May 112011

TheFinalWraith wrote:
it sounds like that nightmare has plagued you from a young age… Actually, if you think back to the last time you slept while sober, did you have the dream then as well?

From a young age? That king nightmare has been with you for as long as you can remember.

It doesn’t happen every time you sleep sober, though. It comes and goes. For instance, you didn’t have it once on the ship ride here. All you dreamed about was being devoured by wild animals.

This was possibly because the only book you could find on the ship was The Encyclopedia of Deadly Creatures.

Zuki wrote:
Katia Managan is a pretty brave person for doing something like this.

Thanks, you guess.

You’re not really brave though, you’re just sort of pretending you are. You’re a bit worried this whole facade is going to break down as soon as you reach the castle. Hopefully it won’t, and you’ll be able to pretend you’re brave all the way through dinner.

Rarborman wrote:
I wonder if you’ve been using the bedroom upstairs…where has quill-weave been sleeping, search the house for anything you may have missed.

You haven’t even thought about that…

As far as you know there are no other beds in this house. She’s either been renting at an inn or… just sleeping on the floor? That thought makes you feel a little sad. She deserves better than that. You really hope you don’t hurt her even more by embarrassing her.

There! Not as good as a brush, but that tidied up your fur pretty well.

Well, only one way to go from here.

You really wish there was some other option. Like, something that didn’t involve a countess. You remind yourself that she’s barely even royalty; if there’s any kind of noble you can approach, it’s her. The whole notion still puts a knot in your stomach, though. It feels like you’re walking to your own doom.

digeridude wrote:
Scoop up some bubbles and make a wizard beard.

Well okay this actually makes you feel quite a bit better. Let’s roll.

You leave Quill-Weave’s house, lock the door behind you, and leg it to the chapel. You don’t want to be late to dinner, but you still plan on checking in with Trevaia before heading to the castle. Maybe she can give you some advice.

Trevaia greets you, and remarks that she didn’t expect to see you again so soon. You return her greeting and explain that you need some quick help. She asks what you need.

  • Suraru

    haha, that face she makes with the beard is classic XD

  • Zerp

    Fistbump guard is back. Man, I gotta say, that guy is my favorite secondary character, even though he hasn’t had any lines since like the fifth page

  • brofist

    Needs more fistbump guard

    • Alex Franklin

      Well now all these old comments have him for a picture. Fistbump Guard for all!

  • Massie

    I didn’t expect that she remembered that the door was locked before she left.

  • Jacob English

    shes gonna have a helluva time when the prequels over! 2 emperors!

  • Terry

    So she didn’t have the nightmare while coming over on the boat.

    Is it that she doesn’t have the nightmare as long as she’s moving towards her destiny, sort of thing?

  • Erik

    Bubble-beard and Mr.Fistbump FTW!

  • Uknown

    Ok im just not gonna comment on the green noses kaz so if you see a comment from me there is most likely to be a green nose on the page