Nov 292011

TheVoiceandTheMuse wrote:
Ok, now that we’ve read it, let’s lawfully discard the disgusting piece of paper (don’t litter).

Snow wrote:
That said, it might be a good idea to check out the local church to try and get a recharge, that should make doing a few chores around town a little easier. Also maybe see if the gods would be so merciful as to perhaps grant you some magic god money or a light before lunch blessing or something… third times the charm right?

JacobXanth wrote:
Katia did you just read someone else’s mail?
Shame shame!

You weren’t reading someone else’s mail, you were reading someone else’s trash. It’s completely different, and much more acceptable.

But yeah, this is no time to stand around pondering the morality of garbage-tampering. You’ve got work to do.

refinder wrote:
Katia: You have some options. Try to convert your quick assets to cash first and then consider the odd jobs around town if the sales don’t go well.

First things first, it’s time to head to the trader and sell off all this stuff you don’t need. You know, get a little starter cash, hopefully enough to cover the first day or so.

After that… you guess you’ve got some options. One thing you definitely want to do before tonight is get a magic recharge from the healers at the chapel – you know, in case the wizardfolk at the Mages Guild ask you to demonstrate your abilities.

But really, your first priority here should be saving up some cold, hard cash. There were a couple people who seemed like they might be willing to pay. That one guy needed a sign? You could do that, you guess? That’s like a good ten septims probably. Woo, nearly one twentieth your stay covered right there.

expy wrote:
>Katia: consider entering dancing tournament
for money
which you, you know, need

Heh. Yeah. You know you need the money, but you really really really really really really really don’t want to enter that dance tournament.

I mean, your old life of drunken one-night stands and sleazy poledancing is something you want to leave behind. Now that you’re far away from home, you want to be someone people can look up to. You want to be someone you can look up to. The very thought of getting up on a stage and showing everyone in Kvatch what a trashy slut you are… it just sort of puts a knot in your stomach. The people in this town probably almost kind of respect you right now and you want to hang onto that. Because it feels really good.

So yeah, dance competition isn’t going to happen. Not unless you can miraculously come up with some act that doesn’t make you look like a cheap whore. The orc said it’d be a few days before the next competition, so you guess you’ll have time to think about it.

Shondoa wrote:
Once that’s done, find the grape-jelly lady and take her up on her offer. You really need the money if you plan to even stay the night in the city. Plus its just some jelly, and she’s doing it behind a tree where no one can see, what’s the harm?

MoldovainEurovision2011 wrote:
Katia: Get some money from that creepy lady. She’s clearly not a vampire, just a neck-romancer.

This, on the other hand, sounds like a perfect idea! Sure, her request seemed a little weird and fetishistic at first, but in retrospect there’s really nothing sexual about licking grape jelly off someone’s neck. It just happens to be a thing she likes, the same way you like magic or Quill-Weave likes chocolate! You are quite sure this lady is a perfectly normal human woman with no ulterior motives whatsoever. You know, no ulterior motives other than the small fact


You’d rather not sell your precious lifeblood to the undead monstrosity. If something bad happens, maybe you get hurt or something, you’re going to need this blood. For bleeding. And you’re not sure how fast people grow new blood.

Anyway, you’re quite certain you can come up with much better ways to earn money.

MyUsernamesMud wrote:
>try and sell that yarn to your new Khadjit friend

LycoHalostar wrote:
Katia: You should sell off all your unneeded junk. I’m sure carrying a lighter load and a heavier wallet will make you feel much better. Try and pull together as much money as you can while you wait for the Mage’s Guild to open and you can see what their deal is.

Right, right, no sense in getting frustrated about bad ideas you haven’t even executed yet. Right now it’s time to make some quick cash. A heavier wallet makes everything better. Or so you’ve heard.

You regather your confidence, push the dumb ideas out of your head, and stroll into the Kvatch general store. Tavia welcomes you back and, like before, invites you to look around. She explains that a couple brand new spell scrolls were dropped off since your last visit, if that’s something you’re interested in.

  • Shailsnic

    I’m surprised that she still had faith in her subconsious to begin with… then again it WAS because of it that she became a wizard. I know I’m a new new though, I’ve been reading this for a while. It’s just only now that I stopped being lazy and actually commented! ^.^

    • Shailsnic

      I meant to say that I know I’m a new name, not that I’m a “new new”. Basically, I’m just saying I was a lurker, then I stopped being lazy and commented.

