Jan 262013

unclechoo wrote:
>Flashback activate.

Varkarrus wrote:
>You are now Captain Gaius Atrum

You are now Captain Gaius Atrum, about one month in the past.

  • Katia Managan

    I think I’m a figment of someone’s imagination, but I could be wrong.
    Time to drink some booze.

    • Terashi

      No booze for you. Booze just makes everything worse.

      • Evil Argonian

        Perhaps you should try some ezoob instead.

        • Tech

          But not too much ezoob, lest you end up knurd.

        • Ma’iq the Liar

          Ma’iq tried ezoob once. All Ma’iq remembers of it is waking up the morning afterwards with more cloths on than he owned.

          • Shi’karra

            Did Ma’iq finally get his stick of fishies when he woke up?

        • xKiv

          Is ezoob what you drink tomorrow to get a hangover today, otherwise you get even more hungover from the time paradox, until you drink enough ezoob?

      • MCA with the bottle

        @ Terashi

        We got the bottle and you got the cup.
        C’mon everybody lets get ffffffucked

        • Lord Night

          Or is that dekcufffffff?

    • Actua

      If you’re imaginary, so is the booze. Try to get the Imaginer to imagine you’re drunk.

      • Don’t listen to that Katia, she is an imposter.

        • Katia Managan

          I AM SPARTACUS!

          • Spartacus


          • Turdtle

            I’m a flying turd.

          • Katia Managan

            I will tell you the secret of the pineapple and yoyo for some…

        • Well I am Katia “Fucking” Managan!

    • Sheogorath

      No alcohol just cheese

    • dtlux14

      Try some Boobs. Maybe QW can help you…

  • Dovahkiin

    >Gaius: Jump off symbol on floor

  • Rusted Key

    Immediately draw your sword in case of Daedric cultist activity.

    • JimPlaysGames

      What sword? He seems unarmed! Unless he’s hiding a weapon… somewhere.

      • That Guy

        He probably just has it unequipped and stowed in his inventory; that’s how weapons work in TES afterall 😉

      • Xel`Naga

        His weapon is just like Katia’s lockpick.

        • Andross

          And just as smelly.


          • Methis

            I always tough it was more of a Victoria’s secret compartment thing.

          • Kingkaor

            Like Gharug gro-Upp and his…many places…..

      • Strange Quark

        Captain Gaius Atrum: Retrieve Arms

        Already got them, cultist scum!

        • carcinoGeneticist


          ((ooc- I didn’t know there were HS fans on Prequel :U *no longer feels alone*))

          • Maxxie

            Its based off the same style and the suggestion box takes you to the mspa forums. I’m pretty sure most of us are Homestuck fans.

          • Kas

            Alas, not all Homestuck fans have read Problem Sleuth. Sadly.

          • Soadreqm

            This adventure kind of started on the MSPA forums. The only reason it exists on a separate website at all is that it attracted too much audience and keeping it in a forum thread got too unwieldy.

          • andwhyisit

            Problem Sleuth is so much better than Homestuck ever was. Not as good as Prequel though.

        • Charm Quark

          I always think of armaments, not those things attached to your shoulders.

  • OldSchoolRPGDude

    Yay for multi-updates! Thanks, Kaz!

  • OldSchoolRPGDude

    I can see the dramatic confrontation now:

    “Hey, you’re that Daedric Prince(ess?) of Nightmares, right?”

    “So what if I am?”

    “Are YOU the one screwing with my dreams?!”

    “… Maybe.”

    “NOOO!!!!” *wakes up*

    • cheesybob1

      She’s a prince, not a princess – “prince” is their subspecies, also they are neither male nor female since they have no body. Sucks for them

      • Expresate

        I swear to Vehk I am going to zero-sum if one more person calls her a princess.

        • Andross


          More like 12 year old console kiddie

          le skyrim such a classic rpg rite xD


          that is all

          • John

            I cannot believe I just saw someone call someone else a ‘x-kiddie’ outside of a *nix ‘support’ chatroom.

            What a snob.

          • Andross

            You must not go on the Internet much then, John.

            Not an insult btw.

