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comkiller wrote:
weren’t we banned from the bar… like forever?

Stephane negotiated your reentry.

And by that you mean he dragged you inside, flipped the Khajiit bartender off, and ordered you some milk.

The bartender didn’t seem happy about it, but you’ll probably be fine as long as you don’t do anything stupid this time.

StolenMango wrote:
Your milk.It’s in a bowl.Change it to a cup.

All you manage to create is some sort of horrible milk taco.

Rhisereld wrote:
>Katia: Start asking questions, but remember you have priorities.

1: The package

2: Your money

3: Evil mage conspiracy involving Sigrid and the Guild (but remember as long as you get what you need, this isn’t necessarily your problem)

4. Getting the rest of your stuff back including your robes is probably worth a try, considering how quickly you go through clothes. No offense.

Right. You cut to the chase.

You tell Stephane that when he robbed you, he took a very important package you have to deliver. You need to know if there’s a way to get it back from Sigrid’s evil clutches, and if so, how.

Stephane raises an eyebrow and points out that all Sigrid took from you was a handful of coins, a cheap “robe”, and less than ten septims worth of old books and supplies. He can’t envision anything there being important enough to warrant chasing him across the entire city.

You tell him that it’s… complicated. But more importantly, those things weren’t his to take. It wasn’t right, and you need to fix that.

Look, you say, if you’re not going to actually help me, then at least tell me what sort of bullshit Sigrid has going on so I can help myself. I’m not out for blood or anything; I just want to get my stuff and get out of here so I can start setting things right.

And it just so happens that, to do that, I need to know how to break into the lair of an evil psycho-bitch with mind control powers.

She’s not ev-

Did I mention the part where she mind-controlled me, robbed me, and threw me out on the street naked?

Look, just… keep your voice down. I confess Sigrid may have overstepped some implicit boundaries, but technically you were not “mind controlled”, nor were you “robbed”. And she’s not “evil”, she’s just… an opportunist. If you’d let me explain, I can show you she’s not the badguy here.

Alright, so…

ForthanEldiar wrote:
Katia> First things first, which is the beginning. If you want understand anything, you need to know its history.

This all started about a year or so ago. Up until then, Sigrid lived as an ordinary alchemist. She was a Mages Guild member – a low ranking one, and she still is – and spent most of her time minding a little potion shop over in Skingrad. As far as anyone was aware, there was nothing particularly outstanding or unusual about her.

This was right after the Mages Guild stopped supporting the practice of necromancy, when Hannibal Traven took over as Archmage. Sigrid wasn’t active with guild affairs at that point, but caught wind that the Guild’s old Necromancy hub, the Kvatch Mages Guild, had been all but abandoned after the ban. Without any guild tenants, the Archmage was planning to have Kvatch’s guildhall demolished.

It was in that very same minute, by pure happenstance, that Sigrid met a Hlaalu alchemist who had lost everything in an unexpected house fire. Her shop, her money, everything she had worked to build in Cyrodiil, and all her potions…

… other than eighty six gallons of questionably legal Telvanni Bug Musk.

Telvanni what now?

Bug Musk, Stephane whispers. It’s a… perfume, made in the far east. It might be a type of magic potion, or some kind of repurposed insect pheromone; he’s not sure. Like most things Telvanni, the details are vague at best.

What matters, however, are its interpersonal effects. One spray of the substance is said to make a beggar as compelling as a learned politician, an illiterate barbarian as persuasive as an expert merchant… or an ordinary man as revered as a king.

Excuse me, are you well?

Yeah, you say. I just expected more warning there. So you’re saying she just bought some magic perfume off this other alchemist, and now she can just spray herself with some whenever she wants anything?

Not exactly, Stephane says. Telvanni Bug Musk is powerful, but it’s not powerful enough for the wearer to completely control those around her – at least not on its own or in small amounts.

But, yes, Sigrid bought the entire pallet of potions without hesitation, trading the alchemist everything she owned – her shop, her inventory, her savings… everything except the clothes on her back, and enough septims for one night at a quality inn. As soon as she made the trade, she took her potions, left Skingrad, and headed for the city of Kvatch.

Why Kvatch, you ask? Why not just stay where she was, or find an even bigger city to do her… stuff… to??

Because Kvatch needed her, he says. They were about to lose their only guildhall for mages. And after housing a necromancer laboratory for so long, they had a very grim image of magic. They needed someone to convince them of the importance, righteousness, of the magical arts. And as I said…

Sigrid was an opportunist.

  • engel

    I love all the dirty looks from the Khajiit bartender.

  • Shorty

    Telvanni bugmusk bath? Perhaps this will explain the provocative paintings

    • Nah

      Those were already explained, remember? Deadric Prince of Nightmares painted them.

      • Dragomok

        At first I thought he/she was talking about the Mural too, but then I realised he/she was talking about Sigrid’s portraits in Mage’s Guild hall.

        • Goldcat99

          Intestestingly I was the one who asked kar to make those for people who dont have flash I am so glad the her effort was not wasted.

          • Dragomok

            Oh yes, these summaries were really useful when I was going through my first reading – to check if I hadn’t missed something and to skip Kvatch exploration (I played it fully later, though).
            So, thanks for suggesting that.

            Wait, Kazerad is a woman?

          • Goldcat99

            You know I just assumed kaz was a woman I really have no idea.

          • Dorque

            I’ll leave a 1% margin for error just in case but to the best of my knowledge, Kaz is most definitely a dude.

          • Dragomok

            I assumed Kazerad was a man because his/her “fursona” was male.

  • Kaze’aze

    That bath is just GLOWING with illegality.

  • C0Mmander

    Is it just me or does this sounds more and more like the romanticised version of how she’s robbing a whole town blind. I’d also like to remark he is not telling you yet if you can get your stuff back.

    • A Different Crazy Cat

      Maybe he actually, you know, kind of wants to help us and is doing his best to explain why what we saw is happening?

  • panoz

    All she needs is some cinnamon and vanilla then she can be a proper gato while drinking from a taco.

  • Hey, wait a minute… You don’t think Stephane is under Sigrid’s Telva-whatever trance, as well? We may want to be wary about what we tell him, Katia…

    • Nah

      I doubt it, or he wouldn’t mention it. Or probably even know about it.

