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Ranzick wrote:
Gaius: quick recap on what your goals are for now


You are a man of ACTION and PROBLEM SOLVING. You approach life HEAD-ON, never flinching or stopping to look back. You don’t have time to stand around idly thinking about past events.

But, since you’ve arrived a little ahead of schedule, a bit of recapitulation couldn’t hurt.

You currently stand in the KVATCH MAGES GUILD. A cold wind whistles outside, its ominous hum complementing the dark actions you are about to undertake. For today, after years of searching for answers as to what could be causing your constant, terrifying dreams of CULTIST TERRORS you have perhaps found the means to an answer. For today, you seek an audience with VAERMINA, the DAEDRIC PRINCE OF NIGHTMARES.

The only way for an ordinary, non-cultist mortal to speak face-to-face with a Daedric Prince is through the summoners of the CABAL, an elite group of mages who do not come cheap nor serve just anyone. But the mysterious and alluring alchemist SIGRID has agreed to help you on your plight, scheduling for the unholy Prince of Nightmares to be summoned, here in Kvatch, at the stroke of midnight.

And now, you have arrived in the guild to seek your answers. Midnight rapidly approaches, you have many questions to ask, and you do not intend to squander one moment of this opportunity.

VioletCLM wrote:
> Arm golden retrievers.

See, this is the sort of pointless nonsense that does absolutely nothing but waste time, unbefitting of a brave man of action such as yourself.

Sure, maybe your compatriots in the guard think your continual suspicions of CULTIST PLOTS are irrational, and maybe they don’t believe your incredibly reasonable assertions that INVISIBLE CULTISTS could be standing around us right now, but that doesn’t mean you should start strapping weapons to a bunch of dogs so they can watch your back while you sleep.

That would be ridiculous.

Anyway, you only have one golden retriever, SWORDDOG, and she is already armed to the hocks.

Good girl. Stay alert.

distainfulCatalyst wrote:
>No funny business. Just proceed to do whatever it was you were intending to do. Whatever that is.

Now that’s the sort of headstrong ACTION action you can get behind.

You and Sworddog boldly stroll into the Mages Guild to meet Sigrid for the-

Bah, that’s the third time this week you’ve tripped over the TRAPDOOR TO THE TUNNELS. Sigrid really ought to press it down better. You make a mental note to mention this to her.

You also make a physical note and put it on the trapdoor to prevent any further harm. The world is dangerous enough with all those SECRET CULTISTS in it, the last thing it needs is occupational safety hazards.

You continue down the hallway and up the stairs. Sigrid should be waiting for you in the-

Oh, great.

It’s that guy.

“Evening, Captain Atrum. Sworddog. I was beginning to think you wouldn’t show.”

“I said I’d be here, and a Guard Captain does not abandon his obligations without reason,” you say. “Now, where’s Sigrid? We have a demon lord to consult.”

“She’s in the dining room, aiding in the preparations. I’m surprised you aren’t more excited, Captain Atrum. It’s not every day a Daedric Lord is summoned in Kvatch.”

“‘Excited’ is not a word I distribute lightly, breton. And that smile? Creepy. Stop smiling, that’s an order.”

“This is a Mages Guild, Captain. I will take my orders from Sigrid, as will you. Now, you have questions prepared for the Daedric Lord, I assume? Sigrid will gladly ask them for you if you wish, as I doubt Vaermina will want her time on Mundus wasted while you… tremble in fear.”

  • FelexBlake

    lmao sworddog

  • stupidjellyfish

    Golden retrievers. Out of fucking no where.

  • Vaultdweller

    Somehow I foresee that Sigrid will only make things worse for Gaius. Just a hunch.

  • LZGanon

    Kaz just stop updating this and write The Adventures of Sworddog instead

    • TheWolfandtheRose

      As awesome as that sounds, I prefer our Slutcat Adventures.

      • Dr. Curiosity

        Slutcat and Sworddog! Together… they fight crime?

        • Relzyrx

          And hump it too!

        • furnut

          don’t forget NormalHumanGirlThatOnlyFightsInTheDark! ๐Ÿ˜€

          • Champion of Morrowind


        • furnut

          hehe I just draw a comic cover for that. ill submit it under fan art as The Adventures of SlutCat and Sworddog xD

          • furnut
          • Rooster Blue


          • SKUGGI

            Excellent. Well done ๐Ÿ™‚

          • OldSchoolRPGDude

            This thread is every kind of awesome.

          • SuperGnome

            Nice. Is this what she see’s when she’s drunk? XD
            And I see there’s no yo-yo. The adventures of slutcat and sword dog: Quest for yo-yo. XD

          • CorgiBurgre

            I would read the shit out of this.

          • Styx

            Am I the only one that notcied Katia isn’t wearing pants, painted on or otherwise? The implications of this are worrying.

          • Jim.

            You need to paint her some undergarments.

            You forgot! Do it over.

  • 65534



    > “Itโ€™s not every day a Daedric Lord is summoned in Kvatch.”

    To think of it…

    • no no no no you need a double dog leash and another sworddog a bit of kerosene and then you have flaming sworddog chucks. With this it would be a race to see if you would cut your hand off first or have it eaten, maybe both.

  • Chimera Ant

    I didn’t see Sworddog earlier. I hope nothing bad happened to her

    • furnut

      She’s probably guarding his house so evil CULTISTS can’t lay CULTIST traps that might render him vulnerable to CULTIST intentions.

      • Worm Anchorite

        Searching for Atrum’s magic potesial? :p

  • hillbillyinablimp

    I need a Sworddog t-shirt.

    Alright, fanbase, get to work.

    • SKUGGI

      YES. Please?

  • Captain Jistuce

    Sworddog is the best character in all of fictional humor. I’m just sayin’.

  • The Whicher

    I wonder if our Guard Captain have ever suspected himself of being a cultist

    • The Whicher

      D: he is one!

    • Chaostails

      Just like Katia is nobility?

      • Wind

        Oh God, she is! I completely forgot about that. She was from a noble family in Hammerfell.

        • kotekzot

          no, she’s not. her parents were servants at a castle, which is why they had to become farmers when she couldn’t live in the castle anymore. nobility doesn’t farm.

          • Philosoraptor

            Sooo… Gaius’s family had to work and live with cultists? That would be the more obvious conclusion.

  • Wolf

    Sworddog is now my favorite character after the “two gay elves that are racist fucks”

  • Fishing4Food

    Pfff, golden retrievers suck.A black labrador called jake is cooler.

    • SWORDDOG exists, your argument is invalid.

      • Fishing4Food

        A black Labrador called jake exists, my argument returns to its valid state.

        • Sworddog

          And, what, does he have nunchucks glued to his ears?

          • BlackLabJake

            Whoa now, don’t get testy. We might be rivals but that doesn’t mean you can just wave your sword in everyone’s face.

          • Sworddog

            I have no testes. I AM FEMALE.

  • AD

    Ouch, that broken nose looks painful!

  • Ransom

    Sworddog! Clearly that’s the same dog from “AirBud” and half a dozen other similar movies ๐Ÿ™‚

  • “Arm golden retrievers” must be the best iteration of the “retrieve arms” command I’ve seen.

    • Violet CLM

      Ah, I was wondering if it actually made sense to people.

  • DK3

    Epic randomness *laughs over the sworddog* i start to really like this captain character ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Owl

    Ok, Vaermina is referred to as a girl, but is also a prince?
    I might have misread something. I just want to make sure I understand everything. o v o

    • Bmark

      A Daedric Prince is a classification of daedra, not an actual ‘prince’ of anything. and although many daedric lords and divines are assigned a gender, they are technically genderless.

    • Darnissa

      No, you read it correctly. As other commenters have pointed out, “Daedric Prince” or “Daedra Lord” is more of a species than a title. They’re divine beings, basically demigods, and they have no inherent gender to themselves, but are referred to as “he” or “she” based on the gender of their most common manifestation. At last count, there were 17 known Daedric Princes, according to the elder scrolls wiki.

