Feb 122012

Auwa wrote:
>Nah(??): Continue to not give a shit about her life story, unless it somehow ends up being incredibly interesting.

After a couple minutes, Dumbass McWelldiver breaks the silence. “You… do want me to elaborate, right? On the best thing?” You explain that you’re not particularly interested, but she insists it’s the neatest thing ever and you won’t be disappointed.

“Okay, so I was stuck down there for a while, right? And at first I was really scared, but then to make myself feel a little better I started using the time to experiment. Like, to think about different things, see if I could produce any magical effects. For the most part none of it worked, but it kept me busy so I didn’t care. But then on a whim I decided to retry one of my old ideas, and I noticed something subtle that I missed back when I tried it above ground.”

“Watch this.”

Squiggles wrote:
Well now that we have you in a nice area where you can’t miss (or harm anybody) let us begin operation “horrible pun deathstrike” You can’t tell me it doesn’t affect you my dear Katia, I saw the amulet flash back in anvil, it’s doing something.

I mean I’m not fishing for trouble, you’re very deer to us after owl, I just notice you bearily hanging in hare so I’d eely like to lend you a hamd. First off it’s a well so it’ll be flippery, hold on tiger beclaws we don’t want ewe to fall in for that woold be an udder disaster and not very fawny. Tuck your tail in a little closer it can toadly be bit off, adder girl! I skink we must be shrewd when dealing with the fish, things can beecome hare-owing quick. Anoa you think I’m just badgering you but you goat to sea I’m not a total loon, I’m trying to kelp you.

“Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee did you see it? Did you see it?” she squeals.

“You made a little fire?”

“That was an accident; I mean right before that! I’m not entirely sure how, but… I think I knocked it over! I pushed it over with my mind! That’s, ah, pretty cool, right?”

“Sure, kid. Everyone will gather around and be completely awestruck at your ability to magically push things over.”

She rolls her eyes at your sarcasm. “Pft, I guess I can’t expect a plebeian like you to appreciate awesome wizard stuff.”

“But still… a second spell. It’s not much, but if I can do it on command that should be enough for me to actually join the Mages Guild! I mean, assuming I can pass that physical strength requirement this time. But I did get some pretty good arm exercise climbing down into the well. And if that’s still not enough, maybe I can sneakily use my new spell to constantly knock up whatever they ask me to lift. I mean, ‘knock up’ in the sense that I am literally knocking it upward, not… yeah.”

“Sorry, I’m thinking out loud,” she says timidly as she gets to her feet. Her knees are a bit shaky, but you’ve got her bandaged up so she should heal and refill quickly. “I’m just kinda excited. What I really mean to say is, well, I guess I kind of owe you a lot. You know, for helping make this my best day ever, rather than my last day. So… thanks, I guess. Thanks for saving me.”

“Aaand?” you ask with anticipation.

“For licking me clean like a cat?”


“For… wrapping me up in spongey tape, for some reason?”

ViniVidiVici wrote:
==> Be that kitten full of blood from earlier on.

You are now Katia Managan again.

That vampire sure was weird!

But whatever, you guess this stuff will keep your blood in until you can find a healing potion.

k3nny1550 wrote:
Katia: Hopefully this should teach you a lesson about questionable heroics that are potentially hazardous to your well being. Let’s never do that again, okay?
Like, NEVER. We’re supposed to do stuff for Quill, not get ourselves killed. Because getting ourselves killed would be bad. VERY BAD.

Yeah yeah, don’t worry! You don’t need dumb heroics anymore. Once you get accepted into the Guild you’ll have a place to stay and food to eat and people who accept you and nothing to worry about! You’ll finish Quill-Weave’s job, learn a bunch of spells, and never disappoint anyone ever again.

Things are gonna be great. Things are finally gonna be great.

  • MustardTits


    • Thornclaw

      Definatly the best day ever! :))

      • FUS RO DAH!

        • MrSing


        • Smoky

          so if u said that backwards would you suck in things…..
          !!!!HAD OR SUF

          • Kaze’aze

            I’m sure Kirby already has that one figured out. Trying that would probably turn your lungs inside out and expel them through your throat and out your mouth. Besides, that tongue won’t be rediscovered until Skyrim.

  • eternity08

    Oh, sweet dear god! I can actually taste the imminent disaster. I mean literally taste it. Tastes like blood, sweat and tears. Hmm, strange.

