When engineering their technological marvels, the ancient dwarves never stopped to ask “why”. Instead, they asked “why not” – and then usually went through with their ideas even when there were perfectly valid answers to that question. The artifacts they left behind explore the gray area between “dangerous” and “impractical”, and some of them ended up suspiciously far from the dwarves’ homeland.

This 94-piece building kit is made with genuine LEGO pieces (save for a few custom ones) and features:

  • A Katia Managan minifigure and accessories! Fully pad printed to fit in seamlessly with other LEGO minifigures.

(Other LEGO minifigures not included.)

  • A cave full of wondrous dwarven treasures to ransack! An instruction booklet details its construction.
  • A custom injection-molded ears piece! Put on your hatless hat.
  • A multitude of parts to use in creative and unintended ways!

(Other minifigure not included. I asked a friend to take photos and half the ones he sent me have a king with a bead on Katia.)

Ominous kings not included.