Nov 092012

ikearat wrote:
I would love to hear Katia say; “I want to rip her a new asshole with a red-hot poker.”

SNeakyRobot wrote:
> Be careful and cautious. If he really likes sigrid, you don’t want to alienate him by implying anything unsavory about her. Test the waters in the most benign, neutral way you can think of.

expy wrote:
re: whatโ€™re you lookinโ€™ to find out?


You, ah…

Anything, really. You’re just looking to learn more about her. You explain that you met with her last night. She was very charming. Really knew what she was doing. The guildhall looked like she only moved in recently though.

Ilden tells you that you’re right on that; she only moved to Kvatch a year or two ago. It ain’t a big secret that the local guildhall used to be a necromancy study ground. Lots of real eerie folks in there doin’ wrong things. He isn’t sure where Sigrid moved from, but once she got to the Kvatch Mages Guild she cleaned the place up into a respectable establishment. Cleaned it up good.

You point out that it wasn’t actually very clean in there. In fact, the place was kind of a mess. It had animals running around.

Ilden says it was just a, whaddaya call it, a metaphor. You can’t expect the poor woman to actually clean the place on top of everything else she does. She’s already running the whole place on her own. Well, her and that skeevy priest-boy.

Anyhow, once she got settled in first thing she did was work her way ’round the different establishments in town. Chatted with folks, told ’em about all the good a Mages Guild could do. Potions, protective spells and the like. The girl had a silver tongue and a heart of gold. By the end of the day I daresay she was something of a local hero.

Did she have any enemies? You tell Ilden that you have a hard time envisioning any one person, like, actually making all the friends. There’s no one at all who even has a grudge against her?

He reckons there been a few people who weren’t too pleased with her at first. Mostly mage-folk from out at the university who thought she was up to something shady, from what he’s gathered. They always came around once she had a chance to speak with them, of course. You still got that little wood-chopper from yesterday?

The, ah, hatchet? You explain that half of it was eaten by slaughterfish and half of it was stolen. It really didn’t stand a chance.

But, since this is just training, you figured you could just use this piece of paper you rolled up into a –

Right then.

tronn wrote:
Katia: ask if Sigrid has any enemies
Katia: also inquire about the Thieves Guild

What about thieves? Even if she’s the nicest person on Nirn, she still has a lot of valuables stowed away in that guildhall. Wouldn’t there be thieves interested in breaking in to take it?

Ilden says he understands your concern, but assures you Sigrid is more than capable of taking care of herself. Kvatch has never had much in the way of thievery; this is a mountaintop city with one way in and out. If a heist goes south or the guards catch wind, that thief’s only escape would be through the main gate. Even if you had a career criminal in town he reckons they wouldn’t be willing to take a chance like that. Now c’mon; swing that around some so he can see what sort of technique you’ve got already.

He snickers at your best efforts and remarks that he’ll at least have no problem finding something to teach you.


    This is GOOD, very, VERY GOOD. IT PLEASES HEAVY. Keep up good vork little puny kitty, but heavy prefers to use his FISTS to fight COWARDS.

    • That Guy

      Khajiit are natural candidates for pleasing heavy with their racial hand to hand bonus.

    • Pyro

      Mmph mmmph mph mph mmph mmmmph. Mph mmmph mmph mph.

      • Blu Pyro

        Mmmph mmph? Mph mmphm mmph mmmph.

    • Spy

      Uncivilized buffoon.

      • Other Spy

        It seems I am not the only spy.

        • another spy


        • White Spy

          You’re not from around here, are you two? Let me know when black shows up.

          • Black Spy

            It seems you left your bomb in my car. I didn’t want to bother you so I left it underneath you car so no one takes it.

          • African American Spy


    • Demoman

      shE nees to GET drunk,. that;s best wWay to learn fightign

      • Octane

        Everything about this post is perfect. I loled hard.

    • Burgrus of Corgi

      I find this bundle of comments amusing. Continue, Warriors of The Second Fortress. Give Katia Managan the support she needs, and perhaps Kazerad will be influenced by your words and give her an even greater boost than what we thought she had before she was robbed of every last thing she had and was reduced to an equal if not lower reputation than she had before she came to Cyrodiil.

