Mar 042012

TMA wrote:
Katia: OK now that you have your hood on you can go inside, but you need to keep a low profile around this area. don’t show off your powers yet, you never know if there are other young wizard that will be Jealous of your skills and it could potentially push away Masters who are looking for young apprentices with potential like you. Also don’t be afraid to make friends.

911Goofy wrote:
Katia: Enter the Mage’s Guild.

Pyro-Dude wrote:
Mages Guild: Have nothing shady or weird going on.

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Additional resource credits:
Silence – music
Dapperpixel – objects
Bropocalypse – backgrounds, objects
Squiggles – objects, backgrounds
acerbicAves – backgrounds
Ryavis – programming
Chevy Ray Johnston – Flashpunk
pgil – a really handy script
RPG Maker 2003 – a single sound effect
David J. Woll – another single sound effect
Concept and visual style inspired by Andrew Hussie

  • Ch’marr

    The world has ended!!

    Oh… nevermind… its just another update! πŸ™‚

  • Lirance


    • zee

      That is not how you make guacamole!

      Something’s terribly wrong here Katia, get out while you can!

      • ja-king

        I mean guacamole with corn paste?
        no salt or tomato?

        No wonder they don’t talk about Kvatch’s mage guild.

  • LeJerque

    I don’t know what else will be served at dinner, and, frankly, I do not care. I am already sold.

    • Ch’marr

      Either Venison or Shakes!

  • Trase Regen

    *Sigrid’s eyes shine at Katia’s acceptance*

    Well, that’s not creepy at all!

    • NoriMori

      I know right???

      • Muffalopadus

        Definitely something you see every day, especially when you’re in a mage guild…of ill-repute…at night…alone.

        • Actua

          Aren’t we supposed to be looking for those droids?

          • Zeo

            Those arnt the droids you’re looking for…..

  • Kajex

    You know…

    ScriptDragon updated today, meaning I could finally play Skyrim like normal.

    But I didn’t. It was short, but I totally played this instead.

    • BlackEagle

      I like how normal = so modded you need ScriptDragon

      • Sparrow475

        For all you know Thu’umic or another ScriptDragon mod could be the only one he uses. The use of ScriptDragon != a heavily modded game.

        • Kajex

          Actually I haven’t even installed Thu’umic yet, though I’ve been meaning to. All I’ve been using is Game Setting Customizer.

          • BlackEagle

            Oh.. well, never mind. No SkyUI, Quality World Map, or texture enhancements? That’s kind of sad.. I’ve got SKSE but not ScriptDragon.

        • BlackEagle

          It’s possible, but I doubt it.

    • Corovaneer

      This was > 90% of time in Skyrim. I was actially thrilled.

  • Bad_Skeelz

    Getting kind of a Dorian Grey vibe from Sigrid (note the trashed picture of an older woman hidden from view). She also looks a lot younger than I expected. Of course having your town invaded by daedra could age one up a bit.

    • Liquid Dinosaur

      You’re talking about the one behind the crate with the key in it, right?
      Because I’m pretty sure that’s a picture of Hannibal Traven, the idiot mage who gave Katia the robes and either is the Archmage, or will become the Archmage by the time Oblivion starts.

      • Expresate

        Also: Archmage Traven outlawed necromancy.

        • Locke

          Stupid Hannibal. The only thing good about him is his name, and he SHAMES IT. I mean, he doesn’t even eat anyone, smoke big cigars, or lead elephants across mountain ranges.

          • Kalas

            This event could very well be -why- Traven outlaws Necromancy in headcanon.

          • How about his plans? Do they come together?

          • CaptBighead

            When they do, he loves it.

    • KTB

      You mean hanabal?

  • Ulthar

    Is anyone else unable to get the video thing to move beyond the first line? Maybe I don’t know what button to press, but I seem to remember it just being clicking…whatdoidoooo?

    • Bad_Skeelz

      Try clicking in the dialogue box and pressing Space. Use Space to do anything else, too.

      • Ulthar

        Thank you very much, helpful internet person.

  • Useful

    Seven weird things I found. Might place significance on the number Seven, but I’d be more concerned about why Sigrid’s guild hall is empty save for her, and her most eccentric actions…

    Katia might just be in deep quacamole, either that or just learn abit of alchemy.

