Nov 042011

ViniVidiVici wrote:
>Katia: Explain Hirtel that, despite being a professional courier, it’d be much better if he put that letter in an envelope! 🙂 I mean, accidents happen, even to the best couriers!

You remind Hirtel that even though you are a professional courier, accidents can still happen. His letter would probably be much safer in a nice, sturdy envelope.

He strokes his chin thoughtfully, pondering your request. An envelope would be functional, sure… but he doesn’t know if it would be insulting enough.


… I make the entire letter ironically uninsulting! Brilliant!

Hirtel quickly begins scribbling out a new letter on a fresh sheet of paper. He tells you to check the ground and see if you can find a leather-bound book on restoration magic; he has an idea how to make this ironically uninsulting letter even more ironically uninsulting.

You hand him the requested book, which he quickly wraps up and attaches to the letter. He presents you with the completed, gift-wrapped package. Hopefully you don’t mind carrying a slightly heavier reply back to Quill-Weave?

You tell him it’s fine, you don’t mind. Though you are, ah, a little curious why he’s trying to write an insulting letter?

Hirtel says it’s just an inside joke between him and Q.W., don’t worry about it. You’re the courier, all you have to do is… courry. Just make sure you don’t open this or anything; he wants it to still look kind of nice when it reaches her. Ironically nice.

You say that shouldn’t be a problem. You’re turning out to be surprisingly good at following simple, straightforward directions without messing up.

Anyway, that book I was looking to purchase…

Hirtel sets the package aside. Oh, right. Throw it on the counter, let’s figure out a price.

Curse-Brandish wrote:
Also, stand up straight, for gods sake. You’re Katia Fucking Managan, fire-shooting badass, not some slouched over goblinoid hedge-mage hunchback, not that we’re racist. Pro wizards have confident posture and look soon-to-be-barbecues in the eye.

Eh, sure, why not. You puff out your chest and straighten up your back a little, trying to strike a confident, businesswomanly posture. You can’t tell if it’s working or not.

Hirtel stares intently at the grammar book and eventually confesses he doesn’t actually know the first thing about how much books are worth. He used to have a book on book pricing, but then someone bought it. So now he just kind of tries to puzzle this stuff out on his own, see what people are willing to pay.

This book has a lot of pages and words in it. How’s, like… forty drakes sound?

  • Soadreqm

    This guy’s Mercantile skill is *terrible*.

    • Amraphen

      Ironically terrible.

      • Locke

        Last I checked, “irony” was the opposite of what is expected.
        Thus, are you saying that you expecting all High Elves to be skilled merchants? That’s racist.
        And wrong. When I played Oblivion, the best merchants tended to be, I swear, Khajit. If only poor Katia was good at haggling, as well… Makes me want to check the thread, to see what most people are suggesting.

        • Corovaneer

          Khajeet were good mostly because they were quite blunt, and always could pretend to not understand what mutsera says. Katia`s not like that.

          • Tuxedo

            Your misspelling of khajiit is painful.

          • Dreadmaster231

            Painful like raping of khajiit ears with khajitt ,male instruments?

        • amymist

          Well, I would most certainly expect a bookseller to be a good merchant. It is, after all, his job.

  • Michael

    Coincidentally, that’s the same as the extra-carrying fee for the heavier package!

    • Orsinox

      And we haven’t even factored in tax and Shipping and Handling yet!

      • Faren

        shipping and handling… why would she pay to him her fee? since she is the one shipping and handling it. :3

        • Xeroh

          I think they mean since he’s going to have to pay her for the delivery, it’ll come out to the same price Katia has to pay for the book.

          • Xeroh

            >_< I messed up…sorry…

    • Dragon

      Possibly the best command I’ve seen all day.
      …Maybe you were just being funny?

  • Outordinary

    Oh god that like a whole new sword

  • Volmise

    Barter with him and tell him you’ll take the reply back to Q.W. with no other payment in exchange for the book.

    No need to be greedy, you’re only here to get the job done and get back, after all.

    • Motherfucker

      Visit the forum thread to submit commands!

      • Volmise

        Did. Sorry about that. :O

  • Motherfucker


    There is pretty much no way katia isn’t going to fuck this up.

