Aug 202013

sL360 wrote:
Oooh! Put a rock in your inventory. You never know when a good rock’ll come in handy.

Mikhos wrote:
*Sigh*,well I guess we have no choice but to put some blind faith into this skeevy priest…but I still don’t 100% trust him.

So just to get this straight: you’re going to answer my questions, openly and truthfully? Everything about you, Sigrid, Kvatch, and how to get back my stuff?

Stephane rolls his eyes. As he said, if you’ve somehow already found a way around Sigrid’s magic, then there is no reason to hide anything from you. Better you be fully informed than half-informed.

And you’re not going to try to kill me or mind-control me into jumping off a cliff or something to keep me from telling everyone your evil plans?

He tells you that he’s a priest, not a murderer. If he harbored the slightest desire to kill you, the two of you could have easily avoided a laborious and tiring chase.

tronn wrote:
>Katia: Take your interrogation to a more civilized location, like the park bench.

Unclevertitle wrote:
>Let’s hear his story before we jump to any more conclusions.

And if I let you up, you’re not going to try and run away, you ask?

Again, he repeats, he’s willing to answer your questions if you’ll just get off him.

ItWasA… wrote:
Katia: Let Stephanie buy you a cup of coffee.

And maybe you could throw in a non-alcoholic drink, too, since I’ve been chasing you all over town? I mean it’s just that I can’t really get water from a well or anything and I think the guy who was giving out the free lemonade is gone now, so it’d be kind of nice. You know. To have something to drink.

Stephane tells you that you’re milking this a bit. You remind him that you’re the one making demands here, and you’ve still got a rock you can throw at his face in a technically-legal way. Okay, he concedes, he’ll throw in a drink.

saintdane05 wrote:
Katia: Stand him up, and shake his hand. A sign of trust. That should get you off to a good start.

Alright then.

Well, he asks?

You admit that you might need a little help getting up. You haven’t actually been able to feel your legs since you jumped off that last rooftop.

Unclevertitle wrote:
>Katia: Employ your adult sensibility and interro talk the truth out of him.

Stephane drags you to a more comfortable spot for you to properly interrogate him.

  • Kazerad

    Sorry for the delays on this; consider the contest voting incentives to be your updates for the last two weeks – they’re both available via the link to the right if anyone missed them. The command thread will be unlocked in a little bit is unlocked now!

    • Wow, this is the first time I checked Prequel and a update just popped in front of me! 😀

    • Dragomok

      Speaking of that banner, it’s lower half pops up annoyingly in most full-screen scenes of the Second Nightmare, which is a bit immersion breaking. (Tested in Google Chrome.)

      Maybe you could mention it to Ch’marr, so no further layout changes will affect these great scenes?

    • Bonzohazard

      So what happened to the 60-whatever bonus update for voting?

    • lurg of omicron pursia eight

      when will the next update come out? or, rather, how often will updates come out.


      • stupidjellyfish

        Every month or so.

      • Link

        When they’re done, this isn’t really a schedule based comic.

        Sometimes in a blue moon there’s a couple in one week but other times there’s one or two or four weeks between each.
        It also depends on how much magic Kaz has to squeeze out of Ch’marr =)

        • lurg of omicron pursia eight

          thank you doll

          • Lrrr, of Omicron Persei 8

            Imposter! I WILL DESTROY YOU ALL!!!!

      • Lux

        I have a theory. I believe Kazerad gets each page finished in a couple hours and then waits for people to make appropriate commands to fill it in. The only thing keeping the page from getting done is people not giving enough commands! Everyone go forth and tell the cat what to do!

        • Maybe you’re right.

        • lurg of omicron pursia eight


        • panoz

          To quote Monty Python “spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, baked beans, spam, spam, spam, and spam”. And no you may not sub the baked beans for spam thats just gross.

  • Isn’t Kaita supposed to be banned from that tavern forever? And… wait. Is that a plate of milk?

    • woundedkneecap

      Katia needs to lap it up 😛

    • Bluedragon

      I note Khajiit bartender looks none too happy, and appears to be directed at Stephane. Most likely for allowing Katia back into the bar, but also for the milk saucer. Can’t please another khajiit to see that insult, regardless of who it’s directed towards.