          • Sato-Kun

            I suspect you’re fulfilling the role of ignorant troll for the time being, then?
            Pro-tip: If you read and appreciate the comic, try not to insult the artist.

        • Terashi

          Don’t be hatin’

        • ragin

          I love it when people post things on the internet and you can pretty much immediately tell that they’re from 4chan

          • Expresate

            Me? From 4Chan? Aha, no.

          • Spiral

            Because 4chan is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too scary to go to. besides, it’s blocked because of the proxy your mother put on your computer, right?

  • Miauw

    The plot deepens.

    • The Hooch

      Plots don’t deepen, you hurdle-jerking fuck. They THICKEN. O,o

      • Loon

        Well, depending on your definition of plot, they could do either.

      • J.D.

        Hooch is crazy…

  • best serb

    gaius atrium: remove kebab

  • Hellbud khajjit

    By akatoshes beard!That was quick.

    • Hellbud khajjit

      Just replying to my comment because I didn’t want to double toast.what if katias fear of royals is because of the deadric princess of nightmares?Would make sense.

      • billy

        did he not say “prince” of nightmares?

        • cheesybob1

          see my comment above ^^^

          • Hellbud khajjit

            Technicaly she has a form of a female so I may as well call her a princess.

          • Sheogorath

            Isn’t that cute. BUT IT’S WRONG.

            Only I may be addressed as “Princess.” Princess Ann Marie. Charmed!

          • Andross

            Well, at least you left your real name so we could get the reference, SHEOGORATH!


      • Terashi

        She’s a prince, not a princess – “prince” is their subspecies, also they are neither male nor female since they have no body. Sucks for them. -cheesybob1

        Lore. Fucking learn it.

        • Hellbud khajjit

          Well I am going to be anon since everyone is getting Butthurt about lore.Cya later people in comments, have fun with your aggressiveness.

  • billy

    rub your beard as if in deep thought

    do it!

  • dude

    Quite,thank you!

  • Papa

    >Levitate using flashback god powers

  • Dynablade

    >birthday update
    oh boy, present!
    >one panel

    • Andross

      haha, you got fucked

      enjoy waiting for an update

      happy birthday

  • >Recollect on how you got here, and how you have found out about the Daedric Prince of Nightmares

  • Mehrunes Dagon

    >Commentors: Use the suggestion page.

    • Champion of Cyrodill

      Nah, bro. You ain’t tellin’ me what to do.

      • Andross

        >Commentors: Spew bile all over the comments area

        I am not exempt from this rule

        ya gotta shitpost with the best of em

  • Genericuser2

    Is there someone? A cultist?

  • Bacon_Elemental

    I wonder where Gaius is standing in that picture there?
    …funny, it almost resembles the interior of the Mages’ Guilds in Oblivion– and of the Kvatch Mages’ Guild here in Prequel.
    Do you think this could be why everyone hates the Kvatch Mages’ Guild? I know I’d be a bit distrustful of a guild-leading mage communing with Daedric Lords, particularly the Prince of Nightmares. >_>”

  • Pajaul

    …as this is a flashback, do we really have anything to do here?
    How does one give commands for something that already happened?

    • Bacon_Elemental

      Well, we could be defining the minor canonical details of this encounter, while Kazerad guides the plot where Kazerad intends to take it. Also, if you think about it, we’re commanding a past event already– this is all taking place before Oblivion, so we’re already taking at least one step back in time to shout at history. Why not take another? ^_^

      • Pajaul

        Because we could go deeper.
        I say, we have a flashback during a flashback OF our flashback while we go back to back and back again with the future.

        • Bacon_Elemental

          Leonardo diCaprio, get your ass over here.
          Your work is needed.

        • Someone Who Will Not Be Named

          But then if we want to tell the tale to others, having so many extra flashbacks would be confusing.

          • Pajaul

            Naw, we’ll just use a flashback to explain it all.

  • Terashi

    yay new update~

  • Lesair

    Yay,new update!(only one sentence and picture) Well…. Ok then.

  • theplunderking

    I missed like 3 updates in one week. Nice work kaz, although it kinda threw me through a loop to see that we were suddenly that a**hole guard. I also feel like a flash game could be in the vicinity. This looks suspiciously like the set up for katia’s entrance to the mages guild

  • Willhelm

    ………. not Vaermina… NOT VAERMINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AAAAIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fishing4Food

    Oh dear, everybody knows a visit to the mages guild is going to end in tears.