  • “He used to have a book on book pricing, but then someone bought it.” XDDDD

    Ok, this Hirtel guy is a complete failure not only at writting uninsulting letters, but also on selling books. Eventually all this chitchat is only the prelude of about what is going to happen at night… I hope XDDDD

  • Supes

    Katia: “Even though it has a lot of nice words, it is very common. I mean, I’m sure everyone has their own copy of this grammar book. I’d hesitate to even offer to pay one drake for the thing. I mean, if you wrapped it up nicely and included it in your ironically uninsulting letter, it would make it even MORE ironically uninisulting. Just think of how IRONICALLY UNINSULTED Quill-Weave will BE!”

  • Hello
    “it should be about ten Septims”

  • Link

    That second panel is awesome =D
    I’m getting the impression that this guy is slightly jittery and not the best at thinking things through, on top of being the worst shopkeeper ever =P

    • Ch’marr

      I haven’t played Oblivion, but I’m assuming that the “scattered books” are a subtle jab at Oblivion’s physics engine 🙂

      • Wind

        <.< … a little bit, yeah.

  • Charlie

    “…pondering your your request”
    I think there is a “your” too much in there.

    • Kazerad

      I am the worst proofreader D=.

      Fixed. Thanks.

      • Kyle Hyde

        “You hand the him”

      • Kreton

        “Hirtel says just it’s an inside joke between him and Q.W., don’t worry about it.”

        Maybe swap just and it’s.

        • Kazerad

          Holy crap I am the worst proofreader.

  • Frump

    Just ask him to look through the pages and price it per chapter. That sounds like a fair deal.

  • Illidan

    Katia: Offer body for book.

    • calkhi

      That is an extreamly terrible idea.
      Damn horny people tryin to ruin the damn gals life.
      *Walks off grumbling*

      • Thedudewhodisagreesandagrees

        agreed…i’m starting to lose my temper with such…ok, fuck it, i’m just gonna say it straight outloud. FUCKHEADED SHIT-FOR-BRAINS ASSHOLES WHO THINK ONLY WITH THEIR DICK, HAVE A BRAIN AS BIG AS THE SMALLEST FLEA ON EARTH, AND NO SENSE OF WHAT THE WORD MANNERS MEANS.

        • Motherfucker

          Congratulations, You’re fucking creepy.

          This is A) fiction and B) written by a man.

          • Huino

            Actually, I’m pretty sure Kaz mentioned that they’re a she.

          • Voye

            Pretty sure Kaz is a he, if I remember correctly from lurking MSPA discussions.

        • Locke

          Hey, there’s nothing wrong about thinking with your dick! After all, detectives are often well versed in law and are great sources of advice!

    • Illidan

      Yes… yes…
      Let the butthurt flow through you…

      • Thedudewhodisagreesandagrees

        Ah, good, the trick worked. Now I know who the idiots who’ve replaced their brains with their dicks are.

        • anonycats


          • Thedudewhodisagreesandagrees

            Hmmh, I don’t think I said that. I never said to stop liking things I don’t like. What I did say was “agreed…i’m starting to lose my temper with such…ok, fuck it, i’m just gonna say it straight outloud. FUCKHEADED SHIT-FOR-BRAINS ASSHOLES WHO THINK ONLY WITH THEIR DICK, HAVE A BRAIN AS BIG AS THE SMALLEST FLEA ON EARTH, AND NO SENSE OF WHAT THE WORD MANNERS MEANS.” and “Ah, good, the trick worked. Now I know who the idiots who’ve replaced their brains with their dicks are.”. I can see that you’ve little knowledge or experience when it comes to studying FACTS. Well, it’s either that, or you just try to push words into the mouths of others. I suggest that you speak for yourself, and not for others. It makes you seem a bit smarter, if you took that advice. After all, you can only speak for yourself, not for others. There’s a simple reason as to why this is. Can you figure it out yourself, or do I have to spell it out for you?

            woah man, stop getting so mad about internet cats. -Kazerad

  • Nocara

    Hi, I just read all the story of Katia and I really enjoyed it. Thanks for make it ^^

  • Al_434

    Commentaries 1 is 40, and that’s meant to be rare…

  • some guy

    how many drakes are in a septim anyway, or is it the other way around?

    • Tybalt Maxwell

      Different names for the same currency

    • Legends12

      there are also gold pieces, & all the same

    • Ephyu

      How many bucks are in a dollar?

      • Ch’marr

        Less and less every day!

        Personally, I’d rather have dollars in a buck, but he’s starting to look pretty uncomfortable.

