Dec 092011

You return Tavia’s greeting and say that spell scrolls are definitely something you’d be interested in. At least perusing them, anyway; right now you really don’t have the money to-

Dousiq wrote:
That guy who is ignoring you seems suspicious. You should go see what he’s doing.

GeoMtch wrote:
Katia: Talk to the dude. You’ve literally talked to everybody in town, including a cultist, a vampire, and a neckbeard. Don’t pussy out of small talk. He might know of employment opportunities. Networking 101.

Hold that thought. You suddenly notice the unfamiliar, hooded man standing nearby.

You tell Tavia you’ll get back to her in a minute. You’ve got a friend to make.

Acerbus555 wrote:
>Katia: Talk to the hooded man in the store, he looks like he may be in need of Katia Managen’s assistance.

Yeah, the way he’s poring over that shopping list definitely signifies he’s looking for something. You approach the man accordingly.

WHY HELLO there, sir!

You look like a fellow who is in need of something! Something perhaps easily attainable, that I could help you with?

The man kindly informs you that – as a brighter individual might infer from his priest robe – he’s not in the market for an exotic prostitute. So, bye.

Santy wrote:
>Katia: Put your cowl on, look like a srs mage.

Ignoring the unintentional gut-punch, you scamper after the man and explain that you’re not a prostitute, you’re a wizard! A wizard for hire! You flip your hood up to demonstrate how extremely wizardly you are.

He shrugs and apologizes. He is usually capable of sensing a fellow magic-user. In fact, he always is. Now if you’ll excuse him, Sigrid is expecting some supplies.

Sigrid? Ooh! Are you with the Mages Guild then, you ask? You tell him that you’ve been thinking about joining the guild, and are gonna visit the Kvatch guildhall tonight. It’ll actually be your first visit to a Mages Guild since you learned magic! You’re really looking forward to it, though you’re not sure what to expect.

What’s the Kvatch Mages Guild like? Is Sigrid the head of it? Are you allowed to read the Guild’s books even if you’re not an actual member yet? Does the guild buy alchemy ingredients? Do you have one of those creepy Cabal guys there? Sorry, are all these questions bothering you?

Yes, he says, your incessant questioning is the most annoying thing he has ever experienced.

Oh. Sorry, you say. Dealing with mages and magic stuff… it just always makes you this weird mix of nervous and excited. Eeeee.

Actually, since he’s apparently a mage-priest-thing, maybe he could help you out a little? You explain that you can’t generate your own magicka – Atronach and all – and you really really don’t want to show up at the Mages Guild tonight without any. So maybe, if it’s not too much trouble, he could like… hit you up with a healing spell or something?

The man tells you not to worry about it. He’ll tell Sigrid you’re coming, mention your magicka problem, and she’ll come up with something. That’s the kind of thing she does.

Really? That sounds great! Thanks! I’ll see you guys there tonight, I guess?

By the way, for a Mages Guild, is there a required dress code or something? Because I want to make a good impression, and I don’t know how I feel about this hood.

Also my name is Katia! I didn’t catch yours!

Is it Steve? You look kind of like a Steve!

Wizards are SO COOL! Eeeeeeee you can’t wait until tonight.

  • R’Becca

    Aiiiyyiee! Updaaate! And it’s awesome. Love the ears-flop pic.

    • Tallbrain123

      I must say, that ear-flooping is my favorite thing ever. Someone should make a sprite for her in SSF2 and make that a taunt.

      Heck, I’ll do it myself. It’ll turn out badly…very, very badly. But I can try.

  • UnorganisedPeasant

    Okay, cool, now calm down. One thing at a time here, remember what you came in for! Go back to the clerk and resume selling off your trash, you have enough to not worry about haggling skills. Maybe you can find a sweet headtie to accustom the whole ear-cowl thing?

  • Halbean

    I swear, Katia is like the happiest and most excited mage I’ve ever encountered. It’s socially overwhelming but totally adorable~ XD

    • Nidorina

      I know right? Too bad all the mages at the Arcane University are complete jerks. It will make going there if she ever does very difficult.

