Dec 212011

TheUrbanMoose wrote:
Katia: We’re excited about the Guild meeting, but please be cautious upon entry. Remember, there seems to be some controversy surrounding them, and we don’t know what it is yet. Be prepared to accept the fact that you may not like what the Guild has to offer!

Come on, this is the Mages Guild we’re talking about.

It’s a professional, government-regulated organization of magic-users. It’s not like they’re going to lead you into a dark alley and mug you or anything. You’ll be fine.

ndoto wrote:
>Katia: First of all, it’d be best if you apologized to Tavia for rudely breaking off your conversation with her in order to talk to Steve. After making sure that you guys are both still cool, politely inquire as to whether Tavia might be willing to pay some coin in order to take some of the loot you happen to have acquired off your paws. Remember, no haggling!

Anyway, all this magic stuff is super exciting, but you’ve got a bigger priority right now: earning some money! Wizard or not, you’ve got to show Quill-Weave – and yourself – that you are capable of being a responsible, self-sufficient individual.

^(click the link!)

Or, if your device cannot play Flash, view a summary here!

Additional resource credits:
MyUsernamesMud – music
Dapperpixel – background tiles
Bropocalypse – characters
Squiggles – objects
Whimbrel – pointing out extremely obvious spelling errors
Ryavis – programming
Chevy Ray Johnston – Flashpunk
pgil – a really handy script
Shaktool – a single sound effect
Concept and visual style inspired by Andrew Hussie.

  • Fruckert

    Hey, 28 septims is better than nothing.

    Also, great comic. I discovered it yesterday, via a link from Three Panel Soul.
    And then Bethesda posted about it, and yeah stuff.
    This is making me really really want to play Oblivion.

    • NoriMori

      I think I might’ve found this via Three Panel Soul, tooโ€ฆ XD

    • Thornclaw

      It’s good enough to buy her some good equipment. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Poor Katia, almost everything she bought there was worth nothing… except maybe the ring XDDD

    And yeah, the face of Tavia and dialog for the gag-ball is priceless.

    • Link


      • Nameloc

        :I ._. I: .-. :I ._. I: .-. :I ._. I: .-. :I ._. I: .-.

        • Just for that, Katia needs to burn down the entire town to make Popcorn.

          • Nameloc

            ๐Ÿ™ nuts…..

    • Thornclaw

      Too true! lol

  • Ok. Sell the ring, definitely. The wolf pelts are useless to you, so those gotta go… Leather straps, & Ingredients can be let go too. The dinnerware might be fun to keep? But you probably need the money more. And the yarn… Well… What’s more important? 1 gold? Or sticking it to that stuck up Khajiit who banned you?

    Incidentally… KEEP your axe/machete/sharp cutty thing. At all costs. You might FEEL safe right now, but we all know how your luck has the capacity to go sour at just the worst times. Better safe (and alive) than sorry right?

    • scoot

      I agree, Katia sell everything but your axe you’ll probably need that in the future. It’s your only weapon and even if you do learn more attack spells you don’t have unlimited mp.

      • Rostrath

        Keep the book and pencil as well. Loosing all of your notes at this point would be a bad thing.

        • Xel`Naga

          The book is worth nothing, so keeping that is a given. She doesn’t have a pencil, as far as we know, just a paintbrush.

          Of the items she has, I say she should:

          Wolf Pelts – 2 gold
          Leather Straps – 3 gold
          Yarn – 1 gold
          Dinnerware – 1 gold
          Ingredients – 2 gold
          Ring – 15 gold
          Total ————— 24 gold

          Ball Gag
          Broken Staff
          Ruined Book

          • Kazerad

            She has a pencil (she got it from Quill-Weave last night), she just didn’t try selling it.

            And please submit the suggestions in the forum, people! There is a link right above the comment box (and on the links bar on the right). Later I’ll try to make it more obvious, I guess.

  • Ellert

    Been following this comic for a short while now and it has become my favorite webcomic. Really it seems a lot of people like to shoot it down because it can have some risquรฉ humor but those people just need to stop swooting over it, this comic started out with some very dirty humor so what do they expect ? Prequel is amazing in its own right and there is no need to alter it or change it for those who would complain about something they apparently read through yet didn’t catch on to the spirit of the webcomic even at the very end.

    Keep up the good work and never stop, because if you do kittens will cry and so will I! *Insert big teary eyes emoticon here*

    Awesome stuff, much appreciated.