    • Ryuujin

      And brimstone, don’t forget the Brimstone… there’s a lot of brimstone to come (And burning rags, oils, fireworks and orphanages)

      • Tech

        Mmmmm, orphanages. Glaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgh…

      • Dragon

        That’s a spoiler, isn’t it? No thanks.

  • xYISKAx

    Somehow, and I might just be going out on a limb here, I’m quite sure that something is about to go horribly, horribly wrong. Woo, go pessimism. On a brighter note, two spells! Awesome!

    • Pessimist

      Whats probably going to happen is she goes to the guild gets sent on an errand and gets into huge trouble AGAIN. God you’d think she’d be more careful by now :/

  • Kathi With An I

    Things are going to be great?

    Oh dear.

    • Thornclaw

      FUS RO DAH!

      • Kathi With An I

        Fus Ro Dah is so mainstream. I prefer shouts like…

        FO KRAH DIIN!

        • No-named awesome guy

          Let me try

          AL DU IN!

          oh fuck!

          • No One You Should Concern Yourself With

            LAAS YAH NIR! Aura Whisper, bitch!

  • khooleeo

    hope you didn’t get that vampire-disease from vampire-girl spit

    • Corovaneer

      Oh crap. This.

      I feel it all may take a sinister relapse-back-to-the-old-days-of-being-involved-with-a-sect turn, with all the necromancy, king ghost, KMG that nobody talks about, – and now a vampire.

    • Norexico

      meh, I don’t think she’s getting any diseases. If the lore of Oblivion is right, you can get porphyric hemophilia by fighting a vampire or a vampire is giving you “the dark gift” with your consent, for you can’t make any NPC’s to be vampires if you’re only feeding on them.

      And anyway, becoming a knight of the legion of darkness would actually be the BEST thing for Katia, providing her with the extra strength and magical prowess she so desperately needs lol

      • Bluescale

        In Morrowind you could also catch vampirism merely by searching vampire’s corpse and logically speaking getting vampire’s saliva into your wounds should be ‘slightly’ more risky, so I’d preemptively seek a cure for common disease if I were Katia.

        In Oblivion you can neither infect NPCs by feeding off them nor by fighting them so that’s merely a gameplay limitation (present in older games as well) and not anything grounded in lore.

        Even if it was grounded in lore, representation of TES lore sucks in Oblivion, BTW, but it doesn’t matter as Kazerad seems to be fond of inserting a lot of references to earlier TES games, and generally makes a much better job fleshing out Cyrodiil than oblivion, despite generally keeping within (grossly distorted – see jungle, dozens cults of Dibella and so on) boundaries established by this game.

        • Norexico

          Ah, I do know that, I just setted for the lore in oblivion for that’s seemingly the era this story is taking place. But yeah, agreed on the rest lol.

          • Bluescale

            gameplay != lore

            Besides, you don’t have (m)any opportunities to have vampire lick your wounds in released TES games.

      • Classtoise

        You really think an accident-prone, clumsy, and over-all ditzy catgirl needs superhuman strength?

        I think she’d go from “Accidentally ruining a book” to “accidentally patting some poor fellows spine out of his chest”.

        One of these things will get us murdered by guards.
        The other, however, will not.

        • MrSing

          Oh stop kidding yourself. You know the guards would kill you if you accidentally touch an apple that belongs to someone else.

  • R’becca

    Nah! Don’t leave us/her!

  • Max

    You now realize that this “spell” is how you can move stuff around in oblivion without your arms showing.
    I love you Kaz :D.

    • Evil Argonian

      I thought it was telekinesis.

      • seelcudoom

        i always thought of it as a 2nd spell you start with
        a very weak form of telikinesis that needs so little mana that its regenerated faster then used(to explain why you dont need mana to pick shit up) and is very short range

        • Doesn’t work.
          Atronach-signs can do it too.

          • Nameloc

            Okay then, maybe the heroes of Tamriel are abnormal. They can preform weak telekinesis without mana, their bones don’t break when they fall, they can take massive amounts of damage, and they have superb memory.

          • Ryuujin

            Except that due to a bug in Oblivion, atronachs (used to) absorb their own telekinesis spells in much the same way in Skyrim atronachs absorb their own summons.

            If this is telekinesis it’d be pretty funny is half the times she tries casting it, she simply flashes purple xD

  • patrick

    i have faith that things will not go too badly for a bit. especially after this. and i do not believe in jinxing. so there.

  • TechSmurf

    Uh-oh. The higher the mountains, the deeper the valleys.

