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Unclevertitle wrote:
tell that skeevy wizard guy that trembling in fear is not in your vocabulary.

tegerioreo wrote:
Anyway, Gaius: Explain the difference between trembling with fear, and trembling with reasonable apprehension.

“I’ve been in the guard longer than you’ve been alive, breton. I’ve seen frenzied trolls burst forth from the ground, men get ripped to shreds by land-roving dreugh, zombies tear down entire villages with nothing but their teeth, and that’s all in the last two years. I can hit an imp with a bow at three hundred yards, kill a grizzly bear in hand-to-hand combat, and cut a man in half with one swing of a sword. ‘Trembling with fear’ isn’t in my vocabulary. I handle the fear, so you prissy magefolk never have to see it.”

“Ah yes,” he says, “forgive me for ever doubting you, Captain Atrum. I was under the mistaken impression that a certain fear was why you sought this meeting out to begin with.”

“There’s a difference between trembling with fear and trembling with reasonable apprehension,” you explain. “Perfectly brave Men Of Action can still tremble with reasonable apprehension, or have recurring, nightly, reasonable-apprehension-inducing nightmares.”

“Also, take off that hood. I find it… unsuitable.”

“I like my hood, Captain Atrum. Now come, Sigrid is waiting. We have a summoning to attend, and I don’t wish to miss this opportunity any more than you do.”

You give a nod of vague disapproval and gesture for him to lead on.

eggbrother wrote:
Gaius: accuse stephane of being a cultist. he is smiling way too much for someone about to meet a daedric prince. plus you’ve already accused everyone else so it just fits in.

“For a priest of the Nine, breton, you seem awfully excited about this demon summoning.”

“The proper term is ‘Daedric Prince’. And please, sheathe your accusations, Captain. I have no interest in the Prince herself. I merely wish to witness her reaction to Sigrid.”

“It will be like a Daedra reacts to any mortal, I assume. Have you reason to expect anything different?”

The priest looks over his shoulder to say something, but hesitates. “It’s complicated. There are many kinds of mortals, Captain.”

“Indeed. Some are… cultists,” you point out grimly.

The priest does not reply. Suspicious.

At least Sigrid can still be trusted. She’s waiting for you when you enter the dining room.

“Gaius!” she exclaims, “it’s been far too long. Here for a chat, or to watch us tear the fabric of the universe asunder?”

“Pleasure as always, Sigrid. Though we both know quite well why I’m here.”

Sigrid sighs. “Yes yes, forgive a young woman her flirtatious pleasantries. You’re here on business. This room is satisfactory, I hope?”

“It’s small. Will that be dangerous?”

“This is a Daedric Prince, so the size shouldn’t matter. I assure you that I’ve taken every reasonable safety precaution: I locked the windows, I pushed the table and chairs out of the way, I even picked up all the flowers on the ground.”

“Did you really pick up the flowers?” you ask.

“Of course not, Gaius, I’m a mage. I set them on fire. Now, my friend over here is more than ready to call forth Vaermina, provided… you brought your half of the payment, of course.”

“Highway robbery, both of you.”

“Yes, but you can’t help but love us for it.”

Sigrid slips out of the room to grab some ice cream while the Cabal mage begins his incantations. Even untrained in magic as you are, you can feel his DARK SORCERIES begin to waft through the room. The air tastes grayer, the colors look bitter, and even Sworddog seems unnerved by the unholy ambiance.

Sigrid still looks unfazed, of course, but she’s Sigrid.

That’s just what she does.

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Or, if your device cannot play Flash, view a summary here!

Additional resource credits:
Silence – music
Squiggles – she sketched like half of one of the pictures used

  • Kazerad

    Sorry about the inadvertent month-long hiatus, guys. I’d blame it entirely on Dragonborn and the forums still being down, but it is more accurately explained in a graph:

    It turns out the longer you go without updating your comic, the harder it gets – not only because you are out of practice, but because you feel like there is more to make up for! It is a vicious, inescapable cycle. I mean, inescapable unless you just update your webcomic.

    Anyway, just as forewarning, I am going to be busy this coming week so it will almost definitely take more than a week for the next update to come out, or for me to update the fanart page. Just to keep the comments section from descending into chaos and doom-prophecizing again, let’s make it into a game!