    • justme

      wow, people are shooting it down because of “dirty humor”? are they even familiar with this here internet? there are far worse things than prequel out there. i am not a fan of dirty humor and i love prequel. ah well, guess the moral guardians are at it again…

  • Don’t get too upset about the prices, it could be worse, and if I recall, primroses are helpful for personality, or some such. Might help to eat them first next time, get better luck. Oh, and find out about Sigrid’s charities, free food and a place to sleep is nice for anybody broke, and she might be even more sympathetic for you because you are a prospective mage! In fact, the shopkeeper did say she had an imp problem, and if you recharge your magick, say, free chapel healing, you might negotiate the murder of the imps yourself. Just negotiate the price for your services before the slaying, not after, don’t want to be ripped off after she got what she wanted.

  • Sirus McMahon

    Man, at first i was like “all that time for two pannels?” thinking the bottom one was an ad then i realized it was a flash and it made my day, Thank you.

    • Kazerad

      The two-week hiatus wasn’t really because of the flash, it was due to school. Things should hopefully pick up a little from here, though.

      Also, you’re welcome!

      • Wind

        By the way, how did you do grade wise?

  • somedude

    The Mages Guild of Cyrodiil was 45% likely to lead prospective members into alleys and mugs them, if they didnt show promise as mages or were obviously not adequate enough to defend themselves. This would prove to be one of the many reasons for their eventual collapse.

    True ElderScrolls Facts.

    • Lucreel

      “The Mages Guild of Cyrodiil was 45% likely to lead prospective members into alleys and mugs them, if they didnt show promise as mages”

      That is just *so* fighter’s guild. No, the Mages Guild was 45% likely to toss a ring of burden 100 stone to the bottom of that well, right over there, and tell you to go retrieve it as “a test”. . . “a test” of if you are smart enough to let go of the stupid ring and not drown yourself until you could figure out a way to lift the ring or breathe water or something.

      They may have never heard of natural selection, but they were very into that sort of thing.

  • philold09

    Sell all of it except the ring and the “machete”
    one makes you feel good about yourself, the other protects you when yo’ magic fails

    • mindcannon

      She should sell the the ring, since it can get her 15 gold. But yeah, keep the axe.

  • Ellert

    Apparently I am somehow typing this message using someone elses email that was already filled in, real name I use is J’Ram-Ku.

    In any case, I imagine this to be a one time thing.

    • Ellert

      O.o Weird, it’s not like you went into my room and on my PC you wrote a message…

      So do E-mails gets saved on the server that hosts this site for others to use or… are you perhaps just messing with me using the name Ellert but a different E-mail from mine ?

      • Ch’marr

        I’m helping Kaz out with some robust caching, and for a while it was a little too aggressive, caching pre-filled content and cookies. The cookies contain a special code that pulls the name and email address out of the database. This should all be fixed, now, but some folk may have some “stale cookies” in their browsers.

        Once they replace the name and email with the one that should be there, it’ll all come good.

  • Dan

    I like how you’ve started to tie in Skyrim things, like the Leather Straps and the Grilled Leeks and the Woodcutter’s Axe.

    • Cube

      she should actually hang on to the leather straps and get down the patent office, cause they won’t be invented for another 200 years! also, don’t invest in callipers

  • who149

    So apparently there is no market for a used ball-gag from a Cat and her shenanigans with a Necromancer and a skeleton. Some people are so snooty

  • thatguy

    The flash link doesn’t seem to work for me… it opens but won’t actually play the scene…

    • Riddle78

      Same problem as this guy. Anyone have any troubleshooting advice?

      • What browser are you using? Try using a different one to your usual. Sometimes it’s just a weird internal glitch.

        • Riddle78

          I’m using IE…9,I think. 9 or 8. The others worked,but,I’ll try your suggestion. What browser do you use?

          • I use Opera & Chrome. Seems to work in both.

          • I highly recommend you upgrade to a better browser. Internet Explorer is not adequate for proper internet use anymore; even with their latest updates they haven’t reached current standards.

            I suggest you use Firefox, Chrome, or the less often used Opera.

          • thatguy

            I just upgraded my flash player to flash player 11 and that worked, and I’m using Safari.

      • Kyomaa Darkheart

        Upgrade your version of Flash Player to the most current version.

      • JohnAndreButler

        ok, so test out what the real problem is, and avoid the whole better browser debate, I tested the flash out on my desktop, laptop, Droid, and work pc. The last three have all the most up to date software because I use them the most, and they all failed to get past the loading screen. the desktop was finebut had some trouble using the direction keys for the excelsior flash. THe desktop also is shit for RAM, still runs on xp, IE 7, but has a better video card than the other three.

        I’m not suggesting that this is the solution, I’m just giving you my data to help come to a logical conclusion.

    • TechUnadept

      Be patient. go make a sandwick or something, and check it when you come back.

  • Wait… Being new to this beautiful comic, I’m uncertain of the mechanics here… Do we have to submit command suggestions to the MSPA thread? Or are they accepted through the comments here as well? I see a lot of commands being suggested here is all, and I don’t know if that ties into people being like me and not getting it, or if it’s an actual legitimate way to suggest!