      • Contemplar

        Charismatic charms aren’t a binary state, you can be made aware of it and yet still fall subtly back under it’s sway. You know, in a kind of “I can’t stay angry at you, you obviously had your reasons!” kind of way. This is something that Katia will likely have to struggle against too, should they meet again face-to-face.

  • Dragomok

    Answers! Yay!

  • Ransom

    Answers indeed.

    Something still isn’t right. Why would you rob a potential member blind if you are looking to rebuild the Mage’s Guild?

    • dumpsterrat

      Katia was seen as being a potential _contributor_, not a potential member – just like any other stray person Sigrid might happen to meet about town. To become a Mage, one must possess a somewhat more hardcore personality than Katia seemed to project during her stay in the guild hall.

      • Contemplar

        I fail to understand how a personal letter and the meagre clothes on someone’s back falls under “contribution”. If Sigrid was the simple opportunist she is being made out to be, wouldn’t she have left these worthless bare essentials on the poor girl’s back, even if only to avoid rousing suspicion? Isn’t it odd to risk awesome piles of coins just for such paltry things?

  • DontQuestionMe

    Holy shit, Ingrid has huge tits.

    • Evie

      Who is Ingrid?

      • DontQuestionMe

        Shit, ipad autocorrect corrected it.

    • Jarl Elisif the Fair

      Well as far as huge tits go on prequel… Sigrid might have the biggest… :l

      • Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak

        I killed yo hubby!

        • Dovahkiin

          Dude, don’t rub that in the lady’s face. That’s just rude, and before you try to fight me, don’t forget I can beat you in a shouting match wearing nothing but an execution hood. XD

          • Wabajack the staff

            YO F*CKEN CRAZY!

          • Arm flailing inflatible tube man

            Woah. Dude… Nice! Ulfric is a d#ck. fus ro dah an arrow at his knee! πŸ˜€

          • 65534

            > shouting match

            I propose a superior alternative:


        • Samuel McAfee

          Quiet u king killing betrayer

          • Bob

            Quiet you and head back to cyrodil, blowing aldmeri dominion soldiers.

  • Edd

    This is kind of fanservice-y maybe. I’ll take it.

  • Furnut

    yay update πŸ˜€

    wait….how is Sigrid immune to the effects of the musk?

    • Immortius

      Maybe she isn’t, and has fallen under her own spell.

    • Erikulum

      She’s not clearly. Telvanni bug musk is a “perfume”(potion) in morrowind with only one effect; Fortify Personality 40 for 60 secs.

      So sigrid don’t have mind control abilities, just some thousand points in personnality**

      **morrowind’s alchemy is totally broken and potions can give you more than the max stats. Also, potion are better with high int and you can make a potion that grant int… to make better int potion… I made a potion once that boosted my strength by 20000 points for 3 days (real time). Funny how all my weapon broke after one hit… and were fully repaired with one use of repair throng

      • Bandit

        Well, who’s to say it didn’t work on herself? We don’t know what she was like before. This could’ve set her ego massively high, thought she WAS the most talented revered person ever. After all, that seems to be a set characteristic of protagonists in the Elder Scrolls anyway, or at least the people playing them.

  • Pristine Dark

    O.O) Magically self-destructing/ self-repairing bottle under the table O.O) (in three of the frames it’s cut off, then repairs after the history panels)

    • panoz

      its called small pocket dimensions. … or a floating bottle that someone placed there that is having render issues at its waterline. yeah very very vague morrowind reference.

      • Pristine Dark

        Well, the magically self-destructing/ self-repairing bottle has had it’s magic removed (kaze fixed the bottle)

  • kitsune4295

    I love how you referenced the cup of water with the red X on it from earlier XD

    • Yeah, I noticed that too. I love the fact that continuity’s kept so well in this comic. :3

  • That Guy

    Heh, way to use the known lore :p (For the un-informed, the hlaalu alchemist not only exists, but the burned out remains of her original shop can indeed be found in the game world. Where, irony of ironies, the only thing remaining is a number of fire resistance potions… at least they work right?)

  • Daniel

    I began laughing uncontrollably when I read that the necrophiliac had eighty six gallons of Telvanni Bug Musk. There’s so much wrong with that.

    • tronn

      Me too, eighty six gallons of magic potion just ain’t right. Who she thinks she is, Obelix?

      • Daniel

        Obelix is the best!

        I mean that there are many things wrong with the logic behind this:
        First, I am assuming she bought all this potions. Why would she know Telvanni secrets?
        But she doesn’t even need it. Bones and rotten flesh doesn’t care for perfumes, and charisma wasn’t enough to allow her to stay in Morrowind.
        If she intended to do something similar to what Sigrid did, what stopped her? She is already the creepiest character from TESIV without the possibility of some unfulfilled mind-control plan.

        PS: I don’t regret any grammatical mistake.

        • FeepingCreature

          Clearly, she was grinding Alchemy.

  • Bob

    Oh, HELL NAW.

    That bowl was a paper bowl all along?

    That’s it. when this is all set and done, fucking ice that jerk.

    • Daniel

      Maybe she ruined a bowl of malleable metal.

    • Murder

      I kind of assumed that Katia just casually cracked a ceramic bowl in half in a semiconscious way to intimidate Stephane.

      • Paris

        I’m pretty sure that’s pewter……

  • stupidjellyfish


  • NoriMori

    “I confess Sigrid may have overstepped some *implicit boundaries*, but technically you were not ‘mind controlled’, nor were you ‘robbed’.”

    The difference between “mind control” and what Sigrid did is semantic at best. And yes, Stephane, Katia WAS robbed. That’s what you call it when you take another person’s stuff without their permission. Katia may have “willingly” given it up, but she wasn’t in her right mind. The fact that Sigrid *controlled* her into giving it up willingly makes it worse, not better.

    “And she’s not ‘evil’, she’s just… an opportunist.”

    Stealing from someone who’s already penniless and down on their luck IS evil.

    Stephane, you’re an idiot and I hate you again.

    • Rik

      I’d put what Sigrid did about on par with “She was too drunk to say no.”