      • Novice Fire Mage

        The librarian, Tar-Meena’s not a jerk. She’s helpful and informative.

      • Zayle

        Depending on how much earlier this is from the start of Oblivion, she might not have to make the pilgrimage around Cyrodiil. She would just have to get a recommendation from one hall. Somehow.

        • Pest02

          “Someone wants to join the Arcane University, should we allow it?” – random guild member
          “After Katia? HELL NO. Make them get recommendations from EVERY hall.”‘ – Arch Mage Traven
          “But sir, that’ll take weeks…”

          • Jak Atackka


          • Fancypantsman


          • Yappy

            Six months later, this is still the greatest freakin’ comment on the entire website. I’ve been reading through the archive, and this made me physically unable to use my computer for a whole minute due to laughter.

  • Zuigen

    This “She’ll come up with something” business is clearly a trap. Be prepared for humiliation, if not bodily harm. But first things first, sell your stuff, you can gird yourself for ridicule later.

  • Bethryn

    Minor correction: “poring over” not “pouring over”. To pore over something is to read it in extreme detail.

    Love the animation with the hood!

    • Kazerad

      Oh wow, pore can be a verb? I always assumed “po(u)ring over something” was a kind of weird reference to how a person leans forward when reading. I just checked though, and apparently you’re right. Fixed!

      I can’t wait to take advantage of this by newfound knowledge by making a pouring pun that only works in text and which nobody will actually get.

      • Bazul

        I believe the term is “purring over” =^.^=

  • Grey Acumen

    Ear-hood-pomfy Katia is freaking mesmerizing. You should just have that as a link for people to put for advertizing. Just like:

    “Isn’t she the cutest thing ever? You almost want to pick on her just to see her cry? Stop on by and you CAN (both pick on her and see her cry)”

    • NoriMori

      That would actually be a brilliant campaign.

    • Ingligigiigiigigiigiigigigigigigiigig

      I swear Katia’s tail in the second to last frame my have the fastest frames-per-second ever.

  • I only just found out about this comic this week! AUGH!! Very adorable and addictive!

    NOW: For our humble M.age I.n T.raining, she should be careful around those scrolls. To the untrained a scroll can be dangerous, perhaps she should try to avoid reading them out loud lest she accidentally activate the spell within. Learning what kinds of spells there are out there however would be great as she could try doing them herself once she recharges her magicka reserves and then she’ll have the prerequisite two spells needed for the Mages Guild!

    • NoriMori

      “I only just found out about this comic this week! AUGH!! Very adorable and addictive!”

      Same here! Well, it was last week for me. But the rest of your quote rings true for me!

  • Link

    It’s a little sad that Katia is so bereft of happiness that just speaking to that priest makes her all full of glee despite his blatant disinterest and loathing of her presence xD

  • phil

    Just found this comic recently and… Mind = Blown!
    Katia is on of the most likeable comic characters i know.

    • NoriMori

      “Just found this comic recently and… Mind = Blown!”

      Same here. Just found it the other day! :O

      • friendly shrapnel

        i literaly found it last night and read all of it. so awsome

        • NoriMori

          I know right?? 😀 Love it so much.

          • Vozw

            So adorable! Read it all in a few days, purriceless.
            Ear-flopping = adorable ^^

          • adamkl

            me too!, i told me friend i was bored and she sent me this, i clicked the “start from beginning” button sometime last night and read all the way through

    • StClair

      Count me in, too.

      (Ear-pushups = the cutest thing)

  • LandsharkRAWR

    sell your hood, it’s clearly too small for you… unless you want to cut holes into it for your ears

    • Link

      If she were to consider that she should probably let someone else do it, considering her tailoring skills xD

  • AdultPuppetShow

    Kazerad, you certainly know how to emasculate someone.


  • Sanguine.

    Why must Katia be so cute? why? It makes me feel so much worse when bad things happen to her xD

  • Ananstra

    Sell some stuff to the storekeeper, then go back to the bookstore and get the book for Quill-Weave. If you have enough left over, maybe he’ll have some books on magic you can buy!