    The person who leaves the most intelligent and insightful on-topic comment before the next update will win this JPG file! I will put your name on it and everything. You will own this shitty JPG forever. It is a reward greater than any amount of money.

    Go get em, guys!

    • Expresate

      This is clearly just a clever ruse to trick us into behaving for once.

      I’m watching you.


      • Ash

        It’s a trick. Get an axe.

        • Gimli

          AND MY AXE!

    • LZGanon

      What does the least intelligent comment win?

      • billy


        • LiquidDinosaur

          this one should win

          • 65534

            I like swords.

          • Welcome to Cornaria

          • doh no edit button I can’t correct Corneria

          • technoWeasle


      • For that perfectly reasonable intelligent question you may have just won the jpg.

        So I don’t win I will now attempt to be nonsensical …. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH slight pause AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and now for something completely different.

      • Kingkaor

        A 1v1 fight against Asotil. WITHOUT ANY OF YOUR WEAPONS.

      • Kingkaor

        A 1v1 fight against Asotil. WITHOUT ANY OF YOUR WEAPONS. And you commited a crime.

      • Nex

        A sausage.

    • Nodzilla96

      Lol The Y Axis. YOU VERY FUNNY.

    • tronn

      I know exactly that feel when you postpone doing something, and due growing expectations you end up never doing it. In the previous episode I made a snarky comment about update speed, which in this light I shouldn’t have and I’m sorry for it.

      Anyhow, what I like about this update is that the arrival of Daedra literally tears apart the reality of characters, which is a nice touch.

      • I love how Sigrid still just doesn’t give a fuck.

        How can you even BE that unfazed? I swear she must have some sort of problem.

        • Pumpkins

          It’s called Antisocial Personality Disorder (better known as sociopathy).

    • Kagji

      as long as its good shit I don’t really care how long it takes(unless its like 6 months, that’s a bit excessive). this webcomic is amazing and unique. don’t.ever.stop.

    • Kagji

      whenever you know the update wont be on time, would you mind posting status updates of the upcoming page in the comments section? it would help take the edge off, so to speak. something like, about 10% done or 3/4. you know, proof that something is actually happening behind the scenes. please be truthful. it means a lot.

      • andwhyisit

        Bad idea. Percentages promote false expectations. The first 90% might be a few hours while the last 10% might take a day and a half, while everyone you mentioned that 90% completion to expects the last 10% to take 11% of the time that the first 90% took, while that was never going to be the case. Status updates in the form of “this is done”, “I am doing this”, “there was a delay because of this”, or the like are fine but percentage completion rates are the root of all evil.

    • Kirby

      Thanks for giving me a nice birthday present, you awesome comic-person! I should have remembered to check this out yesterday…on…my actual birthday. I just got into this strip but I really like it so far! 😀

    • ?

      [Insert Shitty Joke Here]

      • ?

        [Insert fact that name is actually Roman here]

    • Tormuse

      I know very well from experience how deadly that sense of perfectionism is to creativity. Once you pass that point when you’re thinking, “Now it’s taken so long that I can’t possibly make anything good enough to warrant the wait!” it’s really, *really* hard to motivate yourself to just put *something* out, regardless of quality.

      So, yeah, perfectionism sucks. Dare to be imperfect! 😀

    • Nameloc


      There are so many artifacts in that .jpg that it would make Indiana Jones cream his pants in delight.

    • Lord Night

      Will I win the JPG if I go and throw teabags at Chris Brown?

    • the other ghost girl

      Whatever you do, don’t blink, blink and your dead. The cultists always get you when you blink

  • Leri

    Every bit worth the wait! Awesome work, Kaz ^.^

  • Relth

    Gee, I can’t wait to hear what she does!

    *gives out a ghastly chuckle that almost sends shivers down your spine*

  • Relth

    But with that behind us, I really hope you’re enjoying doing this comic, Kazerad, as much as I’m enjoying speculating how this story ends! I see a great future ahead of our female feline hero!

    • Relth

      Terrible… but great.

