Jul 012011

Squiggles wrote:
> Enjoy some Argonian cuddles before your 4:30 get up time. :3

Crazy-8 wrote:
Give her a gentle kiss on the forehead

Excuse me, but you and Quill-Weave are just friends!

Anyway, you are not bisexual. Frankly, even if you were attracted to women you would much rather have a friend than another lover. You know, have a relationship that actually means something.

That said, you do your best to carefully slip out of bed without disturbing her too much.

Whimbrel wrote:
Slide out of bed, doing your best not to wake Quill Weave

Your “best” is actually pretty clumsy and terrible.

Luckily, Quill-Weave is a sound sleeper. She stirs a little bit but doesn’t wake up.

She looks comfortable enough. You guess you’ll just leave her there.

Zereth wrote:
Katia, hate to bring up what’s obviously traumatic, but has the dream-“King” ever transformed like that before?

Because I don’t know what that was, but I know what it isn’t: A king. (Or an emperor.) Neither kings nor emperors do that. Maybe you should find somebody to help you do some research on this. Once you’ve dealt with delivering this letter to Kvatch, of course!

It’s transformed before, yeah. Sometimes worse than tonight.

This is the first time it’s ever outright attacked you, though. But like you said, this was also the first time you’ve ever attacked it. You guess you just needed a reminder that sometimes things aren’t worth fighting.

But you’re right, nobody else has dream problems like this. This can’t be normal. When you get a chance, maybe you’ll ask around and see if anyone knows what’s wrong with you.

Ryavis wrote:
When Katia turned her darkvision on in her dream, she apparently turned it on in real life also. Does that mean that she hit something with an eye of fear too?

Yeah, looks like you accidentally hit an unfortunate little spider hanging over Quill-Weave’s bed. It is currently flipping the fuck out, terrified of everything around it.

But hey! At least you pulled off the scary Khajiit eye thing again. You’re getting better at that, though it can’t be good for your eyes.

BADEND wrote:
>Katia: examine fetch modus

Your inventory bar? Well, it’s a horizontal list representing everything you are holding. You’re imagining it with a parchment texture, square compartments, and a little brass slidey-thing on the end. The sliding thing doesn’t serve any real purpose, but it looks cool. Also, as a kid you used to play with slide rules when you were bored; the physical resemblance to one makes the inventory bar easier to imagine.

Oh, were you asking how it stores items? Well basically you just pick stuff up and then imagine it on the list. Your inventory bar doesn’t actually do anything beyond that. That would be silly.

You test it out by nabbing that long leather strap. No adventurer should ever be caught without rope, and this is the closest thing you have.

Quill-Weave shouldn’t mind you taking it. You’re pretty sure this bondage gear doesn’t even belong to her. I mean, she seems pretty reserved about her sexuality, and the only teethmarks in that ball gag were yours and…

… the skeleton’s, apparently?

You have so many questions about that night.

NaesrTazam wrote:
> Pack: Gagball (1), Femur (2), Humerus (2).

That’s a lot of crap you really don’t want to carry. Maybe if you can think of a really good reason then you’ll take it along, but you’re already going to have your hands pretty full. Not to mention you don’t have anything to carry all this stuff in.

  • Shouta

    Don’t forget the sword in the wall

    • Vincent

      She didn’t have the strength then, and i doubt she has it now.

  • Somebody

    i think i’ve figured something out about the king in her dreams. If it’s what i’m thinking it is, this is fucking brilliant.

    • Robrand

      Same here.
      Looks like the author has played (or at least read) most of the TES series, and probably one game in particular.

      • thedemonslayer51

        It drives me crazy not knowing what game even you’re talking about! >__<

      • thedemonslayer51

        Wait, I think I know who and what you two were talking about and from what game (if I’m correct, it’s a certain wraith). >__>

  • Flakked

    dying laughing at that spider right now

  • misha

    “Not to mention you don’t have anything to to carry all this stuff in.”

    Used “to” twice! 🙂
    Really cool story so far, even though I haven’t played any TES games.

    • Kazerad

      Error corrected, and thank you! Ten thousand strangers combine to make a surprisingly powerful proofreader.

  • allion

    Spider is SPAZING!!!

  • Demetrius

    Hmm,either Vaermina likes Katia too much,or is this comic based on TES lore loosely and no daedric magic is involved?

  • Righteous Almond

    Just be glad you didn’t hit QW with your eye of fear. That would be an awful conclussion to a slumber party.

  • Jessica U. Ingmann

    Quill-Weave is adorable! And apparently both a heavy sleeper AND one’a those “uses every possible space on the bed whether its occupied or not” types. XD

  • Quill-Weave is quite flexible to be in that position and not be bothered enough to wake up.

  • Lineo

    “rather have a friend than another lover”

    i always thought it is normal to have a real realationship
    with lover and friend included in one person.somehow my experiences
    show me otherwise.also women always…ALWAYS tend to choose
    macho lovers instead something more serious.it’s their own fault.
    some even get themselfe a beta-male(money,home and all that shit)
    and then cheat on their beta-males with alpha-males…
    just wtf!?nature you are making it really hard for me…

    • zee

      Wow, your idea of relationships is almost as messed up as Katia’s.

      …also you’re a misogynist, congrats!

    • manarim

      Yeah, I agree, it’s totes ok to have lover and friend be the same thing.

      Other than that, you have mental problems.

  • Lineo

    also quill does have some pretty good sleep.

  • Raurie

    Umm… i’m thinking this hear emperor/king is actually something much worse… but i agree with one comment, if it’s what i think it is, nice job.

  • Caspercraft

    She isn’t lesbian… is she?

  • LetheIver

    great comic, love it, but to speak honestly(and i am sorry for a late response) but when i first read this, i thought that both Katia and QW were gay (and a cute couple x3) :/ they seemed to connect fast and honestly, Katia seemed more comfortable with it then QW did lol. another thing, when Katia said she “you would much rather have a friend than another lover” has she actually had a lover? i am not talking about those one nights stands, those don’t count. if she has never acturally loved someone for an extensive period of time, she would not entirely now what having a true love would be like. to be honest, i would think having someone to love, and watch over you, would be allot better then a freind, because it is a freind only in the advanced stages. i suport her decision, it just surprised me lol
    (and if someone actually reads this, nice x3
    (and sorry for the long paragraph, my mind told me i was not allowed to sleep till i got this down xD

  • Mzuark

    “You and Quill-Weave are just friends” Well that is disappointing.

  • dtlux14

    Just keep kicking that skeleton…