  • XT-3000 Larynx Extractor

    Vampire friends are BEST friends!

    • APStorm

      If you mean Sigrid… I’m not sure why she only opens the guild at night (maybe that gets explained later in Prequel), but from what I’ve researched, she stands outside in a camp during the events of Oblivion, with no apparent fear of the sun. I’d have to play Oblivion and find out what I can about her, but I haven’t seen anything malicious or even vaguely vampiric about her in the Elder Scrolls wikis of the internet. I also tried to look up any connections to Hannibal Traven, but nobody’s documented anything between him and Sigrid. Another thing that probably only exists in Prequel..?

  • Kitleena

    Space bar.

  • Beepy

    I’m so glad to see new episodes, I was checking everyday like a true addict.

  • Ch’marr


    • Volchek

      I always do that.
      I must be part khajiit.

      • Asmodeus42

        are you also part rabbit?

        • Corovaneer

          He`s also part volchek, which is little wolf.

  • uh20

    i was checking every day as well, lol
    at least my other 2 webcomics i read let me pass the time
    but seriously, i do not doubt why no-one talks about the kvatch mages guild anymore, i think their specialty is necromancery
    as for the locked door and key, well, you know what to do

  • Avi


  • Soadreqm

    There is basically no way the “teal plant” isn’t a reference to something. Nirnroot?

    • Lochcelious

      I completely agree and am surprised nobody has said anything about it. I am almost POSITIVE it is a reference to the awesome plant, Nirnroot.

    • Lochcelious

      I completely agree with you. It HAS to be a reference to Nirnroot.

      • Wind

        It couldn’t be Nirnroot. It would have said something about being noisy. πŸ™‚

        • Asmodeus42

          Ah! but this takes place just before oblivion and nirnroot didn’t make noise for a good 200 years after that… also they don’t make noise after they’re harvested and i doubt she’s growing them in a barrel

          • Sparrow475

            Nirnroot made noise in Oblivion. It was just quieter than it is in Skyrim.

          • Wind

            But she could be. There’s plenty of fertilizer, like the remains of Steve behind the chained door.

          • Asmodeus42

            they…they did make noise? … well THAT woulda made searching for the way easier! …now i just feel silly

  • cake

    good god, that’s creepier than something with barely any blood in it should be. like the Blair Witch Project, and unlike every ovulating woman.

  • KTB

    What on earth does Sigrid mean by a meal fit for three mages and for Katia to tell “us” a little about herself? Sigrids the only one there besides Katia.

    • NoriMori

      We don’t know that. There might be someone else lurking around, or someone due to arrive.

    • Parenthesis

      There was the man Katia met at the general store, he said something about being part of the mages guild and telling Sigrid that Katia was coming.

    • The “three” “us” is because Sigrid has two baby faces growing from her abdomen Kuato-style.

    • Nishiru

      Well it could also be that the thrid person is doing something behind that chained door…. OMFG watch it be that assassin from earlier! Although… an assassin in a mages guild (unless he/she is buying poison) would be pretty weird.

  • SF Legend

    “Maybe it’s a nord thing”
    I see what you did there.

    • NoriMori

      I don’t. D:?

      • Javamonsoon

        Skyrim introduced dual-wielding spells. πŸ˜‰

        • Volchek

          Ironically, Nords are actually known for frost resistance.

          • Bad_Skeelz

            All the more reason to master fire spells. Those ice-wielding vampires in Skyrim must feel pretty stupid when 90% of their victims laugh off the ice bolts and punch their fangs out.

          • Wind

            I lol’d heartily at Bad_Skeelz’s comment.

            + 10 internets for you. … And a kitty.

      • Parenthesis

        I haven’t played much of oblivion, and even when I did I didn’t use magic, but I’m pretty sure that you can only cast one spell at a time, where in Skyrim, which is also where nords come from, you can dual-wield spells.

        • Zerithos

          Yep. However the thing with Oblivion is that you can have sword, shield, AND spell equipped all at the same time! Although Dragon shouts kinda demolish that…

  • Motherfucker

    She is using the alchemy bug to gain ludicrous intelligence like in morrowind.

    • Evil Argonian

      What’s the alchemy bug? Tell me. Tell me now!