  • who149

    We named a character. Amazing.

    • slashkamei

      Yep, called him Steve =3

  • NotThatJones

    Sell your junk, but save your cash! You need to buy that book before you buy anything else.

  • Ribbs

    Dear sweet lord. That ear hood floppy thing is mesmerizing. I can’t stop watching it.

    • friendly shrapnel

      Can you make them do the wave?

      • AdultPuppetShow

        Dear God, I thought I was the only one.

  • Christopher

    I NEED to donate money to this. This is the most entertaining thing I’ve come across in years. And the creativity and writing, combined with charming art are fantastic. But I searched for 20 minutes and couldn’t find the 1000 donate links most comics/online stuff have. SHUTUP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

    (Seriously where’s the donate links?)

    • Dousiq
    • Riobe

      I’m going to agree with this. How do we donate? I’m more than willing to throw a bit of money behind this to ensure it doesn’t fizzle.

    • Kazerad

      Thank you, but I really don’t need the money! If I took donations it would just be a sort of game to see how much I could get, and I’d probably never actually use any of the cash. As fun as that sounds, I’d feel a little guilty doing it.

      But seriously, if you have some money burning a hole in your pocket just find a good charity or something to donate to. It’s the holidays, so there’s no shortage of them. Just yesterday I was at the gym and saw one of those tree things where you choose an underprivileged child and buy them a gift. They had lists of what each kid wanted, and it was stuff like “a new backpack”, “popular kid pants”, or “a radio”. There was a kid who wanted a fucking radio for Christmas. In 2011.

      These people would appreciate your money a lot more than I ever could. For me it would just be another way to keep score, and I can do that just as well with pageviews, unique hits, comments, reviews, and so on.

      • Caboose

        You are the fucking man, man. Your actions, they impress me.

      • AdultPuppetShow

        You’re a big goddamn hero.

      • Link

        Kazerad for President!

        No wait, then there wouldn’t be any more Prequel…

        Don’t you DARE run for president Kaz!

        • adamkl

          finally, a real motivation to register for voting.

      • scoot

        I think you may be the most selfless webcomic artist I know.

      • Norexico

        The most humble too, I might add.

        Them words motivated me…

      • Fiks

        Go go, Gadget ChildsPlay!

        Started reading last week, after seeing the link from Three Panel Soul. Good show!

      • Chris

        Definitely the first time I’ve seen an artist deny money for their creations. But hey. What’s your favorite Charity?

      • Liudvikas

        How about this, we donate money and you magically exchange it to septims and transfer to Katia.

      • AmesRed

        I used to believe that good people did not exist on the internet.

        Thank you for proving me wrong.

      • Anna

        I think I am a little bit in love with you! In a totally non-creepy way, of course!

      • Z

        Hey, just so you know you have a reader from the Fire Department :p

        Don’t tell the guys though.

        Also, the way you totally turned down donations and directed them to a worthy chairity was totally awesome.

        As a reminder, alot of Departments around the country do toy drives this time of year. Check with your local Department first.

        Toys for Tots is also a good one. The smiles on these kids faces are just the greatest things ever.

        Best wishes, and God bless.

      • Eagletoo

        It is for this comment and this one alone that I will stay with this comic until it ends. You sir, are amazing

      • Kelibath

        Can you tell me the proper name / where to search for that charity at the gym you mentioned? It sounds really wonderful

        • Kazerad

          I’m not sure of the exact organization; I think it was just a local thing. I know I’ve seen the same idea executed elsewhere, though, so I think it’s a fairly common idea. It almost always takes the same form: a Christmas tree with names hanging on it, put near the front of stores/malls/other busy places.

  • Dousiq

    I made it into the commands! 😀

    • TechUnadept

      cool story bro 😐

      • Dousiq

        It is a pretty cool story, isn’t it.

        • Xel`Naga


  • Andre

    Katia should sell her junk and then do a “Queer Eye for the Straight Khajiit”-style makeover montage.