    I’m terribly sorry if I’m one of “THOSE” guys who’s annoying and just “Didn’t get it” ;_;

    • Kazerad

      Don’t worry, you’re not one of “THOSE” guys!

      Currently I only take commands through the forum. I do it that way because a lot of this is based off votes/popular opinion, and there’s just too many ways to fraud something like that in WordPress comments.

      People post suggestions here because I didn’t make the “Visit the forum thread to submit commands” text obvious enough, I guess. I’m thinking about turning it into a picture instead.

      • That’s perfectly understandable! Thanks for clearing it up for me!

        Sadly, if I’ve learned anything from my time interacting with the community and creators over at it’s that people have a tendency not to ever actually read anything below the content itself. This ranges from being because they just don’t bother, to being like me and instinctively deciding that they understand how a system works, and as such fail to look closely enough to confirm those suspicions.

        Still, an image would probably go a long way towards helping to fix that problem! Perhaps have a sidebar option visible BEFORE you get down to the comment box that leads them to the appropriate suggestion deposit receptacle. Something that can catch their eye before the tantalizing and assumption building text entry field had a chance to snatch them away from the direction you had hoped they’d go.

        But I’m just spit-balling ideas here. I don’t want to presume to tell you how to run your comic! But I do hope that maybe I was able to at least be somewhat helpful with my anecdotal experiences ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Ch’marr

          Actually, I think its a case of “people will do what others do, rather than what they’re told to do or what they know they should do”. So, regardless of the message, most people will post commands here because they see tons of others doing so, not knowing that they’ll be ignored.

      • Nayoko

        I was gonna say where does it say “visit the forum thread” cause i looked all over the page, then I went to comment you and saw it right here above the name thingie. X3 I know some people post here for fun. But we can usually tell the difference cant we? (royal we referring to you) heh

      • cake

        you should consider making it flash in an epilepsy-inducing manner to ensure everyone sees it.

  • Neowildstar

    I totally died laughing when I saw both the shop keeper and Katia totally pokerfacing about the ball gag.

  • Sell everything. Also, I want the music from this mini-game animation, with a mad dirty passion. PLEASE. <3 It made me smile ALL DAY.

  • Nilithius

    Offer to kill the Imps upstairs for 32 gold. No, not 30 – that would give you a total of 58 gold, and that would just make me uncomfortable.

    • Adek

      …Why? Do you have an irrational fear of certain numbers?

      • Well, some of us just can’t stand a fact, that number is not a multiple of 10 :”D

  • Svarr

    Katia: Uncover your hidden magical mercantile powers and exchange your whole lot of stuff for one thousand septims!

  • Sethalidos

    Uhm yeah, I think that there might be a bug in your comment form as it saving the last person to comment in both the name and it shows their email. For me it showed Svarr’s email. On Topic, this is a very good comic series and I think you are doing an awesome job, keep it up.

  • CJ Krythos

    Yes, all good thoughts, also would like to add another suggestion here.

    She seems to need someone to remove her imp problem. Youve had previous experience,albeit disastrous experience, but still experience, and you were outnumbered then, so Im wagering these imps are fewer and possibly not as powerful. Get some Info on the imps, how many there are and such, and then offer to try to get rid of them. In return, ask for the shoes and ask that you be allowed to stay the night in the shop. You can even serve as an assistant and clean the shop(its going to need one hell of a cleaning after those Imps have had their way with the place). Make sure to stress how expensive it will be for her to have to hire an experienced person to remove them when she can pay you in an old pair of shoes for a humble khajiit in need of a little help. Be sure to offer to owe her a favor after its all said and done if she lets you stay for your whole time there. Even if you only get to stay there one night, it will help you a lot. Your sign would not only give you an immunity to the imps spells, but it would also give you a way to replenish your magicka.

    This will lower your costs drastically. Your largest need is a place to stay for a day or two at least, and this will leave you more money for your “replace the book” fund, not to mention food too. As for the food, Id suggest using your knowledge of corn and doing whatever it takes to save money. If you know about corn, play upon that knowledge and start eating corn. I know, its not fancy feast, but you arent exactly rolling in profits lately are you?

    • CJ Krythos

      oops, totally missed the part about submitting commands elsewhere, will go post them there, sorry, id delete this comment if I could

  • Pwned-By-Twilight

    Hey, maybe you could take on those imps for that gold? You took some on before in those ruins. And… you might be the reason they’re there in the first place. Of course ask how many Tavia thinks there are and maybe refresh that magicka reserve if you’re actually considering it.

    • VideogamePony

      Bad idea. If you remember that dungeon has collapsed due to Katia’s visit. Do you really want to ruin a perfectly good store in a fine city which is absolutely not going to lie in ruins just a few days later?

  • Redusk

    Burn something to ash.

    Actually, better idea:
    burn someone to death.

