There are creatures beyond our world.

They’ve been there since time began, across the liminal barrier in a place neither close nor far. They don’t think the way we think, they don’t feel things the way we feel them, and even the concept of life and death is foreign to them. In a perfect world, we would know nothing of these creatures’ existence, and they would know nothing of us.

But in an imperfect world full of danger, there is great value to be had in reaching out and making some friends.

Celebrate the dangerous art of conjuration with this tasteful polyester T-shirt! Based on Katia’s magic from the comic, this all-over-printed tee features a single, twisting line starting at the sleeve and wrapping around the torso. The line vaguely squiggles into a Katia along the way, and is visible “through” you on the back. The artwork is a collaborative effort between me (the person who writes the comic), AMKitsune (the person who keeps upgrading my fanart page), and Makkon (the only person I’ve ever met who likes drawing backgrounds).

Preorder now to ensure your size is available! Especially if it’s a weird size (that means you, XS and 4XL). Preorders will close in mid-September and the completed tees will ship in mid October. And, of course, come with the usual amount of bizarre, unadvertised surprises.

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Being careful with money due to the virus? Here’s a purchase link that costs 5 dollars less. Just… don’t use it if you’re good on money. Honor system that shit.

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