      • Expresate

        Not “basically demigods” they are gods. The only difference between them and the Aedra is the Daedric Princes didn’t contribute to the creation of Mundus. Aedra = “Our Ancestors” Daedra = “Not Our Ancestors”

      • Owl

        Ohhh, I understand now!
        Thank you for your help. o v o

      • Alvklez

        Well, if you want to get technical, the Daedra are full gods and the Aedra are demigods because they had their powers sapped by Lorkhan to create Nirn and all his trickery to go along with it. They then killed him and sent his heart down to Nirn which ended up being used to create a huge Automaton. The Aedra can be killed, but can not die from age (they aren’t mortal). The Daedra still have all of their power and cannot be killed at all. The Aedra are widely worshipped because it was by their power that Nirn was created. The Daedra are worshipped because of their immense power and because people see that power and fear/respect it.

        • SkywardStrike

          It is complicated when deciding to call something a god or not. Since both the Aedra and the Daedra are/were et’Ada (the Aedra having created Mundus and losing most of their power), they are very similar in nature. Being (sort of) the same race, you could say that to call one a race of gods,you would have to call the other a race of gods as well. Of course you could argue against that, saying that the Aedra have very little power. While this is true, the Aedra created the world, which is something that is attributed to at least one god in all religious pantheons. Either way, I wouldn’t call the Aedra “demi-gods” because that term is usually used to describe the a half-mortal, half-god, which the Aedra are certainly not. You are free to call them what you want, but my opinion is that Aedra and Daedra can both be considered gods.

      • Dragon

        Ah. I’ll just pop back and fix my comment. Thanks.

  • Gaius

    Not really. DAEDRIC PRINCES don’t seem to have a GENDER. While VAERMINA may take the form of a WOMAN, she is still called a PRINCE.

    Or so I think. I’m no cultist.

    • Bmark

      youre mostly right. daedra and divines dont actually have genders. but ‘prince’ is a race or kind of daedra, not a position. daedric lord is their position.

      • SkywardStrike

        Daedric lord and daedric prince have the same meaning. They are both the name for the type of daedra. There is no “position” that daedric princes hold. They just rule over the other daedra because of their awesome power.

  • furnut

    awww -hugs sworddog-

    -gets stabbed for 300 damage-


  • Worm Anchorite
    • SuperGnome

      Had to read it. That thing is so depressing I wanna kill myself. ๐Ÿ˜
      Bookmarked either way, cause I wanna know what happens now. ^^’

  • Wints

    Awwh, just spent the last few days reading Prequel from the beginning, and now that I’ve caught up, I need to wait for updates like everyone else!

    • TheWolfandtheRose

      Haha, wallow in our inescapable cesspool of impatience, now you are trapped in a miserable existence like everyone else, living only for the whims of Kazerad. It truly is awful no?

    • Mike

      I feel your pain =(
      Is it just me, or is this comic incredibly depressing?

      • Depressing, but in a way that makes you attached emotionally to the character; I want to constantly give Katia a hug.

        Also I like this intermission, this knightly dude cultist-not-truster and his faithful companion stabby-hugs are quite a comedic super-duo.

        I’m noticing more how Katia is going closer to the villain side, but god damn Kaz could certainly pull it off.

        She’s tried everything to make her redeemable in the eyes of her peers, but she doesn’t ever seem to be able to garner anyone’s respect, and she tries so hard.

        Now she’s focused on learning how to defend herself, perhaps her subconscious is training her; the only person who has been nice to her sans quill-weave was Sigrid, who robbed her of not only everything she owned, but her chances of being redeemable to QW, and since I know a good amount about one roller coaster of this Picture Novels inspiration, I’m beginning to see coincidences. A damaged eye, unstable powers that could very well be incredibly formidable, then I look at Elder Scrolls oblivion… could Katia be the one who decides to summon Oblivion? Does she go an a bloody homicidal rampage like Jack Noir? (see Damaged eye and coincidences)

        Both of these are things I’d really get a huge kick out of; it could all begin with [S] Katia: Make her pay. (which would refer of course to Sigrid.

        Kaz certainly has the writing skills to pull off a gradual decline into complete insanity, all it takes is a little push, and so far Katia has shown extreme fits of Anger and Sadness, as well as an eery amount of optimism in some cases.

        If anyone deserves to become a ruthless Bec Noir worthy villain, its her.

        Off-topic and a bit self-indulgent:

        I stopped developing my Picture Novel, and it was incredibly different from this one, the protagonist was a sort of lovable jerk but in the end he finally snapped after some events took place, the last post I made on the thread explains how I imagine this would have boiled down, and if I do end up using the story again, it will be made into a game. I hate working with flash and making GIF’s took up more time than making a picture cutscene is the engine I’m using currently.

        My name holds the link for the comic, as stated its been abandoned since I don’t have the time for it now so I’m not trying to take Kaz’s thunder.

        • Elmagnifico1910

          This is too deep. My brain hurts

        • Elmagnifico1910

          But I fully understand…

        • furnut

          Stabby-Hugs ๐Ÿ˜€

        • Emer Gensy

          I hope you continue your story someday.

        • Bacon_Elemental

          That’s a fascinating point you’ve got there. I completely agree with the potential for the story arc you’ve suggested, and since I read your comment, I realized something important that could back up the possibility of a Bec Noir regression for Katia. Though it doesn’t apply to Katia yet, I found something suspiciously reminiscent of how Bec Noir’s powers look when used, which could be potential foreshadowing for more Bec Noir attributes appearing in Katia as the story continues. On the page immediately following this one, take a very close look at the panel where Sigrid hands Gaius’ payment to the Cabal Mage. For one thing, the Cabal Mage is wreathed in shadows, with only his glowing eyes visible under his hood, but that’s not the most important part. Look at how the Sack O’ Gold disappears when the Cabal Mage claims it from where Sigrid left it levitating. …a green flash, fade to white, then disappearance? That’s exactly what it looks like whenever anything with First Guardian powers teleports or dematerializes anything– like when Bec Noir teleports around and stabs people/picks up loot. I’m not saying OH GOD CLEARLY KATIA IS BEC NOIR, but I think it’s certainly food for thought to fuel your idea. …This could be very interesting.

  • Tygrahof

    Hope there is clue for katia to fry her ass!! Revenge can be sweet!

  • Becca

    Atta girl, Sworddog! Sick ’em!

  • Octane

    I don’t get it but I’m not entirely opposed either.

  • Tormuse

    I already love Sworddog! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Felidire

    DO NOT
    Trip on this.

    it is a cultist.

  • Solitude

    I wonder what sort of horrible things could be in the tunnels. O_o Also, is that sword pointing upwards on Sworddog inside Sworddog?

    • Trance

      The age-old problem of flipping an asymmetrical character.

  • Curious Argonian

    Unless I am mistaken, wasn’t there a dog (or the remains of one) in the part where Katia explores the Kvatch Mages Guild?

    • Curious Argonian

      Nevermind, I was mistaken. Although, there is still the chained door…

  • dude

    I haven’t been able to get on the computer for awhile and I knew it would probably be updated.
    Thank you!

  • Fumbledoors

    Pick up magical flower of +5 protection

  • whatever

    fuck yes
    quotation marks

  • Dynablade

    Sworddog is officially the best character in this story.

  • Mustikkaftw

    TRAPDOOR <3 this sounds exciting!

  • M’aiq the Liar

    Ma’iq thinks that arming a golden retriever is a brilliant idea, but Ma’iq still is left wondering why he has never seen such a dog before. perhaps dogs change from time to time.

  • Icy Jaye

    Do we count as a cultist? We ARE summoning a Daedric Prince after all.

  • egg brother

    ok when creepy guy in a robe was actually smiling. HE IS A DAEDRIC CULTIST!

  • ?