      (as in how do I do it)

      • ApocalypticCritic

        The alchemy bug in Morrowind was a bug (no shit) that made it possible to become a God in mortal flesh. Basically, you would start by consuming a potion that boosted your intelligence. While under the effects of the potion, you would make a new potion that boosted intelligence. Because the effectiveness of your created potions is tied to your intelligence score, this new potion would boost your intelligence even higher. You simply repeat until your intelligence is ridiculously inflated, then make potions which boost your other stats as well. Because of the duration also increasing, you get potions that last for in-game days.

        Skyrim has (or had) a similar exploit which allowed you to use enchanted equipment that boosted your alchemy to make powerful potions that boosted your enchanting, so you can make powerful enchanted equipment that boosts your alchemy. Of course, this exploit isn’t nearly as useful as the Morrowind version, as you need to keep going out and filling soulgems. And if you aren’t using Grand Souls, then things will turn out less good and it will take a lot more work. Get the Dark Star first.

        • Phantom Hoover

          Maybe that’s the real deal behind CHIM.

          • Sebas

            Wow! Obscure reference FTW πŸ™‚

          • woundedkneecap

            Just learned about CHIM a few days ago… still sorting things out, weird concept.

            So does the Katia get CHIM eventually (because the CoC had it) or does she already have it and not know? WAIT, don’t bother, it would only confuse me more

            I guess she was never intended to explain CHIM so I guess It really doesn’t matter.

            (also, while on the topic) I wonder if Kaz is aware of CHIM, I could delve the past threads to see if it was ever brought up but It does not seem to have a big pay off. Also making Katia that aware would most likely result in zero-summing, that is not good.

  • Snow

    Another diner scene?
    I am excite.

  • NoriMori


  • The Nerevarine

    I know that I have been absent for some time, but I feel now is the time to speak. This place is reminding me very much of the Sixth House Strongholds. I am quite aware that our dear girl is now too far in to back out easily. However that does not change the fact that this place is a place of pain and evil. I despair for our poor girl.

    • Shadowspew

      “dear girl” eh?

      So you’re saying those dear are actually polymorphed mages? Gasp!

      • The Nerevarine

        I have my suspicions. But whatever their purpose, they are not there for decorations.

  • Duuuude

    I love this comic so much.
    I hope Sigrid turns out to being willing to accept Katia into the guild, regardless of creepiness.

  • Nilithius

    Katia: Regret it.

  • Nilithius

    Katia: Level up.

  • Volchek

    Katia: Embrace the learning of necromancy.
    It’s not like it’s illegal.
    Heck, you probably know some dead people that could help you out!

    • Rambo Dash


      • Volchek

        … or some dead people YOU could help out.

        • TheLogicalOne

          How many times have I said this already? Post your commands on the “Submit COMMANDS” page, not HERE. If you post your commands here, they WILL be ignored….

  • SwarmofBees

    “Shocking Punch” is such a great name for a deer. For anything, actually.

  • Arrowroot

    So Sigrid posed for a nude painting and then put it on the wall with her other portraits?

    • She’s a closet furry!

      • Ch’marr

        What? She looks nothing like a closet!

        Not one I’d want to put my clothes in, anyway!

        • Kazin

          ROFL so much win.

  • Rambo Dash

    katia: RUN. Run back to Anvil as fast as your paws can carry you, and join the guild hall there. Sigrid isn’t real. She’s a daedra under the emplo

    • calvin

      under the implosions? how does that even make sense?

      • andwhyisit

        I believe Rambo Dash meant to say “under the employ” and simply forgot to write the rest of his sentence.

        • Spencer

          Or maybe he didn’t have the time to finish it…..

          • melchar

            Daedra got ‘im!

  • patrick

    i was expecting some kind of ritual to be happening as she walked in.

    • Asmodeus42

      there was! the ritual of guacamole-making!

  • furnut

    Oh Sigrid, how your eyes shiiinnneee….

    wow u drew her very hot πŸ˜€

  • Xaos

    As I started to notice all the “weird things” about the guild, I JUST entered the storage room as I started to say:

    “Katia’s resting so many hopes and putting so much faith in you and giving you a chance despite the fact that the entire world outside Kvatch seems against you. You better not hurt herOMGTHAT’SBLOODMEANDMYBIGMOUTH!”