      Still, a small insult for a needed heal can be borne – and frankly right now Stephane is acting surprisingly civil towards someone who just chased him halfway across his own town and beaned him with a rock. Could just be he has a bit of a conscience after all!

      Now, if half the town saw that incident take place, they might take offense to the out-of-towner doing that to their own local priest. However, should Old Man Trainer happen to mention it, that might be offset by the knowledge that she has a thing for such skeevy priests. I could see some residents snickering as they leave the bar…

  • Doohl

    Is that a jar of water with an X?

    • Menen

      Its X, The most popular energy drink in all of Tamriel

    • Ransom

      It’s her way of mentally thinking of alcoholic drinks. Check back to the dinner with the countess.

    • lhsc

      it’s to the barman to remember in which cup to spit up.
      Damn priest, molesting poor, innocent Khajit girls…

  • Kranic

    Shouldn’t Katia have her eye healed from the heal spells?

    • lobstermania

      Eye of Fear twice in one day messes you up, man. It’s gonna take more than some priest’s healing spells to fix that thing.

      • A Different Crazy Cat

        I suddenly realized there should be a mod where if you try to use that ability when it’s not ready, it screws up the interface for a while and one of your eyes turns really red.

  • Ichabod_Clay
  • Ransom

    Hooray! And ouch.

    Looks like her lifetime ban from the bar has been lifted while Stephane heals her.

  • Man of Mer

    Wait, it says this was posted on August 20, but my calendar says it’s the 19! FUTURE!

    • Goldcat99

      Its the magic of time zones!

      • Heff

        Fuck you bubles in time!

        • Bubles in Time

          that was uncalled for…

          • Wabajack the staff

            You was waiting for chance to use it dont you? 😀

          • panoz

            so this is why the updates are irregular … Who gave kaz a flux capacitor? and why did it need to be installed on something that breaks the speed limit.

  • Man of Mer

    Is that X on Stephane’s glass really there? Or is it the imaginary one that Katia thinks of to not drink it?

    • It has to be imaginary, but it’s strange that Katia hasn’t started any fires upon finding she had a plate of milk yet..

      • BlueNight

        Considering that a fellow Khajiit served it to her, its pun-free nature should prevent spontaneous ignition. Either that or it’s a white soup; such things exist, you know.

  • DD

    submit commands thread is currently closed, so ill say here;
    Cat: Drink milk

  • krystalkitty

    Well, guess her parkour skills still need a bit of work. Ow.

    • DD

      That injury was probably from all those little jumps. Maybe her athletics has reached the Oblivion minimum thanks to all that running and jumping? XD

  • stupidjellyfish

    Hilarious. Katia is still far from being a total bad ass.

  • seven

    is that thing in the middle of the table suppose to be that peg game from cracker barrel?

    • Ransom

      Oh goodness, I thought that but figured no one would get it. Yes, I hope that’s what it is!

      Those things confounded me.

  • Heff

    And so the story goes, and our heroine is one step closer to see truth behind Kvatch

    • That Guy

      And it all came down to a plate of milk served to a cat…

  • Furnut

    Oh wow…is this the first time an item disappears in view and reappears in the inventory menu? 😀

  • Armael

    The last few panels bring a wide grin to my face.

    At last, something both CUTE and GOOD happened.

  • Link

    I guess it’s good she’s not absorbing too much of his healing magic =P

    On the other hand I guess he’s not an Atronach so his magicka should should regenerate naturally.
    Katia need to party up with Stephane, he can keep casting spells at her to keep her charged =D

  • Nodzilla96

    Just to let everyone know, there is an unofficial contest in the fan-art section. Winner receives an official prequel t-shirt, so get drawing! Rules in the comments of fan-art.

    It’s not official! If you are going to advertise please be accurate. -The Moderation

    • Cool! 😀

    • Bluedragon

      I had a couple thoughts on your contest Nodzilla96. First, I assume this is sanctioned by the Kazmeister. If so, it would sure be helpful to have a separate page for it – the fanart comments section is really pretty sucky place to run it from. (In fact, it’s a bit sucky place to host fanart to put it bluntly). I assume at some point there’ll be a vote and that would be next to impossible to manage in the comments section.