  • oy! just discovered (or rediscovered?!) this wonderful comic and had quite a good time reading looking forward to more!

  • Asthanius

    Katia, try to refrain from the earflopping thing while wearing a hood. While it looks extremely cute, it can be off-putting for some who are not a “happy” kind of person. Also, remember that you were about to peruse the selection of scrolls.

  • Norexico

    Aaaagh, so goddamn cute, that hood flop thing! So much, I actually do feel kinda bad she’s sometimes called a prostitute in the comic.

  • GeoMtch

    ah jeah, my request got in

  • Illidan

    Katia: mess up with the guild acceptance process and be banned forever from Kvatch.

  • Dave

    Spell scrolls are a waste of the small bit of coin that you have, if you buy a lot you’ll run out extremely fast and if you only buy a few you’ll never want to use them because you don’t want to waste them. Ask if there are any sources of affordable spell tomes.

    • JackDesert

      Better yet, ask if there are any filled soulgems you can use to recharge yourself so you can toss fireballs around. I figure if you can recharge magic items with those gems, you could possibly use them to recharge yourself in a pinch.

  • minigendo

    The ears my goodness the ears. It’s impossibly cute.

  • Vexxtech

    I flipped through the panels before actually reading… and though dear Katia was trying to fly in the ear flop one.

    Kaz, you have created one of the most adorable and likeable characters I’ve ever seen. :3 Let’s hope her “subconcious” (us) doesn’t let her down!

  • Danielson

    mmmmm say what if yo sell the yarn… or naybe make something really pretty with it and then you sell it…..

  • James Almasy

    Cut holes in the hood where the ears go.
    Become a trendsetter.

  • LatinGeek

    Eeee~ my suggestion got in
    I love the floppy ears animation.

  • Awwww the ear flop is so awesome 😀

    Maybe if she uses it repeatedly fast enough it can distract a future enemy o.o

  • Nick

    Katia: Go get a fake beard so you appear more “legit mage” to the guild.

  • Castro2man

    Awesome story 😀

  • Reohajj Ouduru

    Katia needs that ponytail from last page. >.> Just saiyan,

  • Jacob_sword

    Do the thing with your ears more.

  • Internetian

    OMG Her ears are the cutest!

  • Gabe Newell

    Buy a hat. Everyone loves hats.

    • Dousiq

      I don’t think the hat would be worth the weight.

  • Kyle Hyde

    dat earflopping

  • Caer

    I’ve spent all day reading the entire mythos of Katia and I’ve got to say I’m totally hooked! I can’t wait to see the next installment. Such an excellent comic~

  • lord_of_the_future_nipplekind

    Hey, Katia! See if you can do errands instead of working for actual money, you might get a place to stay (for now at least) out of it, or at least possibly learn a trade skill.

  • Futil

    Ok, you are getting to cocky, you need to calm down and look at this situation with a critical eye.

  • crashhhh

    Hey Katia! Your doin great. The ear flopping is cute and all but you gotta get some ear holes cut in that hood. gotta have the most serious mage-ness ever for a top notch reputation. Do that after pawning off some usless stuff (not your trusty lock pick though. thats stayed with you no matter what)

  • TechUnadept

    realize “Steve” is a jerk and spend the rest of the day pouting.

  • Reason

    Waaait a minute, this hooded wizard looked familiar. Not to be racist towards people wearing hooded robes, but this guy seemed like gloomy NO ONE we DIDN’T SEE in another mages guild. Well, maybe this one doesn’t have A STRANGE SHARP-LOOKING SPOON COVERED IN STRAWBERRY JAM, but if I were you, I’d be caref–…wait.

    • Link

      Actually if you go back and look at the other guy they’re not really that much alike…
      That other guy wasn’t a mage at all, he was a “cook” who just bought ingredients at the guild.

      • Reason

        Well thank…Julianos, I guess? No, Mara? Molag Ba–Wait, let me update myself on our religion a bit. Is there a “God of Unlucky Misunderstandings That Were Averted”? Well, even if there isn’t that’s something we can look forward to! Talos has become a god, and all he did was screaming a whole lot and killing people, anyone can do that.