        • Reohajj Ouduru

          I’d rather have a buck than a dollar because a buck is a fucking deer, and deer are worth much much more than a bucking dollar.

          • Thedudewhodisagreesandagrees


          • Anony Mouse

            But so much less convenient to carry around! Although; *hehehe* rather amusing to imagine walking into a shop with a deer around my neck, and depositing it with a ‘thud’ onto the counter…

            Anyone else thinking of Robin Hood: Men in Tights? Robin walks in on the feast with a wild boor over his shoulders? 😀

  • Moose Scultpor III

    I don’t know what freaky stroke of luck let me find this website but I am so freaking happy I did. I love this. Also has the artist done any other cat characters? my mind keeps thinking it reminds me of some other comic, but that could just be the MSPA homage confusing my memory. Keep up the work artist person I have no idea who you are but you ROCK

    • anonycats

      The art style reminds me of patachu, but I somehow doubt they’re related.

  • InfernalLupine

    Convince him it would be ironically insulting if he made the book very cheap, because Quill Weave hates cheap books. Then,
    trade the “alchemy” items you collected for the book. You know the claws, mushrooms and pelt shreds.

    Dont trade the ring, it might make for a good piercing later on. Silly people always wearing magic rings on fingers in the open…
    Why not magic earrings?

  • Sharky

    Katia: Tell The Book Keeper that the books price should cover the expenses of the delivery of his package to Quillweave.

  • Nubnubbud

    Trade your “book of art outlining the socioeconomic problems of today” for the boring book of words.

  • Lucifer

    Hows a fire ball sound!!!!!!

    • Wind

      >_< A fire ball in a building full of paper?

      • Motherfucker

        IT SURE WOULD BE A SHAME IF ALL THESE BOOKS WERE TO GO UP IN SMOKE (actually this might be what ends up happening, inadvertantly leading to the burning of kvatch. (possibly with cult related shenanigans))

        • Anon

          Not if you don’t start supplying the catty cat puns. (god I can’t believe I just did that…)

          • LuciferHellspawn

            That would be a CATastrophe!

          • Wind

            You’re just pussy-footing around the subject. The burning of Kvatch is a CATaclysmic event.

  • some guy

    okay now that I know my monetary stuff I’d like to say that Hirtel in this update gives me a kind of sweet bro and hella jeff vibe. something like…

    not all the books are the same
    what’s the differance
    the selection has too many… PAGES and WRODS

    and then katia hides behind a pile of books and watches as the guards haul him off

  • sylcat

    Check inventory for an appropriate trade.

    If nothing is suitable, challenge to pole dancing competition. You know some people at the arena that could judge.

    • Dawn Mew


      (Yeah there’s pretty much no way she’ll go through with this.)

      (Everyone knows she’s too much of a SCAREDY-CAT)

  • Giva

    Katia> Offer to trade your book for his as yours contains the heartfelt story of an adventurer and it has illustrations in color. totally one of a kind.

  • daverboy

    I’m fairly certain that when you’re being ironic or facetious with malicious intent, it stops being irony and starts being sarcasm.

  • Luke

    Well i just read the whole (so far) story after discovering it today, out of curiosity of why a few people on the Bethesda forums had a Weird but cute Khajiit as their icon.

    an amazing back story, something i’d be too lazy to think of a story that long, but i got a decent one for my planned character in Skyrim 🙂

    Speaking of Skyrim, do you think you’d ever do a prequel for that too? or too much work? ._.

  • Ravlash

    You have loot from the adventure to Kvatch, time to go sell, see if you can make some money, come back and try and haggle it to 10 septims (maybe lower if you explain that the delivery shouldn’t be free and should take a few off the books price) which QW said it should be around and with any extra money, save it for the repair QW’s house fund!

  • Gm000

    challenge him to a staring contest for the book. eye of fear him if your losing!

  • The Voice

    Dear Katia,

    Being… ‘acquainted’ with items of value, and also being particularly keen to not see us end up broke, or performing menial labor without end gain, I would recommend offering the gentleman a liberal price of, oh let me think, ten Septims? Considering that the book is neither rare, nor valuable, that you have little money, and that no one else is going to pop along and want to purchase said text, it seems a fair price. Plus, you ARE carrying his message back to Quill-Weave, and that has to be worth something.

    Best of luck, and by the Nine, stay away from alcohol. I’m not sure if I can handle waking up in bed with another man again. Gives me the creeps every time.