    • Engineer

      Now that there’s a fine piece of pussy.

      • Sniper


      • Scout

        Yo hard hat, whats your problem.
        Need a dispenser here

        • Pyro

          When do we get to the part where Kvatch BUUURNS!?!?!

          • Medic

            Zat pyro is a spy!

          • PAW!

    • Scout

      Learn to use a bat, friggin’ dumbass!

    • Medic

      Vell, zat is one vay to swing a stick.

    • Merasmus


      • Medic

        Oh hush, baby. I have all ze medicine to cure your ills riiiight here. Open wide, ah yes. Good, good.

        • The Other Medic

          Ze healing is not as rewarding as ze hurting!

      • Harvester

        There is NEVER enough!

      • Soldier

        Hey, Merasmus! Where you hide more your pills? Sorry, but I eat all your heart pills! And don’t scream like baby!

    • The Announcer

      Gentlemen! Mission begins in sixty seconds! Shut down your computers and get back to work!

      (Hmmm, I wonder if that kitten will fail again. Maybe I should ask to Miss Pauling to tell me when this cat get drunk again. Muhahahah!)

  • dude

    Thank you Kaz!

  • SomeShadyGuy

    Wow, Ilden is badass.

  • Ikkonoishi

    This guy seems nice. I already feel bad for what will eventually happen to him.

  • M

    Kat’s actually being smarter then she realizes, tackling the Sigrid issue tactically enough so as not to offend someone who’s probably being manipulated or partially mind controlled by her.

    That and she just found out that if you do something wrong in Kvatch you can’t safely get out, that’s good to remember. (Means that if she’s going to clobber Sigrid with that… club… Ilden made for her, she’d just end up in the dungeons in a town where the person she clobbered decides what goes…. In an age with horrible torture devices…. So that’s definitly not a good idea.)

    On the note of her club though… Kat’s swing could still use some work. (Although I’m sure that swing works decent against mudcrabs and beached slaughterfish…. Take that you beeched slaughterfish! Take it!)

  • Beefcake

    That first panel is so ridiculously cuuuuuuuuute.

    By the way, the previous page doesn’t have an arrow linking to this post. O.o Only managed to find the update through the forums.

    • Beefcake

      Oop nevermind works now

  • Ikearat

    Ok… so now I know to be more careful of what I post in a comment. (and where as well ๐Ÿ™‚
    When put into context, the ‘rip a new asshole’ does not sound like Katia at all.
    I will take my shame and be more careful in the future.

    Still… got my 15 minutes ๐Ÿ™‚

    • ArcaneMonkey

      Worry not friend, I also got really worked up and produced a very angry, profane suggestion
      Got a pretty cool wallpaper out of it tho

  • Useful Dave

    I’m guessing nobody would so much as trust her if she simply told the truth about the stealing?

    • Phillip

      or maybe everyone knows and they cant do anything about it.

  • well about time it finally got updated

    • Clover

      Do you know how much time / work it takes to run something like this? Obviously not, or you wouldn’t be so inconsiderate with your comments. No one likes comments like that. Show the creator some respect, no?

      Besides, this update actually came pretty fast.

      • Deimos

        Never take advice from a brony.

      • Vaultdweller

        If any artist get comments like that, he has succeeded. So I for one would take it as a compliment.

        Some might take it otherwise though.

        • Clover

          I realized it may have sounded a bit brash after I posted it, but by then I couldn’t change it. It’s just that I am also an artist, and I know that when you’re working hard to produce content and people comment with things like that, it makes the work seem less appreciated. Like if you did someone a favor or brought them a gift and they responded with ‘It’s about time.’ with no thanks. I realize that the commenter may not have meant it this way, but that is how it sounded and I just wanted to back the artist up so the comment wouldn’t have a negative effect, but I do tend to over think things sometimes and probably shouldn’t have said anything.

          On the brony comment, my opinion doesn’t matter any less just because I enjoy a show, as yours doesn’t matter any less because you don’t (or don’t seem to). There’s nothing wrong with liking or disliking it, as every person’s opinion is different and that’s how it should be. Sorry if I offended anyone- it was not my intent.