  • Lordlyhour

    Realise: Preist robe = Preist. Jump to Conclusion: Voices in head giving you Horrible advice = DEMONIC POSSESION.
    Obvious Result: Ask Steve the Preist perform an Exorcism to get rid of the voices. Or at least the voices that keep on telling you to get Drunk, Take your Clothes off and Screw the Nearest Biped. or Quadruped, as the case may be. Can;t go being Legsist, now can we?

  • andwhyisit

    Katia has her “Best day ever!” face on. :3

  • Jarhyn

    This is going to turn out so badly. Red robes outside kvatch = mythic dawn. If they’re in town, things will go downhill rather quickly.

    • Reason

      But he seemed like such a nice guy! Red robes, a campfire, wizard, probably a bag of marshmallows stuffed somewhere around the nearest rock. Waiting for friends and frying marshmallows is not a crime. At least in Hammerfell.
      And even though his…beliefs seemed quire questionable – there are 2 guards outside. Trained guards. With real swords. If they fail, well…Kvatch is filled with orher dangerous-looking individuals.

  • sabata2

    This story has put Oblivion as my next “Game to play” now.

  • Michael

    I think you should also offer to clean up the store a little, but be tactful about it.

  • justme


    • Malefactor

      I swear to god…

    • SkyrimImperial

      Glad I’m not the only one who thought that.

  • Timtok

    Make sure you still have that lockpick.

  • AWiseMan

    Have some celebratory drinks!

  • Dwyer

    Okay so why was that book you had to buy for Quill Weave so expensive?
    was it a skill book? if it once, at one point in your crazy drunken hijinks, you got better at a skill from looking at/ruining that book

    which means you’re better at something!


  • Koh

    Katia: If you want to be a mage you have to start *emulating* mages…like Steve. You should try on a quick “I am a mage” scowl to see how it fits.

  • Whisket

    First time commenting, I like (what I assume is) a Johannes Cabal refrence when she’s asking him questions
    nobody said anything so I thought I’d point that out

  • Mimiyu

    Steve is awesome! Steve is the best friend ever, better hurry up and sell all your crap so you can stalk him and be the bestest friends ever. Maybe he’ll even teach you priest-y magic! You can get Quill Weave’s book later.

  • Black Santa

    Before buying yourself anything else with the money you get for your loot (other than QW’s book), for the love of the Gods DO buy yourself some books on magic before the guy realizes they’re worth more than a septim each!

  • Spielmann

    y u no stay on topic D:< you ramble back and forth to different peeps! it's a good thing but eh, get back to negotiating!

  • outformyown

    Katia: Somehow show the guy that you are a mage that people should be afraid of. I don’t know, cast a fireball?

  • Ger

    So…. I found this comic quite some time ago, but only recently decided to read it from start to end… So I did it. In one go. With all the comments. THIS SHIT IS LIKE CRACK. Have my babies.

    • Illidan

      Welcome to Prequel.
      You are trapped in here with us now,

  • Wulf

    You should practise your talents of ear agility, Ja’Khajiit! The less furred ones have a weakness for furred creatures doing adorable things, and it might come in handy. Who knows? Perhaps if you learn to demonstrate your ear agility at just the right moments, you may gain some random boons from it!

    And you may be able to melt the heart of that hipster bookshop guy. This is incredibly unlikely, granted, since that mer is a stone-cold pedlar of pseudo-intellectual publications, a veritable hard-man of hardcover hustling indeed. But you never know, it could all be an act and there’s really a soft, sensitive elf under all that who’d be willing to come out of his hard-boiled shell at the sight of a Ja’Khajiit performing cute tricks for him. Such as yourself.

  • Slatt

    You really should set your mind to buying a few books of magic. Sure, if you get in good graces with the Mage Guild you’ll have a library’s worth of reading, but given your… unique magical circumstances, books that you can make notes and corrections in.