      I suspect Stephane is just making excuses for her becuase he’s affected by her powers.

    • Contemplar

      Now, this speel about being an opportunist is all well and good, but she took your CLOTHES and a RANDOM PERSONAL LETTER. The hell is that? Evil I say. Eeeevillll

  • k9mouse

    YAY! She does not have the ugly eye patch anymore! She looks so so much better now! We can see both of her pretty eyes again! oh btw, the story is starting to get interesting =D

    • She’s pretty in any ways :3

      • Goldcat99


        • Somebody ate my “m”! >:C

          • Cookie Monster


      • Man of Mer

        Yes, yes she is. I don’t know what else to say.

        • SilverEnderwolf

          I thought she looked cool with the eye patch. πŸ˜€

          • Sunny

            It would have gone better with the pirate-y attire she got from QW, though.

  • Shazbot

    The bottle under the table is half-missing in some of the images..

    • Whoops! Kazerad’s got to fix that!

      • Kazerad

        Not anymore!

        (fixed, thanks)

  • Blue Dragon

    Ok, that’s it. It’s time to have a Best Frame voting contest. Winner wins absolutely nothing. (We can’t give Katia commands in here anyway – why people continue to do so is beyond me!) Also thanks for pointing out the Eye Heal k9mouse! Hadn’t caught that!

    For me, Frame 4. NOT Cutest Katia Ever, but darned close – followed by the one where she drops her milk-taco. As for Sigrid-cleavage, naa… I’ll take Evil Quill Weave boobs any day. Besides, they’re green! (Sorry, boyhood fantasy involving the Wicked Witch of the West has perverted me for life.)

    But the most bothersome thing of all with this update is that too many things are going well for Katia. She gets her leg and eye fixed, she finds her arch-enemy isn’t so evil, she gets free milk, she even gets into the bar she was permanently kicked out of before. I have a bad feeling about this…

    Next thing you know she’ll get all her stuff back and start heading back to QW with ASOTIL and walk past the rotting corpse of Gro-Upp where her undead Necromancer boyfriend will show up and explain how his undead kitty neutralized the effects of the clover-luck and caused G.U to trip over his own penis and smashed his head on a rock which oddly had a broken wine bottle nearby. Then the Necro (forgot name) would propose to Katia, QW as the bridesmaid, ASOTIL as the best man, Sigrid would fall in love with ASOTIL and Stephane would perform the service. At that point, I think Katia would be better off if she just committed suicide.

    • Wabajack the staff

      Yo talk lots of crap yo but i kinda like that :3

      • Blue Dragon

        Yea, verily Wabajack has the truth of it. But that’s what I get for posting just before bed. Rambling rambling rambling.

    • kome


    • Just…this Guy, you know?

      You mean the…dead Necromancer? I mean I like your theory and get your point and all, but I’m pretty sure Douche gro-Asshole killed him.

  • comkiller

    Whoo… movin’ up in the world

  • Bmark

    is that that triangle peg game on the table there?

    • Anonymous

      Oh my god I couldn’t stop laughing when I noticed that.

  • D. G.

    So does Sigrid have her underwear painted on like Katia and pretty much everybody else in Oblivion?

    Also I love how her shop sign says “Potions and Potpourri and Drugs”. I wondered if that was somewhat of a joke as in the Elder Scrolls games you can often find things like skooma and moonsugar and turn them into useful potions if you know how.

    • What, where? I don’t think it’s painted on, who else would paint herself underwear except this cute Khajiit? :3

  • Roaven

    Well, much as this still looks like pretty much robbery, I for one want him to continue telling his tale because it involves fanservice from Sigrid, which I am in wholehearted support of.

  • sabata2

    Well… That explains how she has 100 Merchantile.

  • kome

    darn! i got to the end,

    • dgood1

      I just got here, myself… I can finally stop this addiction and moderate it to checking once a week!

  • HeartOfAnequina

    Falanu, what have you done?! D:

  • MSB

    She said what you need is love potion number nine!

  • stupidjellyfish

    “… palette of potions”?

    Are these potions different from one another, despite having the same purpose?

    • Blue Dragon

      That one threw me for a sec. too. I assume “pallet” was meant.

      • Kazerad


        • stupidjellyfish

          Look on the bright side: At least your stupid fan learned a new word. πŸ˜€

  • bobucles

    How is it that Stephane can know Sigrid’s history, if he wasn’t actually there?

    • LP

      A Time Dragon did it.

      You know, as he’s a priest of the time dragon and everything. πŸ˜›

    • tronn

      …she told him?

      • Dragomok

        TIME DRAGON.

  • Aquilo

    I love this story so much, im glad that i remembered it!
    Gotta go draw some fanart too ouo

  • Eternal Wizard

    I wish there was more text in this update. There has to be more dialogue than just this.

  • Bandit

    Why is the bartender 8-bit when everyone else isn’t? Fascinating.

    • D. G.

      I think that the bartender is merely zoomed-in whereas everyone else is unpixeley in the foreground.

      • Kazerad probably just cropped out the bartender from a panel and stretched it to a bigger size.

  • wolfybutts

    Try some charm of your own to snag a bit of info! Who needs bug juice when you have a kitty face?

  • seelcudoom

    Wait isent the hlaalu alchemist the one that strongly hints to be into necrophiliac

  • KromDusk

    I bet our Imperial friend would be rather displeased to hear this

  • Zer0DusT

    anyone else notice that for “some” reason stephane has a massive X over his cup?

    and they’re drinking?

    not to mention he seemed to give in to easily to katia’s demands…

    are we in trouble katia? need any help?

    • Are you trying to say that Stephane is gonna do something bad?

      • Zer0DusT

        is it wrong to suspect that she may be in the midst of a trap? after all Sigrid is still rich, influential, and has this city by the balls, maybe even having influence on the king for all we know, and though katia is becoming decreasingly naΓ―ve, she’s still inexperienced in these kinds of arrangements, for all we know something is happening in the background that she is unaware of, do to the fact this story is through her perspective, so we only see or come to see what happens when she experiences it.

        then again I just realized with that said, she may also be doing that thing she did back at that dinner party in anvil, when she marked everyone’s glasses with a red X in her mind to avoid alcohol? so theirs also that.