    Yours truly (and most likely permanently) ~The Voice

  • Karhs

    Ironically uninsulting packaging?
    I’m picking up hints of Rose’s relationship with Mom here.
    But Rose is extremely jittery and excited.
    And has no idea what books are worth.

  • Pogiforce

    I kept wondering why I kept reading Hirtel as Hitler. Then I realized they used the same letters…

  • Millird

    Say that you ARE a Courier, so you will need Some sort of payment for bringing a letter back.

  • Stravagante

    Oh really? How does… a SKEIN OF WOOL sound? Because seriously, this wool is awesome. You should TOTALLY do this trade.
    And.. erm… yeah, actually your cutlery is too nice. Just offer the wool and… and we’ll work from there.

    After all, you are a close friend of a certain Argonian author? You should know how much books cost. Ri~ight?

  • Locke

    Well, gee, with a price like that, I’d make sure to throw my ax into the bargain! I’d just be sure to aim for his conniving elf skull.

  • Dispersive

    Ask him if he could throw in a drink for 45 Drake.

  • VlRGlL

    Katia: Ask if you can tidy up his shop a bit for a few extra coins or maybe for that replacement book for QW.

  • Tenkikun

    Tell him that you know a thing or two about letters and books. And to your knowledge that book is worth thirty drakes, and that is being generous.

    • Tybalt Maxwell

      QW said it would be worth about TEN

  • Name

    Aren’t you sort of totally broke? How are you going to afford a book at 40 drakes? Or did you somehow come into some money when I wasn’t looking?

  • KamiKaze1337

    Katia: Holy Hell Katia! This guy is as noob as bartering as you are. See about sweet talking the price down to 15 drakes. If that don’t work, they go 25. You are delivering his ironicly nice gift after all.

  • Nimm

    Katia: Didn’t you originally get 10 gold to buy this book, when you first tried to reach Kwatch? Point out that QW who already had a copy of the book thought that was what it was worth.

  • Void Masters

    tell him that the book should be payment for delievering the letter to him and that 40 coins are your normal fee for a delivery

  • Silkienne

    Drakes? Septims? Copper? Silver? Gold? Doesn’t matter what he calls it, you have no coins at all! So, unless he’s willing to settle for some shredded wolf skin that didn’t work out so well, a nifty knife-fork-spoon set or a perfectly good ball of yarn, you don’t have much.

    Wait, you have this really GREAT copper ring that has absolutely no magical properties whatsoever.

    Or…hmmm… there is always the wizard’s staff/walking stick or perhaps he would be interested in the fine tapestry that used to hang in QW’s home. But, if he wants either of those items, he’d have to be willing to toss in a few coins to make it come out even.

    • Silkienne

      You also, now being Katia Managen, pyro-wizard extraordinaire…

      Okay, well, maybe not pyro-wizard extraordinaire, but you ARE Katia Managen, and you’ve noticed a lot of people storing oily rags all over town and someone outside the front gates who plays with fire and says he was supposed to come for a party… and, well, you may be new here, but fire and oily rags do not mix well, even if the town is made up largely of stone. Perhaps you ought to go back to find the captain of the guard and tell him about the strange coincidence of those two things.

      And ask him if vampires really eat grape jelly.

      And how did those fish get down in the well anyway?

  • White18

    Pretend to be part of the Khajitt mafia, take the book as insurance for his store not suffering any incendiary “accidents.”

  • Irato

    Where in the Nine’s Divine names will you get forty young dragons. For one book this price is not only outlandish but clinically insane.

  • Griffin

    Tell him you’re willing to pay him one drake. I mean you are delivering a package and letter for free after all.

  • I’m dreading the next time she’s gonna mess up. When it happens, I think I’ll cry with her ='(

  • Dousiq


  • Smashed

    Out for Skyrim… and not MSPA’s Act 6? For shame.

    • Kazerad

      “Wait, stop fighting!” Dovahkiin tells the dragon, pulling up his Steam Overlay. “It’s been almost ten minutes since I last refreshed MSPA.”

      The dragon politely ceases combat, peering over the Dragonborn’s shoulder to see if the update is out yet.

  • Zayle

    I was hoping for a midnight update tonight. Oh, well, I’m sure I can find something else to do.

    • Zayle

      Ha! The spam test accepts “Katia Fucking Managan”.