    Even better: burn the shopkeeper to death.

    Also get rid of the magic amulet thing.
    Wait this is the best idea ever: sell the amulet to the shopkeeper and then burn her to death.
    I mean, you are a fire mage now, you have to prove yourself and get rid of stupid things that restrain your power.
    So yeah, sell the amulet and then burn to death the shopkeeper, if you don’t have enough magicka just wait for midnight and start a fire.
    Yeah that it’s the best thing you could do right now.

  • MLC


  • Mirajane

    You’ll never know when you might need the Axe and maybe the alchemical ingredients will get a better price in the mages guild. Sell the ring and the rest. You don’t really need them.

  • Just spent the day alternating between this and roleplaying. I can honestly say that this site (combined with the above par rp I had today) has made this the most fun I’ve had in at least a year. I can’t remember how long its been since i laughed so hard. I nearly woke the neighbors when i was kicked out of the tavern.

    Thank you for bringing a smile to my face that has too long been absent.

  • Anon

    ะะต ัƒะดะตั€ะถะฐะปัั
    ะ ัƒััะบะธะต ะฟะพะนะผัƒั‚

    (Nikita Khrushchev)

    • Lowblock

      Ah hahaha, I love this

  • DoubleF

    Definately sell everything but the axe thingy. It could prove useful later on, but the rest is just worthless to you.

  • Redusk

    katia start making random fireballs, and then ask the shopkeere to pay 100 septims in order to help here make the random fireballs stop.

    • Xel`Naga

      As stupid as that is, it won’t work because she’s out of magicka.

  • Gigi

    That was ADORABLE!
    sell everything. Tell her if she doesn’t find pest control by tomorrow you might be able to take care of the problem for 30 septims with your trusty magic (Of course after getting recharged before tomorrow…you’ll find a way right?).

  • mindcannon

    sell amulet, keep axe. I SURE NOTHING COULD GO WRONG!

  • SkyrimImperial

    Keep the weapons, sell everything else. Also, offer to kill those imps. That should fetch you a nice sum of gold plus you’ll make a new friend if all goes well.

  • TA

    The flash doesn’t seem to be loading for me. Is overloaded? It’s not responding to pings, either.

  • Rue

    This is going so well. I’m still a little sour about the whole Quill thing..and the..not..getting drunk..and yeah ๐Ÿ™‚ But anyway OMG OMG Just get to the mages conference already!

  • Omoikane

    Imps need killin’, you need money. She also mentioned clothes being around the imps… Accidents happen while cleaning up imps, clothing disappears and well… it saves you 15 septims.

  • Seb

    Katia looks very cute while wearing the ring :3

  • Adam

    Just read through the whole thing so far ๐Ÿ™‚ Really great, made my day! The little flash game was pretty cool too! I could do any jQuery animation or code you might need so send me an email if you have an idea of something unique. Thanks for making this!

  • TimeCrimes

    Sell everything but the stuff worth 0 gold, the yarn,and the axe. Perhaps you can go chop wood with it for money.

  • cake

    ffffffffffffFFFFFFFFFFFFoxmage I hate you,

  • Maxal Faustus

    Found this comic via Bethesda’s facebook page yesterday. Read it all in one shot. Haven’t been this impressed with a webcomic in years. Great job!

    Sell everything you have, Katia. Including your robes, but only if they fetch enough money to buy a cheaper set of clothes with if you can net a profit from that. Use the resulting cash to buy a better weapon or a few mana potions. Then use those items to kill and loot some creatures, while gathering experience. Low level adventurers in Tamriel should always gather everything they find and then sell it all and invest in better gear.

    Also start asking people if there are any standing stones or shrines in the area as they provide useful bonuses in the form of lesser powers, summoned items and temporary stats boosts. As I recall from playing Oblivion there is at least one of these to the west of Kvatch.

  • swarley

    done sell the ball gag you never know when it might come in handy

  • Ch’marr

    Katia: reach through the web browser and strangle people who leave commands here rather than the forum

    *ack, cough, choke* Wait! *gag* not me!

  • MF

    bull, that ring would be worth at LEAST 50 gold, unless it was made of plastic or something.

  • Lucreel

    Nice update. I see now why it took a bit longer to get an update – must take a bit longer to create an “interactive comic” than it does to make the normal static panels, I should think.

  • Lucreel

    You know, if I weren’t already spending so much time playing skyrim, I’d be rather tempted to re-install Oblivion, and roll up a Katia character. I might have to do that someday. . .

  • Vindicta

    Katia, be serious here, keep you’re dinnerware, hold onto your pride.
    1 gold will only go into a drink again, you don’t want the whole of kvatch to witness your pineapple trick, do you?

  • TheUrbanMoose

    Hey! My first ever command made it in! I am so leet.