        (narrative) like detectives work for books *shrugs*

  • D. G.

    If Sigrid was just a regular alchemist back in Skingrad, then how come she knows how to use magic (well, better than Katia might not be sayin’ much)? When did she learn to do that?

    Kazerad better explain this in the following updates πŸ˜€

    • Dragomok

      One would assume that even low-ranking member of Mages Guild would know several spells and ability to cast comes handy in alchemy.

      • Shazbot

        Morrowind-era membership requirements, when that sort of thing mattered. Plus, Sigrid isn’t actually much of a caster.

        • xKiv

          It’s just that her average is much better than Katia’s best.

  • Diggey

    She isn’t seriously going to bathe in perfume is she?

    • Dragomok

      Considering how that little Argonian kid said she always smells funny, how charismatic she constantly is and how in the last panel she sloppily poured half of the musk, for which she gave everything she had, into a bathtube and how she’s undressing …

      No, probably not.

      • xKiv

        It will be for fun, not serious πŸ˜‰

        • Dragomok

          Yes, for fun AND profit. Lots and lots of profit.

  • Dragomok

    Why hasn’t anybody pointed out how Sigrid – after spending a year being rich and succesful – seems to still only own the same single pair of clothing?
    (Does that mean she will be wearing Katia’s robes next time we see her in the current timeline?)

    • 65534

      She wears the same clothes in Oblivion, they are supposed to be better than Katia’s, and NPCs rarely change clothes in TES games.

  • Sekeido

    Everything does not suck.

  • Super powerd goldfish with the power of breathing underwater!

    that bartender is listening in on your conversations! which is rude! i would trow the bowlcup (copyrights pending) as a warning!

    • The BowlCup would be a successful invention πŸ˜€

  • Moo?

    I’m reading this on gizoogle you guys have got to search this XD

    • Blue Dragon

      Gizoogle is pimped out son! I’d copy all dem lines from it yo, but I aint at all shizzle itz safe fo’ work! Thanks fo’ tha suggestion Moo?.

    • Ves

      That was so funny I started choking…

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    • 65534

      No, she thrown Stephane in there — this is why he is so sociable, convincing and respected.

      • Dragomok

        Don’t forget about his lovely locks.

  • Kevin

    all caught up. >=(
    how long does an update take?
    why aren’t katias eyes like this? ( () )
    and also, homestuck is awesome.

    • D. G.

      Updates take between 1 and 4 weeks. Usually closer to 2 weeks.

    • I don’t understand the “eye” part D:

      • the-well-man

        I think Kevin’s asking why Katia’s eyes don’t always look like they have slit pupils like a cat’s eyes would.

        • Oh. But katia wouldn’t look cute anymore with slit pupils, right? >:C

          • Crykov

            Cats eyes can be round, too. I assume with Katia, they are round when she is neutral and herself, and slitted when she is extremely angry or pissed off or doing something cool.

            Like in the last part, when she tackled Stephane and was growling at him, they were slits.

          • Crykov

            (nevermind, I thought her eyes were slits at that time she tackled Stephane but I guess I saw it wrong)

            Cats eyes usually are slits, but they can be round too. It depends on their mood, and sometimes it depends on the lighting of the room they’re in. Katia’s eyes, however, DO work a bit different.
            I noticed they’re usually slits when she is extremely aggressive, or doing something badass. and the other 90% of the time, they are round. I don’t really know exactly when her eyes change or what it depends on, but they do.

          • the-well-man

            Now that I think about it, I seem to remember her pupil become a slit when she used her Eye of Fear against the imps, which was basically a way of looking intimidating. So yeah, how Katia’s eyes look seems to based on what she’s doing and/or how she’s feeling at the time.

  • Shumba

    To avoid another ‘cat-astrophe’ it appears that she was given a paper bowl, what a mess!
    Why not return the milky insult and tell the bar keeper he might want to drop some ‘kitty litter’ on that before it starts to smell.
    Failing that perhaps Mr fun-to-pounce-on could magic some up to absorb it.

    I think its ‘purrfectly’ reasonable in the given milk to magica recharge situation.
    Don’t be such a ‘lap cat’, seek your revenge before you magic vents out for you and sets someone else’s tail on fire other than yours.

    Or I suppose if you want to try and make up with the other khajiit you could investigate that small peace of paper on the floor right at the back by the counter. Perhaps it is a useful note that has been dropped and sits lonely on the floor, crying to be picked up and read out?
    Or it could be the answer to …

  • anguished_angel

    Katia, ask him if there’s any way to resist the perfume stuff, or if you can use it against her!

    • Bluedragon

      I in NO WAY intend this to be a snarky comment or something anguished angel – please don’t take it so! But commands to Katia can’t be sent from these comments. You need to post at this site and thread to send her commands:

      I’m particularly interested in this as I that’s exactly what I would have her do. Seems Stephane isn’t affected… or is he?

  • Bazo

    Lucky for her that the parfume were ”questionably legal”, cause if it were illegal, I guess we all know what would happen.

  • Ryrion

    So, basically Sigrid is a min-maxer.

  • Arakou

    It’s getting really interesting, this has to be my favorite webcomic now!~
    I don’t think Katia is paying any attention to the GLASS OF WATER though.

  • ross

    So it seems like Sigrid is what would happen if you followed the idea of the PC in a TES game through to its logical conclusion.

    She’s not evil at all, just efficient – she figured out how to game the system. Just like in the game, speechcraft and alchemy are easy to train, zero-risk, and can be used to generate infinite wealth even at low levels. There’s no reason any self-interested sentient being would choose anything else.

    Also, Sigrid may be a dragon. She seems to enjoy hoarding wealth more than spending it on things she needs / wants. Maybe she’s saving up for something?

    Speaking of infinite wealth, Katia should drop everything and learn alchemy. All problems solved forever.

    Also also… what’s up with those deer and plants growing in the mage’s guild? I get that it was abandoned, but that didn’t look like nature moving in. It looked artificial.

    • Shazbot

      There are no dragons in Tamriel.

      • ross


        yeah, you’re right.

