Jun 282011

TheFinalWraith wrote:
Politely inquire as to why he placed his hand on your mental projection of your best friend.

originalMeteorologist wrote:

Fitzmuffin wrote:
Don’t let HIM take control of YOU, take control of HIM.

TheFinalWraith wrote:
The nightmare king ruined the life of a young khajiit, but you’re not that same scared, sad, lonely little girl anymore are you?
Tell him your name, Katia Managan, and make sure he understands what it means.

>Katia: Make that King scared of you instead.

Metaflare wrote:


  • Lisa

    Oh god D:

  • Easily in the top five so far. Excellent.

  • Suraru

    at first i thought the king was going to rape QW, end the end, he did penetrate her :-/

    • TechUnadept

      DUR HUR HUR not funny. >:(

    • Frogbone


      the fuck

      is wrong with you

      • Xanderkish

        Oh hey Frogbone! It’s Xanderkish, what’s up, bro?

        • Frogbone

          Xanderkish! How’s it going, buddy?

          How about these unmoderated comments, huh? Pretty terrible

          • Burgrus of Corgi

            Hey! I don’t know either of you! How goes this comment party?

          • SoPoR SyCoPhAnT

            Oh hey bros, what’s going on in this comment thread?

            Burgrus of Corgi! What’s up dawg?!

          • Gay

            niggua you mad cuz u ain’t gangster enough like I am

    • Amon

      You funny bastard

    • Burgrus of Corgi

      No. Just, no.

    • Kaor

      I see what you did there…

  • J-Ro

    Oh my god.

  • Vincent

    Wow. How HARD do you even have to punch to break a dream?

    • Nope

      About 12,300 newtons

      • Dak

        Known from experience?

        • Dalen Vreth

          And experimentation.

  • Seb

    >make that king scare of you

  • Ishtadaal


  • Aero

    Wow, this really, really reminded me of Ruby Quest. The dream sequence, that is.

    This is a compliment, I fucking love Ruby Quest!

  • Zerp

    I love how cake is her “happy place”

  • Skelitor

    That’s the darkest thing i’ve ever seen.
    A forsaken khajiiti immigrant, who’s all but given up on herself, facing the act of sexual deviantism (if thats a word) and alcoholism, making a single friend whom she seems to be burdening greatly.. then just seeing this same khajiit cowering in fear, eating cake, her flank covered in the blood of her freshly slaughtered friend as she whimpers and tries to imagine herself somewhere else.

    Damnit Uriel, I’m glad you died. xD

    • Glav


      • Squid-kin

        Something to do with pineapples and skeletons and yo-yo gags or some such, if I remember>.>

    • random fan

      guess you’ve never read the comic “jack”

  • LycoHalostar

    This entry made me wonder something. Just a question, but since Quill-Weave is in the actual Oblivion game, and this comic takes place before the events of TES IV: Oblivion, doesn’t that make QW like… death-proof for the entirely of this story?

  • Glav

    Damn it I’m terrified of nobility now.


  • NoriMori

    Omg, that would be so scary if one dreamed that in real life. That king IS scary! Omg!

  • Someone Somewhere

    Good lord. I see why she is so scared, this would freak me the hell out. That… Thing looks like some kind of horrible mix between an eldritch abomination, a lich, and a king all in one.

  • Cabadath

    it hurts….it hurts….it hurts….

    • Tormuse

      And Quill-Weave knew the name of the king!

  • another argonian


  • Bad_Skeelz

    Man, I can see how this will play out a few months down the line.

    Blade: “It’s more assassins! Prisoner, protect the Emperor!”

    Katia: “Naw.”

    *Assassination ensues*

    • GuyManDude

      when i first played Oblivion I didn’t know about the Caps Lock thing and I just went through the starting area slowly and did noting but loot the bodies

      • creeperbro

        I deleted my first account (a Nord with extremely big eyes (ever since then, I played through all TES games as an Argonian)) because of the stupid caps key.
        Caps: UMADBRO?

  • Stick Stickley

    So I started reading this whole story earlier today and I thought it was better when she was a complete failure at everything. But, at this point in the comic it’s becoming too emotional and katia is more endearing instead of a bitch, whore, alcoholic who I want to fail at everything. I’m still gonna read it till the end and I’m gonna request that everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. I swear to the eight divine that I will kill katia!

    • NoriMori

      Wait… WHAT?

    • random fan

      you stick bastard

  • Colourtastic

    I saw that pap.

  • GentleCorgy’s#7COMBO

    Why did’nt Katia imagine the king was made of cake or actually was a cake, cause then both she and QW could have eaten him, instead of her (QW) getting impaled by the king.

    • Righteous Almond

      That would be one way for Katia to swallow her fear… (Horrible pun time)

  • Cynicalpicnic

    Have to blame the community on this one. All of those comments are panicked and desperate, do you really think that’s the best way to confront a fear? More rational suggestions and calmed explanations would have served Katia far better here.

  • SolkaTruesilver

    Is it me, or DreamKatia looks like Mewtwo?

  • JRCameron

    It’s like the people forgot the one major thing they were told about these dreams by her.
    When she tries to make them better, they get worse.
    By trying to make him go away, by trying to stand up to him, he is going to get progressively worse until she wakes up… or dies in her dream if that kind of thing can happen here.
    There is something deeper here that can be delved into via getting her to open up and let this part of herself go, sure.
    However, trying to fight this dream on its terms, in its place is not going to get her anywhere. It’s only going to make things worse for her.

    There will come a time for you to be strong, Katia. Right here, right now isn’t it.

  • Lineo

    oh god oh god oh god i was about to cry

  • Brockster

    I dont know why but this sequence brought a tear to my eye. Apparently I am in love with Katia and if anything just want to hold her protectively…

  • Prosaladtosser96

    Quill: In last moments of existence, ask why the fuck katia put you into this situation

  • Sam

    This.. Is beautiful

    • MadDad


  • manarim

    Choose-your-own-adventure online comics: proving “shouting at the screen” can be a beautiful storytelling format since 200-something.

  • TF is going on in the comments its all mostly out of topic. But whateva! Lol i’ll just ride my roflcopter out of here! :)))))

  • dtlux14

    Oh, I love the last two gifs, but they are sad…

  • Djinnfest

    A wizard is in a special position of responsibility when it comes to mental health, significantly more so than non-magical folk. No great wizard can be the prey of his or her own fears. It weakens the mind and fetters the magicka.
    Where warriors and wild beasts have their strength, monsters have their sharp fangs and venom, the wizard’s body is frail and useful for only rudimentary things, and cannot challenge any contest of might or swiftness.
    It is then, the power of the mind that defines a wizard. If you have not the sanctity of your own mind, then what do you have? It is basically the closest thing to being a homeless nobleman. You go from place to place, meeting familiar faces and going through the full range of emotions that you depend on as a person, but when there are no others around to cling to, you have only your mind, the final stronghold given to us at birth. Now of course, if that place is not safe, well… one simply cannot operate out of a hostile homestead.