    (It wasn’t even that important. Heh.)

  • Sai

    Oh man, the shopkeep’s reaction to the ballgag made me laugh so hard.

  • The Nerevarine

    I don’t understand. Usually I get lots of money for bits of metal and flower seeds….. maybe because I’ve been looting dwemer ruins…

  • Ashera

    Sell everything, except our clothes, the amulet of silence, and “the amulet of silence.”

  • Rotshout

    It’s definately a good idea too keep your book and axe. Don’t sell any of the items that aren’t worth anything.

  • Rotshout

    Offer to clear out those imps, but ask how many there are first.

  • pikajens

    Sell the ring, ingredients, wolf pelts, leather straps, and the dinnerware. Keep the machete, and anything worth 0.

    And I know you may not like it but get your necklace appraised. Don’t sell it, but it will let you feel much better that you are carrying something worth a pretty penny.

    Also cut your hand with your axe and tell the vamp girl she can lap it up for 7 septims (OR MORE)

  • LoneTiger

    You can clear those imps!
    You have fought them before and managed to escape… almost unscathed.
    And you can charge a decent fee for clearing them… say maybe… $100 S?

    Also ask the shopkeeper if she knows anything about chocolate cake, remember how good it tasted and you learned you could make it?

  • Niska

    sell/get rid of everything but the axe. then offer your
    services for getting rid of the imps

  • Lexicon

    Who is this “lexicon” fellow and why can I post with their email address?

    • Ch’marr

      Actually, you can really post with anyone’s email address… there’s no checking ๐Ÿ™‚

      The bad “pre-fill” though is caused by the aggressive caching, which was put in place to deal with the slashdotting. The admins on working on winding it back, though, to stop the bad pre-fill you’re seeing.

    • Kazerad

      To handle the heavy traffic we have implemented a dark, dark magic that literally turns multiple viewers into the same person. Go look in the mirror. If the changes have taken effect, you should see Lexicon, not yourself. You no longer exist.

      (Nah I’m just kidding, it’s a rare bug having to do with the caching. Ch’marr is helping me fix it.)

      • Ch’marr

        I like your explanation better! Let’s go with that!

  • Shaysha

    I think she should deal with the imps first and sell what ever she can find on them plus the ring she already has…

  • christian

    Great comics! What is the average waiting period on a new panel? Super excited to see more of your work.

  • vanilladvocate

    Just discovered this yesterday, love it! Makes me want to take Oblivion out again and make a Katia character.

  • Scinder

    Katia : That Ring seems pretty fishy to me. Sure she says it has no enchantments but maybe you should wait for an EXPERT appraisal? Get rid of the DINNERWARE, the ALCHEMICAL INGREDIENTS, the LEATHER STRAPS, and the (TORN) WOLF PELTS. That BALL OF YARN might help you later. And I promise I’m not teasing you – maybe you could use it to make your way back through a labyrinth? Or SOMETHING. Purely for nostalgia, keep the BALL GAG. As a CONSTANT REMINDER to never, ever, ever, ever, ever touch anything even remotely alcoholic whatsoever.

  • Adek

    I just had a horrible realization… If this is the prequel to Oblivion, and Katia ends up becoming the player character, it doesn’t matter what Katia does to avoid a bad reputation. She’s going to end up in jail regardless! :’C

  • Cronax

    Just found this through Three Panel Soul and read through it in one go, it’s legen…wait for it…dary!

    Good thing she has night vision, otherwise she might be liable to get eaten by a grue at night…

  • VickyG

    Kill the shopkeeper, take everything, run.

  • Rube

    I’m pretty sure.. the mythic dawn is going to attack in the middle of the night.

  • Eli

    You might be able to do something with the ingredients if you hold onto them long enough and get more to work with. Alchemy can be very profitable and very useful to a mage, but you need a lot of things to work with. It’d help if you could find someone who already knows how to make potions. Maybe the shopkeeper could direct you to an alchemist? You’ll want to talk with Sigrid, too.

    • Lucreel

      I honestly don’t agree with the suggestions that she should keep the ingredients for later. Later she can find more, or will likely be better able to afford to buy them. Right now she needs money for immediate needs more than she needs ingredients she doesn’t know how and doesn’t have the equipment to do anything with.

      Go read up about “Opportunity Costs”. Sometimes, it makes sense to sell an asset that is currently useless to you, even if you give up the ability to later make use of that asset, because you can do something right now which is more advantageous to you.

      I mean, if we were talking about a powerful, unique enchanted item/daedric artifact, I’d totally agree with you – keep it, because *eventually* it will be awesome for you, but enteloma caps? They’re not as common as flax, but common enough you don’t *have* to hoard them.