    Trust me, you do not want to tick off magical librarians. They’re the stuff the creatures of Oblivion have nightmares about.

    • Slatt

      er, “you’ll want” before “books that you can make notes and corrections in.

  • Xel`Naga

    I keep refreshing the homepage, but it’s not updating. *sob*

    • Kazerad

      Aww, now I feel a little bad because I might not get a chance to update this until the weekend )=.

      But… but maybe if you refresh harder, it will update sooner! Keep trying! I believe in you.

  • I wish I could flutter my ears like that.

  • Video James

    Maybe you should practice some of your spells before the meeting.

  • LP

    Katia: Consider growing a beard just in case it’s a requirement they didn’t tell you about. Those ladies back at the other (Anvil?) Mage’s Guild could have been keeping theirs hidden. Possibly in boxes or with advanced amulets of Unsightly Facial Hair Obfuscation. You’ve heard of the famous Enemies Explode spell. If there’s a spell that specific, who is to say that there isn’t one slightly more specific and incredibly more useful?

  • shemp50

    Katia: First things first its time to lighten your load, sell all the loot collected on your journey to kvatch. Second its time to take advantage on a rare oppourtunity, go back to the book store and buy several 1 septim magic books, its not that happends everyday. Of coarse its still a priority to get the grammer book for QW, but hey you want to improve your magicka too right. This a oppourtunity you surely cant pass up. Also make note to keep an eye out for gear enchanted with magicka regen, might help in keeping a magicka supply.

    PS. Good luck at the mages guild:)

  • shemp50

    (Extended)— And hey someone else may pay more for those books aswell think of the investment.

  • Spaz

    >Don’t get so worked up yet, Sell your stuff and THEN worry about you Magika. One thing at a time.

  • Once you’re done selling your things, you should inquire as to what kind of imps reside upstairs. Maybe if they’re the magical type, you can shoo them off with the added bonus of getting a magicka boost! (Probably… I mean, what could go wrong right?)

  • smithy

    That BURLAP SACK over there is giving you the STINK EYE. Show it WHAT FOR. Or just see what’s inside, maybe burlap sacks have a good taste in food.

  • Dar ‘Joras

    you know, with all these conversations taht have kind have nothign to do with katias situation im not really suprised she is a lil bit airheaded, no offence there my dear.

    how well enough about my talk about us more or less helpfull tumors…erm..i mean hallucantions…or what ever we are..anyways i’d say we should try to sell some of the stuff we can’t really use (we don’t really need a fork and a knife we have claws after all, thought the spoon should be helpful when we eat stuff like pudding so we should keep it, after taht we might should think about tellin the guards about that necklickin VAMPIRE, maybe a reward is in for us, don’t forget ask for a reward right away so we can be sure about it, it’s either cash or a meal both would be good
    with best regards your fellow Kajit Mage/Merchant

  • GoldenMouse

    I’ve found about this comic yesterday and since then I’ve been reading it. I really like Katia, never sympathized with a fictional character like this before, luck is so mean with her!

    Also, that damn orc killing mr. D, that mage could have made a cute couple with Katia as well. I hope the green bastard dies incinerated by her fire powers after she realizes what happened 🙁

    • Dar ‘Joras

      that’s, sadly, not very likly cause Katia just started her training as a mage AND Gharug nhas the ring so he’s fire proof, or atleast a bit and probably fireproof enough that katias spells and mindflames AND punflames are probably useless. But your right killing Dimitri was uncalled for.

      • LP

        He was a necromancer. He was lawfully an outlaw of criminal status. Clearly, killing him was the only outcome for a reasonable adventuring Orcamancer.

        • Dar ‘Joras

          true but the art of necromancy (or what ever it would be called) is allowed to study, under watch of the imperials nevertheless but still allowed his only lawabidding deed was he did it without the watching of th imperials and that is likely to have a low fee he would need to pay.
          And Gharug is a highwayman and a outlaw, not an adventurer, that’s a big difference.