    Dude, don’t freak out, it’s just one of the evil demon lords that cultists worship!

    • Expresate

      Except Vaermina isn’t inherently evil, nor is she a demon.

      • Murder

        She is evil. Her cultists basically said that her realm is the most terrifying place in existence. They say a house represent the owner.

        • Expresate

          She’s a god. She’s amoral. She’s not just the Daedric Prince of Nightmares, but of dreams as well. That means nice happy dreams take place in her realm, too.

          • Leri

            I don’t think being a god makes her amoral by default. Mehrunes Dagon and Molag Bal are gods, and they sure as hell aren’t amoral. They wouldn’t refer to her as the Prince of Nightmare if she wasn’t dark, and what mortals would consider evil. There is no mention of her being involved in happy dreams that you’re alluding to, unless there is a book I have read to read or a quest I have yet to finish. The fact of the matter is all Daedric Princes are sinister in their own right, anyone who has played the games or read the lore can find that out very quickly.
            To a mortal perspective, every Daedra is evil, because they don’t value mortal life. They believe mortals are toys at best, and use them for their own personal desires. Every quest involving Daedra involves either murdering or messing things up, and mainly so they can get their laughs in. At the VERY least, Daedric Princes are chaotic-neutral, such as Sheogorath.

          • Cactus Juice

            The Daedra are beings of “blue and orange morality” That said, some of the daedra do care for mortals, or at least the ones within their circle. Sheogorath himself sees madness as a mercy and invented music (with a woman’s innards) and rules creativity.

            Meridia would be a better example. She loves life and hates the undead. Undead are generally bad things.

  • Johnathan, the crazy gnome

    First, fix your nose, you are a professional guard for Talos’ sake! Next plan your escape attempt and plan of attack you are still dealing with cultists here and as we all know, a good cultist is a dead cultist. Also, be wary of Sigrid you’re pretty sure mages are cultists that can hide their cult like attributes from you probably though some cultist magic.

    • Trance

      “First, fix your nose, you are a professional guard for Talosโ€™ sake!”

      Holy shit, I’ve revisited this update like 3 times and I did NOT notice that at all.

  • SuperGnome

    What CrazyGnome said.

  • Link

    I feel like that “Arm Golden Retrievers” went above my head a bit =P

    That said I’m glad we now have Sworddog, a character almost as interesting as that necromancer elf that didn’t like “Black. Cats.” =D Let’s see if this one survives more than two updates xD

  • Raurie

    well this is getting interesting.

  • This man is clearly a cultist Gaius
    what is he hiding under those robes… GET MAD! YEAH!
    Show this cultist what you are made of, wipe that smirk of his little face

    • stupidjellyfish

      Hey, that’s stereotyping! Katia wore robes; does that make her a cultist?!

      • Hakaru

        Well, Kaita was a cultist..

        • Tayla_88

          And to be fair, his smile ~is~ creepy. One could say it’s “cultist-y”, even. Should make a mental note to investigate any potential cultist-like activities he may be involved in. Maybe a physical note as well, if there’s time.

  • Drynwyn

    Wonder why your dog has a sword when you don’t seem to.

    • Fen

      Well then he’d have to be SWORDMAN, wouldn’t he. Honestly. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Notthemanyouarelookingfor

    What’s with the pile of money behind the bookcase? I mean, why would any cultistwizard leave their money out in the open?

  • Raurie

    Lol the comments.

  • Hide-of-Scales

    … Alright, while I’ve given you a fair deal of flack regarding that nightmare sequence from awhile back, I’ll give you some credit here, Kaz; Sworddog is adorable, and I love the way you drew her. I can only wish my dogs came out remotely as good as yours.

    But seriously, Kaz, Sworddog needs to show up more often.

  • FloorBelow

    Note; Vaernima’s summoning day is the 10th of Sun’s Height. Since this flashback is ‘about a month ago,’ that would make it currently about 10th of Last Seed.

    That’s ~17 days before Oblivion starts and the Emperor is murdered.

    So yeah, Katia’s pretty much confirmed as our future Champion of Cyrodiil.

    • Fancypantsman

      Sorry to burst your bubble, but this proves nothing.
      Whilst playing Oblivion, the future Champion of Cyrodill does not remember meeting charactars like Quill-Weave, Sigrid or the Count of Kvatch. These events may very well be a prequel (title drop yeah) to Oblivion, but any other random beeing could end up in the prison in the city and meet Emperor Uriel.

      I sure hope Katia end up there though, would be interesting to see how Kaz would work that out.

    • What if I told u…

      That this could be the prequel to skyrim, and the aldmeri dominion is about to attack, and everything you see is actually a smokescreen that Kaz makes to hide the real plot.

      • Leri

        That’s….But… That’s not even vaguely, or in any abstract way, within the realm of possibility =S

  • Ranzick

    dragonborn related? well i know whos playing the new Skyrim DLC now.

    • Shazbot

      Makes me extremely happy I’m playing a perpetually level one character that doesn’t use shouts or additional abilities. A DLC that adds more does not require me to play any more, as I can’t use them anyway!

      • Andross

        Just another excuse for Kazerad to be slow as fuck.

        • Trance

          You should ask for your money back.

          • Leri

            Yes I should. I’ll say by law of opportunity cost that my time is worth the next best option if I hadn’t chosen to spend it watching Prequel Adventure. I demand payment in the form of Skyrim levels/quests and porn.*

            *(But really, I’m just saying that because your argument is outdated and rehashed way too much. A better one would be “Hey, be grateful that he’s even doing this for you.” or even “Good story takes time, don’t rush it.”, both of which have become less common sadly, in favor of attacking sense of entitlement.)

          • Trance

            Outdated how, exactly? Just because you hear it a lot doesn’t mean it’s invalid. It just means people need to get the hint already.

            Complaining about lack of content when you’re getting it free is unwarranted entitlement, worthy of ridicule.

          • Leri

            I fail to see how it warrants ridicule. It warrants redirection or correction, not being an asshole about it.
            Actually, you can always complain, and you have an inalienable to do so whether you are right or wrong. Yes it’s free, and I for one cannot be more grateful that Kaz takes his time to share his artwork with us, and continues to do so despite the fact that every update seems to spark to same argument with the same points being rehashed over and over again. However, it is completely valid to say ‘I would like this to be more constant’ whether you paid for it or not. I didn’t see any entitlement, just overly imposed dissatisfaction. You are the one who chose to bring it down to the commenter feeling entitled, when you honestly don’t know if they are. They could just be very disgruntled, or having a hard time.
            When something is good, people want more of it. When they can’t get it, they feel bad, and that’s purely natural. A good story isn’t always free, yes, but a good story that ends abruptly results in dissatisfaction. Furthermore, you can most certainly complain about lack of content when the content is free. If you find it to be wasting your time or causing you stress. However, I agree that you are never right in feeling entitled to something free. That doesn’t mean you can’t complain that you would like it to be better and it also doesn’t make you entitled, it just makes you annoying.
            As far as the outdated aspect, it’s a matter of knowing how to properly argue. If you use the same argument over and over again, regardless of how true or supported it is, it looses more and more influence. Of course, you aren’t using it as an argument but as a petty insult. Still, insults fall under the same rules, but to a much greater extent. An insult that bears no affect on the target is worthless, no matter how true it is.

            tl;dr: The more you say the same thing over and over, the more annoying it gets and the less influence it has regardless of evidence. That’s just how argument works. Kazerad is awesome, but people always have a right to complain. It’s not always for entitlement, sometimes it’s just disgruntled and annoying.

            Also I probably won’t explain anything further. Not because I don’t enjoy elaboration or arguing, but mainly just that I have too many other things to do. Personally I’m glad it takes awhile to update, otherwise I’d simply have no time to keep up with it.