  • Ok, where is RSS feed and Android app links? ๐Ÿ˜€

    • ok, i’ve found rss, where is android app? ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Asthanius

    Remove the ball from the ball gag with the axe, sell the straps with the other leather straps, and try selling the ball along with the broken staff as a sort of game where you hit a ball with a stick.

  • Solaire

    Well shit, HEAL and SUMMON SKELETON? Freshly dropped off at the general store?
    The same two scrolls Dmitri was going to send to Katia? DARK FORESHADOWING HO

    • Dousiq

      AWW DAMN

    • Ch’marr


    • LP

      Eh. It’s probably just Sheogorath fucking with her. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Yuri

      Poor Dimitri!

    • ZeroWolf24

      I was waiting for someone to point that out.

  • Sonnyboy

    Just wanted to say that while I’m not at all into morrowind oblivion skyrim stuff, I really, really like this webcomic and I thoroughly enjoyed reading through it and I’m eagerly awaiting more updates.

  • Myself

    Keep the hatchet. You never know when some crazy cultists are going to summon daedra on your doorstep. Even if Kvatch is as safe as they say, there’s always a chance that you might have to defend yourself.

  • kegstiki

    I would keep the “Machete”. The shopkeeper might give you 4 gold for it. but defending yourself, no matter how little damage it might do is worth it. Also, how else would you cut down a tree for wood?
    Sell everything else, not including anything worth 0.
    Offering to help with the Imp problem might be a good source of gold, but you barely got away from one Imp before. You also want to go to the Mage’s Guild tonight and want to have enough mana. First ask how many Imps the shopkeeper things there are upstairs. Id say if it was over 3 it might be to much for you to take care of. Think to yourself “What other sources of money do you know are currently available? Do you really have to stay at a nice Inn? If all goes well with the mage’s guild, might you be able to stay with them till you eventually leave?” And while it comes to food, corn is cheap and filling. It might not taste the best if you grew up on it but it will feed you at minimum cost, and right now all you NEED is the MINIMUM. First priority would be to find a SAFE place to rest for the night. Anyone of any danger level can stay at an Inn, while not just anybody can stay at the mages guild.

  • Magtok

    Sell the junk, but hold on to that machete. Oh, and keep the ring too. Maybe a wizard at the guild can enchant it for you in exchange for a favor or something.

  • Jeiluifang

    I don’t know, some of the wizards might do those things. Like I remember this one time I had a assignment to go down a well and… well it turns out the wizard tried to drown me by making me get a ring that was really heavy and all the water and such with the suffocating.

  • Dark

    Oh no! I caught up! Guess I have to do something else for a little while.
    Love this, advanced web comic? What is the name for this?

    Anyway I love it and your awesome.

    • Lowblock


      Microsoft Paint Adventures

      • Kazerad

        “MSPA” more refers to the name of the thing that inspired this. I know “Quest” and “Forum Name” are other common names for the actual medium, though.

        • Kazerad

          I mean forum game. Not forum name.

          • Dark


        • Whimbrel

          I call them “Adventures” or “Forum Adventures,” myself.
          ~โ—• wโ—•~

        • Dark


        • Ch’marr

          “Forum Name”-style webcomics!

          Is that anything like Game Show Game Show?


  • DD

    I wont try to be her subconscious just yet but its very tempting! Still, as much as keeping the axe makes sense to a capable fighter, which she honestly isnt yet except it seems when near death propells Katia into ‘moments of epic’,… Id think she actually be safer to sell it. I mean for one, shes more likely to endanger allies with it and instead make an accidentally better weapon of the ball gag, and secondly; could you imagine her capable of killing that easily? Maybe frying stuff, but to actually stab a living creature?
    Oh and I liked her necro BF, he seemed like a sweet guy. Since the awesome-douchebag orc planned to leave the guy to bleed to death, there any chance he knew a simple healing spell to splutter?

  • Shiney

    Seriously girl. It’s a hard world out there. Take what you can get, sell what you can, and make sure you have the basic requirements. Time to start expanding once you’re actually secure.

  • Pelendones

    Katia: Ask the shopkeeper if she could teach you how to check if a ring has enchantments.
    You need it trust me ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Chris

    Ok kate.. whatever you’re gonna seel you won’t have enough for the book. Let that vampire bite you. There’s only the chance of you contracting a disease. But you can heal that with a potion at qw or maybe in the chapel (if you conquer your fear for Martin) . After you have been bitten DON’T sleep! you should be ok otherwise.

  • JustSomeRandomGuy

    DISCLAIMER: This isn’t a real suggestion, it is merely a joke. so please no replies about how I should put it in the forum.
    She should sell the ball gag to Martin!

  • Yorg

    Keep the axe. Sell everything else that you can get gold for.

  • Istas

    I just want to make sure I’m not missing anything, because everything is awesome and I don’t want to miss a shred of anything: does the flash segment end after you have prices on all the items in the list?