          • LP

            Only real difference if he’s the PC or not. 😛

            Also? Necromancy is totally illegal in Cyrodiil.

          • Dar ‘Joras

            PC or i think we can put aside here.
            Also. Necromancy is only really illegal in Morrowind.

          • LP

            Ehhhh. Morrowind does necromancy, they just call it “ancestor worship” and handed it over to the Church of Pantless; Patron Saint of Being Killed for Being a Douche to Me That One Time.


  • MiG

    Despite him sounding nice in the letter, Dimitri seemed a little “off.” I’m not sure he’d have been a great influence on Katia.

    I mean she slept with Gharug too and their second meeting didn’t really go well, despite professionalism.

  • The Nerevarine

    Dear Katia,
    I know that you may be having a tough time right now, but believe me when I say that things will get better for you.
    When I first started out, I wasn’t very strong, very fast, or very skilled in magic. I was constantly broke, asking people for odd jobs so I could make ends meet. And like you, I had a friend who offered to let me stay at his place when I needed somewhere to sleep.
    It may be hard for you right now Katia, but you will rise up. Because I believe in you. I know that you are afraid of things in the dark, but so was I. Dagoth Ur scared me. He crept into my dreams, he made puppets out of people I cared about, he even managed to touch me with his horrible curse of the flesh. I was afraid when I faced his kinsmen, the Ash Vampires. They were strong and terrible. They pretended to be polite and honorable, but they offered me no mercy.
    And when I finally met Dagoth Ur face to face…. he taunted me. I attacked him and he mocked me for believing that I could harm him. And when I finally fulfilled my destiny and destroyed the source of his power, I was still afraid of Dagoth Ur as he tried to drag me into the depths of hell with him as Red Mountain quaked around us.
    I have a feeling that you will face far worse than a mad demigod.
    And I pray for your victory.

    May Fortune favor you,
    Nerevar Reborn.

  • AlleheKraath

    >Katia: suddenly develop a paranoid notion that maybe Sigrid is actually some evil bitch that is controlling these mage-priest-things into doing her bidding. They are her PAWns and she will be the herald of a new CAT-aclysm that threatens the entire world.

    • J’Ram-Ku

      Too bad for you, AlleheKraath, that she has a particular silence enchanted necklace in her equip.

  • Remember, sell your stuff while you’re in there before you become too magestruck, Be wary of how he said Sigrid would come up with something, and stop at the chapel to try and mooch off some free magicka, assuming that the chapel is friendlier than that mage.

  • And stay away from alcohol, and remember that the repercussions of blacking out are going to be worse than most things you will probably encounter. Plus, as long as you don’t black out, you don’t need to replace your cloths a third time.

  • The Nerevarine

    >Katia: As an experienced fellow, I have to tell you that appearances can be deceiving. However, there is a very good reason that no-one wants to talk about the mage’s guild of this town.
    Katia, if I may be frank, I believe you are in grave danger. You wish to be a great wizard? Well, every great wizard starts somewhere. You must be cautious. I suggest you ask people around town about the people of the mage’s guild. Something tells me you will get nothing but a glowing recommendation. Do not trust this. In my experience, there is always SOMEONE who dislikes the guild. If you can find not even one individual, then I implore you to prepare for battle.
    Something is wrong here, and you may be the only one who can discover whatever dark secrets this place has.

    • Dousiq

      Commands go in the MSPA forums thread, outlander.

      • The Nerevarine

        Blood and bone! You’re right! I had forgotten to place my concerns within the proper channels!

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    I was introduced to this site by a guild member from SWTOR yesterday and read the whole thing last night and today. It’s fantastic, and I would like to /applaud the author. Also, quick question: if Katia is so insistent on carrying around that lockpick of hers, why doesn’t she use it to open all of those freaking locked chests all over town? Then she could sell their contents to a fence (provided she is willing to join the Thieves Guild). Lastly, I like the reference to Martin Septim in the update before this one. Katia has quite the powerful royaldar.