  • Sithis

    Good…good……I can feel a hundred souls already reserving their space in my Void…

    Proud of you, Dagon, my son!

    • Anuiel


    • Dark Brotherhood Assassin

      Hail Sithis.

  • Jumza

    >Keep looking around, this looks like a room that could potentially be full of cultists.

  • Deedee

    >Inspect surroundings.

  • Kavross

    >Look up. All good adventurers look up

  • a

    >Captain Gaius Atrum: Purge more cultist scum. Always scumming up non-cultist things with their cultist ways. Makes you sick.

  • Caching

    Squak like an imbecile.

    Okay, all homestuckyness aside, walk forward.

  • hey kazerad can you get to comicon? plz :{)

  • Genericuser2

    Gaius : “Where is Sigrid??”

  • Motochad

    This is clearly a cultists den, you should probably cover a stick in cloth, soak it in lamp oil, and light it on fire, cultists CANT STAND fire. The unholy wretches are practically Daemons themselves. Burn them out, if you have to.

  • Caching

    >Cause an explosion that fails to bring the whole place down

  • David McKee

    Just another day on the job, I guess.
    It’s nice and quiet out in Kvatch, unlike the Imperial City. Almost too quiet.
    What did you do yesterday? Got up, patrolled around town, went home, went to bed.
    Same as every damn day.

    Still. Gotta thank Uriel Septim for that. Long may he reign. And he can decide where you go today.

    > Take coin out of pocket. Flip. Uriel left; Akatosh right.

    • Ves

      Hey look up toward the top right there’s a link to where you submit commands don’t put them here.

  • Drewmeister

    You are now hearing voices in your head. That’s probably not a good thing. It’s best if you try to shut them out, before they have you get drunk and wake up naked in some Argonian’s bed.

  • Vaermina

    We meet again, mortal soldier. For we have met before, whether you know it or not. When you mutter in your sleep, you speak to me. When you waken wet with sweat, you’ve just left my house. I dwell in your dreams; I savour your nightmares.
    This doesn’t mean I’ll tell you anything about nightmares though. Perhaps if you conduct an errand for me…

  • THeBurningFox


    Check the room for any Cultists

  • Commander_AM


  • Roose Bolton

    Vaermina- F his S up.

    Katia- walk away from smoke in city to imperial city. team up with the first paroled convict you see in an adventurer that will change the face of Tamriel forever and ever.

  • ikearat

    I don’t like being Captain Gaius Atrum. My eyes shift about muchly and my posture is bad.

  • Zer0DusT

    geez you know this comic is getting good if its getting noticed by characters outside of the series

    Andross? now we need link, mario, master cheif, solid snake, fox, roy, E honda, the beetles-

  • Seedling

    Now watch a crazed woman run up to him and ask him to wabbajack her….

  • FelexBlake

    saw this on i can has, all readers know http://cheezburger.com/6997573888

    • har har

      that cat’s whisker went into the lizards eye. ouch

  • RickyAnsar

    Look to your left anything over there?

  • Curse

    Paranoid as fu-
    Hey! There’s the door.

  • The Voice in your head

    Inspect surroundings

  • I don’t know wyh you hate cultist man.
    They’re totally raidical!

  • Leonash

    Gaius: Stroke beard and contemplate situation out loud.

  • Leonash

    Stroke your beard whilst contemplating on the moral compasses of cultests.

    • Leonash

      Eh, sorry for the double post. laptop said there was an error, so I tried again. >_<

  • Capitan Bob

    Gaius: immediatly get stabbed by a cultist

  • Eeeeeeeeeeee, I just finished reading through the webcomic from the beginning!

    • Kazerad

      But now you have to wait for updates like everyone else!

      • Yes, patience is a virtue

      • Yes, patience is a virtue.

        • Guard

          I used to be as patient as you, but I got bored, so I spread this big rumor that I got an arrow in the knee… It was working perfectly, them I realy took an arrow to the arm, the gods are funny like that…

    • medicman4444

      welcom now draw fan arts 😉

      • Leonash

        … But I can’t draw anything more complex then a line that has issues standing straight….