      • Maxwell

        Yeah, no one cares.

        • Shailsnic

          Apparently you do since you decided to coment on it max. =p

          • Kail

            It was meant as a friendly nudge.

          • Shailsnic

            k, now let’s stop this reply chain since personally, I think it’s gone quite far enough.

        • Wind

          NOOO! All may feel free to clutter this reply chain with pointless nonsense whilest waiting for Kaz’s next (surprisingly on-schedule) update.

          • 21stCenturyBird

            Well, now you jinxed it.

          • Loland

            Damn you.

  • Halbean

    Having a sufficient amount of blood for the sole purpose of bleeding should be one of her highest priorities! Plus vampires are just downright creepy. Oh hey, those new scrolls sound rather interesting~

    • Wind

      No they’re not. Plus, you get all sorts of new powers and strengths. Definitely an option, though knowing Katia’s luck, she’ll get caught fumbling over someone while trying to drink their blood (assuming that she can bring herself to the thought of it).

      • noone

        Doesn’t vampirism cause everyone to attack you when it’s developed enough?

        • Riobe

          If it progresses far enough, yes. But if you drink blood once a day you’ll never get past the first stage and you’ll just look a bit ill or under the weather to most people. Go 3 or 4 days dry though, and you’ll be sunken and hollow looking as well as quite pale and a bit more wrinkly. At least that was Oblivion. At that point making friends is a bit harder.

          • Halbean

            That’s definitely not an option for her then. Katia wants to make ALL THE FRIENDS!

          • Dragon

            Took me until your penultimate sentence to realize you were talking about a game.

        • patrick

          not always. it is just like Riobe said, but some clans can conceal themselves to the point where you can not see any difference at all. at least when they are fed enough.

  • Supes

    Those scrolls sure do sound tempting, but we mustn’t spend all our non-existent septims in one place. Priority: Grammar book. Even though spell scrolls might be cheaper, and we could definitely use that to go searching for some more expensive items to sell in order for us to buy that book faster…

    No! Just go up the nice shopkeep and ask if she would be kind enough to purchase any of your items.

  • Lucreel

    Katia: Do you still have any of those flowers and mushrooms you picked earlier? If you do, Tavia might buy them from you. Check to see if she’ll buy those. They might not make a lot of money for you, but even if she’ll give you one drake for each, if you have 10 or 20 plants, that might make you some coin. Even if you don’t have any with you, still ask, because that might be something you can go do while you’re waiting for the mages’ guild to open.

    • James

      It says RIGHT AT THE TOP OF THE BOX TO COMMENT IN: Visit the forum thread to submit commands!

      • Zidjit

        Oh yes, let’s not be a scummy jerk to someone who might not know, let’s just be the nicest person ever.

        • Barguist

          Word, brother.

      • TechUnadept


  • Link

    Haha, faith in subconscious dwindling =D
    As if we ever really provided her with more good ideas than bad =P

    Hopefully those scrolls won’t seem all too tempting… it’s a rather likely she’ll just get to use them as makeshift blankets if she spends her hardly existing money on them.

  • The Voice

    Nice shot.

  • Eggie

    Katia: Forget the scrolls for now. Your priorities are a night at the inn and that book back at the bookstore. You can worry about flashy new scrolls after you’ve secured the former two.

    • Vivallion

      Speaking of this, Attempt to thief the scroll from the bookstore with the lockpick you have stored in your….cough…for so long. AT NIGHT OBVIOUSLY

    • James

      Visit the forum thread to submit commands!

      • LycoHalostar

        Dude, relax. :3

        I post one REAL command in the MSPA thread like I’m suppose to, and one joke command here! That’s just how I roll.

  • Anon

    Оче быстро! Браво!
    Кто-нибудь ещё русский читает?

    • Lucreel

      Нет, я не знаю русский язык, но я могу использовать Google Translate. Я не уверен, насколько хорош перевод будет, однако.

    • Fox warlock

      Я читаю, например.

  • LycoHalostar

    Katia: Hit Tavia with a seemingly random string of jokes, brags, compliments, and threats until she is magically your best friend. You seems like a nice enough girl, that must mean you have high Personality, so work that Speechcraft skill, kitty!

    • Wind

      Not to mention, they’re stuck in your conversation lock until you release them. Keep going until they’re willing to do anything for you. 😀

    • James

      Visit the forum thread to submit commands! Goddamn!

