Mar 042012

You gather up your belongings and confirm everything important is still there. Quill-Weave’s package, the money, your amulet… everything looks good to go. You’re ready to head off to the Mages Guild.

DaleGlass wrote:
Katia: Use your limited resources wisely. First, practice with what remaining power you have, both to get a better hang of it, and to make sure that it’s not some coincidence. Then, go to the church to recharge and get cleaned up, and visit the mages’ guild afterwards.

Right now, time is one of your limited resources. You’re kinda hyped about this whole wizard thing and want to get to the Guild as soon as possible. The wizards there should have some healing spells if you need them, so there’s no sense in wasting time at the church.

A little magic practice couldn’t hurt, though. On the way over to retrieve your axe you take another swing at the new spell. You haven’t reduced it to a science yet, but it seems to have something to do with non-cat burns?

Hopefully you won’t flounder like a fish out of water when it comes time to show it off.

It’s not much, but still… this is a pretty big development. With two spells, you should have enough to pass the Guild’s entry requirements. Things are moving a lot faster than you anticipated; soon you’re going to have a place to stay and food to eat and books to read and friends to talk to…

You’re gonna be a wizard! The thought sends a chill up your spine.

NotTheAuthor wrote:
You mean if you get accepted into the Guild, right?
Sorry to be the voice of doubt, but did you maybe consider that you’re building your expectations up too much?

Well… okay, you admit you’re kinda jumping the crossbow a bit. You guess there’s still a zillion ways this could backfire disastrously, probably resulting in you not only getting turned down but making a total fool of yourself in front of everyone. Maybe you’ll set your tail on fire, or run out of shitty puns at a crucial moment, or just freeze up as soon as they ask you to show your skills.

But… you think you’ve earned the right to get your hopes up a little. There’s a chance that you, Katia Managan, could literally be a card-carrying Mages Guild member by the end of today. Even if it’s not guaranteed, it’s a very real chance. It feels good to think about that. That your biggest success yet could be right around the corner.

And if it doesn’t work out… you’ll be disappointed, sure, especially after getting your hopes up. But you’ll deal with it. You’ll buy a room at the inn, score dinner out of someone’s candy bowl, and resume your job-hunting as usual tomorrow. And if sad feelings strike and you start to feel like the only answer is to drown your sorrows in a bottle of whiskey, well…

You won’t.

SNeakyRobot wrote:
> Celebrate your turn of fortunes by rocking with a wicked air lute solo.

But this is no time to worry about failure! You’ve got a Guild to join! You restore your giddiness with a wicked air-lute solo.

Gonna be a wiiiizaaaaaaaard!


Casia wrote:
Katia’s common sense should be tingling. Everyone says, avoid the mage guild here. Implied, or outright stated as necromancers? Only open at night. Sigrid is appearently super likeable, and impossibly beautiful, and took over the town/guild in days. She has seen at least 1 vampire walking around town, with no care about being caught. Vampires have dominate mind as a core ability.

Come on, we’ve been over this. The Mages Guild is a reputable, empire-wide professional organization dedicated to the study and application of magic. You’re sure the Kvatch chapter is no exception. In fact, from what you’ve heard around town it sounds like they might be one of the best. There’s nothing to be worried about.

You’re sure there’s nothing shady or weird going on at the Kvatch Mages Guild!


Grutor wrote:
Hood up

  • AnonBus

    Lol nice air guitar.

    P.S. FINALLY Waited this long.

    • Katiafan

      Air _LUTE_, not guitar. There’s a difference ^.^

  • CW

    hood up


  • Devil’s Advocate

    Kazerad, I love you to bits, I really do- but there must be some way, some tiny adjustment you could make toyour schedule in order to bring these updates to us faster. This last one took 21 days for you to prepare. What do you need in order to output this stuff at the pace you began at? money? drugs? I’ll give you both, or anything, just please, three weeks is too many.

    • Kazerad

      I’m gonna see if I can knock it into daily or bi-daily again after this. Part of those three weeks were spent preparing some resources for the upcoming bits, so they should go a little smoother. Hopefully.

      It’ll be a fun experiment!

    • Ryuujin

      He does it for our love… (And advertising revenue, and possibly fun. Also, it couldn’t hurt to send him the drugs/hookers/money anyway just in case, you know… as an incentive*)

      *I’m thinking maybe the flash resources he’s been preparing are for something in strip in the near future. Flash doesn’t grow on trees :p

      • Volchek

        BUT it can be used to make an animation of something growing on a tree.

        • patrick

          oh you.

  • Tokage

    I was living under the impression there would be a flash.