      • Skullman

        As it should be, young Zayle. As it should be.

  • BlueJay

    Skyrim is the most acceptable delay.

  • Name


  • swarley

    on 11/11/11 katia should learn a spell that teleports her to skyrim

  • Dousiq

    I hear there’s a romance-able Argonian maid in Skyrim.

    • Locke

      I wonder, does she polish spears, or any polearms of similar description?
      Or are spears still mysteriously missing from the Elder Scrolls universe in this game? That’s something that’s always bothered me. Morrowind had a crap-load of weapons, Oblivion had barely any by comparison, and I hadn’t heard what all they were going to include in Skyrim. Besides, the innuendo, and thus, the reference to “that” novel doesn’t work otherwise.

      • Dousiq

        Yeah, no confirmed spears in Skyrim.

        • Dousiq

          Though there IS a new chapter of Lifts-her-tail’s adventures.

  • dow


  • sghost258

    this guy doesn’t know the first thing about haggling, you should comment on how plain the book is and your price seams unreasonable

  • b4betty

    put a pot on his head and presto-chageo INSTANT INVISIBILTY —> TAKE ALL THE BOOKS!

  • Wind

    <_< … Delay accepted.

  • Screw Skyrim!
    We demand more Katia!

  • Wart wart wart1

    Tell him that 40 drakes is an outrageously high deal, and then try to tell him you are a expert on books while try to trade items to him in not so outrageous but still high prices.

  • Wart wart wart1

    Also, meanwhile on over to Mrs. Weave. And her waking up.

  • Morgan

    Tell him 40 drakes seems a bit much, and maybe sell that ring you found to help pay for the book . 😛 You could always through in the ball gag to help pay for it … though on reflection he might take that as a lewd gesture. So go to plan C and tell him to put it on quill weaves tab 😀

  • Cedar

    Katia! Remember from earlier! (I’m gonna go make an account and post this on the forum, too.)

    “Now that you’re fed and decent, here’s the letter, 25 Septims, and a map of Cyrodiil. You just need to head northeast along the Gold Road until you get to Kvatch, take this letter to the proprietor of the bookstore, and wait for his response. In that same store you’ll be able to get a new copy of the book you ruined; it should be about ten Septims, leaving you fifteen for food and lodging.”

  • Xadier

    He doesn’t know the first thing about book pricing, so get yourself a deal. Put out a price you think is fair and and say that’s how much you saw it for in the last book store you went to. Everyone is out to take your last septim so better learn how to haggle! If you have no septim, trade him for what you’ve got, talk it up, make him think he really needs it!

  • TMA

    ah yes Skyrim that remind me of doing my job and not skipping out on it again cause of Arkham City

  • who149

    100th Comment! (I have no soul D:)

    • Luke

      Lol, don’t worry i feel the same way. Wandering this internet without Skyrim! D:

      gotta wait til the 17th for it ._.

  • A Pink Poodle

    Dear Ms Katia. I wonder why you seem to speak like every other non-Khajiit. For example, you don’t say “This one thinks…” or “This one doesn’t like…” Weren’t you raised in Elsweyr?

    • who149

      She was not actually. She was raised in Daggerfall.

    • Kami

      See, I’m actually from Hammerfell. This is kind of embarassing to admit, but until today, I’ve never actually met anyone else like me (Khajiit).

      • Giva

        actually not true, she has never met her breed of khajiit.

        • Kazerad

          This, yeah.

          Khajiit appearances range from “intelligent housecats” to “elves with tails”. She talks about it a little bit with the bartender.

    • Huino

      Well, if you “played” the last Flash, you’ll notice that there’s another Khajiit somewhere in there, who Katia tries to speak to. This character somewhat shrugs Katia off, and says that [Katia] is disgracing the language of their ancestors, or something like that.

  • Vindaloo

    Forty Drakes!? Thanks, but no. Quill-Weave gave you 10 to replace the book and the condition of this one is such that 5 Drakes would be ample. This Poprietor is a test of self-confidence, he has no idea what the book is worth, so YOU will set the price. Start with 4 Drakes and see where it goes. Also, put points into Skill: Haggling asap, adventuring is expensive.

  • Pacce

    Offer to trade your silverware/paint brush for the book.
    Surely he could use some of these things.

  • Reaper

    Idea 1: Try to sell the cake at the inn… if you still have it. Maybe you could get a shiny Septim for the lockpick?