      Next Q would be – can people who’ve already got fanart just submit that? There’s a lot of VERY good stuff in there already that would look awesome on a T-shirt! Being a total non-artist myself but great fan of a Katia Tshirt, I’d sure like to be able to vote.

      Finally – wouldn’t it be funny if the voting contest ended up being gamed by Atryl or another artist’s minions? Katia-Pony wins in a landslide! 🙂

      • Nodzilla96

        Answer 1: Nope. This contest is all on me. I’m just hosting it in the fan art section (with Kaz’s permissions) and I really dont have the time to make another page for it. Voting will be up to me (and maybe a few non-contestant friends) so there will be no evil in this vote (sorry)

        Answer 2: ANY entry is fine as long as it follows by the guidelines in the comments in the fan-art section

        Answer 3: I have made it cheat proof with a personal wave of judges, so no need to worry (although public opinion may be implemented soon….)

    • Nodzilla96

      Sorry Mods, I’ll try harder at being correct. -Nodzilla96

  • Spatzist

    I’m starting to get the feeling that Stephane is an inside agent working against Sigrid. If that’s the case, Katia may have finally run into a bit of luck.

    Also: Your Acrobatics skill has increased!

    • Wabajack the staff

      Man that must be f**king prophecy!

  • Elzipper7

    OH GOD HER LEGS! I hope she got some agility points out of that, at least!

    • Bob

      Hey better to break your legs from performing some hardcore roof parkour than from bunny hopping across cyrodil with several tons of plate armor along with other crap just to get to the imperial city stores on time. I mean Christ, imagine how silly that knight would look doing that next time they meet.

      (from my experience as a heavy armor Nord in Oblivion)

      • Spellswordarcherthieflightarmorwearingkhajiitsthatalsolikehandtohandcombatandrestorationanddestructionmagic

        Boooo heavy armor sucks. Spellswordarcherthieflightarmorwearingkhajiitsthatalsolikehandtohandcombatandrestorationanddestructionmagic are the best.

  • tronn

    Aww, the sulky Khajiit bartender is adorable! But his drinking establishment looks like a pig sty…

    • Bluedragon

      Katia definitely did NOT just find the classy bar.

      • Nice quill-weave avatar you got there.

        • Bluedragon

          Thanks! I like to imagine she’s on the French Riviera, relaxing in the sun and spending her loot. 🙂

  • Mikhos

    Great, it looks like things are finally starting to look up.
    And thank you for using my suggestion O3O.

  • Strange subconscious

    Add “grab pheromone” to you to do list. The power could be yours

  • Life

    GENTLY, ask stephane every single question that reaches your mind, regardless if its related to him or not!

    • Strange subconscious

      We must find out Singrids motives….. She may have to be eliminated

      • stupidjellyfish

        Sigrid is not going to get murdered by Katia’s frail, weak, inexperienced hands. Sigrid lives in TES4 Oblivion, but without any of her gold and mirth. In short, KARMA is going to be Katia’s weapon against her.

        Best thing for Katia to do is to take back(steal) her things from Sigrid’s clutches, and that’s going to inevitably lead to really bad things.

  • dumpsterrat

    So far in 1-1/2 pages of comments I haven’t seen any mention of the spreading pool of blood that appears in panels 7-8, and the heal spell Stephene is laying on her in the last (maybe he can doing something about DAT EYE while he’s about it, if only so he doesn’t haven’t to look at it himself).

    • Mikhos

      That was already covered, the injury is way beyond a normal healing spell unfortunately.

      • Bob

        The eye wound will recover in time to be honest. Though its debilitating, its a fair consequence to abusing your power and pretty sure its minor enough that any healing won’t be necessary.

        It’s kinda like having laryngitis after using too much of your Thu’ um.

  • Kjorteo Kalante

    Wait, shouldn’t she be absorbing the healing spells?

    • Shazbot

      50-50 chance.

    • bobucles

      Spells without a “harmful” component don’t get absorbed.

      Stephane must be a real novice at restoration. Every pro magic user uses “weakness to magicka” stacking to reach demigod values.

      • simpleglitch

        not ture, only self-cast spells are exempt form spell absorption. There were just very few sources of non-harmful spells in game that the player doesn’t cast their self (the only example that comes to mind are altars in each chapel).

