Apr 222020

Bearclaw wrote:
Time to start training your alchemy skills. Let’s try to make some coffee

coffee wrote:
Make me :p

Pidef wrote:
Make coffee this instant.

Coffee wrote:
make me! drink me! i will make you good at books!

ZekeVee wrote:

Democracy wrought:
Healing: 490
Lightning: 267
Summoning: 332
Coffee: 685

Okay, okay, fine.

Despite having three potentially life-saving new magical skills you could spend this time learning, you overwhelmingly conclude that the best course of action is to attempt making coffee, despite having no knowledge of how to do so. With any luck, getting a little more wakefulness in you will keep you from making dumb decisions, such as this one you are making right now.

Plus, depending how long this takes, you might end up having time to read a book afterwards anyway. A giant cat can hope.

Niv wrote:
Well, before trying to roast the coffee beans, maybe check the color of them first, and see if they look roasted before you bought them. Otherwise you’d just burn them more. Also, some people just like to eat them with chocolate, if you don’t feel like figuring out how to make it a beverage, you could just eat them with the sweetrolls and see if that goes better.

They are brown! You guess that means they’re already cooked?

Yeah, it has that “burnt wood” texture.

Jrock wrote:
♪Coffee Coffee Coffee
Turn beans into juice
They are really seeds
So it’s more like making tea

cade wrote:
Smash the bag of beans against the rock, crushing up the beans inside then put in some of the crushed up beans into the milk bottle and stir it up. And now you have milk coffee.

Andy wrote:
Making coffee is, at the most reductive level, not entirely dissimilar from making tea; you add flavor to heated water utilizing plant matter.
Surely it can’t be that complicated?

Coffeekat wrote:
Get to purrcolating

Benkavin wrote:
become a master barista. open a CATfé.

You guess you just let it steep now, like tea? Unless you made some horrible unforeseen mistake, that was actually surprisingly easy and disaster-free.

Also, Asotil didn’t show up in the last five minutes, meaning you still have time to work on your spells.

Kingsley wrote:
Consider which magic is most exciting, rather than just their drawbacks. Enthusiasm to learn is important.

You… haven’t really ever thought much about that.

A week ago you didn’t even know someone like you could do magic. If it had turned out all you were capable of casting was some simple little light spell, you still would’ve been overjoyed about it, and probably gone around calling yourself the Light Wizard.

But having every route suddenly open to you like this, and people asking what sort of things you’re interested in and what you want to do? It just kind of makes you realize that you don’t know. You never thought it through this deeply, since planning for something unattainable would just make you sad.

Psy-Kosh wrote:
Study the healing. Seems prudent, not to mention the fact that it’s different than any magic you’ve done before, and right now you want to learn a bit of ALL THE THINGS so you can begin to get some idea where or if you want to specialize anyways.

You do have a vested interest in not dying horribly. You also seem to have an increasing propensity for getting horribly injured. Plus, since it’s a new type of magic you’ve never tried, maybe it’ll be the one that clicks something inside you and makes you go “wow! This is what I want to do forever!”.

If nothing else, being a master of the healing arts at least sounds more dignified and sophisticated than being a fireball-thrower.

Additional resource credits:
Squiggles – Asclepius
DPronin – Thumbnail sketches
because I kept putting them off