    Idea 2: Try talking to “The Man in the Red Robes” starting fires outside Kvatch. He looks like he might be a mage… JOIN HIM!!! ;P

    • Nilithius

      Spoiler Alert!

      He’s a member of the Mythic Dawn. Which is going to lead to… problems for Kvatch.

      • Reaper

        That’s the point, Katia can get her training from them, along with a BADASS set of free armor. Admit it, you wanted that armor the first time you saw it.

  • lolwhut


    • Dousiq

      The author will be playing it, that’s what.

  • Ames

    How awesome would it be if Katia were dragonborn?

    • Dolash

      Imagine if instead of being a prequel to Oblivion, this was a prequel to Skyrim, showing the family history of the Dragonborn hero?

      ~*~mind blown~*~

  • Bauds

    I have gotten a year older while waiting for the update.

    • Dousiq

      Happy birthday!

      (Unless you’re joking)

    • Kazerad

      Oh come on now, you got a week older. The planet just happened to tick past your favorite polar coordinate.

      Happy birthday though!

      • Bauds

        That is the most rational happy birthday I’ve ever had. Thanks, kaz!

  • sghost

    this guy doesn’t know the first thing about haggling, you should comment on how plain the book looks and his price seems unreasonable

  • Dez

    He’s just trying to see what Katia is willing to pay. With luck, she’ll be able to barter below ten drakes.

  • Henrik

    She could offer to “service” him in some way instead of paying in cash? :-3

  • Luceil

    Hirtel: Quickly remember that you have a scroll of bound armor, and offer it to the kind Katia,so she may protect herself to ironically ensure that your letter is delivered safely and unharmed.

  • DFX

    Is this web comic popular? And if it is what kind of people read this?

    • DFX

      Does reading this make me a FURRY?

      • Ames


        Then again, “furry” is a completely arbitrary title and thus cannot have a concrete definition. So you only are if you say you are, I suppose?
        But who would ever willingly associate themselves with a fandom that has such a horrific reputation as the furry fandom?

      • André

        If you like it partly because Katia is a khajiit, then yes, kinda. 🙂

      • A Pink Poodle

        Yes it makes you furry! It totally makes you the furriest furry of all! It’s way too late to go back now because you’re already infected with the taint!

      • someone

        I miss the time when “furry comic” meant underground comix about hairy hippies. (Look up “The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers” if you don’t get it.)

    • Dousiq

      “What kind of people read this?”
      People who like The Elder Scrolls and enjoy a good story.

      • DFX

        I like Elder Scrolls too, but I’m wondering if this web comic popular.

        • Link

          Why do you ask? Are you afraid you’re gonna be cast out of your hipster circles enough if you like something that might already be popular? =P

          If you like the story what does it matter?

          • Link

            cast out of your hipster circles if you*

            (Where did that ‘enough’ come from… >=| )

    • Ames

      If you’re judging a comic by its reader demographic, you shouldn’t be reading it.

      • DFX

        I’m not trying to criticize this web comic series because of it’s reader demographic.
        And I’ve also read through all of the finished pages in the last 3 days.

        • Ames

          Then why ask in the first place?

          • DestinedFateX

            lol your right…

        • Tormuse

          What the hey; I’ll toss my two cents in here…

          The comic has characters that are sympathetic/believable/entertaining enough that you don’t have to be familiar with the Elder Scrolls series to appreciate it. (I, personally, haven’t played any of the games) Katia is such a vulnerable/insecure, but determined and likable person, that she naturally inspires readers to want her to get what she wants and makes them keep coming back to find out what happens next. So, you really don’t necessarily have to be a “furry” to appreciate it because there are a lot of reasons to like the story.

          That being said, considering that our protagonist is a humanoid cat who has tendencies to get drunkenly promiscuous, Kazerad could have named the series, “Fetish fuel, the webcomic,” 😛 so I can understand why furries would be interested in it too.

    • Kazerad

      This conversation about “Is this popular? What kind of people read this? Does this make me a FURRY?” is really funny, but I figure I might as well give a straight answer for anyone who’s curious.

      As far as I can tell there are around 3000-6000 regular readers. The majority come from the US, followed by Canada and the UK (no big surprises there). Most of readers come here from the MS Paint Adventures forum, followed by a progressively lesser amount from Something Awful, Facebook, 4Chan, e621 (furry porn site), and Furaffinity, in that order.