          • Vaultdweller

            Well, when you put it that way, I gotta have to agree. The updates could be compared to a gift now that I think of it.

  • meshpet

    I’m still super sore about that necromancer’s death. Couldn’t it have not been a fatal wound? ; ; I’m hoping that geared up kitten meant so <3 (it might have been a while back but i just spent alllllll day reading this story from start to finish @_@ )

    And wow Katia is a super trooper! Using a continue 3 times in this life game and having to start practically from scratch each time w/o a rage quit is amazing!

    • having your head cutoff is a fatal wound. the reason why he killed dimitri instead of katia is because Dimitri mentioned the Kvatch mages guild. Gharug Gro-Upp probably had a bad experience about the Kvatch mages guild (similar to the experience that Katia had with them) so the simple thought of the words “Kvatch mages guild” mad Gharug angry. The reason why he didn’t forgive Dimitri for mentioning those words was because Dimitri is not cute. Dimitri is another male, and nobody likes necromancers.

      The only reason why Gharug forgave Katia for wasting a few minutes of his time ( when katia through mushrooms at Gharug’s chest) is because Katia is cute. plus he just had sex with Katia that other night, and no man is supposed to kill someone they had sex with.

      • meshpet

        erm it didn’t look like dmitri got his head cut off (his friend’s did without a doubt lol). it looked more like his neck got sliced >.> and i kinda figured that was the reason why but it still makes me a sad panda ._. and ‘I’ like necromancers ; ;

      • Jimmy Jazz

        Golgo thirteen did and does so often.

        So there’s that.

      • hostergaard

        Pshh, necromancer ain’t easy to kill. If he does not have a contingency plan in case of sudden decapitation by adventurer he isn’t much of a necromancer.

        Either way, there is other necros around, they might revive him, one way or the other.

    • ChasingWagons

      I thought Gro-upp stole all the shit that was meant to be for Katia from the necromancer. And what geared-up kitten? I wish someone would explain this to me. Did I miss a panel or two?

      • meshpet

        there was a part with the vampire chick that loved to smear jelly on ppls necks where one of dmitri’s kittens showed up with some things wrapped around it like some one was sending a message using the kitten. She tried to tempt it with jelly but kinda failed lol~ so SOME ONE had to have tied that stuff around that little kitty <3 and since dmitri's neck was just sliced not a full chop like his friend I'm clinging on a sliver of hope that it wasn't fatal and that maybe he'll return ; ;

        That necro was after mah own heart ; ; loves kitties, bondage, dark arts, 3 sums~ please bring him back ; ; *eats a tub of icecream in despair*

        • hostergaard

          There is still hope, even if he died, he might get better. What with being necromancer and all.

        • theplunderking

          if dimitri comes back and him and katia do become a couple, katia becomes Dmitri’s bitch, loses her status as a strong independent young (fictional) woman, and would likely be trapped in one place for a very long time… not the most interesting thing to read about. kinda sounds like an 80’s sitcom. anyone ever see the show love and marriage?

          • meshpet

            erm, she could possibly NOT become his bitch, and NOT be trapped in one place at one time… I don’t think we’re askin’ for marriage here >.>; Just not such an abrupt end to an interesting side character. Besides, they seem to be almost on the same level of competence combat wise lol~ I personally would just like to see his development along with Katia’s even if it is in the background~

            And the show your thinking of is called Married with Children.

      • Link
  • Gavinfoxx

    Kaz! Your submit commands links (at least some of them) go to the old thread. Make them ALL point to the new thread.

    • Kazerad

      Crap! Thought I got them all. Fixed, I think (changed the sidebar and About page).

  • theplunderking

    i thought kaz was just gonna drop the grudge on sigrid and use this to draw katia a new way, things are actually looking up a little. the whole struggle seemed a little one sided before.

  • RuseTheFox

    alright, try not to ham it up katia, you both know that you have little to no skill with any weapons. make sure to be courteous and take any advice you can from him

    • Gavinfoxx

      You should post this in the command thread!