      • You’re adorable in your spergin’

  • Driblis

    Katia: Focus! Just sell your random trinkets, odds and ends, that sort of thing. Say, the alchemical crap you have no idea how to use and the other miscellanea you are carrying.

  • Lucreel

    Kazerad: Can I make a request? Can you list/display Katia’s current inventory, if not every post, maybe at the beginning of every week? I’m having a hard time remembering/tracking what she has, for making suggestions.

    • jook

      Here ya go, this looks like the most recent inventory update.

  • Sell your hand-made “machete” and your new ring, if it’s worth anything. If not, keep it just to look even more cute than you look now! And don’t forget: things are getting better!

  • You have heard before, that alchemical ingredients have special effects. Why not find anyone, who knows if any of these, that you can easily find, replenish magicka?

  • Voye

    This character style > the other one. Fits her far better. Also, gratz on keeping the tuesday timeline.

  • Ravlash

    Katia: Well now, time to take inventory: keep everything that is a necessity, the rest you should really pawn off for that cold hard cash. Also, go ahead and ask the nice trader about those scrolls, maybe if you make some extra cash in the next few days you could buy one for Q.W as a present!

  • Soadreqm

    The INNOCENT FUN drawing is one of my favorite panels ever. :3

  • SpazzyHyena

    Katia: Try to buy the scroll of immense luck, but remember you are out of cash!

    • scoot

      Make sure it’s a scroll of immense good luck first. You don’t need any more bad luck Katia.

  • talyn

    Been reading for about a month, first post. Awesome comic!

    Katia: Look around the store, but only enough to notice the guy that looks like he could use some help.

  • Loland

    After getting the money and check out the mages guild you should ask the head mage if there is a way to see how much Magicka you have left!

  • harbinger

    You should definitely buy the magic scrolls after you have sold your loot. I mean, these are spells you can use to get into the mages’ guild, therefore free sleep, free food, free spells. In the long run, its an investment in your future, saving you money you would have spent on that expensive inn. Also, the dirty elf is charging too much for the book.

  • Henrik

    Imagine store-lady naked

  • Pyron

    If you think about it, the vampire’s under a tree at midday and Katia’s a fire-mage. She has the advantage from a 10 foot distance. All she’d have to do is throw a few balsy “I’ll set those leaves on fire” threats to extort that gold from her. Crime is perfectly legal against the undead, otherwise the hero would be arrested for barging into 120 dungeons and assaulting/murdering innocent cave dwellers.

  • Xaxzimineraz

    Sell your machete, use that money to learn a Bound Swords spell, entertain townspeople with pile of magic swords, get tips.
    Alternatively, eat some ingredients to learn what they do and make potions to sell.

  • Buttington

    Katia: You should notice that that robed person totes is a wizard of some sort. Also, sell all of your useless items you obtained on the journey to Kvatch.

  • Zeromegas

    Hey Katia Learn Heal and Telekinesis for Talos´ sake.


    Katia: Sell your junk, browse some scrolls, and don’t turn around to notice that freak-inducing dude from the church.

  • A Pink Poodle

    Activate Persuasion mini-game and do the following!; COERCE! ADMIRE! JOKE! BOAST!

    No thanks are needed.

    • TechUnadept

      good idea, but only suggestions on the forum are accepted

    • Emma

      No no no no no…

  • natural40lololol

    that guy over there off in the background looks interesting
    i don’t know who he is you should inquire at him
    inquire about things like his name and occupation and other inquiry-type things

  • Cultr1

    They’re going to try and scam you.
    Haggle, Katia, haggle!

  • GenericNameHere

    Hey, just scrounge up enough money to buy two of the same scroll, double-equip them, and drop something valuable. Bam, more of it, infinite money.

    • Reaper

      that won’t work! what do you think this is? a video game? its a webcomic. there are completely different rules of physics

  • Loland

    Katia: Another reason to avoid the creepy ass vampire chick. You have fur, jelly is sticky, sticky fur sounds irritation as hell. being irritated will throw off your mood and you’ll have a horrible time trying to make money.

  • Reaper

    Katia: After selling all unwanted “junk,” ask around all the shops if they need any help and if you can have a part time job.

    And if that doesn’t work, your a khajiit so your should be naturally stealthy, so just “wander” into an empty house and then you can sell the loot!