      • DestinedFateX

        Thanks! I’ve been waiting for quite some time to get a proper answer : D

      • Dousiq

        Aaaaah, you caught me.

      • Nilithius

        I found it on the MSPA forums way back in August, but I’m not registered there and never bother to post.

      • In0q


        The ultimate way of telling if your webcomic is popular is if there’s porn of it.
        Rule 34 only really applies for popular things.

  • DestinedFateX

    Well I’ve never even thought of myself as a furry anyways.
    Though, don’t you think Katia should wear shoes?

    • Reaper

      Welcome to the Furry Nation! First thing your going to need is a fursona (google it). And don’t think of leaving, the only way out involves a gallon of gasoline and a lighter! or possibly a suicide attempted down a flight of seven concrete stairs (Tumbles the Stair-Dragon)… :I

      • DFX

        No, I’m not a furry; And I find the idea of a fursona to be kinda strange, no-offence though.

  • Dousiq

    Beast races (Argonians and Khajiit) cannot equip footwear in TES games.

    • DFX

      I played Oblivion and Skyrim and pretty much all of the NPCs I encountered that were Khajiits or Argonians wear shoes/boots. Not only that, but the outfit Katia wore before the Mage Robes had boots.

      • Jebediah Oldenheimer

        Well that’s just because of how they built the engines to those games. If they had been able to, without having to create too much extra work for themselves, Khajiit and Argonians would still have their big beast legs.

    • sghost

      that’s racist

      • DFX

        How so?

    • dongs

      The only time I’ve seen this was in Morrowind.
      I don’t know about games before that.

    • Zayle

      They couldn’t in Morrowind because that species of Khajiit was more beast-like than the Khajiit in the other games. If I recall correctly, Katia is an Ohmes-Raht, one of the more human-like Khajiit species and the one that appeared in Oblivion.

      • someone

        Arena: Ohmes (basically wood elves with tatoos)
        Daggerfall: Ohmes-Raht (slightly taller than ohmes, so human-sized; with thin fur except on face and belly, and a tail)
        Morrowind: Suthay-Raht with funky legs
        Oblivion, Skyrim: Suthay-Raht with human-like legs

        The differences in shape between the games was explained with “breeds” of Khajiits and differing Hist-induced mutations for Argonians. I don’t know why they decided the Oblivion/Skyrim Khajiits were the same as the Morrowind ones despite the different leg shape. They could have said that they were Suthay instead of Suthay-Raht. But it doesn’t really matter.

        Morrowind is the only game where Khajiit and Argonians couldn’t wear shoes or boots.

        Katia is going barefoot because a robe is the only clothing she owns. Her previous attire was bought by Quill Weave and was complete; but she lost it. Then she got a free robe from the Mages Guild, but shoes weren’t included.

        • Malefactor

          I hate how bethesda uses “bizzare alien biology” to explain away their art changes to the beast races every game

          Is it so hard to just bend the boot model a little bit to incorporate a digitigrade leg?

          • Ames

            This so much.

            The whole crap about the position of the moon determining what a khajiit will grow up to look like instead of parental genetics is just plain silly.

          • Nilithius

            Genetics shmenetics. The stars are gateways to Aetherius, the Argonians came from sentient trees and Nirn is actually 12 planets smashed together.

            I like how Bethesda justifies the Elder Scrolls canon:

      • Tom

        She’s Cathay or Suthay.

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    I’m a relatively new reader and I just wanted to express how much I’ve enjoyed the story so far. Keep up the good work!

    Oh, and to those playing Skyrim; if someone challenges you to a drinking contest at the tavern in Whiterun, do it! It is the best quest. It has a Prequel feel to it.

    • Amber

      I just did that quest! The best part? My character is a female Khajiit mage with the last name Managan (Once I decided on a Khajiit mage, it just felt wrong not to have a callback of Prequel in the name)

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          It’s not really the “Prequel forums” so much as the forum Prequel originated on, but there’s a link on the right side (“submit commands”), directly over the comment box, and on the About page.

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    If you can, pick up the draft of the letter he wrote and read it, once you are out of the shop. Surely the keenly honed hunter instincts detecting -something- fishy here. And not the good, tasty fishy. The bad, rotten, poisonous fishy stench.

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      I’m operating off the little-known 8-day Canadian Week, meaning if I update tomorrow afternoon I am still in the clear. The more you know!!

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