    • Bazul

      Not sure if innuendo…

      • calvin

        …or just really old saying

    • Shadowscale

      I think it means the greater the things are for you now the worse they may become later

  • thaguy

    bah ha ha and POOF weird vampire character “Nah” is gone. will she return? who knows.

    • Denis Bondarenko

      She hasn’t die – this is something new for the side characters. Maybe because she was already dead D: ?

      • Anza

        If classic mythology is to be believed, vampires are notoriously bad at dying.

        Also, Nah never really liked Katia. That’s probably a factor.

        • JustSomeRandomGuy

          Just like the Imperial Legion! You know, how every time that went to a new country the people there were like “hey, start dying” and the legion was like “no”.

  • Peterdivine

    Great, now we just need to trek through experimenting with, like, fifty fuckin’ puns to try and find which animal pun causes our force-push spell.

    • OldSchoolRPGDude

      Indeed, life is hard on the internet. Back to gold farming.

    • Beano Curufinwe

      I don’t think it’ll be too hard. I bet the answer is just a mouse-click away.Wait, I wasn’t making a mouse joke. That was a red herring. Wait…

      • NoriMori

        This made me smile.

  • fan^^

    Humm …
    I may be incredibly stupid .. but what was nah waiting for as answer ?
    And … ?

    • who149

      Thanking her for bandaging her up. The way Katia said it was sort of like “thanks for doing this weird and useless thing” instead of “thanks for patching me up” like Nah wanted her too say.

      • DavidArgall

        Recall here that Nah prides here on being a doctor, and so our girl has completely insulted the very actions she most prides herself on.

      • fridge

        I thought it was “thanks for not sucking me bone dry, since you are a flipping vampire after all!”

  • tronn

    ‘you’ve got her bandaged up so she should heal and refill quickly.’
    Heh, I love that little touch!

    • tronn

      Also, is it just me or do you feel tad disappointed that her ‘best thing ever’ is the ability to knock down small things with her mind (maybe)? I was expecting something more…impressive.

      • DavidArgall

        Our girl is a bit of a mania-depressive and goes to extremes on small points. So the finding of any small point is a reason to go to extremes. And potentially, this is a very bit thing. 5? 10? years of hard work and practice and she may have something real here. She has changed from Jane One-Note to a genuine [if quite weak] mage.
        And from story point of view, we are better off with her making small progress rather than big. We have all of the future for her to make progress, and once we make progress, we can’t go back. So we don’t want her improving too quickly. It brings the story to an end too quickly.

    • OldSchoolRPGDude

      Totally, that was the best! πŸ˜€

  • Rainbow Dash

    Is this “prequel” actually a prequel to Obilvion? As in, she’s actually going to somehow end up as the champion of Cyrodiil and save the world? Because if not, I get the feeling that Kavatch is about to be invaded by daedra. :I

    • MindEqualsBlown

      Yes, it’s actually a prequel to Oblivion. It’s been setting up events and details from the game since the very first pages. From the various dates mentioned some people have figured out that it takes place the previous year, so anyone looking for daedra is a little off the mark. Kazerad loves to troll them though.

      Mind you, we don’t know if Katia specifically is the hero from the game! It could turn out to be one of the other original characters. It could be Gharug. It could be Nah. Everything we’ve seen is just ambiguous enough that Katia could die in a ditch and the comic would still make sense in canon.

      • JJA

        Actually, the Oblivion Crisis should be starting very soon. Here’s a forum post I made on the subject.

        Exactly how soon we don’t know, because Katia doesn’t seem to want to muse about what date it is, but from her conversation with the cultist outside the city gate in the mini game, we can assume that it’s no more than a week off.

        • Sasha Nekosune

          Sad to say that chances are the big Flash that Kaz is working on… IS the Siege of Kvatch. and Katia is in the MIDDLE OF IT! all the signs have pointed to this! its night time, There was a Man waiting for his “friends” was wearing a robe. most likely a mythic dawn robe, The Siege of Kvatch happened at night. Being someone who has beaten the game. i know the lore of what happens. Thus with the siege of Kvatch begins the Oblivion Crisis. its that or Katia manages to miss the Siege by a while. not to mention Katia mentioned things looking great. Thus Murphy’s law might activatye thus thew siege begins. of course Katia will get out of it intact. i mean….would Kaz REALLY end the MSPA so soon if the Siege were to happen?

          • Random NPC

            You know, I can’t imagine Katia SOMEHOW opening an Oblivion portal by accident. But I can imagine her walking out of the city and suddenly a portal opens up behind her and the city bursts into flames as she’s walking back down the road to Anvil. Yeah I can picture that perfectly.