  • EveryZig

    Did Sigrid look like she had fangs to anyone else?

    • Urist

      Yep. Also, half of the time she doesn’t open her mouth when speaking. It’s reeeeeeally weird.

  • A Pink Poodle

    Katia! Katia, this is one of the many voices in your head! I really don’t have a good feeling about this! There are no other occupants in the building and there is that suspicious looking door with blood coming from it.

    Maybe we can just go to another Mages Guild elsewhere? Surely there’s a safer one back in Anvil when you get back to Quill Weave!

  • Bad_Skeelz

    It’s no good trying to tell Katia to get the heck out of that creepy mage’s guild. She can’t hear us over the kickass drum track.

  • Leold

    You’ve created a new side dish

    Your Alchemy skill increased. You should rest and meditate on what you’ve learned.

  • SplinteredReverence

    Damn it, I need something flash inabled so bad. :<

    • Kazerad

      Oooh, right D=. I guess I am being kind of inconsiderate toward people on mobile devices.

      • Tokage

        Yes, how dare you post flashes. Bad author, bad!

      • fridge

        Don’t feel badly. This is 2012, if their phone can’t display Flash and they can’t wait until they have access to a computer on this glorious day of updates, they only have themselves to blame.

      • Artifex00

        I just go on my pc when I get home -_-

      • SplinteredReverence

        Oh no, I’d never go so far as to say you were being inconsiderate. I just wish Apple would do something about the whole Flash thing. Maybe I can get my hands on my friend’s laptop.

  • Fancypantsman

    Well Kaz, it has been a loooong wait, but two updates so fast after each other?

    All is forgiven.

  • flodos

    nnow that was worth the wait and then some! pure, undiluted AWESOME right there! πŸ˜€

  • Asmodeus42

    …well at least we know why welkard-kitty was in Kavatch now… It was probably making a delivery to the necro-guild!

  • D-Zid

    A long delay… but.. 2 updates right after each other including a nice meaty chunk of flash awesome-ness!!? FUCK YEAH!

  • Ravlash

    I’m pretty sure Sigrid has fangs though the pixels might be misleading… do vampires like deer blood? I mean, how convenient to have your own private and reusable blood stock… Though I feel a new main course has been added to tonight’s menu at the Mage’s guild.

    • Murder

      I’m certainly positive that she’s some kind of friendly vampire.
      But well,
      She’s definitely a vampire.

    • Alex

      Nope, just ordinary canines.

  • Chrispy

    Katia:Learn Magic

  • FrehleyFan287

    Katia: Listen to the voices in your head that are spamming red flags. Blood, skulls, necromancy, “Don’t mention the Kvatch’s Mages Guild”? These should be very prominent warnings, so get the hell out as fast as you can!

  • Tibba

    Well, if things ARE more evil than just a bunch of illusion spells gone awry (which is probably the worst Katia will believe at the moment) . . she might get a chance to rescue a bunch of WIZARDS! GLEE! *happy ears*

    Myself, I think I’m mostly dreading the inevitable sight of all those lovely, lovely books set on fire . .

  • slamjam

    Katia: acquire taste for jelly

  • AnachronisticRodent

    Katia: Pocket some of the shinnies. No one will miss them.

  • Maximum Verneir

    Katia: Browse the books while dinner is prepared, if you can. I realize she may have you help prepare more food (ordinary food I hope), but there may be a moment where she doesn’t have you running errands. A closer examination of what is there might prove useful. Even if you don’t get to read any of them, make note of at least one book that could possibly be useful. Why? Well, this might be a bit cliche of me, but ‘I have a bad feeling about this’. And if guacamole hits the centrifuge, and say, this place ends up in a bad way, maybe you can grab -something- useful on the way out. Especially if it might get destroyed otherwise. …and grab some shinies too, if that happens. You have a friend to help.

  • Mockery

    Wow, Katia, things seem to be looking up! Not only does she want your help, she thinks you could be a passable alchemist, (and look at how well that pays off,) but she also invited you to dinner? Hell yes! Accept, with all your heart! This is worth it, even if the other guest is the Count himself. Worth it.

