Jun 282011

Brick wrote:
What is he but one man? One man of impressive size and capability, but one man nonetheless.

BADEND wrote:
> Katia: hide in the Other Commands Used box

chimericWilder wrote:
Also imagine the Imperial Legion soldier because that’s not even a king anymore. It’s just a monster.

Kain222 wrote:
Tear the amulet off! Unleash the full fury of your flame!

  • LiquidDinosaur

    Clever little retcon you did there with the spoiler box

  • Suraru

    spoiler box = clever and epic

    gash in foot = OUUUUUUCCCCHHHHH!!!!

  • Titanium


  • Chris Nemo

    I really like how you changed up the art for the dream sequence. The stark background is very effective.

  • ZStarlight

    Epic sequence is epic…

  • Woundedkneecap

    And can you believe it, I missed the spoiler box trick the first time around. Just kinda rushing to see it all. Clever girl.

  • This is terrific art.. I’m loving (and laughing at) this whole story but this sequence is really amazing!

  • rayzzonn


  • Uknown

    Where did katia go?

  • manarim

    Oh magawd, this is so gorgeous and evocative. I love how you’re using all of the structural elements of the page for visual storytelling, as well. It’s like a paper comic.

  • Ma’Jaarsha

    Omg it’s Akatosh carnating from the amulet!

  • Tei’lien Raektan

    Doesn’t look like a mere man.

  • dtlux14

    I love that hiding place…

  • Dragon

    Excellent use of the fourth wall here.