          • JJA

            However, the Emperor is still wearing the Amulet of Kings, and thus the Dragonfires are still burning, so how is that Oblivion gate going to open?

            Of course, if Katia is not going to be the Hero of Oblivion, it may be the case that the Emperor is dying right now. However, if Kaz can make a wonderfully detailed flash game showing such a mundane game event as a Khajiit walking into a city and checking out the shops, he can certainly lavish care on a flash piece that shows the same Khajiit visiting the Mage’s Guild for the first time. I don’t think we need to read the delay as evidence of a disaster and a harbinger of the end of Katia’s prequel.

          • CME

            While its true the seige of Kvatch can’t start until the good mister Septim kicks the bucket, I could see him kicking the bucket very, very, soon. It would certainly fit the nice pattern of things going wrong when things start going right. Also, would I be jumping to conclusions if I were to guess that maybe, possibly, the Kvatch’s Mage’s Guild may have some role in helping the cultists? I don’t know, what with the controvery surrounding the Guild, I think them possessing a more sinister agenda is viable.

      • Mzuark

        God damn, I’d laugh so hard if Gharug ended up being the hero.

  • Uzi_Man

    Nah. She can’t be the Champion. At the start of Oblivion, when u talk to the emperor, the real character doesn’t have a problem with it.. but Katia would piss herself due to her nobility fear.

    And when you go to the shop in where she misspelled the words when she tried to draw a new annoucement for it, the guy doesn’t even know you.

    l think the orc who killed Dmitri would make a good champion of cyrodiil.

    • MrSing

      That last sentence. I don’t even know you anymore man.

    • MindEqualsBlown

      In the game you’re suddenly unable to move when the emperor first shows up. This could be because Katia is paralyzed by abject horror.

      • Feuer Faust

        Somehow, I can see Katia ending up in the Imperial prisons “for life.” πŸ˜›

    • plunderking

      Still waiting for him to die the way I figure his oblivion constilation is the thief and the book in skyrim says eventually their luck runs out. Aka a terible grusome death off screen while a horifieed cast watches him being devoured by a pack of wild ferrets >:)

    • seeelcudoom

      she also had dinner with a noble its possible she gets over her valiphobia
      or she could just use the “pretend hes just a guy with fancy clothes” trick also the hero asks who the emporer is, katia moved to cyrodil at the start of the comic so she wouldent know what the emperor looked like,

  • Smiley J

    I love how Nah(?) appears a bit more human after drinking a bit of Katia’s blood. She must have been a few days without it. thats a very nice touch Kazerad, using more lil oblivion references. Kudos!

  • Furnut

    aww…the least Katia can do is let Nah lick her neck with some grape jelly. =/

    and yeah….nah licking her like a cat was cuuuuuuute :3

  • MrSing

    Now all Katia needs to do is find a pinball machine and she will be set for life.

    • Vaemer-Riit

      So what your saying is that she is a Pinball Wizard?

      • James Almasy

        Looks this Cat…
        *Equip Sunglasses*
        Has Game.

  • Supes

    >Brace for imminent disaster.

  • Stephan

    …Oh, you’re not wearing your necklace…Guess kitty should lick herself clean. And the moon is out, shouldn’t you be howling with with your butt in the air? Here kitty kitty kitty. Or maybe take a Catnap before you see the mages? I mean, as it is you’ll look like something the cat dragged in. Maybe they’ll give you a nice saucer of milk.

  • Yinello

    Nah: Don’t worry about a thank you, you did a job well done and you know it!

    Katia: Careful with that huge optimism. It’s good to be positive but don’t let it blind you.

  • mustikkaftw

    Dear Katia, hold on!

  • Velin

    >That one-eyed look really suits you! Maybe you should be a pirate. Then again, you don’t like water that much.

    Lets try knock one of the terrorfishes out of the well. Then they you can burn them!

  • Hide-of-Scales

    That’s a, er… really impressive spell there, Katia.

    I was personally expecting you to find an enchanted piece of jewelry down there or even a high-tier weapon, but… I guess if you think “learning” that spell was worth getting chewed up by slaughterfish, bleeding in a well for Mara knows how long, and putting your right eye out of commission for a good while, then… er, good for you, I guess?

    Bah, it must a mage thing (I’m more partial to the warrior class). Speaking of which, it’s pretty dark out – she should stop gushing about her new spell and get over to the Mage’s Guild before she misses anything important.