        • Shazbot

          At all. Need to remember that retcons in later titles haven’t happened yet, so there are no dragons on a mountain in a certain province, for instance, even if there will have been one retroactively later. (although, personally, I think the plot would work better if there were not actually any of them.. ie, they’re all summons or illusions.)

          Mind you, rule zero always applies.

          • simpleglitch

            I’ve played the TES a lot, but what information was Retconed? (apart from elder scroll time shenanigans, but that doesn’t count). Most TES lore comes from in game books, and the books are written from the perspective of an NPC author. Not to mention there are books that are completely wrong or contain conflicting information.

          • Shazbot

            You got the time shenanigans mentioned already, so I’ll leave those off. But in general it was Blades being anything other than imperial agents, Tiber Septim having dragon powers, Skyrim having a class of dragon priests that decide things for them, ruled by a dragon.. etc. There’s slanted authors, but the dragons up the wazoo stuff really got annoying, and having things revealed through wall art in the middle of sacred places, or from first-person points of view kinda forces them into retcons. Making Elder Scrolls work differently isn’t too bad a retcon, but making them cheap macguffins hurts.

          • ross

            I was agreeing with you

            hence “yeah, you’re right”

          • Expresate


            Tiber Septim using the Voice, and the Blades being dragon hunters were around before Skyrim.

            Even dragons have been mentioned in books and general lore as existing.

          • Shazbot

            Expresate: Nope.


            There were no such thing as either before Skyrim.

          • Conrad McCarlson O’Shamus

            Not that there’s anything wrong with expanding upon existing lore, right?

          • Shazbot

            No.. but it’s annoying when all credit must go to the dragons, you know? It’s nice to think that some things could have been accomplished without them… especially when they’re so disappointing and common in-game.

      • Lokion123

        in skyrim,remember…,it said parthunnax has been alive for thousands of years ontop of the throat of the world…,since the races rebeled against alduin and the dragons(mostly being elves since there are TOO MANY ELVES!!!

        • Shazbot

          Time to pharaprase Terry Pratchett. It may have been there for thousands of years, but was it there for thousands of years last Tuesday? Hence the term ‘retroactive continuity’, as it changes the facts of the past as well as the present.

  • Wabajack the staff

    Update is close to us i can feel it….

    • Pristine Dark

      *Hopes that your sensory ability is accurate, and that it’s a big-ish one*

  • ugh I can feel a “we are all just people with goals, there are no villains” scene.

    • Contemplar

      It seems that some opportunists aren’t in it for the piles of gold, but for the meagre clothes off people’s backs and their personal mail. Wait, why did Sigrid risk revealing her ongoing scamming and piles of gold by stripping a poor girl of her few, worthless possessions again?

  • Jessica U. Ingmann

    Woo, skin! I LIKE where this is goin’~ πŸ˜€

    • tronn

      It goes nowhere, though. Despite being about the adventures of a drunken slutcat, Prequel is clean enough to show your grandma. It’s funny that way.

      • Graknorke

        Well, the actual pictures are.
        The context of them, not so much.

  • ArthurWilborn

    I guess we found out what the red liquid seeping under the locked door really is.

    • Yeppers!

      • xKiv

        Cooled down Telvani bug musk bath?

  • Wabajack the staff

    How much comments it is to 4th page?

    • Blue Dragon

      20 main comments per page it looks like – so 3 more after this, though mine doesn’t count as it’s just a reply. (Obviously too long between updates when we start looking around for ‘how many comments per page?’)

      • Wabajack the staff

        naw its just madness bro :3

  • Lokion123

    if he doesnt cut to the chase soon enough,threaten to claw him,ask him WHERE YOUR STUFF IS DAMMIT,we dont want another CATastrophy again…

  • Wabajack the staff

    WOOOOW just noticed that the background of title is changing and thats is totaly awesome.ok im not sure how it is working but its totaly changed!

    • andwhyisit

      You only noticed that now?!

      • Wabajack the staff

        Yop.Thats why i wrote that comment.It wasnt trap for dumb guys or something.Just aww background of title is changing WOOOOW i need to tell others about that.Totaly not trap for guys like you.

  • Crykov

    That still doesn’t make her innocent, though. I mean.. She bathed in this pool of perfume that made you seem like this perfect person, and with it, you can basically persuade anybody to do whatever you want them to with ease.
    She was basically hiding behind a mask of perfection to bend others to her will. Certainly that doesn’t make her a necessarily “good” person.

    • Joannou

      No doubt inexcusable!
      She knew what she was getting herself into…

      Pretty twisted if you ask me.

      Hopefully Katia can get some answers on how to get her stuff back.

      • kasai53

        How often does the story get updated?

  • lonewander2077

    Be Dmitri (I would like to see how he’s doing)

    • Joannou

      Isnt he dead?

      • Blue Dragon

        In a world with Necromancers, he’s as dead as Kaz wants him to be.

        • andwhyisit

          So yeah. Still dead.

  • Cazsunxa ‘F*ckin’ Auxifer

    I just started this series two days ago and finally finished it XD
    How long exactly does it take for a new episode/panel to be… released?\
    Just… Wondering?

    • Sorcedude

      1-2 weeks. Unless a new game is out, in which case it will take hundreds of years.

      • Bluedragon

        I’ve got a new theory – the time required to get a new update is proportional to the number of pages of comments. The Army of Minions must comment-bomb this page! How about a new side-update where Evil Quill Weave’s castle is stormed by her own army! ^_^

    • tronn

      In theory one week, in practice anywhere up to a couple of months.

    • Wabajack the staff

      Best is to leave for year and then check it on X-mas

  • Story mode

    Lets make story

    • Wabajack the staff

      Mighty warrior sneaks his way to black castle.He is going to slay evil witch named Quill-Weave.

      Somebody continues

      • Sneaky Khajiit

        Before the Mighty Warrior can enter the castle a Sneaky Khajiit pick pockets all of his weapons without him noticing…

        • Joannou

          Approaching a guard on post, he warns the guard to step aside or else.
          Though the guard notices he has no weapons.