  • Kyle Hyde

    Wait, wait. Hold on.

    I thought she was to return the letter.

    What the hell. Quill-Weave will hate her for this…?

    • Kazerad

      That was the old version of the letter, the one Hirtel crumpled up and threw on the ground. Katia still has the one in the pink envelope. You’re not the first person to get confused though so I might make this clearer in the next page if I get a chance. Something inconspicuous like “you set the package and HIRTEL’S LETTER TO QUILL WEAVE down on the counter”.

  • splitforces

    I discovered this yesterday and just caught up to the current page. I love this and you should never stop making this.

  • hydrion

    I bet those robes or the necklace could sell high, high enough for some book replacement or food, etc.

    • noone

      Selling her robes does not sound like a good idea.

  • WRF

    You aren’t gonna make money by trying to hawk random junk. And you aren’t gonna be convincing any one to hand over any money. So it’s theft or dancing. If you can dance lewdly, it means you’ve already overcome that fear of shame that’s critical. Go ask for training and ideas from that nice fellow and think of a dance you’d like to show people. You’ve got the imagination to come up with your own dance.

  • Pyron

    Wait a sec, the corn has an alterior motive…POPCORN! Oh wait, that’s only for kernels, damn! O.O Although there’s still hope, she didn’t specify which kind of corn…

  • Griffin

    Save the sale of your blood until you really need the money.

  • cake

    someone suggest on the forum for her to buy potions of magicka… I’m too fucking lazy.

  • Vex

    Like the ‘Faith In Subconscious’ gauge. Exactly what she needs. May I suggest she have one that can go into negatives, though?

  • GameKing

    Hey Katia dont forget to ask arond town about any jobs.
    P.S try to learn an cool loking magic (like bound sword or axe) and try to learn more about and with Sigrid she got an magic book FOR FREE!

  • heheh laughed hard at the panel after Innocent Fun, and also at the dwindling Faith in Subconscious 😀

    indeed…hearing voices in your head juuuuuuuust might be sign of……….POWER.

  • Ahahaha, Katias will need soon to “block” her subconscious… XDDD

    In any case, I have to agree, the grape-jelly vampire pick was the best of all of this update. We need her to start to raid Katia… for the lols.

  • Salandras

    Be smart about your sales! Think things through and know what you’re getting into.

    1) Who are you selling to? Know your audience!

    -Can you sell the ball gag to the elf in the fighters guild? You can offer it at ‘discount’ for it being used!

    – Instead of your neck, offer the butter knife to the creepy undead vampire. Note that it’ll add an ‘interesting texture’ to her next meal!

    – Sell the flowers and mushrooms to an herbalist.

    2) How little are you willing to sell them for. Be firm! But don’t be greedy. You need to draw the line somewhere to make a profit, but you don’t want to ask for too much.

    3) Whatever you do ‘Resist the urge to sell everything you own in your inventory!’ You might accidentally agree to selling your robe. Even if it looks fancy and might give you the most money.

    Once you’ve gotten a profit, then you can try to afford the book. Anything left over should go to food, shelter, and possibly some turpentine and an old rag to get that ‘difficult to wash out’ paint out of your fur. And NO. Do not drink the turpentine. Resist. RESIST!

    • Lucreel

      “Whatever you do ‘Resist the urge to sell everything you own in your inventory!’ You might accidentally agree to selling your robe. Even if it looks fancy and might give you the most money.”

      A good rule is to sell anything you can’t use *right now*, or that is not as good as something else you have that you can use *right now* (redundant gear can be useful sometimes, but when you are broke, it’s better to take the chance your machete will break, and not keep a second machete in your inventory which you could have sold). Also, don’t sell items other people have given you as part of a job. It’s really that simple.

  • J’Ram-Ku

    I love this story.

  • Sanguine

    Yes, Yes, Give your blood to the not-vampire woman. It is indeed, Innocent fun. Do not doubt your subconscience.

    • Lucreel

      I don’t see what the big deal is. I give blood to other people pretty frequently (albeit, using needles, not teeth). So, vampires are just people with an illness that requires frequent blood transfusions. You can always have a priest cure you so you don’t get to full vampirism. Stop the discrimination against Vampires!

      • Sanguine

        True, mortal, but Vampirism spreads.. that vampirism-infected female mortal is obviously either attempting to kill her victim or spread said disease, as most vampires would do.