        • Loon

          Which is absolutely perfect.

          No, really.

  • Icy Jaye

    What is in our inventory?

  • twopercentjuice

    >Gaius: get boat

  • Loon

    I think it’s time for some contemplative beard stroking.

  • Baron Lee


  • egg brother

    HEY KAZ YOUR SHORTING US WE WANT UPDATE. please thank you sorry for the trouble

    • Trance

      If you feel you haven’t received enough content for your money, you are free to ask for a refund.

  • Dagda Mor

    I just noticed that I know this Varkarrus person from elsewhere.

  • ASDF man

    I just reread the whole thing. You have quite a piece of work here kaz. I have some questions though. When DO you update? You used o update on sundays or so but now… I can see no pattern. Is there one? Or are you just gonna post em on whenever they’re done?

    • Kazerad

      Right now there isn’t a whole lot of a pattern, sadly; I’m pretty much posting them as I finish them. I’m hoping it will speed up soon, though.

  • Gunner

    Finally decided to have a gander in the MSPA forum thread for this. Also decided to post in there. Loving what you’re doing here, Kaz! Keep it up :3

  • Leonash

    II just looked over the comments on this one… So much beard stroke want… I’m starting to get worried he might rip it out.

  • Since I’ve been reading Prequel for a long time now, its time for me to write a real review. Afterall, that’s the whole point of the comments section, webcomic authors need feedback and constructive criticisms from their viewers, that’s probably why Kazerad allow comments on this site.

    One of the dissapointing things about Prequel is that the only reason why the viewers love the main character is because she attracts sympathy when she screws up, and she looks sort of cute. But there’s nothing about her for anyone to be proud in, we all feel sorry for the hero that never was.

    One of the main strengths is that great use of shading effects are used in the artwork to help make the reader feel a certain emotion, it uses dramatic rather than realistic lighting. Plus the drawings are great, and get progressively greater as the story moves on.

    A possible down side of the artwork is it seems that some of the panels have been edited. I’m not exactly sure about this one, but when I look at some of the old panels they look as though they’ve been changed.

    Not as funny as homestuck,

    On the good side, Kaz didn’t format the whole thing as if it were just a videogame. That part kinda makes me not feel for homestuck, plus homestuck had too many annoying things in it, like made up words and complex syllabex’s. Plus the switching too and from the future and present was too frequent in homestuck.

    It would be cool to see scenes that take place in the near future.

    • Ves

      Just mentioning but don’t you think as someone supposedly writing a real review that you are comparing this to a different story, is just a bit I don’t know showing favoritism to the other story? This doesn’t have to be as funny as Homestuck because Kaz might not necessarily want it to be.

      • I was comparing it to homestuck because I believe that’s the story that inspired Kaz to write this, since that’s what I heard in some kind of interview podcast.

        I actually think prequel is better though. One thing is that the drawings in Prequel are 3D, while the drawing in homestuck are axonometric projections. The dethp perception is off in homestuck because Hussie forgot that objects get smaller the further away they go. In some of the pictures, you can edit them to make impossible images, for example the stairs my go upward but if you look closely the stairs might be only going horizontal and you could draw lines connecting things that are supposed to be on a different height. In homestuck some of the furniture looks as though it could be going through walls.

        Plus homestuck has a lot of annoying distracting things that take attention away from the story.

  • Lord Night

    Captian, get your sword out ready, ya know there’s cultists near by

  • Mesterio

    Does anything seems different when you wake up from the nightmares?

  • SuperGnome

    Definitely, don’t have a negative experience. A negative experience at this-… thing that-… is- is… Okay where the hell am I again? I should probably avoid negativity either way.

  • Lambguy

    It’s good to finally be controlling a capable and responsible adult!

  • Katt

    Katt is a responsible adult from the clan saber in Skyrim …… no really……okay im a drunk to and a theif and a murderrer and a (This goes on a while) and a Dovahkin im a khajit oh shergroth thanks for the wabbajack you my hommie

  • Dragon

    Hmm, I’d like to see how we’re going to kill this guy. It’d be pretty difficult to do a retcon at this point.