          • Tekkirotaru

            The guard, after glaring at our fine hero for several moments grumbles and steps to the side. He isn’t really even a guard per say, he explains. Just more of a big, burly, angry looking doorman. And seeing as you don’t seem to be carrying any weapons, he sees no reason why he should have to take you out to the street and beat you senseless. “Besides”, he says, “its not like your going to be able to do anything that would cause trouble, especially with the kind of “folk” that like to hang out in there anyway. But by all means, your the hero right? Go right on in.”

          • Sorcedude

            Our stalwart hero remains undaunted by the guard/doorman’s pessimism! Without pause, he charges right past him, the guard’s words finally sinking in only after he enters the castle. What did he mean by “folk”? The hero turns to ask the guard, only to come face-to-face with an impenetrable fog-like barrier. Try as he might, our hero can withdraw no further. The Mighty Warrior winds around, only to freeze mid-step. As all color melts from our hero’s face,it becomes immediately apparent that coming here was a mistake. For standing at the other end of the large hall-like chamber are none other than Smough and Ornstein.

          • Pristine Dark

            With impressive speed the far thinner and lighter of the two dashes forward, his blade pointed straight at our unknown hero with deadly precision. If not for the extra time our unlikely warrior had spent training his acrobatics, he may not have been able to manage the dodge maneuver that saved his life. Quickly our would-be hero grasped out a hand behind him for the hilt of his formerly trusty sword only to find its absence.

            With little choice left to him, our hero races forward towards the much slower but much larger of the two while mentally preparing his weakness to magika spells for casting.

            EDIT: (wonder how dark souls suddenly got into the mix btw)

          • Sorcedude

            (Because I’m on a DS binge, and it was the first thing that popped in my mind. :P)

          • Wabajack the staff

            Echo of villainous laughter in dark corners of black castle sends blood-freezing chill down his spine.But he is brave he knows he cant fail…

  • Lokion123

    i know u might ignore(or not see it at all) but i kinda want 1 of my skyrim charaters ingame,(his name is lokion ofc but u can make up a name if u dont like it),hes got blackish fur,right eye blue,left eye yellow,is pretty much oposite of katia except hes ofc a khajiit(hes a guy too),hes a rare type of people called “dreamwalkers” who are people who can go into dreams and let people into there dreams(where if he goes into katias where shes a kid,hes gonna be a kid too),he has a small mine north of anvil(optional) and hes got 15,267 septims(what my charater has in skyrim) and hes got armor and a weapon that CAN actualy work(UNLIKE THAT CRAPPY MACHETTE!!!),has the same problem as katia except that instead of KINGS its mudcrabs(and its ALOT more terrifying too…,more like a demonic crab that turns into prettymuch a demon of death and murder,probably 10x more scary than the king…),tho i bet u wont see this anyways even tho how BIG this rly is…,maybe can put him in if u decide to when shes at the dance competition(which i think katias gonna fail tho…) or on the way back to anvil

    • Sorcedude

      This comment is too dumb to be real.

      • Lokion123

        its to the series maker,not u,and fyi its partly description and lore u know…,PLUS if u havent read the story,ofc ur not gonna KNOW what any of it means,how about READING it b4 u go omg thats so stupid,which UR comment is…*flips off like stephanie did to the khajiit bartender*

        • Lokion123

          also to series maker,i wanna put a pic on ng of what he would look like(w/ color) in katias dream,(maybe can make a adult version of him since hes like 1 yr older than katia but i probably will leave that to u,also what did u use for the pixels and stuff,im thinking ur using like piq or something,to other ppl,IF U JUST WANT TO HATE,STOP COMPAINING,THIS IS FOR THE MAKER!!!

          • Tekkirotaru

            I can’t, I cannot even. I have read this, this thing, that is apparently supposed to be a comment. I lost track a few times as I believe the writer slipped into a language that was not English. That being said, Kazred, I really hope you do in fact read these comments. As I have not had a chance to laugh this hard in quite a while. Here’s to the both of you, and your most probable short lived conjunctive alliance. A toast if you will.

        • Sorcedude

          Yes, THAT was the dumb part of your comment. That I didn’t recognize that is was a description, and that that I clearly haven’t read any of prequel, which is why I’m in the comments section of the latest page(?). Not the fact that you completely butchered the English language in its entirety. Not the fact that your character is the most self-insert Mary Sue since “Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way”. Not the fact that you can’t refer to the “series maker” by name EVEN. ONCE. It’s my ignorance. I apologize, I’m clearly the idiot here. Please excuse my “compaining”.

          • Lokion123

            i WILL admit i do get crazy(in detail most times) but if u havent read through,press new reader? start at the beginning to go to the 1st part released and i usualy refer to kazred as the series maker cause i usualy forget his name alot…,still,if u didnt see the bold START AT THE BEGINNING to the right at top under title,u might want to get ur eyesight checked…

          • Tekkirotaru

            1. the use of irony to mock or convey contempt.
            “his voice, hardened by sarcasm, could not hide his resentment”
            synonyms: derision, mockery, ridicule, scorn, sneering, scoffing;

          • Sorcedude

            I…I can’t…I just CANNOT. Forget the post, this man is too dumb to be ALIVE.

      • Kazerad

        Guys, be nice. We all had our own over-the-top character ideas at one point or another.

        • Sorcedude

          Yeah yeah, sorry Kaz. Guess I did sorta start it. And by sorta, I mean totally.

          • Lokion123

            and completely…

        • Lokion123

          so do u like the charater idea?(also make it where my charater DOESNT date katia,hes supposed to be mostly a lone wolf,or lone cat,or lone whatever,)also do have to admit the dreamwalker bit is pretty good isnt it,also forgot to put in,if your in some1s dream u can get severely injured in real life but NEVER die if they die in the dream

          • Lokion123

            if u want to see it,i made it using mc and a custom pixel texture pack,my 1st art ever on mc since i suck at drawing and stuff….,also dont forget to get rid of the space minecraft-prequel-charater

          • Sorcedude

            *Struggles to keep quiet*

          • Lokion123

            put in the wrong link,that was to latest art…,heres the link arater

          • Lokion123

            im messing up alot,i thought the site would just say u cant put links w/out permission so i did space,and 2nd time i tried,it bugged out and did it like this,idk why but heres the link w/OUT spaces this time

          • tronn

            Uh, why did you use Minecraft instead of a paint program? It would be much easier to use.