  • Dr Islands

    Be Dmitri.

    • Soadreqm

      You cannot be Dimitri because Dimitri has used all his blood for bleeding!

      • Wind

        Yay Zombies!

  • Greed

    I love this comic as much as the next guy, but the obstacles in Katia’s way, as of late, seem utterly contrived really.
    I mean, getting mugged – that happens, it’s believable, its good story-writing, waking up in some poor Argonian’s bed with some random guy wrecking it, not once, but twice – that’s comedy and tragedy woven into one – genius!

    But 40 Septims for a stupid book?
    when have you ever seen a book cost that much in the game (that wasn’t a MASSIVE gold-trimmed, leather-bound TOME full of rare knowledge)?
    even at “level 1” mercantile (if you wish to use that excuse), prices aren’t bumped up by 400%.

    A much less contrived and plain silly story would have been to say someone else bought the last, and only copy – and katia has to go convince him/her to give it up.
    the obstacle desired is still there! it’s just less contrived than simply “IT COSTS A WHOLE SHITLOAD FOR NO REASON – DEAL WITH IT”
    That’s just pouring pure, unrefined problems into her lap, for the sake thereof.

    I know I’ll probably be hated on / ignored for saying all this, but hey, isn’t this what being a real fan is all about?

    • AdultPuppetShow

      Remember, everything is a federal fucking issue designed to make you miserable.

    • Link

      Well, Hirtel said he was crap at appraising books so it’s not that hard to believe that he’d appraise it as a low level magic tome =P

      Besides, how fun would it have been if he’d just said 10 drakes and Katia would have bought it and been ready to pretty much leave town. Now she has a reason to stick around for a bit longer and I’m sure there’s a very horrible reason for that (or at least some shit is gonna hit some sort of a fan, hopefully the adoring one).

      • Dousiq


        • Wind

          … <.< 😀 Preferably at the top of Dive Rock!

      • JunkJunk

        Well let’s see here…mythic dawn cultist waiting for his buddies to arrive in the next few days, Martin is alive and well inside the chapel, the city as a whole is good shape and not destroyed…hmm…
        *sarcasm*I don’t see how ANYTHING could go wrong 😀

    • noone

      I kind of have to agree on that the recent obstacles seem kind of bull. Dmitri being killed somewhat unexpectedly and the book costing 40 septims when QW herself said it should be 10, those seen kind of Kaz going like “Oh wait, I could change the storyline to make it harder for them. I only wish I could retcon this!”

  • Afonso, The Wise

    Make sure Quill doesn`t discover that you read the disposed letter.
    You could work as all night babysitter this way you gain money, a place to sleep and food.

  • BANE

    Noooooo…. I so wanted to see more of the jelly fetish woman. Go to her, Katia, it’s easy money.

  • NoriMori

    I’m finally at the current point in the story! I must say, I’m enjoying it immensely! I’m so glad things seem to be looking up-ish for a change, though I still have that lurking fear that something awful is going to happen again…I must say, Kazerad, you sure know how to demoralize people! (But of course it makes it that much more awesome when things go well.) I got really frustrated when Katia drank AGAIN after getting out of the ruins. But I persisted, and I’m happy I did! Go Katia!

  • minigendo

    I followed a link over from threepanelsoul and have been laughing myself silly. I just wanted to say that I have been incredibly impressed with both the writing and the art, and I look forward to reading more.

    • NoriMori

      I actually don’t remember how I got here, but it might’ve been Three Panel Soul! I’ve been laughing myself silly over this AND Three Panel Soul just recently, since I found them both about a week ago.

      “I just wanted to say that I have been incredibly impressed with both the writing and the art, and I look forward to reading more.”

      I feel the same way! 😀

  • Shaoraia

    Common sense says to not bother the man back there.
    Adventure sense says pester him.
    Perfection says be a Boos.

  • Tachyon

    FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF, I just caught up to the current update o_o;
    I was kind of hoping to have more to read for like… awhile. Aw.

    Well, just want to say, Prequel is great! 😀
    Perhaps I will submit commands @ forum now? >:3

  • klapouch

    >Katia: sell junk.