          • Trance

            “I fail to see how it warrants ridicule. It warrants redirection or correction, not being an asshole about it.”
            I’m only an asshole to those who have already played the asshole, like Andross.
            “Actually, you can always complain, and you have an inalienable to do so whether you are right or wrong.”
            Well that’s assuming the entire internet agrees with U.S. free speech laws, which isn’t true. But even if it were, that wouldn’t make you immune to ridicule for using that right to make yourself look stupid.
            “It is completely valid to say โ€˜I would like this to be more constantโ€™ whether you paid for it or not.”
            And whether you paid for it, monetarily or otherwise, determines whether you have any grounds to demand such change. You’re trying to make it seem like everybody who’s said anything about it were just offering harmless criticism in even, friendly tones, but that ain’t so. One need only look at Andross’s comments to see that. It’s whining, pure and simple, stemming from a false sense of entitlement.
            “You can most certainly complain about lack of content when the content is free. If you find it to be wasting your time or causing you stress.”
            If reading a webcomic is stressing you out, you need to get a handle on your priorities. There is no excuse for that.
            “If you use the same argument over and over again, regardless of how true or supported it is, it looses more and more influence.”
            If that’s how it works for you. then all it demonstrates is that you’ve stopped listening to anyone and you’re going to complain regardless, logic be damned.
            “Of course, you arenโ€™t using it as an argument but as a petty insult.”
            No, that really isn’t how that works at all. Insults and arguments are not mutually exclusive, and my initial comment featured both.
            “The more you say the same thing over and over, the more annoying it gets”
            Hey guess what? That’s how all this whining about slow updates has gotten!

            Rationalize all you want, but your argument from free speech doesn’t free you from receiving your own brand of criticism. I mean, it’s not like I jump on everyone who’s complained about it; a lot of people are nice. And I can understand people getting impatient with a great experience like PREQUEL. But just because you’re stressed as a reader doesn’t mean it’s okay to add stress to Kazerad’s plate by bitching in his comments section.

            Patience. Get some.

          • Leri

            They should get patience, I agree, and Kazerad does not need more stress. The U.S. is far from the only entity that regards speech as a right, and it is even further from being the first. I’d thought I’d clarify, as I dislike the assumption. I’d challenge you to find a sane person who doesn’t feel they have the right to speak their mind, or better yet someone without the right who would not enjoy it. That of course, would lead us off topic, so I will leave that alone.
            I am not saying everyone who has complained has been sincere. The ones I see are simply dreadful about it. However, you put it in the context of an umbrella terminology, accusing anyone who complains of not having the right. Of course they have the right, and I don’t see the Interweb Gestapo hauling Andross off to prove me otherwise.

            I’m also having trouble understanding why you agree that repetition is annoying, but that repetition of an argument isn’t? I do enjoy well-regarded arguments. You can present a case on the cyborgian destiny of modern man and say the same key points endlessly, and it doesn’t make them any less true. However, does the impact not lose it’s luster somewhere on the fifth, tenth, or hundredth iteration? If you keep asking someone why something is the way it is, and continually receive the same answer, it creates doubt. You’re thinking of this in a normative analysis.That is to say humans should be fine hearing the same argument over and over again if it is true and even inarguable because that is the most logical course, but that isn’t the case. People get tired of too much of the same thing, and you know this to be fact because you’re tired of all the pissing, moaning, and whatnot about the timeliness of updates.

            Personally, the first time the entitlement argument was brought up in the comments of this comic, I found it clever and insightful, if unpolished and blunt. Yet it’s equally as draining to see a bunch of people complaining as it is to see most every disgruntled complaint met with the same point over and over again. The more I see it, the more time I’m given to think about it, and therefore I am more likely to question it. If we never asked questions, our species would have gone nowhere.

            If you were to focus this down to just you and I, this entire discussion resulted from two people being tired of repetition, and then complaining about it. Naturally I expected criticism as such, and if anything am glad to be met with it. Adversity results in growth, and therefore the best way to polish your beliefs is to find where other’s find fault in them.

        • Bonzo

          Agreed.. Kazarad is tired of doing this now. The length between updates keeps getting longer..

        • Andross, Seriously?

          Its been starting to update quicker again.

          It just updated February 6th. That was only slightly more than a week ago. Have some patience.
          Besides, he doesn’t want to update too quickly the suggestion box needs to be filled up, so he’ll have more suggestions to pick from. Plus it builds up anticipation. Well worth the wait.

          • Andross

            That was one image and one sentence.

            Hardly an update.

          • Blu Spy

            I like how the comment that started this mess was that short and unrelated at all with the larger ones that follow it. Das internet.

  • Galen-Ra

    Hahaa, “Dragonborn related delays” – that made me laugh too much, but I cannot blame you (I’m having a similar issue!)

    • Dar’Zerro

      Sadly it is true for myself aswell, bethesda needs to stop being awesome, and let us get back into the routine of important things.

      • panoz

        no no no they need to keep drinking the awesomesauce … hoping to get into the beta it may be the only mumorpuger i actually stay with for more than a week

  • Fishing4Food

    Dragonborn delays?I’m sitting here waiting for the ps3 store to update ๐Ÿ™

  • Megan Skooma Pirate

    Dragonborn- related delays? Perfectly acceptable.

  • Shinden

    Where’s my cake, Kazerad? You said there would be a gaudy pink cake.

    • Kaze’aze

      If you’re fishing for a Portal reference here, you’re not going to get it.

  • Dar’Zerro

    Vaba Good to see the story advancing, although this one is not too sure about the near future of the captain, and whether his upholding of Thjizzrini will be maintained. The Renjir Vaermina, is not one to be trusted, like many other daedra. Yet, this one hopes to Krin at the next part, of fascinating story.

  • ferret723

    Artum: dadrea are bad news, i suggest you pull out one of sword dog’s swords,point it at the brenton’s neck,and start asking why the flyin fuck is a dadrea is being summoned at this town and reconseder alowing him too,or at lest explain why to the voices in your head,and then consider whether summoning a dadrea is a good idea.

    (To the author ) Also I’m wondering what happened to the necromancer that kind of liked katia.

  • Rainbow_Dash

    golden retriever? hmmmm… no i still like turtles more. even though they are slow, if they hit you in the head lights out… not fun… just ask spike.

    • Leo

      Dashie, I have a question, when you go to Fluttershy’s house, what do the two of you do?
      be honest.

      • Rainbow_Dash

        REALLY ANOTHER LESBIAN JOKE!!! hhhhh…. only humans….

  • insightfulfuck


    • Leo

      why would jesus christ fuck himself?

      • Kaze’aze

        He’d do it for our sins!


  • but its pizza day

    I don’t get why all of you are waiting, when you can be playing dragonborn instead.

    • Andross

      Because Skyrim fucking sucks, more so than even Mass Effect 3.

      Which is pretty terrible.

      DLC is for faggots too, suck it babby.

      • No. you probably never even played DragonBorne before. Its awesome, but inorder to really appreciate it you need to be familiar with the lore and have played Morrowind: Solsthiem

        Before you keep complaining about Kazerad, how bout you try to write your own interactive comic.

        • Totorz

          Being familiar with the lore makes Skyrim unplayable.

          • but its pizza day

            Oh really? In what way? Or is that just something your friend said and you thought it sounded cool?

          • Anonimaly

            (Starting to Totorz, then to .p.i.p.d.’s sentiment.)
            Not necessarily unplayable, you can still use the controls, watch the graphics, and bury it in mods, but… it’s true that the sheer number of conflicts among the last three games, combined with Morrowind making the most sense, can be really distracting… often in the form of a let-down. Some bitterness is insured as a result. Combine that with messy game balance, cutting away complexity, and very bad writing, and you can expect far worse reactions than this.

        • HailSithis

          It’s not Morrowind: Solstheim…it is called BLOODMOON.

  • Arcanespirit22

    Gains, vaermina is a bitch,. You should demand to see her or you WILL UNLEASH THE FURY OF SWORDDOG ON HIS CULTIST ASS!

    • Arcanespirit22

      That should be gaius.