          • Lokion123

            honestly i suck at drawing…,plus i only have paint so i used what i DID have,minecraft,also made a custom texture pack so the picture isnt irritatingly rough

          • tronn

            Dude, MS Paint is perfectly fine for making pixel art! You can start by taking a look here, it’s all useful stuff:

          • Dragomok

            Too bad all pixelart-making capabilities of MSPaint got thrown out of the window with Windows 7.

            No pun intended.

          • Lokion123

            ya…,ive got windows 7,so pixels for me are minecraft

          • tronn

            Well, GIMP and Paint.NET are always options – both are free. I know that they might look intimidating at first, but in practice they are easy to work with and have documentation and tutorials available. There’s really no reason not to learn to use them.

    • Steven Spielberg

      May I speak to your agent?

    • tronn

      Seth, is that you? You sound like Seth.

      Seth was amazing, I miss him.

      • Wabajack the staff

        who is seth?

    • stupidjellyfish

      You got energy and imagination, kid. Just like myself when I was young. I hope you achieve great things in the far future.

      • Woodledude

        I hope he achieves many things, specifically a better grasp of the English language. Not for any specific reason, it’s just a useful thing to have. Like me learning Japanese. I had to go through a PayPal window that was all in Japanese just recently (long story). But yeah, anyway, to Lokion123, if Kazerad doesn’t see fit to put your character in the story (it *is* a bit self-inserty, no offense meant), then you could always try writing a fanfic. As for programs to do arting things with, Gimp is a good free one, open source and all that. That being said, Paint will also work, if you can figure that out.

  • the other ghost girl

    Potions and Potpourri……. aand drugs (in tiny print) Lol, got admire a chick who advertises that on the sign

  • Bob

    Notice: The commands link is down (obviously) because the site has been hacked. I guess. By hackers advocating for the syrian civil war.

    I dunno really, just be patient and the forum admins will sort it out. At least praise allah they haven’t ransacked here.

  • Nodzilla96

    Why the hell why syria hacker people invade MSPA? The fuck do they have to do with all of that?

    • Bob

      2 possible motives I can guess:

      1. sending their message through any US origin site to make them be heard.

      2. Some cell within US or elsewhere trying to act bad ass and actually do support the assad regime. Although supporting neither side is a lose-lose.

  • Alceris

    Oh, cool, the healing fixed her eye. Nice attention to detail.

  • Irrevenant

    Assuming Kaz has even the slightest interest in GTAV, we’re screwed on updates.

    • stupidjellyfish

      He doesn’t own a console, so unless he visits some friend’s house which contains a console AND the game, we’re perfectly safe.

      • Irrevenant

        Ooooh. Good to know.

      • Lokion123

        πŸ˜€ looks like hes not gonna ditch us for gta5 anytime soon!

        • Bob

          That is of course, if someone DOESN’T give Kaz a console and a copy of GTA V for him to enjoy as a “friendly gift”; MUHAHAHA

          • Lokion123

            do anything,divide by zero,nuke earth,destroy the sun,dont give kaz the console and game!!!

  • Sheogorath

    Just started your comic and have devoured it over the course of a day i just wanted to say i really admire the interesting characters you have created as well as say i can wait for more.

    To comment on the current strip i would have to ask, if the bathtub is filled with the perfume is it at all possible for her to fall in love with the tub. Does she still yearn for it when she looks out a window on a quiet night as she sighs silently to herself?

    • Bluedragon

      …and another minion joins the army! Welcome to our nightmare Sheogorath! As we await the return of Kaz and the continuation of the plot, you might be interested in these two little bonus add-ons that Kaz threw our way recently in order to help him win an art contest over the last couple of months…

      If you really want to join the Minion Army, you’ll need to take a look at this:

      and finally, here’s a couple of links to where Kaz was recruiting for votes on that contest. (and thus Evil Quill Weave is introduced – non canon but still very cool and my current avatar)

      and finally, Kaz’s Tumblr site (where Evil Quill Weave made her debut!)

      After all, if you’re gonna be a fan, you might as well become a fan-atic!

    • DonutSteel

      I think you’re like the 5th person to name himself Sheogorath

      • Sheogorath

        same guy different accounts

        • Bob

          Or perhaps, No guy, same account?

          OH THE MADNESS!!

          • Wabajack the staff

            Hey ! I was going to say that!

          • Sheogorath

            Get back in your cage, who let you out?! Was it Sheogorath?!

          • Sheogorath

            Or is it I who is Sheogorath?!

          • Sheogorath

            No, it was me, SHEOGORATH!

  • Nodzilla96

    Holy shit her eye is fixed. how did I not see that?

    • NotACultistKing

      Obviously that CULTIST man talking about KINGS was using his ROYAL CULTIST magic to make you not notice! This abomination must be stopped! Come, Sworddog!

      • CultistHunter


  • Bob

    Gonna put it out there When I first read the delay notice: “9/10/13: Next update will be delayed a bit longer while I catch up on some real life stuff. Sorry about the (continuing) delay!”

    This was my initial reaction:

    Of course, meant it jokingly. Take your time Kaz but too much, and the crowd will start to get antsy.

  • NotACultistKing

    That CULTIST lady’s bathtub looks to be filled with CULTIST goo. Also, it looks rather illegal.

    Additionally, that other CULTIST’s drink looks rather intoxicating, like only a CULTIST would ever drink it.

    • CultistHunter

      ONLY a cultist would use CULTIST so much,you CULTIST scum!

  • Story mode

    Hey Kazerad after prequel reach moment where you will have to end it…what will happen to us?Will we see another webcomic?Or it will be total end?

    • tronn

      Kaz has spoken before about wanting to make a living out of publishing content over Internet, and in a way Prequel is a prequel to his future projects – a testing ground to see what works and what doesn’t.

      • Story mode


        • Story mode

          Wait make living?Like selling internet comic?That would be pretty hard.Like doing on that comics every day to publish it in month or so.Find place to have comic stored like server or something.Lots of programing and that stuff.Well i belive in her but still its kinda hard to imagine her to make living of this.

          • Story mode

            If soo we should try get her on steam through greenlight.That should make things soo much easier.I mean selling her comic like Pc Gamer.