  • > Katia: You should take the yarn and a stick of some sort, maybe bits of…stuff, try to turn it into a cat-o-nine tails and see if you can pawn it at a higher price as some sort of crazy exotic weapon from your home province

  • Ndoto

    Oh sweet merciful Divines, Prequel just got a direct shout-out from Bethesda themselves:!/ElderScrolls/status/142683335909572608

  • Ducktapegirl

    Ask the nice store keeper if she wants to enter into the deal of a lifetime! After all, who doesn’t want yarn?

  • Asthanius

    Take the leek. Spin it.

  • perhaps herbing could be of use. important plants. For medicine. Go to a store. buy a book that classifies and identifies certain plants. sell the plants for coin and keep alil for you so you can make sure you can heal yourself should you get sick? idk..

  • Zeromegas

    Also Katia, you need to somebody cast a spell in you to recharge your Magika or go to find another ruin with a blue flame to recover your Magika or you goin to be empty to cast something.

  • Sell all except: Inventory case, clothing, hatchet, amulet, package/letter.

    The flatware set isn’t likely to get you anything.
    The yarn is probably worth about 2 septims, unless you stereotypically wish to hang onto that.
    The plants you picked up are probably good for another 5 or so.
    The ring has got to be worth about 20.

    That’s 27 right there. Just 8 more to go for that book!

    Guild jobs are usually worth a good 20-30 on their own, so once that’s done, you should have enough for food, and I’m sure there’s somewhere less expensive to sleep in town…

    • Zeromegas

      Like in the guild, they have beds for the guild members.

      • Emma

        You do know that to become a member of the Guild she needs to be slightly more proficient? Like, more than being able the throw fire balls and nothing else.

  • Okay, shoulders up. Appear confident. You’ve grown as a person and it’s time to act like it. Proudly say that you have some modest goods to trade. Don’t lie, don’t say you have more than you do. Just offer to trade some things and express interest in the new merchandise. Price things out before buying, you have all day to kill before going to the guild. May as well find out what room and board will cost before blowing it on scrolls you might not need. Learn what the scrolls are and ask about them at the Mages’ Guild later.

    Smile profusely.

  • J’Ram-Ku

    Katia, you’ve got to keep up the good work, so far you have yet to screw anything up scince you’ve gotten to Kvatch, let’s keep it that way.
    You really need to head to the chapel and get someone to cast a healing spell on you, anything would suffice, as you badly need to charge your magicka up.

  • Madcat

    Katia : You could offer to get rid of the nice merchant lady’s imp problem or clean up her shop for her. That’s classic quest material right there. You’re even resistant to magic. By the way, ever consider picking up some ice magic to put fires out?

  • Mitchell

    Politely say no thank you and ask if she has any spell tomes because a scroll can only be used once but you can learn a new spell from a tome.

  • Jomar

    Sell anything not needed for completing quests, (like teeth, wolf pelts, other assorted items), but keep clothing, the magical amulet (for now – until you learn to have even better control of magic), weapon, and quest items (package then, I think?).

    Anything left over, get rid of it (do you still have the lockpick? Keep it! Never know when a lost chest in a ruin somewhere might need unlocking to get at the free goodies that clearly don’t belong to anyone)

    Next up, check prices on spell tomes, and anything that teaches you about alchemy and enchanting. Also sneaking, lockpicking, and maybe a little about using the one handed weapon. And/Or anything about restoration magic, because at this rate, you’re going to need it! Oh yeah, you might want to consider checking the prices on magicka potions (and recipies for said potions). And any other kinds of potions you can think of (like Invisibility postions, and health potions. And other utility potions).

    Learning to sneak will be handy for running away and hiding though.

  • Squeamish

    Find a dark elf who looks like he’s out of his element and has a weird mohawk. It’s preferable if he’s wearing armor made of bone and is trailing small bits of sand.

    The reason being you haven’t seen many dark elves (other than the dead guy who got crushed) and you’ve always heard they’re interested in lucrative business opportunities.

    • Dousiq

      ‘dark elf’

      You… YOU… N’WAH!

      • Wind

        This is the end of you, swit!

        • Dousiq


          • TechUnadept

            maim! kill! burn!

  • Forthan Eldiar

    Katia! do not forget to research about your dreams!

  • Iffkun

    Didn’t you find a paint brush? You could try your hand at art again

  • SkyrimImperial

    Found this last night. Best thing I’ve read in a long time. I am anxiously awaiting the next update

  • K

    Wait… isnt that the mage with the bloody dagger from the anvil in the background in the last pic?
    Read all of the prequel in one go, good stuff =)

  • kenshin1369

    greet her then trip falling forward landing on all fours x3

  • J.

