As recognition for your efforts in the field, the Prequel Army of Minions Propaganda Office is offering each of its loyal servants the chance to display your loyalty with a free “Prequel Army of Minions” celebratory button.

The button is totally free. However, Regulation 131(c)5 requires that freely-issued celebratory buttons may only be worn on approved apparel. In this case, the apparel is the “Change of Heart” t-shirt that is now available for purchase at WeLoveFine. Buttons can also be purchased for those that did not purchase the required apparel, but a negative mark will be recorded on your permanent record.

To request a free button, please email your proof of shirt purchase to [email protected]. Such proof can consist of a forwarded email receipt, or a scanned paper receipt. The receipt must contain your name, postal address, and the We Love Fine order number. Multiple shirt purchases will receive multiple buttons (as further appreciation for your participation).

To purchase (additional) buttons, two options: For the impatient, we have conspired with the “WackyButtons” Internet web-site and enlisted their horde of minions to produce and deliver buttons. Visit this link, enter design code “5045263”, select the regulation stipulated “Standard Pin Back” and 2.25 inch button sizes, and quantity. For the spendthrift, the Prequel Army of Minions Quartermaster’s Office, currently under construction, will also sell buttons. For comparison, our Intelligence Department reports that the difference is $4.46 vs. $2.90 for a single button shipped to a US address.

We expect to start sending buttons out by September 1. The “free button” offer will only available for a limited time, because the Prequel Army of Minions Propaganda Office has a short attenti…. OH LOOK, SQUIRREL.

  • Ch’marr


    The shipping costs from WackyButtons are pretty insane. Okay… if you haven’t already, hold off on buying from there, and I’ll see what I’ll need to do to handle the shipping myself.

    • Bluedragon

      You know, that’s really not necessary Ch’marr. I know minions don’t get paid much, but $5 with shipping is still pretty cheap all things considered and it allows you to NOT sweat doing all that work. Of course if the PAoMPO is bound and determined to get into the shipping business… well, that’s your call!

      • Yep… it wasn’t as exorbitant as I thought it would be… so I’m giving people the choice now.

        • panoz

          just scriptify the shipping button making and billing … infact you could have them squirt out of peoples 3d printers all from the web … See you would then have made the first order-from-web replicator.

          All you need to do is a little coding in cad, and possibly some other “minor” scripts to disable some of the security most web browsers have for direct hardware access, aaand possibly some c to talk with the printer driver, and bam instant completely automated purchasing and delivery of physical goods completely made of plastic.

          or build it all in html5 and css3 with 3d transforms and simply give people a print button.

  • tjk

    This is so deliciously evil. I hate this show but I need the button. I have to have it.

    You are… A mastermind of evil.

    EDIT: It seems I missed I could just upright *buy* a button. Wonderful!

    • The text is changing almost hourly… just like any decent propaganda department!

  • anon

    Incentives to buy brony merchandise now? Really?
    What the actual fuck is wrong with you.

    • “actual” fuck! Wow, this is a step up from “literal” fuck, “colloquial” fuck or just standard “idiomatic” fuck 🙂

      Actually, it was supposed to be more a “thank you” for buying the shirt (either on its merits, or because you felt sorry for the drama that WLF were put through), than an incentive to buy the shirt. I’d forgotten how popular the buttons were, though, so I quickly backtracked… and now backtracked again, since WackyButtons shipping rates are also pretty up there.

      Some interesting factoids: 1. WLF tell us that the shirt is selling pretty well. 2. I’ve not received a single “here’s my proof, give me a free button” yet. So, with that flimsy evidence, I will state that most people buying the shirt are buying it on its merits, drama-be-damned!

      _I_ am buying a shirt, for the two reasons above, PLUS the fact that I’ll have the opportunity to be accosted by the handful of bronies that have vowed to harass any person they see wearing the shirt! How could I refuse? 🙂

      • Bluedragon

        Hey, I just figured out our secret handshake! (But it would require carrying a pie around at all times.) “Yo! Dude! SPLAT!… Hi bro! SPLAT!… good times…

      • Squeegy

        Now I HAVE to get the shirt. It’s a symbol of how much you dislike bronies. Any real brony who knows about the contest and sees you wearing it will know what you did. They’ll know. And they’ll hate you for it.

        e: Oh, it’s $25. Nevermind! Button’s way cheaper.

  • woundedkneecap

    If buttons are going to be the primary fan-gear of Prequel, I DEMAND Katia acquires a button in the story.

    • xKiv

      Either a “win button” or an “awesome button”.

  • lhsc

    Hmmm evil does taste like pineapple.

  • Evil Argonian

    The button kinda reminds me of the evil dream emperor, in silhouette. Is that deliberate?

    • PersonPerson

      Yes. It threw me off too but after a little bit of digging the color scheme and holes are definitely intentionally similar to a character called “Princess Anesthesia”. I think, I don’t watch the show.

      Personally I don’t like what it added to the button, but I figure it was there because the button was meant for people who bought the MLP T-shirt.