      • wawawawa7

        Somehow I doubt she will become Voldemort, though that would certainly be a curious twist.

  • cake


    I must have more Prequel

    give me more

  • Sworddog

    Hey… Give me back my rose, I was eating that!

  • SomeShadyGuy

    I expected Asotil to jump in the room with his theme music and all. Then I remembered that summoning Daedric Princes is not appreciated, but perfectly legal and therefore fine to do.

    • TheWolfandtheRose

      His theme song is actually Dead Man’s Reel, from the album Command to Charge, by the band Suidakra. In case you liked it.

    • technoWeasle

      Joke aside, it is actually illegal to worship/summon deadra in Cyrodiil, so yeah, have fun looking that up.

  • tjk

    In the first three frames, we see SWORDDOG and Gaius in stark contrast to one another. One is serious and ever vigilant, hardened, and complex enough to be so shamed by fear to the point that he can’t even admit his fear, and the other curious, playful, and cute, despite its owners intentions and the intimidating outfit forced upon it.

    The dog, like Katia, provides something of a constant, underlying comic relief… Until the dialogue gets serious. The writing had gotten devoid of the jokes, and when it had, SWORDDOG became like Gaius – vigilant, serious. This could reflect Prequel overall – it manages to be cute and humorous while maintaining the serious and emotional elements we’ve come to love from it. But then again, it *could*, and probably wasn’t the intention.

    • Dragon

      When the animation started, I noticed SWORDDOGs eyes were a different colour than everyone else’s.

      Black’s a perfectly reasonable colour for eyes. Not like the bright green/red/blue eyes of someone possessed by a daedric lord.


  • BelowAverage Reader

    “This is a Daedric Prince, so the size shouldn’t matter. I assure you that I’ve taken every reasonable safety precaution: the locked the windows
    I think it should be “I locked the windows.”

    • Kazerad

      Wow, typo. Eliminated, thanks.

      • Goldcat99

        Aww does that mean he gets the jpeg?

  • William

    Seeing as how this is Gaius’s flashback and how he still gets nightmares, the problem will not be solved (this was implied in Interrogate Interrogater anyways.) “One possible clue” he said in previously stated update could mean a number of things: Firstly is that it was impossible to continue onward after finding the clue (dwell inside an oblivion gate for example.) For a month he’s been guarding Kvatch instead of pursuing the clue (seemed pretty adventurous in the past two years unless Kvatch is just a popular place to raid.) The clue (most likely cryptic) possibly just basically states Gaius to wait patiently at Kvatch and all will be revealed (the invasion ie. Cults.) Thus he awaits at Kvatch for his nightmares to rein true.
    Actually I take that last part back, it’s a single cultist. Possibly an important member, one with much relevance just as the king. Mankar Camoran, the leader of the Mythic Dawn. Link Katia and Gaius together: You have Katia Managan’s nightmares (the king, Uriel Septim VII [the beginning of Oblivion]) and Gaius Atrum’s nightmares (the cultist, Mankar Camoran [the end of Oblivion.]) The nightmares themselves are foreshadows of the game Oblivion.

  • African American Spy

    That Vaermina has some bangin titties

  • Dragonmith

    Uhh, is the forum thread supposed to be like that?

    Anyway, as a man of more action and less foresight, start interrogating the prince.

  • NoriMori

    That music was epic.

    Huh. So that’s what a Daedric Prince looks like. Yuck. But also pretty cool.

    Also, not gonna lie, I thought that bowl of ice cream was a brain. And I still have my suspicions.

    • Stankloid

      Why does Sigrid always lie about the presence of ice cream!?

      • Bluecaptain

        Here’s betting it contains a special attribute that deals with magick-related affairs. Maybe a sort of mana shield to protect her from any of Vaermina’s powers. I mean yeah, maybe it’s just mint ice cream, but it seemed mentioned/noticeable enough to be important.

        • Kingkaor

          Or maybe she’s just a greedy bitch who doesn’t like to share…

        • NoriMori

          Or maybe it’s a red herring.

  • Vaultdweller

    Best update this year.

    • Woolytop

      I see what you did there.

  • Ransom

    Nice!!! Glad to see you back.