    • sacridshadow

      Yeah. She walks through the front doors and the first thing she sees, execution. lol

    • Kume

      ARGH! The pun! IT BURNS!!!!

  • sacridshadow

    For some reason (and I know this isn’t Skyrim), but after all those puns, I was sure she’d get more out of it. Like something at least equal to “Fus”. But I do have one question. What did she knock over in the well? That is where she learned the “new spell” after all.

    • NoriMori

      I was wondering that as well perhaps she pushed a rock or batted away a fish or two.

  • TB Tabby

    Other shoe: Stay up there. Do not drop under any circumstances, you hear me?

    • NoriMori


      • Wind

        This; I second this.

        • Arkaius

          This; I third this.

          • Anza

            Well, gosh, with all this consensus, you’d think someone would take this to the suggestion thread!

  • Kume

    Looks like you’ll need more practice on that spell. Telekinesis needs more oomph to it in order to look less like something falling over due to gravity now doesn’t it?

  • OldSchoolRPGDude

    “Katia”: You have let your recent self-absorption overshadow your perception and empathy towards others. Your life has just been saved by a complete stranger, who also took the time to bandage your wounds, and asked for no form of compensation.

    In return, you insulted her with some condescending remark about her lack of magical knowledge — a subject on which you are the most novice of novices. Secondly, you failed to recognize that your conversation turned in a direction which offended this “Good Samaritan”, and then failed to inquire about your verbal transgression or apologize for inadvertently offending her.

    Ironically, you have become so obsessed with constructing this fake persona of “Katia” that you repay those who help your charade with only more trouble. Those who trust you or treat you with abject kindness are met with disappointment or contempt — first QuillWeave, and now this young lady. To this end, it is much better for someone to be your enemy or an un-invested stranger than to have the misfortune of calling you a “friend”.

    If you really want to make something of yourself, stop acting with the same usurious behavior which you claim to want to transcend. Go apologize to this woman, try to understand how you offended her so that you shall not do it again, and negotiate a repayment for the kindness which she has bestowed upon you.

    • OneOfManyVoices

      You should copy this to the commands forum. It would be very enlightening, but I doubt Miss Dumbass McWelldiver would acknowledge anything in her current condition.

      • OldSchoolRPGDude

        Hahahah thanks, I did — it just hasn’t showed up yet. Though it’s technically a command, I thought it also has material that fits the “general commentary” forum criteria.

    • Norexico

      Agreed with the other comrade here. That is some insightful perspective about a character everyone loves and feels sorry about, that we forget she has some serious flaws, not only misfortune; and those flaws are what is keeping her failing for trouble.

      However, one must also consider if Katia Managan is actually the nice counterpart of her Hammerfellian Khajiit self. Considering she’s plagued by Vaermina, Sanguine and perhaps even Sheogorath, and the horrible shit she does when intoxicated, I’m inclined to believe there’s a deep evil beneath that seemingly weak bag of fur and blood.

      Anger, after all, is the catalyst of great force and disaster…

      • OldSchoolRPGDude

        Wow, I hadn’t even considered the “good twin” conjecture to this degree — but you’re quite correct! Perhaps “Katia” has done much, much worse in her past life — so even her nebulous, downplayed hints to the reader are intentionally vague on some level. Very strong (and intriguing!) hypothesis, sir / madam! πŸ™‚

        The next question is: how badly will Kazerad torment us with this possibility? πŸ˜€

  • andwhyisit

    “But whatever, you guess this stuff will keep your blood in until you can find a healing potion.”

    Oh you didn’t..

    • eternity08

      Oh yes she did!

  • Aerodynamik

    Katia: Do a short dance, ’cause you’re excited and stuff.

  • Husk

    Wait…lick your face like a cat…wasn’t that a cat pun she did to herself? XP Or was it Nah that did that to Katia? :O lol.

  • Kazerad

    testing… is this still working? D=

    • DestinedFateX

      Hello there! I would like to announce that your website is in fact in working condition! ; )

      • DestinedFateX

        Or not ) :

        • Kazerad

          Now it is! For now ):

          • DestinedFateX

            At least it’s working, besides there are always worse things that could have happened, not just for the website, but for everybody : )

  • Spawnah

    I’m pretty sure “==> Be that kitten full of blood from earlier on.” refers to the cat here http://www.prequeladventure.com/2012/01/enter-name-3/

    • Armael

      no shit sherlock
      don’t you see kaz is trolling?