      Gaius, vaermina is a bitch. You should demand to see her or you WILL UNLEASH THE FURY OF SWORDDOG ON HIS CULTIST ASS!

  • One-Cheese-Pizza

    SURPRISE! The bookcase springs to life and assumes its role as LIBRARIOR.

  • OrigamiZergling

    There is a trap door into the mages guild from the tunnels?! *Slaps forehead repeatedly in exasperation*
    Well I know what instruction to give Katia now.

    • Champion of Morrowind


  • Bluedragon

    Yeah, sometimes it seems as if we have to trip over a clue in order to realize it. ^_^

  • Uzi_Man

    It’s official: Kazerad got bored of this story.. although l understand him, he spent a lot of time on this.

    • Graknorke

      How so?
      I have seen no official statement regarding Kaz being bored of the story.

      • Uzi_Man

        You don’t need to see an official statement from Kazerad, the speed of the updates tell us that he’s bored of this.

        • Graknorke

          Update speeds have not changed in over a year.

          • Uzi_Man

            Not really, once upon a time Kazerad was updating very fast, but since a few months ago, everything is going so slow..

          • Graknorke

            It was more than a few months ago. Updates have been pretty consistent since Katia arrived in Kvatch, and that was a year and a half ago. Updates have not been fast in a very long time because of the increase in quality and experimenting with different art styles and methods.

          • Uzi_Man

            Well, we will never know, but I still think he’s bored.

  • He’s not bored of it, but he knows that the longer we wait, the more we’re going to love the comic. He can’t give us too much too soon in order to keep the audience. If it updated every day or so, then the updates won’t seem as special. When you increase the supply and availability of something, it’s value drops.

    There’s nothing wrong with it, Its a good strategy whether you like it or not. By reading this comic, one could learn some good strategies from Kazerad.

    Oh, & btw, the suggestion box is down, mspaforums is down

  • Rainbow_Dash

    i curious to see what this princess will look like… even though i know its not better than my awesome looks, but knowing who captain is seeing to meet him i feel a trick happening. hmmmm… i didn’t see his dog before so im guessing she took it like katia’s bits and robe. ps NO MORE LESBIAN JOKES!

    • Rainbow_Dash

      sorry i mean prince…

      • Kaze’aze

        Whatโ€™s the difference between Rainbow Dash and a Ritz cracker?

        • Kaze’aze

          Oneโ€™s a snack cracker and the other is a crack snacker.

  • ferko


  • Dazley

    Kaz already wrote the reason for the delay. Dragonborn.
    Kaz want’s to play Dragonborn.
    People annoy him.

    Kaz cant enjoy his Dragonborn. :I

    • FelexBlake

      It says you’re writing this a day from now 21 to 22. and here i forgot about timezones. i thought u accidentally the internet for a minute.

    • Andross

      He put that message up on the 12th.

      Ask yourself, has he really been playing a DLC for more than a week straight?

      Maybe if he was playing a FULL SIZED GAME, but not some DLC.

      • I’ve been playing dragonborne for a week straight just by doing the local Raven Rock quests. It takes a long time to play a DETAILED DLC, and the level of detail is what makes Bethesda games so great.

        He probaly doesn’t play it 24/7 a day. Like any other person, he probably has to deal with school, work, friends, family.

      • egg brother

        hey, up until a week ago, i was playing the dragonborn dlc, and i got it in january. it is a completley different part of the game. but i got bored of it when i got all the dlc achievments, a friend let me borrow dark souls, and i have been dying repeatidly ever since. yay dying!

  • DragonBorne is pretty awesome.

    It feels like I’m playing Morrowind again. It even plays some of the morrowind explore music when I’m there. I’m still at Raven Rock though. I always try to take it slow and complete all the local quest in an area before I proceed to the main quest.

    Don’t want to spoil anyone, but there’s going to be Reiklings, bonemold armor, Ash-Spawn, and there might even be dragons. The ash spawn are

  • Jack

    You WORMS! You SLIME! Your barbaric ways are no match for the SWORDDOG!

  • Tormuse

    I keep coming back to this page just to admire Sworddog again. ๐Ÿ™‚ And for some reason, I love the phrase, “and she’s armed to the hocks!” ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Laser Sandwich

    Dovahkiin, Dovahkiin, not a single sardine…

  • ProSaladTosser

    Suddenly…a ball! Sword dog goes and plays fetch, cut a few things revealing shady stuff, lady comes in, magics the shit out of cultist fearing man before discovering cult. Finds out fears are from ARGGHHH (stabbed, murdered, worth it)

  • egg brother

    lets ask kaz. Kaz, if your up there, are you getting bored of writing this, or just a normal person who gets sidetracked. alot.

    • Kazerad

      I can’t vouch for my normality, but I do get sidetracked very easily. I wouldn’t say I’m bored of this, of course. Just way behind schedule on my updates.

      • dude

        You need to hurry and update the comic already because the viewers get antsy and when the viewers get antsy you lose viewers and when you lose viewers you lose your meaning to create the comic.
        Mind Blown.

        • Andross

          OH SURE, KAZERAD.

          Come here and spend a minute or so posting a comment, but you won’t update the comic, lol.

          Feb 06 2013 – Feb 25 2013


          WHERE THEY AT?

          • stupidjellyfish

            The MSPA forums are down. He’s waiting for them to go up.

          • egg brother

            forum is down, time to use the comments to give orders.

            Gaius, accuse robed man of being a cultist.

          • dude

            Oh shut up. Kazerad is a good writer and I think he doesn’t have to rely on other people’s thoughts to make this comic good.

        • Min

          Consider that perhaps his “meaning” to create the comic is not to gather as many fans as possible, but just because he enjoys working on it.

          I’d rather have delayed updates that are good than rushed updates that suck.

      • egg brother

        see, nothing to worry about. on that note, i am sorry if i come off as bossy. i am really a quiet boy with very little to say and almost no real friends to talk to. this is not a sob story it is real. i express myself online more than in person

  • Jango

    i’m really enjoying this comic.
    it has a decent character development, good plot, some comical moments.
    it does take some time for updates but i feel they are worth it, keep up the good work man! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • jacobc62

    When is the forum going to be active again for me to register?

  • McRutt

    No Bethesda DLC takes this long to be boring.

    • egg brother

      have you tried the dlc? or even the game? if you have you will never say it is boring. you will be hooked.

      • McRutt

        Yes I have and I mean what I say.

        • Andross

          He’s right, Skyrim and Oblivion fucking suck.

          So do the really old TES games.

          Morrowind 4 lyfe, brah.

          • but its pizza day

            sure morrowind was ok, but battlespire kicks ass.

          • Champion of Morrowind

            then why are you here =_=

        • egg brother

          i am a addict to oblivion and skyrim. they are very detailed games. and the fact that you can now make a dragon eat a man while you ride on its back, awsome.

  • ProSaladTosser96

    I am really sad. I am a new reader and I have never played a single skyrim game, but this story is fantastical! Now I’ve run out of pages to read, and I can’t register for the forums and give the key to the universe to katia! Btw thanks to server monkey, for tending to the forums wounds. I believe a self low five is in order.

  • ProSaladTosser96

    What do the Mudcrabs know that we don’t? Do they predict the updates? Are they the gods in disguise?Should we have killed one? WHAT DO THEY KNOOOOW?

  • Tallbrain123

    I put this up on a few different places, but since nobody seems to care…at all…(yet)…I think I’ll try here, too.

    #1: The ear flop katia did with her mage robes is still my favorite thing ever.
    #2: Someone should help me out in doing a spritesheet for Katia, so that she can be in SSF2 (when it eventually comes out).
    #3: Am I the only one who liked the CRITICAL FAIL Gaius suffered when he tripped on the trapdoor? I mean, even Katia didn’t fail that hard.
    #2.5: Oh, and I/we would also need voice actors, since my voice is that of a man/orc who hides books in his glutes.
    #4: …oh, wait. Was there a #4? Oh well. I read the entire thing yesterday, from beginning to here. It’s great, and the dream-javascript still blows my mind.
    #2.75: References I already have in mind include the pineapple *shudder*, her eye of fear, and her recurring nightmare (as a Final Smash)

    • 1412

      wait. I thought expansions weren’t a thing anymore?