  • Deepfriedice

    I’m not in the mood to write an insightful comment, so I’ll leave this ramble:
    If you were trying to make up for the lack of updates, this page certainly qualifies: It really shows off just how badass the conjuration school of magic really is.
    Also the music fits well, and (I’m not sure if this is intentional) I like how Sigrid is in slightly brighter colours – it draws attention to her. If I was going to complain about anything, it would be the art in panel three; I’m not a fan of the style and there’s something really odd with the doors (perspective? the light? I have no idea).

  • Chthon

    When I click “Sigrid: Eat up” I get the video of Katia jumping into a tree outside the ruins with the blue flame. I’m pretty sure this is the wrong video here :/

    • Jack

      Yeah…this happened for me as well.

      • Chthon

        Apparently it’s been fixed. Try it again now.

      • Kazerad

        I think I found what was causing it, but I’m not sure what was making it only happen on some systems. I wish comments tracked what OS/Browser people were posting from; that might answer it. Either way, should be fixed now.

        • Website trouble shooting when there is a problem.

          Step 1. Blame IE
          Step 2. Are sane browsers affected?
          Step 3. If they are not add “Quit using IE!!!”, if they are act like MS and call it a feature.

          Problem solved.

          • Calvin

            Assigning blame, despite being considered by some to be the quickest way to feel like you’ve accomplished something, does not mean the problem is solved. If sane browsers aren’t affected, PEBKAC. If sane browsers ARE affected, but only prior to uncorrupt cache clearing, unflag page caching. And so on and so forth.

          • See that is also a good way to go about it but if you target the most likely problem first then wait to see what happens you are doing 2 things with one action. Helping remove the scurge of web designers everywhere aka IE and becoming a more professional crastinator. Basically normal people don’t know that IE really is more of a cancerous tumor than a real browser. See PEBKAC in this case doesn’t apply as some users don’t realize IE is really only there to allow you to download something that actually works.

          • Calvin

            If the most likely problem is the problem, targeting it means the problem will reasonably be solved soon. That’s kinda why troubleshooting FAQs exist. People who don’t realize IE expletives should be told as much (albeit preferably by MS). Beyond that, I’m afraid I don’t really understand where you were trying to go with what you said.

          • Well it was mostly there to bash IE and MS. Mostly because browsers that work are taking over and with w8 MS is dying so I’m helping it along that path as much as possible.

  • Omega Tengu

    I don’t know why I haven’t posted this yet… BUT!

    I suspect the reason the people are having the dreams they are having is because that is what they are (Katia is royalty thus causing her nightmares, Gaius IS a cultist)

    How about THAT?

    • Lazael

      No, Omega Tengu, you are the demons.

      • Stankloid

        And then Omega Tengu was a zombie

    • Varg

      Well, I have a similar idea. What if the nightmares were to drive them away from their homes? Without them Katia would live a sweet carefree live, her father being a noble’s assistant and all, and would not embark on some journey to Cirodil. She would probably become a mage but more of a magician – to entertain her father’s sire.
      And Gaius had some traveling done himself (was his father a cultist or somesuch? Perhaps he will let it slip someday). And look where it got him? A hardened warrior in charge of a town guard.
      So, my theory – the nightmares were a gift (a lot like in that “Beggar Prince” book where some poor guy got deceases for helping Namira). They were meant to toughen them up, make them leave their warm homes and go see the world.
      PS And that update IS enough to make up for the wait – even trough you don’t really owe us anything, as a gamer I can relate to your urge to, well, GAME.

  • Really Intelligent Person

    i haz A smarts. Balls.

  • Canuhearmenow

    Woah woah woah, Sigrid knows Mannimarco?

    • Expresate

      Nah, he was jut a re-textured this guy:

      But damn, Kaz, referencing Daggerfall now? I like you.

      • Leold

        Aw yeah! Daedric summoning Daggerfall-style with a Cabal NPC and everything!

        • BanditoWalrus

          Hell, even the starscape background was a reference to Daggerfall summonings!!

      • Jack Hoff

        Kaz was referencing Daggerfall back when Katia said she knew Dragonish.