  • DJ

    Don’t you ever worry about all the different voices you hear in your head?

    • Someone

      I’d be more worried about the voices outside my head if I were her. Also aren’t Voices in your head normal “No” SHUT UP BOB

  • Domino

    Katia: Head on to the Guild. Still, strange things are going on, so don’t forget to keep both eyes open.

    • MrSing

      I see what you did there.

  • Orangebananas

    After traveling, rushing around to fix the well, losing blood (especially from the eve), and not having anything to eat or drink since the apple wouldn’t she start to get delusional and think up even crazier conspiracy theories in her mind something like creating a new spell that was actually the wind just blowing by.

  • Muffalopadus

    inb4 RPS people flood the server again!


  • woundedkneecap

    “2/14/12: A caching problem was fixed. The site should no longer collapse upon itself in a fiery inferno upon breaching 16k hits/day.”

    And with the end of a era, the last jaws of Oblivion close shut.

    • MrSing

      A better website, BUT AT WHAT COSTS?

  • Eudemic

    Is it just me, or does Katia look kinda hot in an eye-patch?

    • James Almasy

      I swear in an alternate version of this comic, she wears a Pirate’s Eyepatch.
      Eye of Fear wasn’t able to turn off correctly.

  • Daniel

    I just wanted to thank Prequel for making me want to play Oblivion again. I miss the story and its immersion, and Prequel made me miss the awesomeness of Oblivion, so I plan to start a new character. Thank you Prequel! πŸ™‚

  • Ted

    I try not to fall for the ‘big eyes make it adorable and therefore endearing’ trick, which is as old as time itself, but… well… Goddammit…

  • Ranbow

    HOLD THE PHONE. So lemme get this straight: She climbs down a hole, somthing goes wrong, then she comes back up and realises she now has telekinesis?! Am I the only one who sees what’s happening here?!?!

    • Bad_Skeelz

      Isn’t that the plot to Chronicle?

      • Rainbow

        Yeah, that’s what I was getting at.

    • Kazerad

      The final scene of Chronicle: the poor kid is just confused about why they covered him with so much spongy tape.

      • Aside

        Thinking of that scene with that context… oh man.
        I lol’d.

  • Music-chan

    Man, I’m happy for Katia and all but I almost feel like this big revolution was something of a letdown. I don’t know why. O.O

  • Ger

    Is that 16k unique hits or just 16k hits? Maybe I should stop checking the site 3 times a day then. πŸ˜€

    • Fancypantsman

      Same here bro :p

    • Kazerad

      Just hits; uniques is only about half that. Don’t worry about the checking, though. With the caching system fully in place, you could F5 the site all day and it wouldn’t make any difference.

      • eternity08

        Oh really?
        Challenge Accepted!… Maybe. If I ever learn how to code properly.

  • tlarn

    At this rate, Katia will lose a limb, realize she has fleshsmithing powers and reattach her lost limb with someone else’s.

  • Wind

    I thought you had forsaken us. ΰ²₯_ΰ²₯

  • Husk

    well…at least it didnt burst into a fiery inferno from 16 cat pun hits a day. πŸ˜›

  • Alliha

    > Things are gonna be great. Things are finally gonna be great.
    *knocks on wood*

    Let’s hope I’m not too late to fix the jinx.

    • eternity08

      Actually, Katia needs to be the one to knock on wood, so, yeah. You are too late.

  • Oman

    Site: > Burst into flames.

    • Ch’marr

      Ahhh! My fingers! What the hell?

  • Felix

    Honestly Kazerad, Not only does this “ms paint comic” look awesome, but it IS just so awesome. I say thanks on behalf of everyone who appreciates the story and adventure you’ve created! Here’s to more Katia!

  • Gus

    Couldn’t help but notice, there’s no ads… hope this isn’t just a cash sink for you? Nice little adwords ads don’t annoy much, and at least dull the fiscal pain a bit. I for one want this strip to keep rolling on πŸ™‚


    • eternity08

      You know… I never eally thought about that. How the hell does Kaz support the running of this site?

      • Anza

        Kaz is a lowly slop drudge, working day in, day out to pay for monthly server expenses. Our hearts e’er go out to you, slop drudge.

        Shouldn’t you be working?

      • Ch’marr

        It’s amazing what you don’t have to pay when you’re not trying to support 10,000 comment posts a day πŸ˜‰

  • Clone v117

    >It’s not too late to jump back in and get some tasty fish!

    • Koal

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