  • Leri

    I just want Prince Vaermina to show up fifteen minutes late with Starbucks…

  • ProSaladTosser96

    Kazerad, if you can hear this from whatever star cluster you are surfing on, I suggest a quick moment with quill weave after a few updates. Surely she does something other than sit around her house right? Idk, I’m not a writer, but quill sounds more like a static character currently.

    • tronn

      Of course she’s static, she’s a NPC trainer that doesn’t do anything other than wait for the PC to interact with. (No, Katia isn’t a PC, she’s a horribly glitched mob).

  • xXScavangerXx23

    Just outta total curiosity (though i doubt the creator will reply) you say the delay is due to the release of the dragonborn dlc, does that mean you play ps3 or pc?

  • lacksense

    Why would Sigrid summon Vaermina for Gaius? It seems like she’s mostly interested in entrancing the city. I wonder if maybe Vaermina is in Gaius and Katia’s dreams but just manifests herself in some form like cultists or kings. If that’s true, I wonder if Sigrid could benefit from it or else why else would be bother with this? If Sigrid is interested in Gaius’s dreams, and they are similar to Katia’s, I wonder if she would be interested in Katia’s too if she knew of them. But if Gaius doesn’t learn anything useful here, it seems even more likely that Sigrid was up to something shady. Maybe there is something more interesting in the tunnels than cultists.

    … but … maybe we can get Kaz excited about this story again if he gets something exciting in mind for its unfolding… we can get him brewing up possibilities (Katia’s cross-eyed bearded image of a wizard comes to mind ^^)

    • Bmark

      daedric princes love to mess with people
      vaermina in particular would never pass up a summoning if she thought she could get something out of it.
      unlike dagon and a few of the more violent princes, vaermina likes to work slowly. if i didnt know better, id say shes the one who made the dreams in the first place.
      shit sigrid is probably a priest of vaermina.

  • heidtmare

    I was so bored without a prequel update that I was forced to resort to watching the Twilight saga…

    • SomeRandomName

      This comment made my day. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • BaronvonSomething

    Last night I had a dream where Kazerad made an update on Prequel, but not on this story.

    An Argonian friend of Quill Weave’s has been kidnapped earlier, but then he comes back as the steroid raging, super muscular Daedra-slave in steel armor who sneaks up behind QW and tries to throw her to her doom. However, with her acrobatics skills, QW lands on her feet skidding across the ground, coming to a halt, as they stare each other down in the middle of a field. QW, panting, compliments Lizard Bane on his new muscle, the latter returning the compliment with a laugh and some generic anime dialogue, (I didn’t catch what he was saying.). Then you are aware that music is playing in the background, which only now comes up to an audible volume, revealing itself to be the ending theme song to Jackie Chan Adventures, trying to give the action sequence a kick ass soundtrack to accompany the action.


    While reading this, it is all in the the format of the Prequel comic, with animated panels for every action sequence. I was anticipated to continue, hoping for a really awesome experience, but alas, I woke up and I realized that that update wouldn’t happen as it was a dream.

    After brushing my teeth, I got on my laptop to see if there was an update, and yet there was the stagnant and welcome-outliving green Dragonborn text and the single word “Recap,” as has been so for nearly three weeks, now. I was greatly disappointed, because, when it gets to a point where KAZERAD IS AFFECTING YOUR DREAMS BY TEASING YOU WITH UPDATES, you’d hope you’d see something amazing. Even more freaky is how big a deal dreams are in Prequel and the Elder Scrolls, making for too much of a coincidence.

    I get that college kids are having mid-terms right now, so maybe there’s a chance we’ll get a wicked good update in the next couple of days. But, Kaz, PLEASE make the next update AMAZING!!!

    • Hephaestus

      “Kaz, PLEASE make the next update AMAZING!!!”
      That’s like saying,

  • ProSaladTosser96

    That’s an interesting dream. I have weird dreams about pancakes, but mostly my dreams have me being an assassin of some sort, but I don’t play assassins creed. I have a machete, and sometimes a bow, and I’m on an island of some sort, and sharks are scarier than the people I kill, so why do I dream of being an island assassin killing evil island people, I have no clue, but on another note, I like this story and pancakes. Thanks Raze

  • Kaze’aze

    We probably shouldn’t start complaining until it has been at least a month.
    >Looks at all the people already complaining

  • Blezmo

    We should all take this as an oppurtunity to reread prequel. There’s a lot of details that could be easily missed over. Especially in the gif images.

    I’m mad too, and that’s because its been over 2 weeks since mspa forums have came back up. Maybe I should just make my own forum.

    • sabata2

      “Content Encoding Error
      The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because it uses an invalid or unsupported form of compression.
      Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.”

      Oh the MSPA forums aren’t back up. They’ve been cycling between “We’re going through weekend updates” and “Lol, ur fuk’d” for a long time.

  • Dagda Mor

    Dragonborn-related delays, huh? It is a pretty awesome expansion pack, yeah.

  • Dudette

    Last month had 1 update. 1 update for the whole month. That is all.

    • Sebby

      Last month was February, the last update was Jan 26th. I assume he’s busy, with stuff and things.

      I miss Skyrim. D:

      • Murder

        Not to mention that he can’t copy/paste the suggestions for the update, what with the forum being down.

  • majungles

    be sword dog

    • Ikearat

      I tried to pet Sword Dog and was killed.

  • lel

    Dragonborn was great. Consequently, it also took me over 3 weeks to finish.

  • Andross


    At least put up a delayed due to MSPA forums being down announcement, jesus fuck!

    I mean seriously, come on…

    • fred

      Yeah, you know the really sad thing? Like 70% of the material of the material of this comic is in the first 25% of the time since it started. The massive flash game/simulation of the town here when she first gets to Kvatch, right here: http://www.prequeladventure.com/2011/10/1015/ – you remember that? That was October 25, 2011, and the comic started on March 12, 2011. Start at the beginning and look at the dates they were published at the top left and be HORRIFIED. At the beginning, the release rate was SO high that I was almost inclined to think that the artist wasn’t even a human but some sophisticated artistic AI. And then like an object falling into a black hole, it just slowed down and down. And we’re right next to the event horizon now. It doesn’t bode well for my hopes of the future of the comic.

      • xKiv

        AFAIK, at the beginning of this site, Kazerad was posting already existing material (from the MSPA forums?)

      • The comic wont end.

        Think of it as an asymptote ( in math). It gets closer and closer to zero, but never actually reaches it.

      • Bonzo

        Precisely… you nailed my thoughts exactly sir. I wondered if I was the only one that noticed, but didn’t mention it did to the fact that a bunch of oblivious enthusiasts will start calling me a troll in their blind rage at the truth.

    • Andross, that’s not how you get Kazerad to respond to you. Not with that attitude.
      never scream in all caps. don’t swear like a sailor.

  • Prosaladtosser96

    Me: Everybody calm down :3
    Me: 1v7. 1v7! Y’all won’t do shit.
    Random black guy: Oh ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • BlazinVoid

    Nice story! But try to ummm, lets see,
    X- Put male Argonian kicking barrels around yelling at them, Nope (YES)
    X- Show a fight scene, I don’t really care,
    X- Make Sworddog kill something, ……
    I’m just jotting down random stuff

  • Nodzilla96

    Ok guys just came back from the future. New updates will come out, and the end to this story will make you laugh, cry, giggle, poo, and cry some more manly and happy tears. I will not spoil it, but be patient on the updates, for Kaze later develops migraines after numerous message posts, which made updates come in at a slower rate. Oh yea, and infamous 3, Cod Mw4, and several other games come out, and google glass is expensive as shit. Good day.