  • Gavinfoxx

    …How is she switching hands like that?? O,o

    • Gaardus

      Presumably the same way she changes clothes.

    • Hybrid

      Adventurers have a higher proportion of ambidextry than most demographics.

  • Ransom

    Love how the artwork has evolved.

  • Hmmm.. thinking about it, Kaze, are you going to give Katia a Follower, or a Companion?

    if you haven’t taken this into consideration then this would be an awesome idea.

    But your comic is still great with or without the changes made!!!

    • ChasingWagons

      I’d love to see an Argonian follower, or perhaps someone Katia could actually have a romance with but who also kicks ass and is not the Orc.

      • ChasingWagons

        Or a human. That would seem a little creepy.

      • Artemis

        Maybe a sweet, romantic necromancer with a few clever tricks up his sleeve? And his pride of fuzzy kittens?

        On a slightly different note, I wonder if you can tell the difference between khajiit babies and real kittens?

        • ChasingWagons

          The necromancer wasn’t that bad. But he seemed like someone who shouldn’t be a necromancer (good thing?). He’s ten times better than Gro-upp, at least.

          Then again, Khajiit are only able to mate with other Khajiit.

          • Gavinfoxx

            That is, if they want, yaknow, kittens. I don’t think Katia wants kittens any time soon! But romance, and not just a ‘fling’? Why not?

          • meshpet

            i second this idea @_@ come onn bring him back pretty pleeeeeease? with kittens playing with cherries on top ? ; ;

        • Link

          Bad idea, remember…
          BLACK. CATS.

    • tronn

      Heh, that’s a good one.
      Seriously though followers are for main characters only, and Katia is only a NPC with couple of lines at best.

    • Erikulum

      Would be even better if she’d became a follower. And the role would fit her a lot

  • Your Everyday Dragonborn

    Oh, Katia. You will never fail to make GIFs that we could stare at for minutes on end.

  • Hide-of-Scales

    For an old guy, Ilden has quite the shield arm if he can knock a tree limb down just like that.

    Katia’s not gonna be lugging that thing around once her training is done, is she? I mean, she looks like she could stand to have some extra muscles, but a tree limb seems really impractical to carry around – can she even sheathe that thing?

  • Rainbow Dash

    wow this story pretty awesome. its like a great daring do adventurer book. so pretty much this story is 20% cooler than most others like your truely, the fastest and most skilled flyer of all of Equestria! oops sorry bragging again… anyway great work kaz im looking forward in reading more and of corse joining the wonder bolts. see ya…

    • Satoru

      No. Do not bring THAT here.
      This is a place for comments on the comic, not to showcase youre obsessions.

    • Deimos

      Please go.

    • Vaultdweller

      I’m usually ok with bronies, but that is just plain obnoxious.

    • Tech

      I laugh at your obesssion with a show intended for little girls.

  • DoubleSickle

    Don’t forget, you’re blind on your right side. He might try and get clever and smack you from that side as a lesson. I hope you’re left handed, if so, face a little to the right so he can’t trick you. Also, no depth perception means painful poking. Get ready for that. It’s gonna happen.

    • Boea

      I’ve learned in personal experience that it’s not depth perception that you have to worried about: It’s the crippling nearsight that you develop from being half blinded. The only good thing you get from it is that you actually get pretty good peripheral vision, and you don’t suffer from some of the drawbacks of stereoscopic vision, namely the whole ordeal of figuring out which is your aiming eye.

  • Dovahkiin spirit


    • Satoru

      Katia is an Atronach, yes, however, if she could absorb magicka from a ward that repels magicka, that’s paradoxical, and also, if she just went and got her stuff back, what kind of un-events would we be reading about now? Aside from the fact that Sigrid is a much more powerful mage than Katia, at least while Katia is still learning to control her spells.
      Katia would definitely not be wisely investing her time if she went back to the door and zapped it. She has mortal qualities, she was weak and disheartened by what happened and I’m sure she’ll get her chance at revenge one day. For now, let’s focus on keeping her mind in a positive state. Wouldn’t want to make a cat cry, now would we?