    Anyway, this wonderful Sigrid lady seems nice. Ask her about Skyrim, or magic, or something. She seems like she’d answer questions.

  • SomeRandomGuy


  • Casey

    By the way, the pictures of the same person in the hallway were designed based off of fan art of Katia. Look up Katia Managan images. I recognize the middle slightly “embarrasing” one as her on a bed covering up with an arm. And the next one down of the fireballs in both hands. The grey one I’ve seen, but it’s not coming to me at the moment. Yes I’m a bit of a furry, and artist. I appreciate good art.

    Disclaimer here: if you are using Google Images to look up Prequel images, there are some certain sites Safe Search really should censor that it does not. Just be forewarned, so you don’t end up like the guy below. -Kazerad

    • Guvernor

      I looked up katia managan on google images



      What is wrong with you people?

      • Asmodeus42

        It’s the internet, what do you expect? Taste? Culture? restraint? these words have no meaning here!

        • Casey

          Perhaps I should have included a warning or disclaimer. But I figured “embarrasing” and “covering herself” would suffice. I appreciate some of the art, but don’t always encourage the subject matter. I’d like to draw and submit one of mine. If I have time to do it. On the subject of art, does Kazerad do other stories, (or rather, art) I don’t yet know of? I found one that was supposedly drawn by Kaz. I’m looking for a Kaz-art gallery.
          Thank you Kazerad for your hard work! As an artist, I well appreciate the time and effort it takes to draw, and write all this. Including subtle details.

      • Volchek

        *singing* Someones new to the internet!
        Rule 34 exists for a reason.

      • fareydoon


        babbys first visit to the internet.

    • TechSmurf
      • Kazerad

        I’ve actually heard rumors that Google’s safesearch filter uses a variety of different mechanics to identify inappropriate images, including analyzing the amount/distribution of flesh tones in the image. This might be one of the factors behind the graph you posted.

      • Min

        That chart would imply that GIS doesn’t yield porn of non-furry characters at all, which is entirely untrue.

    • Ames

      goddamn furfags

      why you gotta ruin everything

      • eternity08

        It’s usually less “furfag” and more “people with artistic talent with a lot of time on their hand”, with maybe a bit of “commission” ‘cos… some people actually like that stuff.

        • kizmut

          A lot of time on their hand?

          What is their other hand busy wi..


  • NuVanDibe


  • Sara

    The deer are dear to her.. he he.
    Anyway, am I the only one who would totally play a game made from these flash animation sequences? When this comic is done, could you possibly make a game out of it? : 3 (Don’t tell me to play Oblivion, it’s not nearly as cute as the sprites used in the animations)

  • OldSchoolRPGDude

    Kazerad, thanks again for another charming update. Very well executed Flash.

    Group question: Why was everyone so fixated on Nah? I mean, I thought she was a funny segue character (possibly reoccurring?), but seriously — it’s like Edward-level obsession here.

    • Motherfucker

      It’s because the story passed slowly over her, she was under our intense collective gaze for a long period of time.

      we will forget about her pretty soon I think.

      • OldSchoolRPGDude

        This is an excellent hypothesis! Hah, but I think we may inadvertently tempt Kazerad to test this theory in other ways — e.g. how long must he keep random characters / objects in the strip before we emotionally latch onto them?

        ~Alas poor Ball Gag, we barely knew thee!


  • Seba :3

    Katia: Ask about guild and other mages in Kvatch. Oh, and remember – Sigrid seems to have a dark secret. Keep an eye on her.

  • Madd-D

    Aaah this is so great. I adore the song.

  • Parenthesis

    Where are all the beds
    where will they SLEEP.

  • 83244genesis

    Dinner sounds really good actually. You haven’t eaten since… that slightly burned apple. And you’ve thrown up since then. Joining Sigrid and her friends for dinner sounds like a FANTASTIC idea.

  • Em

    Katia: Enjoy what can only be an innocent and lovely dinner with the mages guild. Its not like its been HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS before now or anything.

  • Murder

    Katia: Why is there blood seeping from the locked door?
    Sigrid: Remains of the last person who asked too much of the locked door.

    Okay, Kat, she’s definitely evil.

  • Owenman2000

    How old is Katia, exactly? Nineteen or twenty? I can’t really tell from the info alone.