  • Sashimi

    Curious as to why exactly the table didn’t burst into flames when he got her the bowl of milk.

  • TheTurnipKing

    I’m still a little perplexed as to how a Khajiit managed to break her legs in a fall.

    I mean, if anyone could it would be Katia, but still…

  • bobucles

    Katia: What does the charm potion do (more specifically), and how long was it supposed to last?

    • Strange subconscious

      And the recipe. We need it to further our plans….. I mean I’m totally not an evil part of your subconscious

      • Erm…

        • Strange subconscious

          You question me? A perfectly normal, sane part of Katia’s subconscious …..

        • Bob

          Ugh.. hold on. Let me search through the Aedric libraries on where sigrid might have possibly gotten or made such a potion. (aka Wiki)

          • Strange subconscious

            Hmmm perhaps I should have thought of that….

    • MuseTheDrunkenDragon

      The bottle looks like the bottle that the Telvanni Bug musk comes in: (at the bottom of the page) (also, I don’t know html tags, so you’ll have to copy/paste the address, sorry) also, the picture isnt the best, try here:

  • spaced

    a new update is the best birthday gift thanks kaz

  • Super powerd goldfish with the power of breathing underwater!

    wait…wont your birth sign take second party healing and store it as magical energy? and…if not is he gonna fix your eye?:D

    • bobucles

      The Atronach sign has some absurdly effective IFF systems. Only hostile spells get absorbed.

      Daily powers can not be healed; you just gotta wait them out. Unfortunately, this single day has taken about a year of our time! Katia is long overdue in celebrating her birthday.

  • Fishing4Food

    The racist dish of milk has returned with Crossed Glass! Lets hope Stephane doesn’t accidently shoot a magicka spell at katia or I sense the village burning down.

  • Faren

    No X on her saucer? I think she got a white russian! X3

    Also, she was served in a saucer, nice cat burn~

  • So, in my initial, totally patient, pacing in front of my computer,eagerly awaiting the next Prequel update, I decided to re-read Gaius’ informative flashback. I was in the midst of giggling at the complete epicosity of SWORDDOG, when our helpful guard tripped over a trapdoor, leading to the underground tunnels, for the thir-
    Wait a minute. There’s a trapdoor. There’s a trapdoor in the Mage’s Guild. And now our bad-luck ridden Khajiit is having a sit-down with what is presumably Sigrid’s right-hand-man. Interesting… It’s probably nothing. Certainly nothing of use to Katia and her potential scheme to retrieve her stolen items. At all.
    Not a chance.

    • Bob

      If that trap door really was a way into the mage’s guild I’m pretty sure the only way in would be through the sewers. So either they can muster up some clothespins to help with that stinky underground path, the only possible use for that trap door would be to enter INTO an secret room. (or into the slaughterfish well)

  • Iyestorm

    I love Stephan’s “Are you kidding me? You can’t be serious.” face at Katia’s broken legs.

  • Anderos

    Katia> Thank him for the drink. It could lighten the mood a bit.

  • Tiberius Blake

    So… since she’s getting healing spells, shouldn’t that fix her eye also?

  • Mallow

    Reading some of the comments. If I remember correctly, I believe Katia DID absorb a healing spell previously. I just can’t remember if it was the “Poison the Well Lady” or someone else…But I DO remember she restored her magika with a healing spell once before.

  • Krawu

    Is that a… dish… of milk they gave her? Is Stephane still wearing that silence thingy? Will the world end now?

  • Wabajack the staff

    II like ya and I want ya, so we can do this the easy way or the hard way.GIMMIE MY UPDATE…Ok i will wait *sigh*

  • Ezithau

    Ask him about the trapdoor in the mages guild Gaius talked about

  • Bandit

    Hold the phone, or courier, whatever… but who’s the khajiit bartender? That one that was just randomly walking around before?

    • Nope, that one who banned Katia from the tavern *forever*

  • Wabajack the staff

    Hey guys?How much Uploads it take to us to see events of Oblivion?Whats yours tip?

    Correct me if you can

    • Wabajack the staff

      Shit i chosed right time to start discusion (next update came and fucked this up)

  • dtlux14

    Really gotta go to bed now. 6AM. also, DISH OF MILK ._.