      • Koravel

        actually, according to the Oblivion game mechanics, you can totally do that. It would just take a few tries due to how small of a percentile of magicks absorption someone born under the sign of The Atronach has. If it doesn’t work, then she just needs a Greater Dispel Magic spell… which she is not of the level to use.

  • hostergaard

    Aww yea! Time for some stat-boost Katia! As our friendly trainer showed us; blunt weapons are one of the easiest weapons to get ahold of (aside from your fists).

    Good work with the art Kaz! Katia is being ridiculously cute lately! :3

  • Vaultdweller

    Found a typo: “Silve” instead of “silver” somewhere beneath the third panel.

    • Kazerad

      Goddamnit typos. Thank you for the correction, but since it’s embarrassing to have a typo correction as the first comment I am going to modify the date on your post and send it to the Future That Is Aku (aka this saturday).

      • Nadorou

        “She sheโ€™s already running the whole place on her own”

        Just above the third panel. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Kazerad

          Maaaan, how does this stuff even happen. Thanks!

          • LeJerque

            Also a typo! “if a heist goes south or the guards catch wind, that thiefโ€™s only escape would be through the main gate.”

            Needs capitalization at the start, there.

            Long-time reader, first-time copy editor. Keep up the fantastic work!

          • Kazerad

            Wow, the Future is full of problems. Fixed, thanks LeJerque!

          • OutOfNowhere

            Ilden’s shirt’s dye changes color every time Katia swings the branch.

            And that beginning blinking animation is just awesome.

      • actua

        Gotta get back. Back to the past Va-ultDweller!

    • That Guy

      I’m violating causality by posting this reply before the parent post is even posted!

  • Guest

    Where did that paper come from? looks like it has some symbols on it. could be valuable.

  • Fily84

    Congratulations, as always, for this piece of art ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Satoru

    Well, I kinda hoped she’d stick with the mage route, but hell, this is pretty cool too.
    I have to say I’m never disappointed by updates. I love the tension.
    Keep up the good work!

  • HazardousHarry

    I’ve just caught up to this current page and I… I think I’m in love. In love with Katia, in love with this webcomic and in love with you. Yes, you. Meaning everyone on here. I try to imagine you all as ridiculously good looking french women, discussing the sophisticated vagaries of life in your suave silky accents. I know it’s not anywhere close to the truth, but it makes me more comfortable about being sexually attracted to people I haven’t even seen.

    Oh and er, good luck with training Katia! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Willhelm

    My “Sssqqqqquuuueeeee!!!!!!!!! Its so cuuutee!!!!!!!!”Meter flickered a little there, just a little.

    • Willhelm

      Also potential for a spell blade katia, which is cool

  • I wouldn’t call her unskilled – she can switch her weapon from hand to hand faster than lightning ๐Ÿ˜›

  • BlackRabbit

    wasn’t there a fighters’ hall or something in this town?

  • RottfaceMcgee

    I am impressed that your flimsy noodle arms are able to even hold that tree branch up without using two hands, your getting stronger already!

    • Kaze’aze

      It’s probably hollow.

      • RottfaceMcgee

        Why would it be hollow? Ilden just slammed it out of a tree. And a good branch like that would weigh about -I don’t know- a good 40 lbs. Just means all that ABSEILING did her some good. :3

        • meshpet

          oos your right!! That abseiling probably did give her a str+ boost! funny how all these little experiences she’s having as ever so slowly creeping her skills up lol!

          • RottfaceMcgee

            Imagine if that stuff actually worked in RL. 0-0.

          • Graknorke

            Except exercise is a real thing that makes people end up stronger and fitter than before.

          • RottfaceMcgee

            well obviously :T

        • I dunno. If it can be dislodged just by whacking the trunk, it’s probably pretty rotten.

          • RottfaceMcgee

            That is a good point , 0-0 but i just assumed Ilden was just an old badass ^^.

  • NotKazerad

    I’m not Kazerad.

    • Kaze’aze

      Neither am I, but you don’t see me making a comment about it.

    • No, I’M not Kazerad!