    • JJA

      She’s 19. If she were 20, the Oblivion Crisis would already have started.

  • Ocylith

    Oh God I read the whole series in one sitting now I need moar.

  • Ressing

    This may be a really odd request, but would it be possible for someone to post the flashes on YouTube? I myself love this comic, but I don’t have a desktop computer to use to read it, so I’m forced to use my iPod touch. Which, sadly, does not like flashes. Which depresses me very much as I can’t watch/read the full comic.

    So if someone could post them it would really make me happy. Thank you~

    • Kazerad

      If anyone’s willing to record some good videos showing complete playthroughs of the Flash animations and post them in the comments on the appropriate pages, I’ll edit the comment date so it appears first in the list. I wouldn’t want to link the videos in the actual post itself (since I want to encourage people to actually play the Flash if they have the ability), but it would be nice to have a fallback for folks who have absolutely no convenient way to do so.

      • OldSchoolRPGDude

        Ooh! How horribly awesome would it be for people to jokingly write about / splice a video to show “Easter Eggs” which don’t exist in the real Flash games?! πŸ˜€

        Come to think of it, though — if these games were ever “remastered” into a more contiguous series, hiding “Easter Eggs” in new locations would be freaking sweet! (especially if they tied together into some bigger puzzle or hint)

  • baka

    get the key! get the key! GET THE KEY!

  • Peter

    Katia: Become evil necromancer and finally revenge will be yours…ALL YOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • R’becca


      • Peter

        Uh, yeah or maybe just the revenge part. Yeah, probably better to forget the whole Dimiti thing. Not much love in the revenge business.

        • woopyfrood

          Dmitri is as good as undead anyway.

          • Casey

            “as good as undead” hehehe, good one.

            Dimitri is a necromancer, meaning he’s well versed in all things dead, or in his case with Garug, soon to be dead. Knowing his own mortality, he may have placed a resurrection spell, or death prevention spell on himself long ago for just such a case. That’s a nasty gash, but his head is still attached, and Garug did not make sure he was “all dead”. He may just be “mostly dead” <– Princess Bride reference. Dimitri seems like a decent chap, and we only just met him, so there may be a chance…

  • Peter


    • Shadowscale

      I though i read bi-daily updates too? oh well they will be done when they are done no need moan about it πŸ™‚

    • Expresate

      I’d rather Kazerad takes his time. Bi-daily updates would make the story drag out like what happened with Homestuck. Then I’d lose interest. And that’d be a terrible, terrible thing.

    • Kazerad

      )= I know, I know, I am the worst at Time. It’s probably going to come today or early tomorrow instead.

      • Useful

        Not as though there’s anything wrong with that, you’re only human after all.

        • XT3kLE


        • Yes, but I’M only human (as far as you twits know) and I post updates at a rate that’s thrice as twice as fast as Kazerad does. C’mon, you lazy bastard! You’re biting my style, it’s not as if you’re trying to emulate the art of Chuck Close, It’s called MSpaint for a reason!

          • woundedkneecap

            *100% less Hussie

    • LaffinFox

      Hey, lay off- art takes time.

      • Peter

        I know, I know, but to be clear: If the sun rises on a day, somewhere, somehow, a fan WILL complain about updates.

        “It’s right there in front of you goddamn stop shouting”
        “Just take it you… you… DOUBLE N*****”

        • snakeyface


        • Wise-Ol’-Man

          To be fair, frustration is nothing but unmet or unfulfilled expectations, so when Kaz says “there will be an update tomorrow/daily” an expectation is set that there will be an update tomorrow/daily, so when there ISN’T then there is very justified frustration. Nobody expects an update an hour until the author promises an update an hour.

          In short, yes, the fans may be a little bitchy, but Kaz does need to stop making promises Kaz can’t keep. (Sweet gender dodge!)

          • Kazerad

            Yeah, I couldn’t agree more. My “bi-daily” was pretty off-base, it seems. [i]Maybe[/i] I’ll be able to pick the pace up after today’s update, but I’m not going to make any promises this time. It’s more just a goal for me to aim for (and probably miss).

  • Fareydoon

    dammit kaz! stop being a filthy sandraker and updating SLOW, you have to GO FAST

    • OldSchoolRPGDude

      Ah! I see a nugget of internet wisdom here:

      When receiving a stream of entertainment which is both high quality and free, the proper response is to bitch about it! Pure genius!

