page summarizes it well enough.

  • Reohajj Ouduru

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    • Kazerad

      It might be. I use an older, more compatible Flash on the older animations but had to use a newer Flash version for this one.

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    • Kazerad

      Thank you!

      I don’t have an animated version on hand, but the sprite strips used in the game are here and here; hopefully you can handle the conversion yourself. I did put this one together for the Something Awful forums, though: http://foxmage.com/Nordthrust.gif

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    • Kazerad

      oh nooo )= that means there’s like a 99% chance the one I’m working on right now won’t work for you either. Quick, go find a library computer or something!

      • Teraka

        I think there’s nothing wrong with the flash in itself, I have the same problem and I can’t access any other link on the same website… Any chance you’d reupload it somewhere else ? πŸ™

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    • Kazerad

      It will probably take longer than the others, since it’s bigger. It also uses a newer version of Flash (but if you can see the loading screen then your Flash version is probably fine).

      Later I might upload a mirror of it, to see if that helps people out any.

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    And to anyone having trouble getting it to run, I found I had trouble getting it to work with Firefox, but when I switched to Internet Explorer, it worked fine. I didn’t investigate it any further, but it could just be a matter of adjusting your browser settings or something.

    • misha

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    Sorry to nitpick, and you’ll NEVER fix this, but the Excelsior game had a typo. Katia and some NPCs would use “eachother” instead of “each other” while talking. πŸ™‚

    • Kazerad

      Usually I correct typos right away, but I’ve always secretly been a fan of “eachother”. It’s in a few other pages too. I’m hoping to one day popularize it into common usage.

      According to Wiktionary, eachother is currently a nonstandard alternative spelling. That’s progress!

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    I think her ‘luck’ might be starting to rub off on me.

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    I can’t understand how oblivion could have spawned Prequel and I won’t even try to understand how Prequel can be so great while strictly following the framework set up by such a crappy game because it would make my brain bleed – Prequel is a work of genius, plain and simple.
    Hell, even the RPGCodex likes it.

    Props for the references, BTW. Poor Naalf, I guess Cyrus just didn’t deliver.

    -Bluescale AKA DraQ.

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    Bethesda forum member,

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    That is one of the most special treat/ interactions to a web comic I have ever seen.
    Hopefully Katia will have some good luck in the future and find much nicer Khajiit to befriend.
    Also liked the chick with wiered jelly fetish and
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    • alrieice

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    Achievement Unlocked: Get banned from the tavern.

    Achievement Unlocked: Call a statue a douchebag.

    Achievement Unlocked: Find an incredibly obvious daywalking vampire.

    Achievement Unlocked: Shame the orc with pole dancing.

    Achievement Unlocked: Find the bookstore.

    Achievement To Be Unlocked: Make other people come up with more achievements.

  • eternity08

    Y’know, when you go into that Blacksmith Orc’s shop, and you select the empty space between the 80 septim shield and the 20 spetim bow, right? Yeah, I think that the Sword of Legend is supposed to be “intangible”, not “Intaggible”.

    • Kazerad

      Yeah, there’s a couple typos in there that I know about, and sort of WANT to fix, but it’d be kind of a pain to find the original project file and edit them. For the time being I’m just kind of hoping nobody notices them.

      so shhhhhhh ;>

      • Tormuse

        Oh… umm… Just before I read this comment, I kind of went through the walkaround and made a list of the typos within it. Are you serious about keeping quiet about them? I can send you the list privately if you want. (at least for the sake of having them listed all in one place)

        • Kazerad

          Haha, you can post it if you want. It’d take some work to actually correct them (I don’t even remember if the programmer still has the source code around…) but if there’s any REALLY bad ones I might find a way to do something about it.

          • Tormuse

            Okay! πŸ˜€ Well, there’s nothing really bad here, but I know how much of a perfectionist you are about that sort of thing, so here goes: (I found 6 of them)

            The lady with the pumpkin in the southwest says, “Sorry, I don’t think I’ll able to help you.”

            Should be “I’ll *be* able to help you.”

            She also says, “I do most the gardening around here.”

            Should be “most *of* the gardening.”

            At the well, Katia says, “Oh, that sounds very important. Don’t let me get hold you up.”

            Take out the “get.”

            The phrenologist says, “…but I in retrospect my handwriting perhaps did it an injustice.”

            Take out the “I.” (This typo also shows up in the summary)

            In the chapel, when you pray to the main altar, “Nothing continues to happen, just as hard was it was happening before.”

            Should be “just as hard *as* it was happening before.”

            And lastly, “intangible” sword instead of “intaggible,” which you already know about.

            So, yeah, nothing really bad, certainly nothing bad enough to detract from the epic awesomeness that is this walkaround. πŸ™‚

          • Kazerad

            Okay turns out I was wrong about the source code and he still had it; I must have been thinking of something else. All those typos are fixed now, including one you missed and he caught.

    • Dray

      I noticed that too, but sort of justified it as not having a price tag – intaggible – compared to all the others items that had prices prominently displayed.

      So, totally not a typo.

      • Kazerad

        Oooh, nice. I can get behind that.

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    I’m here for the first time, so let me say I hope that Argonian booklover is a recurring character.

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    Didn’t expect a game when I clicked the link, but it was well made tbh.
    Though personally would prefer a bit more cunt jokes in the internet overall, it’s always just cock jokes and references >.> Btw, do I get a mail if someone replies to these or?

  • M

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    Which’d explain the ‘I HAVE NO SON!’ bit.

    Poor guy!

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    • Kazerad

      Man, how did you even get to that crate?

      I had a number on each of the interactables originally, then replaced the numbers as I wrote the descriptions. I couldn’t find any way to activate that crate so I never replaced its number with anything.

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    Also, this comic is heartrendingly adorable, and every character has something to love about them. Keep up the good work, we need fun things to read more than ever, now that Homestuck is on extended hiatus. πŸ™‚

    • Kazerad

      Ack, typoficated! That one’s buried in the flash code so I’ll just put it on my “to fix, someday” list. Thanks, though; good eye!

  • speaking from personal experience

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    • D

      Katia’s afraid of royalty.

      Martin’s the illegitimate son of the Emperor. This is a major plot point in Oblivion.

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    That’s meant to be porter.
    Sorry about being two and a half years late to that one!

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