      • Spatracus


  • Keldoclock

    If wood is so freely available that it literally just falls out of the sky like that, maybe you should try to find or make something sharp to carve wood with- if nothing else you could make a more dangerous club, put together a shelter on the edge of town so you won’t have to depend on other people’s kindness to get through the night, that kind of thing.

  • Creyton

    Awwwwww yis. As an avid melee fan myself, I’m happy to see that Katia’s finally getting to know how to some good old fashioned violence via beating things with things. I would’ve preferred to see a sword in her hands, but considering her general clumsiness, something that she can’t slice herself open with seems like a better idea.

    • Boea

      She could make blades or spears out of conjured fire… though it’d mostly be a glorified fireball or fire blast spell, it’d still be pretty cool, and serve to make her a war mage.

      Think of it, enemies impaled by fire.

  • Koravel

    I like how Katia’s weapon skills are exactly like Link’s from the Adventures of Link.

  • Morgan

    Join theives guild so you can get your stuff back >:T if you fail and get thrown into jail, check for omnipresent lockpick

  • Saxton Hale


    This comic has “hippie” written all over it! I will not tolerate hippies in my employment, so if I catch any of you mercs even typing this domain’s name; I will annihilate you with my BARE DAMN HANDS

    Also nice job hippie cat woman thing.


    • Banana-Peel-Smoking Hippie

      Who dafuq r u? What the hell does this have to do with hippies? You say your name like your important but I don’t know u nor do I care. Go away no one wants you here.

      • Miss Pauling

        You obviously didn’t even attempt to think nor type “Saxton Hale” into google, so to save you the mind numbing trouble of such a monumental task, he’s imitating an unofficial character of the Team Fortress 2 universe. Read a crappy summary here:

        • Kazerad

          I edited all the names here to make it in-character. You’re welcome.

          • Kaze’aze

            I’m Miss Pauling now? -Kaze’aze

  • TheUnbrokenKhajit

    Kaz should make an app

    • Kaze’aze

      You say that like it’s a simple thing to do. If you knew any programming, you’d know that it… actually kind of is.

  • Veigar

    Please ask Anvil if Quill-Weave actually is a lesbian or not. I just need to know!

  • Darkond2100

    Show him what you can do! Light your stick on fire, he might have some creative ideas for your /brand new magic fighting style/

  • Volchek

    She could probably try to learn a Personality drain or Speechcraft drain spell.
    I don’t think those are considered “Hostile” spells. Charm spells certainly aren’t. >_>

  • Reptoslayer of Remnants Enclave

    no tree branch just fireballs that turn into tigers

  • Orc-Thief

    Honesty? You’d probably do better with just your claws, CAT-ia. Scratch ’em, bite ’em, stay at their backs.

  • Zorpike

    Ilden: “When in doubt, hit a tree.”

  • Pinkie Pie

    oh my gosh oh my gosh oh mY GOSH OH MY GOOOSH THAT WAS SOOOO CUTE!!! I mean, like, the first part I was all like “wait what?” but then later i got it and then I keep reading and i was all like “AWWW!!!” cause’ it got cute and then Katia was all like failing when she was like swinging the sword and that weird guy with a shield was all like, laughing, and IT WAS SO FUNNY!!! OHOHOH I SOOOOOO CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Uzi_Man


    • Tech

      We seem to have a Brony infestation…

  • MSB

    I think he wants Katia to ‘stick it to him’. /derp ๐Ÿ˜€

    Katia SMASH, blergharahaerwerawrwrwrwrwrblargh.


    Yea, sorry…. I’ll go now… <3s. Keep up the awesome work on Prequel! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Krekker

    You gotta admit, with every enemy she makes she’s getting like four new friends.
    Maybe things aren’t as bad for katia as they seem.

  • Tormuse

    I just noticed the parallel between this page and young Katia in panel 10 of this page:

    The same switching of hands and everything! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • seelcudoom

    i just now realized sigrid is useing a charm spell/potion/enchantment

  • funderful

    Katia looks good in that outfit. n_n I want to give her a hug. Everyone in the town should give her a hug.
    *Hugs for/from all*

  • Dragon

    As of panel six, Shield Guy suddenly looks like GU.

  • How am I not slutty enough?