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    I hope it will be a looong story, it’s fun to read it

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    P.S. Don’t forget the ring

    P.P.S Ask about the sorts of things the Kvatch Mage’s Guild buys, and what kind of person Sigrid is.

    • Farthing

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    • spaced

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    • The Nerevarine

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      Katia! Alert the guards! Run for your life! Necromancers play for keeps!

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  • Why does everybody want Katia to cut holes in her hood? She should leave it as it is, I wouldn’t cut holes into my hats and the cloth of the hood can’t be that irritating for her ears.

    • You don’t have cat ears to contend with. And she has mentioned that it’s uncomfortable for her. I imagine it’s the same as if we had something folding our ears down, muffling everything.

      • DestinedFateX

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    “You return Tavia’s greeting and say that spell scrolls are definitely something you’d be interested in. At least perusing them, anyway; right now you don’t really don’t have the money to-”

    Alright, here we go, gonna make some money, right now, it’s so awesome, here we go, nothing can stop her…

    “Hold that thought. You suddenly notice the unfamiliar, hooded man standing nearby.

    You tell Tavia you’ll get back to her in a minute. You’ve got a friend to make.”

    …now… ffffFFFFFFUUUUUUUS RO DAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! those comments, and the jerk faced mage.

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    But seriously, if you have some money burning a hole in your pocket just find a good charity or something to donate to. It’s the holidays, so there’s no shortage of them. Just yesterday I was at the gym and saw one of those tree things where you choose an underprivileged child and buy them a gift. They had lists of what each kid wanted, and it was stuff like “a new backpack”, “popular kid pants”, or “a radio”. There was a kid who wanted a fucking radio for Christmas. In 2011.

    These people would appreciate your money a lot more than I ever could. For me it would just be another way to keep score, and I can do that just as well with pageviews, unique hits, comments, reviews, and so on.”

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    How often do you update the comic? I wouldn’t know how hard it is to draw all the panels and things like that, but I hope it’s not like 1 new page every month. 🙁
    I might be developing an addiction towards your comic and I want more.

    • Kazerad

      Yes, I read them all! My admin panel has a list of the most recent comments, so it’s pretty easy to keep up-to-date.

      I aim to update every 2-4 days, but every once in a while I fall behind. Then I feel guilty about falling behind and try make up for it with a big update, which causes me to fall behind even further. It is a vicious cycle.

      But yeah, pretty soon I should be back to updating this pretty regularly. As for where the idea itself came from, its origins are described over in the “About” page. Though I am slowly beginning to accept that nobody actually reads the “About” pages on websites.

      • Kog

        To the “About” page!

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    I was loving this story and the elder scrolls references. The art is pretty great too. But the constant references to the main character being a slut/prostitute/whore/whatever is getting really creepy. A couple of mentions makes the character have a self esteem problem, but apparently the whole damn world is fixated on her pussy. It makes me like a creep just for reading it. So I’m out.

    • Illidan

      weakling, giving up for this much?

    • Spielmann

      for some people, sadly, that’s life :/ mine is like hers, exept the whore part of course, in a stupid lazy way that I caused. She also caused hers but it wasn’t all her own fault, it was also her family and her self esteem, which got worse and worse when she got older. Same with meh, i have gotten lazier and lazier but finally i decided to start making changes but it really is not easy, just like it isn’t for her.
      Sorry for the lecture.

    • Lowblock

      If you don’t like it then submit some different commands!

      • Snargelfargen

        Idunno, registering and submitting commands solely to change how a fictional character is depicted seems a little weird somehow? I’m not here to fix the internet or anythuing. I just wanted to give my 2 cents since I enjoyed the comic quite a bit until the slut references started getting repetitive.

        In any case, I’m sure kazerad is doing it on purpose. Kazerad may be selecting commands from the forum, but at the end of the day the author has full control over what appears in each update.

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    There’s an extra “don’t” in there.

    Of course, I only point out typos out of love. 😉 (er… I mean love for the webcomic; not any creepy kind of love or anything) 😐

    • Kazerad

      Whoops, corrected! How do these go unnoticed for so long…

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