    • tronn

      Place your bets girls and boys, which will we see first: end of Prequel or release of Half-life episode 3?

      • Nodzilla96

        Actually, Gabe decided to make a prequel to half life 2, concerning another person at the wrong time. In the end he also hired by the gman.

  • Man of Mer

    Dear Mr. Kazerad,
    It has been approximately 18 days since the last update.
    I don’t mind that it has been taking long, but I truly hope a new episode/ panel/ slide will be done some time in March. Sincerely,
    A big fan, Man of Mer

  • stupidjellyfish

    Guys, the update is delayed because the artist doesn’t have any bloody commands to see on the forum. Just be quiet, be patient, and do something else with your lives. Read a good book. Play some video games. Get some school/labor work done. There’s a strange, lively world to explore, filled with wonderful things to do. Simply complaining on a comment board isn’t change the fabric of the situation.

    • My patience is running thin with the staff at mspa forums. I want to post about other things other than prequel and its been down for weeks.

      I’m really starting to think I should make my own adventure forum. How succesful do you honestly think that’ll be?

  • Cactus Juice

    Not knowing how this was missed back when Katia was talking with that manipulative mage bitch…http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Telvanni_Bug_Musk

    • Deepfriedice

      It was clearly SOMETHING that she sprayed, but good work hunting that page down, that’s definitely the best candidate.

      • Cactus Juice

        I realized it when I was playing through Morrowind again. There were a few mentions of it in the mages guild, I asked what it was, and then got the page so I wouldn’t have to do much talking about it. Ahh, the things you miss…

  • So what’s the deal with Katia’s parents?

    This is sorta unrelated, but I was thinking way back to the beginning of Prequel.

    Katia Managan is 19 years old, as said in the story. She’s an alcoholic, a cultist, kind of a prostitute, and a party girl.
    A lot of things have happended before she came to Cyrodiil.
    19 is pretty young, and most people still get a lot of influence from their parents at that age even though they are already adults (especially women). So I wonder how it was with Katia and her parents.

    Why would they let her get away with being a slutty, cultists, alcoholic when she was younger?
    Was she very sneaky about it?
    Well, she wasn’t sneaky about it actually, the reason why she has to got to Cyrodill was because she ruined her reputation.

    Maybe she ran away from home at about age 16 or something. But if she ran away from home, shouldn’t she be more experienced about the world?
    Right now, she is like a fresh green stick, so naive, ignorant, lacking in any skills, and not hardly able to hold her own. Its almost as if she had just left her parent’s roof before she took the boat to Cyrodiil.

    My conclusion is that everybody she knew in Hammerfell had just found out that she was a slutty, alcoholic, cultist, and her parents were pissed off to the point of no return, so they kicked her out.

    Maybe Kazerad will reveal more of the backstory in future updates.

  • comkiller

    so two days before we descend upon Kaz with pointy swords….

    • No no no you need to send him (or rather threaten to send) a hyper active golden retriever that has already retrieved arms.

    • No, don’t start bagging on Kazerad on March 6th.

      He can’t update because the suggestion box has been down for several weeks.
      The more you wine, and complain, the less likely he will want to update.

      Instead be nice and give positive encouragement. Say something like
      “Hey, I really love your story, and we’d appreciate if you continued.”

      This is not your story, so you do not choose when it updates. Bagging on someone for not giving you gratification is very immature and shows that you don’t have a life.

      I plan on creating my own forum in a few hours today. It will be an adventure-forum, but more related to the Elderscrolls. Only thing is that I’m not sure if Kaz would post a suggestion box there.

      • Kaz do you like the praising comments or the AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH I HATE YOU FOR NOT UPDATING AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! or a combination of both?

        We could make fusions of them like all caps yelling praise or all small angry demands.

        • Nodzilla96

          FUSION, GO!

          • Champion of Morrowind

            now this is just reminding me of Dragon Ball Z =.=

          • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH THIS COMIC IS TO AWESOME AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! and we really really hate you for not updating … seriously …

  • Bluecaptain

    Or instead of staring at a screen and refreshing every 60 seconds like a animal begging for table scraps you could put this page on an RSS feed so you’ll know when the update comes. By doing that you:
    – Reduce the amount of half-assed, vulgar, unconstructive comments that make you sound like some an addict that needs a fix.
    – Spare yourself the time of constantly checking the page.
    -Consider the fact the the artist/author owns nothing to anybody here and in no way is required to post any updates should he not wish to do so, temporarily or not. Consider the fact that we, the readers, are damned fortunate to have someone who creates fantastic art and creates a story by actually listening to his audience unlike so many others.
    – Use this time to think and consider a good comment topic before typing it out and/or…
    – Go do something that might possibly be useful to yourself and/or society such as read, exercise, work, sleep, organize or create something like some people have begun to do.
    Don’t worry about the uncontrollable hiatus, from what I gather it is no fault of the artist/author and is out of his hands.
    That is all.

  • Anonymous

    Man, I love seeing the white knights who come to the rescue of lazy webcomic producers. I’m seeing some pretty fucking piss-poor excuses here. As if there weren’t a way to circumvent some forum being down. He’s only using it as an excuse to continue doing… whatever else he’s doing. Which is his prerogative. The least he could do, however, is come right out and admit to being a lazy sack.

    • Andross

      I agree.

      The dumbass could at least start taking commands from the comments here.

      I mean… COME ON, MAN!

      • Deepfriedice

        I think this chain of discussion illustrates why he doesn’t quite nicely, actually.

      • Moo?

        Come on! He needs time off. He ain’t alive just to slave away drawing slutcats…

    • Don’t call him a dumbass. That’s now way of thanking someone for writing a comic that you love. Show some love.

      Kazerad doesn’t need excused becuase this IS his website, and you need to find something else to do.
      It seems as though this webcomic is your only source of pleasure in your life, and if that’s true; then ur being pathetic.

      He probably has more things going on right now in his life, other than sitting at a computer all day.

      Now, I am making a forum right now that is going to use the most advanced forums software up to date (phbb3) and maybe you should post your own adventures on my forum to see how hard it is. Lets see what you’re made of ( after I finish creating the website)

    • Bluecaptain

      White knight is too…..”eh”. I prefer heroic adventurer. But I’ll thank you on behalf of everyone for your bitch criticism that didn’t help anyone anywhere do anything.

  • Person

    The comments used to be friendly banter and jokes about sworddog, now its just a bunch of people arguing and cursing at each other about the length of updates. Rip in peace Slutcat Adventures.

    • Deepfriedice

      I wouldn’t worry too much about it; comment sections are almost always terrible.

  • Nodzilla96

    The adventures of Slutcat and Sworddog sounds like a good kids show.

    • FelexBlake

      “second.” Scruffy’s voice

  • Tobi2500

    Ever thought that he might be “halting production” on purpose because you guys are being jerks and calling him a “dumbass” and lazy. Also he is the guy who is making a web-comic you like and you are offending him? what is wrong with you?
    Poor Kazerad

    • Totorz

      So, what you’re saying is that the reason he’s not producing updates is because he is un-professional?

      • Blue

        You say that as though you, or anyone for that matter, is paying him to do this. This is his hobby and something he’s doing when he wants to. Unlike some others the man does have a life beyond this webcomic.

        • Andross

          Listen here yo, if you provide a service, ANY service, pay-based or not, and you get fans….

          They will most likely be agitated if you don’t keep up.

          Providing Service = Responsibility

          • TheWolfandtheRose

            ^^^^Hahahahahah. “Providing service = responsibility”??? Seriously? It’s idiots like you who think they’re entitled to shit for no fucking reason that make modern society such a fucking joke. Grow the fuck up. Kazerad doesn’t have a responsibility to entertain stuck up morons like yourself anymore than he has a responsibility to feed and clothe them. If he does what he does, its because he enjoys doing it and wants to share it with others. Be grateful for what you get and stop being so fucking entitled. Fuck. You must be some sort of special breed of moron. I swear. I don’t know what makes you think the world revolves around you and that everyone else just has a responsibility to neglect their own personal life to entertain you.