    Kazerad, I just wanted you to know that I just found your comic via the Bethesda tweet and it has quickly soared to the top ranks of my webcomic list. You’re a fantastic writer (given good material on the forums to work with) and I have tears running down my face right now from laughing so hard. I can’t wait to see (build?) what comes next.

  • 0xFADE

    Neck-romancer has to be the best pun-type word in context ever. Ever.

  • tunesnatcher

    Waste all the (future) money on beer!

  • Nax

    For some reason, i checked Bethesda’s twitter monday for no reason at all… I don’t even use twitter… Thank the nine i did! This is one of the best webcomics i’ve ever read! I read the whole thing in about three days. Loved everything from the animations to the game.

    Anyway, thanks for making something awesome! I might even make a forum account…

  • AmesRed

    Now that we’ve got all these awesome new readers from Bethesda’s twitter, can you furfags please try your best to not freak them out?

    • Dousiq

      Make me

      I’m kidding, I’m not really into that sort of thing, and if I were you’d never know.

      • J’Ram-Ku

        Agreed, except that I won’t deny being into it, but I won’t approve it either. =P

    • Link

      Way to set the tone there with “furfags”… not the furries fault that you’re afraid of people who like things you don’t =P
      Better to be tolerant of others or simply to ignore them.

      That said, there are always people that take things too far. No need to provoke them though.

      • Dousiq

        This. Comments like that just beg for people to do something awful.

      • AmesRed

        I’m talking about the furfags who feel the need to make really fucking perverse creepy-ass comments.

        You people know what I mean, don’t play yourselves out as blind fools.

    • Sirus McMahon

      i think he has a very valid and well thought out proposal

      (furry, we can be retarded)

  • Wally

    Spin that leek like a damn dradle.

  • Christopher

    I NEED to donate money to this. This is the most entertaining thing I’ve come across in years. And the creativity and writing, combined with charming art are fantastic. But I searched for 20 minutes and couldn’t find the 1000 donate links most comics/online stuff have. SHUTUP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

    (Seriously where’s the donate links?)

    • Saint Dickolas

      I heahby secund this here motion. Where’s da’ feed’da’artist bin where we can throw our gum-wrappers and change?

    • NoriMori


  • BackupFruit

    Stride up to the counter with confidence, showing confidence is key!

  • Ali

    You are a Khajit. You’re practically in the same FAMILY as money. You can do this. Stay calm, Let your blood instincts take over.
    Good luck!

  • I just spent the last 5 hours mostly reading through this (I was also repeatedly distracted, which makes sense for five hours), and I have to say that this is really really great. Better than MSPA in my book.

    I was sent here by /r/skyrim ( ) if you were curious.

    • Whoa, hello formatting issues…

    • Dousiq


  • TechUnadept

    Dance and sing on street corner for pennies. If they won’t pay you to do so, perhaps they’ll pay you to stop…

  • I hope this webcomic closes. I hate you bitch.

    To the creator of this webcomic, You are a Cunt.

    Fuck you. I am better than you.

    • Greendragon

      Hey just because you think you are better doesn’t mean you are.
      Prove that you aren’t a fuck up. Post something unique and mind blowing.

  • Tormuse

    Another brilliant page. Things that made me smile: “properly dispose” sound effect, Katia reacting to the vampire, Katia’s dwindling faith in her subconscious. 🙂

    Also, typo alert:

    “this lady is a perfectly human normal woman with ulterior motives whatsoever.” should be “no ulterior motives”

    (er… that didn’t make me smile, but I wanted to mention it anyway) 😛

    • Kazerad

      Ack, typo fixed! And thank you!

  • Cerulean Starlight

    >It’s just happens to be a thing she likes
    It just happens.

    • Kazerad

      Wow, how did no one notice that until now? Corrected!

  • creeperbro

    @5th panel mfw someone supports an utterly idiotic shipping…

  • Status

    “You are quite sure this lady is a perfectly human normal woman with no ulterior motives whatsoever.”
    Don’t you mean “perfectly normal human woman” ?

    • Kazerad

      Oh wow, how did that go unnoticed for so long? I guess the current way was technically correct, but still unintentional. Fixed, thanks!

  • Samuel McAfee

    Wow I think she should’ve became a vamp :p

  • dtlux14

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