    • Ch’marr

      Yep, that’s where it ends. The little white triangle is Prequel’s “replay” icon.

      It’s odd that, in this one flash, it feels more like a “go back” than a “replay” and was surprising to me, at first, that it started to replay. Felt like a bug.

      • Istas

        Thanks for the reassurance, heh heh.

  • MissMegaLoathe

    You may wanna hold onto the ring. If you get someone willing to enchant it for you in the Mage’s Guild, it’ll sell for more. And eat the leek, dangit! Set it on fires and then POOF!- dinner!

  • Guillebon

    The shopkeeper mentioned “enchantments”, maybe you’d ask someone to enchant your ring at the Mage’s Guild.

  • SexHitler6669

    Yo Kaz, I was reading the thread on SA about sex positivism and stuff. Maybe a good thing to do would be to like, have Katia and some nice dude have sex (off screen of course because otherwise people would jerk off to it) and have it not be a regrettable thing, but then kill him off right away in order to keep in line with the theme of tragedy and also so you don’t have to deal with him.

  • Delta

    I can’t help but feel bad for her ๐Ÿ™ never gets a break it seems
    but the flash game was just so ungodly cute, i was gonna die ๐Ÿ˜€ thanks for the good read guys

  • Ames

    She should sell the axe, claws probably do more damage than that blunt piece of junk anyhow. :V

    • DestinedFateX

      And you think she even knows how to use them well? She most likely never even had combat training, even though she could try relying on pure “instinct”

  • Zayle

    I’m seeing some strange comments. Mysterious comments. One talking about, which, according to it, is a server. A chaotic server. Then, if you just go to, you will see a picture of a spork. (An evil spork, clearly.)

    So…this is some kind of conspiracy, right?

    • DestinedFateX


  • Cephilopod

    2. Check in with the shopkeeper over the next couple days. Once the mages guild has recharged your magica you could make some gold by killing those imps for her.

  • Thornclaw

    I think she should go and get a job from the mages guild. that way she’d get some money, and possibly get advanced, which is good for her morale. Two birds in one hit, yeah?

  • justme

    not sure if i’m just being dumb, but when i open the flash file, the conversation plays, but nothing else. is that it, or is there supposed to be an interactive part?

    • Link

      Did you click on the flash?
      Each click should move the conversation forward then you should reach a list of her stuff, click each item to get to know what it’s worth.

      If this doesn’t work I guess there’s something broken for you… try updating flash player.

  • unci

    Keep the machete as universal tool and defence. Sell the rest.
    And don’t go shoe shopping, your paws are holding up quite well until here, aren’t they? You’re a cat, cats don’t need shoes. Keep the money for something you really need.

  • scudgreen

    Would the ring fetch a better price if it were enchanted? Maybe you could get an enchantment from the Mage’s Guild and return with an enchanted ring to sell.

    • Daz

      To bad that the only place where you can enchant things is the Arcane University in the Imperial City. Thought afaik you can enchant weapons and armor only. Also Katia would need a soul gem and more experience in magic stuff…also she would need recommendations from all city’s mages guilds to get inside the University.

      Since this is not exactly Elder Scrolls IV, i think she can ask a mage to enchant an item, but that would cost more than she would get for it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Tormuse

    Heh, I put off watching the flash until today, when I have time, because I was expecting it to be an epic, like the last one, but it wasn’t as long as I expected. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I think my favourite part was the reaction to the ball gag. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Also, typo alert: In the flash, it should be “utensils” instead of “utinsils.”

    • Kazerad

      Oh damnit, I thought I fixed that one. I remember seeing spellcheck catch it and everything.

      Ah well, thanks anyway; maybe I’ll get it eventually. Fixing stuff in the flash files is more tedious than just editing the text of a post.

  • R’Becca

    Quill-Weave and other NPC’s are about the same age and do kind of the same things as they do in-game…
    This is happening BEFORE the in-game events…
    Mythic Dawn guy outside, waiting for others…


  • JDoe

    Katia’s being cheated on the Ring. Ruby Rings tend to sell for about 40 to 100 Septims when sans-enchantment. Whereas I can sort-of understand 15 Septims as the selling price for the cheapest variety (Copper), that’s still a little under half. Heck, the ring it’s on is probably worth about a third of what’s being offered. She should definitely try haggling up to at at least 18 Septims, if not saving it (since an enchanted ring will replenish its magicka on its own, unlike Katia).

  • AlleheKraath

    Yeah, sure, sell the axe. Because you’re totally staying in Kvatch forever. Nope, no obligations at all to a certain Argonian author who lives on the other end of a very dangerous road. But hey, you DO have that knight guy to help you out in that respect and NOTHING BAD will ever happen to him while he is away. There’s ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that could prevent him from returning to Kvatch and escorting you back home to your lesbian-lizard-lady friend.