          • Mikhos

            Kaz is a dude…I think…

          • Bob

            Or… what if Kaz is actually a female, disguised as a male?

          • Bandit

            Whatever the case may be, the point is that marketing comics over the internet for money seems like a difficult prospect. The internet is usually based in the free exchange of ideas and content. However, if Kaz would be willing to advertise on his/her site, then its much more foreseeable. But that causes a whole string of other annoyances. There’s also merch. Which with the large fanbase, I think would work really well. The point is that to charge for the comic probably means printing it, and therefore it’s no longer a web-comic.

          • tronn

            Kaz basically looks like a portable, vest-loving version of Abe.

          • Kazerad’s a guy!

          • Bob

            Actually, there’s a solid and concrete conclusion to what Kaz actually is. Now just hear me out:


          • Story mode

            Well i am bit confused because i found named something like this “Kazerad doing sounds with hers mouth”so i thougth Kaze is lady….Well i dont give f*ck if Kaze is it,she,he or even alien…Shit i talk too much!

          • tronn

            You mean this one?

          • Story mode

            What is it?

          • tronn

            Huh, the link was broken, this is the correct one.

          • stupidjellyfish

            Kazerad is an otherworldly entity who devours entire planets with his great and almighty maw. His guises are many. His words all-influencing. REPENT IS NEIGH!!!

          • Bob

            Quick! Give the great Kaz abundant boxes full of kittens and cats!

            Do it before we are all DOOMED!


  • Conrad McCarlson O’Shamus

    How come she gets to bathe in a bathtub full of potions and yet we can’t do that in-game?
    If I could do that I’d have ALL the health regen!

    • Bomb Bloke

      They’re potions from Morrowind. The game set there DOES let you have all the health regen – by its potion standards, Sigrid is thinking small.

  • Moo?

    I made a article on wiki fur about kaz… Just if your interested πŸ˜›

    • Whoa, I didn’t know Kazerad had his own planet!

      • Moo?

        It’s a shame it’s now gone

        • CultistHunter

          The CULTISTS are the cause of this disapearence!!!

          • Bob

            Nah man, super alien king did that.

            See if you can spot the reference.

  • Xolroc

    Damn, I just started reading this comic today and three hours later (after being horribly disappointed to find that the little game had prizes that I was too late to get, wish I’d heard about this comic just a little earlier! xD) I’m left with a cliffhanger. Hope you get back to the comic soon, and whatever is going on in your life clears up in a way that can be considered favorable for all involved!

    • Welcome new reader! *Hugs*

      • Story mode

        Cheers! *Double hug*

        • Dragomok

          *late hugs pile-up contribution*

    • CultistHunter

      *NON-CULTIST hugs(also non-homo hugs too)*

  • Koda

    It’s about time! I KNEW it had to do with the potion! You go, Katia! You should be a detective!

  • A Stranger

    So Sigrid doesn’t start wearing lipsticks until she came to Kvatch?

    • Bob

      Perhaps she was THAT poor and badly set off back at home. Wouldn’t be too bad a story if sigrid was like in katia’s position even prior to making her potion shop. Minus the drunk slut cat whoring. πŸ™

  • Jamadas

    Hey look! Stefan healed your eye! Maybe he isn’t so bad after all?

    • Bob

      The fixed eye was an additional effect when stephane used restoration magic to heal katia’s legs.

      (Refer back to the PREVIOUS page)

      So he didn’t heal her as a way to be “nicer” to katia, I’m guessing he wasn’t strong enough to merely get katia off him, katia also not able to move at all from bleeding legs and also him having that flimsy build that he has.

      But that doesn’t mean I very secretly want a katia/stephane shipping 😐

      • xKiv

        You would murder Stephane so soon?

  • Story mode

    Dark lord Kazerad show us your power.Give us ancient tomes where adventures of katia were writen!

    • Bob

      I’m just wondering what evil cult ritual I have to do in order to get my very own little comment avatar that everyone’s been getting lately.

      • Blue Dragon

        Google search “gravatar”. That’s the key, the crux, the core. There you will see things… WONDERFUL things!

  • tronn

    >Katia: Cut the cheese.

    There, I had to get that off my chest.

    • Bob

      Very Immature. Give this man a lovely pin. πŸ™‚

  • pheonixflyer

    Lol, milk taco

  • kome

    whats this? the blue text is gone! update! soon! yay! *faints*!

  • Psithief

    What,’s update and I can’t post comments on it. πŸ™

  • LastFlask

    Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I typed up some long thing speculating on the characters’ luck stats, only to do a quick google search to see if the topic had come up already and find that the October 27th update has basically addressed the theory I had by applying it to another character. That’s what I get for not keeping up, I guess. X3

    I was really proud to have thought of it, though, so here it was, gormless talking-to-myself and everything:

    “Honestly, from this page it’s starting to sound to me like the biggest difference between Katia and Sigrid (and also for example that Orcish highwayman) is that Katia’s luck stat is rock-bottom low and Sigrid’s is way higher than is normal. We’ve seen all sorts of evidence of Katia’s bad luck, from the mundane to the downright supernaturally ill-timed and extreme; the inverse would, if a person had a stat like that their whole life, produce a person very like Sigrid. Why wouldn’t she be preternaturally confident both in her own abilities and in the idea that everything would work out just the way she has always expected? It always has before. Why shouldn’t she get everything she wants? Even if she didn’t ask for it, it’d just fall right into her lap anyway. And then with a wild element like the Bug Musk – which appeared to her at the most opportune time – adding charisma to her crazy luck, she’s basically pushed over the line into demigod-like territory in terms of causing everything to go just the way she wants forever.

    Hahaha, not that I’m not just raving about epileptic trees and/or about an idea that’s already been posited (possibly several times which I’d never know about), here, but if this were the case it’d be really great. Luck is the one stat I pay absolutely no attention to, since my other stats were always high enough to account for whatever presumably negligible effect it had. But if you were a Khajiit with very few other skills to make up for a supremely low luck stat… well, I could see how a lovely story like this could grow out of it.”

    I am a boob. It’s okay though; that’s pretty normal.

  • dtlux14

    Love the bar tender, and how she was negotiated into the bar.