      • Fareydoon

        do u even go FAST?

  • DatGuy

    Katia cannot make guacamole yet! Guacamole is only made by master alchemists! IMPOSSIBRU!

    • Useful

      Katia can make Irn-Bru?


  • Alvin-Earthworm

    I swear I’ve heard this song from somewhere else. Sounds like it was from Starfox Adventures. Either that it sounds very similar to a song in that game.
    In any case, nice job on the new update. Keep up the good work!


    first off, khajiit are freaking awesome, second may the luck of my irish blood keep you safe Katia! YOU ROCK!!!!

    • Shadowscale

      Please tell me you live in Ireland after saying this . . .

  • DieHardBob

    I just found your story early in the afternoon two days ago, and I’ve spent most of my free time since then reading it front to back.. I have to say that I’m really impressed by how great everything is.. The story, the art, flash animations.. Everything. I’m glad I read past the ultra-depressing first little bit to the point where that one (unnamed?) guard blasted the castle door off it’s hinges and dropped a bunch of corpses in the middle of the room. Things really started to liven up from then onward.

    Also reading an internet comic for 6 hours a day for two and a half days strait, with zero breaks in the mix, can cause horrible migranes. Noted.

    • OldSchoolRPGDude

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      • DieHardBob

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        And as FiveForty mentioned under you, I also read a good chunk of the comments on a lot of the posts as well, because there were some comedy goldmines hidden away in there.

    • FiveForty

      I just marathoned this whole thing myself, I am pretty sure it didn’t take me that long however… I wasn’t keeping track but it felt like 1-2 hours a day for about 3 days. I didn’t read all the comments.

      Also, “I’m glad I read past the ultra-depressing first little bit to the point where that one (unnamed?) guard blasted the castle door off it’s hinges and dropped a bunch of corpses in the middle of the room. Things really started to liven up from then onward.”

      You better brace yourself then because I am pretty confident that there will be a relapse, and it will be worse than before. IMO the point where ASOTIL breaks into the castle and Katia learns her spell is the peak of this arc, we can already see the downward spiral of the friendly helpful necromancer dying, and Katia being railroaded into Kvatch’s mage guild – it’s just a bit more abstract/subtle than a simple “Katia got drunk and made a fool of herself again”. I predict that that everything that has gone in Katia’s favor recently is just a set up for a breakdown.

      I came into this sort of assuming (and hoping to an extent) that this would be a soul-crushingly depressing(and humorous) tale(I am into that kind of thing). If I’m wrong i’ll still like prequel though. This is character development at it’s finest. and katia is fucking adorable.

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    • Kazerad

      Have you tried clicking on the flash once to switch to it, then pressing space to advance the conversation? Or failing that, reloading?

      Having to click on the Flash before pressing anything throws some people. In retrospect I can understand why a lot of flash games have a start button you have to click on – since it intuitively forces players to click the flash before doing anything else.

      • Laura

        it worked. thanks

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    • Kazerad

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  • Kee Toroca

    fyi: Venison and Shocking Punch are the alias-names of two people who contributed to the music. SiAsInSilence is the official author. Check out his Soundcloud page! (link in the credits)

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    • Kazerad

      It works alright here. Check up a few replies where someone had similar problems; you might have to click on the flash and THEN press spacebar.

      • justme

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    “I’d be surprised if you’ve never dabbled in it yourselfi.”

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    • clutchedbyanangel

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    There are some rather strange things to see in this Mages Guild Doe the deer, the pair of deer.

    Let’s start at the tail’s beginning
    I’m kitten you not it’s odd
    When I walk through the door of mag-es-guild
    What I saw the strangeness of the-Si-grid, kind of odd

    The person that I’m waiting to see
    The-Si-grid, kind of odd

    And the things that I saw were

    Well let’s see if I can make it easy

    Doe, the deer the pair of deer
    Rose, a path upon the floor
    Paint, the art all of Sigrid
    Thigh, a bone, stuck in barrel
    Skulls, a barrel laden with
    Red, a flow from door of chains
    Tome, a book of dust and bones
    That will bring us back to Si-grid-id-id