    • Zayle

      Meh. The axe has more reach, but, having no combat training, it seems that Katia would have more success with her claws and maybe the occasional fireball.

  • Mirri

    Sell everything that’s worth something. Even the axe. You’re not even good with the axe.

  • Jadav

    I’m addicted to this comic, NEED AN UPDATE D:

  • Lorus

    Selling the axe is not a good idea. Instead, ask how much she is willing to pay for someone to get rid of the imps upstairs. You’ve had experience with imps before, and this might also be an opportunity for you to recharge your magica since the imps use spells.

  • Dousiq

    No christmas update as a present?

    I have a sad.

  • ChevyGirl

    Keep anything that is worth 0 septims. Keep your woodcutter axe. It may come in handy as a tool.

  • Hodou

    I seriously think Bethesda should approach you for writing in Elder Scrolls VI, Fallout 4, or whatever comes next. Not to put them down TOO much, but I’m pretty sure your version of Kvatch is more vibrant and entertaining than the entirety of the actual game it’s based on.

  • Mercury

    Keep everything that the shopkeeper refuses to pay for, as well as your weapon.
    Oh… and you DO still have your lockpick, right?

  • karishi

    Ask whether you can check out the imp problem for her. If there’s just one imp you might be able to handle it for her by swinging that machete around wildly, and then she’d probably be willing to pay you. If you get hit with magic in the process, you’ll have some mana so you can show off your powers at the meeting tonight.
    If you see more than one imp up there, you could probably just run like crazy. As long as you don’t start with a bunch of boasts about how easy it’ll be, there’s no shame in it.

  • Alkair

    Ask if the shopkeeper is willing to pay for any wood choping for her. If not her, ask is someone is needed of an assist.

    • BloodMoon54

      Earlier she tried to cut an apple boss and failed how in the world would she chop wood.

  • ArtiLove

    Great nothing to do now since there are no new pages. ๐Ÿ™

    If you go to kill the Imps strip them of their gall! Then sell them at a reasonable price of 15-20 gold.

    • Ch’marr

      I just keep playing the “Abscond” flash animation over and over.

      Great music, and I get to electrocute Katia! Whee!

  • David

    This is a great i have really enjoyed it. Glad the link was posted on The skyrim FB page. I enjoyed reading it over the past couple of days. I cannot wait for what the future brings!

  • David

    Katia should offer to clear out the imps in the attic!

  • DONO

    Katia: Carefully unwrap and then read the book on restoration. That way, you can kill two birds with one stone….you will learn another magic spell to show to the unmentionable guild in Kvatch, and you can either (hopefully) heal yourself in battle or restore magicka due to being an atronach. It might seem a little bit like playing with yourself at first, but I doubt that this would present any issues for you in particular.

    Also, is being a Khajiit that uses fire magic anything like being a cat in heat?

  • Oh my god i laughed so loud during the ball gag conversation that i heard my own ears ring xD

  • Oh! I think that there’s typo in the Flash! When Katia mentions the Dinnerware, she calls them utinsils. Aren’t they utensils?

    P.S. Words can’t describe my love for this comic. (Well, they can, but it’d take a while!)

    • Omega

      Oh, wait, typo reported before… My bad

  • GreatFairy

    That ball-gag conversation.

    My poor abdomen. It’s in pain.

  • 123

    Has no one noticed that the scrolls are Dmitri’s?

  • Michael

    I squee every time I read another page and there’s a flash animation. Because they’re so damn cuuuute. =D

  • cxbdghfngj

    > Summon Skeleton and Heal Scroll

    I hate that Orc.

  • Jessica U. Ingmann

    A Scroll of Summon Skeleton and a Scroll of Healing…

    I’m going to set that orc on fi– … GOD DAMN IT, he has a Ring of Firewalking, doesn’t he?

    Maybe I can electrocute him… Somehow. ๐Ÿ˜

  • Elosan

    I love the ballgag “conversation” XD

  • Erik

    Omg that Ball Gag scene!

    XD…or maybe more like: :I

  • Lux

    “Itโ€™s a professional, government-regulated organization of magic-users. Itโ€™s not like theyโ€™re going to lead you into a dark alley and mug you or anything.”

    Oh Katia… of course not, they’ll mug you in a brightly-lit room.

  • Mzuark

    Okay, some of those prices I can understand. But a lot of that was horseshit. She’s fucking with you Kat.

  • dtlux14

    I love this story, though, I think she should sell all the stuff worth nothing, and keep the stuff worth money so she can make some money, and if she sold it, someone might steal that money.

  • Dragon

    Typo in the Flash when the shopkeeper is monologing about corn – I think. […]make it into howder[…]
    Shouldn’t that read powder?
    Also, I noticed that “Summon Skeleton” scroll. G-U, you bastard.