    Also I’m with the above poster: if you need donations or something to make this stuff come up faster, I can maybe spare a bit. But no drugs. Caius Cosades says no to drugs, you say to-

    Wait a sec.

  • Horza

    Eyepatch is looking pretty good, though I don’t think pirate wizard is a currently available subclass >_>

    • DD

      Hopefully if the members of the guild arent the nicest people, the patch just might make them think she’s more badass than she is, and not take chances by rubbing her (fur) the wrong way.

  • khooleeo



  • dharmaduke

    You’re a wizard, hairy. 😀

    • Hairy

      I’m a what?!

      • Hagrid

        Yar a wizard, ‘arry

        • No

          This is getting far too silly.
          Stop it.

      • knows nothing

        Yer a blizzard Hairy.

  • Bambi

    Okay Katia, you’ve come this far into things, just move in nice and slow, show your fierce side! Chances are there are some shady people in here regardless of it being a guild.Go in like you own the place and you’re the top dog. Er, cat, rather.

  • The Whicher

    That air-lute solo was impressive! Katia would surely make a kick-ass bard. She already knows how to dance / play an air-lute / do a weird trick with a yo-yo and a pineapple (or … on the second thought lets not count the last one). But still 😀

  • R’becca

    Come ooooon, this feels like such a te-rri-ble clifhanger. Continue, update, update fast, pleeeaaasssseeeee @_@

  • calvin

    happiest day ever, my favorite story updated, and don’t worry, i’ll read no matter how few updates there are

  • Ryuujin

    “Hopefully you won’t FLOUNDER like a FISH OUT OF WATER when it comes time to show it off.”

    I get it!

    Animal burns. Cats for fire, fish for telekinesis… now we just need to go through the list and see what spell is tied to what :p

  • Robotkio

    Whether this goes well or poorly or crooked or some combination thereof … well probably a combination of the aforementioned, this should be a real magical evening.

  • Sazereu

    This is so Awesome! /)’3′(\

  • Kathi With An I

    Not gonna lie, the suspense is killing me. And air-luting Katia is the best thing ever.
    The best thing.

  • woopyfrood

    This can only end well.

  • K’helt

    What if the Mages guild makes Katia evil and she ends up incinerating all of Nirn? D:

    I don’t know about her but lightning flashes looking up at a building is never a good sign.

  • Carcino

    Aw already over :<

  • patrick

    a lute solo. that is too awesome. there was a solo playing in a song when i saw that picture.

  • Elad

    Not to sound like a total douche, but after a couple weeks in waiting (which was preceded by another couple weeks waiting) I was kinda expecting more. :V

    • Hamfist

      I guess it’s unfortunate that you sound like a total douche.

  • furnut

    If they won’t accept her as a wizard, she can always get a parrot and join the Pirates of the Catibbeans 😀

  • Gandalf

    Hood up 😀

  • KeyRoamer

    Come on Kat you cannot screw it! Be polite and try to speak (only) when asked!

  • KTB

    Nice Lute solo. (:

  • destinysWalrus

    Oh my gosh

    Air Lute Katia is definitely one of the most adorable Katias. So cute!

    • destinysWalrus

      Admittedly, so is smiling eyepatch Katia

  • The Infamous Catbag

    That air-lute looks dangerously close to a Kid Radd homage!

    • Boris

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who saw that and immediately thought Kaz might have been going for a tribute.

  • Snow


  • xolroc

    That is NOT how you hold a lute. Therefore it must be an air guitar.

  • Dihydrogenmonoxide

    Katia’s wiked lute solo is in synch with part of Deam On

  • Cole

    I just realized what she reminds me of. An Origination 13 person. When her Clock is darked out and now the Patch she really looks like one.

  • Lunias

    Last two panels:


  • Elosan

    Air Lute Solo = cutest gif so far XD

  • Tormuse

    I think we need to take a vote about which is cuter: The air lute solo, or the “hood up” moment.

    My vote is for the air lute. 🙂

  • dtlux14

    You were also SURE nothing bad would happen at the well… Good luck?

  • Does that Candy Bowl happen to be Bittersweet?

    • Kazerad

      Where else do sad cat-people eat free?

      • Stray Cat Acid

        When I read this I thought you guys were passing some sort of coded message that might have to do with future update-sneakiness, so I’ve spent the last hour playing with possible meanings before I thought to just google Bittersweet Candy Bowl.

        I am not a clever spy. :[

  • ja-king

    Does anyone else still have the Oblivion “Meow” theme in their head?

    ……cuz I do

  • Dragon

    Anyone else find the transition from the last panel of the last page to the first panel of this page to be immersion-breaking?
    Specifically, the closeup style?
    That use of the axe as a mirror was beautiful, though.