  • Okay, I finally created a website for creative writng, and mspa style writing. But I gave it an elderscrolls theme.

    It took me a few hours to make it. I don’t know what the hell is going on with the staff of mspaforums. Its taking them weeks, while I created a forum site in a few hours.

    It is currently empty of topics since I just made. If you miss mspaforums, or are an elderscrolls fan, then here’s the url: http://elderscrollsventures.forumsreality.com/

    right now I’m trying to unite elderscrolls fans from all across the web to enjoy something great, and have a community of writers.

    • 1412

      Ah, a new forum! Not really a fan of elder scrolls, but I’ll check it out.

  • Nucks

    Man. I just read this entire webcomic up until now in the last few days. Bravo, I am completely awestruck by it and have enjoyed every last bit. And now, I have to actually wait for updates like everybody else. ๐Ÿ™

    So, it has been exactly a month since the last update, I have a feeling this waiting is going to be painful from here on out, I’ve grown so so attached to the progression of this story in a matter of days I just… AHHHHHHH !!!

    Regardless, Kaz, I commend you. Keep up the good work, and pleeeeeeeese update soon. :O

    Also, it would be cool if Zenimax implemented a Katia NPC in TES Online. Although it’s supposed to take place about 800 years before the events of Morrowind and Oblivion, soooooo not happening. :/

    • Kazerad

      Thanks, glad you like it!

      And don’t worry, the waits aren’t usually a month long, I just had several different things come up in rapid succession without much time in between to update. Rather than making up some little filler updates before the next one so I could get something out, I figured I’d just wait until I had something decent ready.

      • Nodzilla96

        Well, ok. How was dragon born?

        • Kazerad

          They need to do way instain mirak> who kill their dragons. because these dragons cant frigth back? it was in the scrolls this mroing a mirak in sol who had kill his three dragons. they are taking the three dragons back to skyrim to lady to rest my pary are with the aedra who lost his children ; i am truley sorry for your lots

          • Nodzilla96

            Check spelling dude, no offense. :3

          • stupidjellyfish

            wat ar you talk about? Her spellin is totes fine.

      • BaronvonSomething

        Kaz, is there any reason why you can’t post an update on the website itself and not MSPA? I’m not too familiar with this system.

        Also, is it finished and you’re waiting for the forum to be fixed like others have said? Have you considered uploading to another site?

        • Nodzilla96

          He kinda just said he had a lot of stuff going on. Because he has something called a life and he may even have something called a job. Not to be mean, because I am a pacifish.

          • BaronvonSomething

            Okay, seriously?

            My comment was in no way accusing Kazerad of being lazy, and your response didn’t have anything to do with my comment.

            Now that Kaz has left a comment on what’s going on, I understand, but there was no need for your condescending hostility.

          • Nodzilla96


          • Andross

            And people wonder why Kazerad has white knights.


          • Bluecaptain

            Ahahahaha writing down laugh sounds as if it’s actually happening.
            Ahahahaha self-entitled arrogant pricks complaining to people who clearly care.
            Ahahahaha I hope Kazerad finds a way to run this website off of the tears of the aggressive fanboys. That would be ahahahahilarious!

          • Kazerad

            Guys, play nice.

          • Nodzilla96


          • Nucks

            fo realz

          • Nodzilla96

            Baron, here is my challenge: We shall take two hot air balloons into the skies, each packed with long darts. First one to pop the other balloon wins. Parachutes included. May the best gentleman win!

          • bluecaptain

            I also wish to partake in such a dueling event. I will give what money I can to fund that game into existence

  • dumpsterrat

    A month has gone by, but stuff happens. From what I can see, K isn’t a “love me with money or I’ll hate you with hammers” sort of guy, so …

    … loving him with hammers probably won’t work. Maybe we should back off and find something else to roll around in until he gets back on track. I have the idea that he has a definite stopping point for the Strange & Terrible Saga of Slutkitty, and we’re not there yet.

    I’m actually kinda po’d about MSPA being down for so long as I’m following another story there, Steampup, by someone who’s quite likely to not continue it if/when MSPA comes back up again. Like K, he has other things going on in his life.

  • Flubflub

    So…. first post time.
    After perusing through a shit thread on /b/ (zomg imagine that) at around 10 PM, I saw a picture of this cat looking girl who looked remarkably like a character I saw in a flash I had assumed was about skyrim. Lo and behold a few expert moves in the dark art of Google-fu and I come across this site. I just spent the last 5 hours going through the entirety of your archives and I have to say, you have me hooked. Reading through and seeing the little GIFs and flashes that are reposted freaking everywhere made me smile especially the dinner scene with Asotil, which now makes a hell of a lot more sense in context. You have me eagerly awaiting the next update and I pray that you will deliver it soon.
    Until then

    • Flubflub

      note 10 PM relative to EST for anyone who would give any shits

    • Bonzo

      Best of luck to you as well sir, Kaz pretty much bailed on this project I think. The updates have become less and less frequent, and now we’re experiencing “dragonborn delays”. Ignore the heretical enthusiasts that berate this comment, they’ll beat this dead horse for a year after it’s gone.

      • Andross

        Not to mention the fact that Kazerad has time to post new comments here, yet no time to even change the “dragonborn delays” message, or some shit like that.

        Yeah, this place is dead.

    • 400321

      This is actually the exact same way I found Prequel. Its amazing what you can find on /b/

      • Flubflub

        Isn’t it though? One moment you’re sifting through a cesspool of porn, gore, and stupidity, then next thing you know you find an awesome webcomic! Just goes to show that the interblags work in mysterious ways…

  • Zer0DusT

    i read up all these comments and i’m surprised, did anyone think that maybe, just maybe, hes doing one of his magic coding tricks again? i mean not to long ago we had that amazing trip down the stair way, the two games before that, and some awsome flashs, all of which seemed to break the fourth wall in their own uniqe way. i don’t see how this time is any different from those, so do me a favor fans and hush, have faith in our creator for anu gave us the preque- i mean kazarad gave us the prequel adventures and the many joys to be had with in

    yeah that was me trying to be dramatic… and failing

    • fred

      The stairway thing sure, that was kind of recent, but make no mistake, the game WAS a long time ago. That big one when she arrives in Kvatch was 16 and a half months ago and just a little over 7 months after this whole webcomic started from the very beginning, don’t tell me that was recent. Granted the animated images were usually extremely pathetic in comparison even to what is normally seen in the webcomics that are occasionally animated (especially when she’s “wagging” her tail in glee, those were downright annoying – yeah, so much for her being catlike – of course cats also can’t taste sugar while she has a sweet tooth) let alone compared to the more recent animations here, but when it comes at a cost of ever continuing slowdown of the progress of the story, I’d prefer the lower quality art. And remember, there hasn’t been any major plot yet. Her whole life’s goal at this point is to deliver a frigging book and repay some money she feels obligated to pay back, and the mystery of her dreams is only STARTING, as a foundation for a genuine interesting plot. So most of the story here has yet to be told. And for crap’s sake, I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t want to have to wait until 2030 to see it.

      • TheWolfandtheRose

        Well according to the Elder Scrolls lore, Khajiit (a cat-like people of Elsweyr) can taste sugar and have quiet the sweet tooth, reflected in their culture by the large amount of sweet meats, glazed dishes and pastries that they are fond of.

  • Bob

    Anyone notice that two panels of the comic stayed centered on the trapdoor? What do you think those tunnels lead to?

  • Gren

    Not sure if that was intentional but you repeated the word “action” just after the fourth panel.

    “Now thatโ€™s the sort of headstrong ACTION action you can get behind.”

    • Kazerad

      The first one is an adjective describing the type of action! It’s action action.

  • dtlux14