      • BaronvonSomething

        Yes, I like the Daggerfall references, too, but why not go the extra mile and add in a witch coven of naked women like in the game?

        I’m still very convinced that Katia was once of these nude dancers in the covens when she lived in Hammerfell.

        • Kingkaor

          Seems likely.

      • Shazbot

        There’s been some references to all the previous games, it seems. Telvanni Bug Musk, for instance, Daggerfall with the various Hammerfell references, and pleny from Arena as well… such as Tails and Tallows, which is an actual holiday. I think the only game to actually feature them was Arena.

        Here’s the message for that one from Arena:

        No other holiday divides the people of the town like the 3rd of Hearth Fire. A few of the oldest, more superstitious men and women do not speak all day long for fear that the evil spirits of the dead will enter their bodies. Most citizens enjoy the holiday, calling it Tails and Tallows, but even the most lighthearted avoid the dark streets of the town, for everyone knows that the dead do walk tonight. Only the Mages guild completely thrives on this day. In celebration of the oldest magical science, necromancy, all magical items are half price today.

        To be honest, that game had it’s limits, but it oozed charm. I think one of the reasons I like Prequel that much is it takes advantage of details like that.

        There might also be some foreshadowing from that quote, but I had to bring it out since Khaz dared bring out the bribery!

        • BanditoWalrus

          My favorite past game reference is the “Hammerfall Lockpicking” which was just trying to batter down the door. ‘Twas the best way to overcome obstacles in Daggerfall.

      • Daniel

        This summoner is to cool. I don’t like him.

  • Nodzilla96

    “This is a Daedric Prince, so the size shouldn’t matter. I assure you that I’ve taken every reasonable safety precaution: I locked the windows, I pushed the table and chairs out of the way, I even picked up all the flowers on the ground.”

    Sorry for this, but I think the “I” should be “I’ve” as in I have. I’ve locked the windows, “I’ve pushed the table and chairs out of the way, and I’ve even picked up all the flowers on the ground.”

    Not a very big thing but grammar Nazis may complain. Great new update by the way!

    • Nodzilla96

      Also, why do I feel like everything is going to work out just greatly in the next few updates? I really think that we are going to finish this on a high note! Anyone else agree? Kaze, your backing me up on this, right? RIGHT?

      • Kingkaor

        I know I AM!!

    • Kazerad

      I think this can work okay in the regular past tense, but if not I’m just going to chalk it up to Sigrid being a Nord. Thanks for the grammar lookout, though!

  • Daniel

    Vaermina appearance is fantastic!
    I was expecting something more Eldritch for the prince of the nonsensical realm, but is the reality that is suppose to shifts, not the deadra. I just loved the Daggerfall look: she is so creepy.

  • Karnewarrior

    Am I the only one getting sent to the animation of Katia heading to the alyid well or whatever? The URL says Sigrid:Eat Up but it sends me back to Katia with the glass “machete”.

    • Kazerad

      You weren’t the only one. I fixed that, though!

  • Flubflub

    The luck of the flubs!
    A day after I find this place it updates!

  • Ghnaggi

    Skulking around in the dead of the night, exchanging tribute with mysterious hooded figures, embracing dark sorcery, calling forth a Daedric Prince…

    Gaius, you’ve become the thing you hate most.

  • That was bad-ass, even though it was a little short!

  • dude

    Good job Kazerad you know how to wow the ladies!
    Also for the shitty JPG you drew would an error correction suffice? If so the here:
    “You give a nod of vague disapproval and gesture for him to lead on.”
    When somebody nods they are moving their head up and down,correct.
    But if someone were to “nod their head in disapproval” then they would be saying yes (as that is what nodding your head means)
    IN disapproval but if one were to be in disapproval of something then they would SHAKE, yes, shake their head side to side as that is what shaking your head means
    So do you see what I’m saying? One does not nod yes while being in disapproval of something.

    • Gaius does. =/

      • Link

        Oh my god! Imposter! D:<

        How dare you use my totally original name!

        • Actually Nintendo own Link and Legend of Zelda

          • MaximumCarnage

            …that anyone would think this needs to be pointed out has left me dumbfounded. Yes, Nintendo made the character, Link. No, that’s not the point. No one is saying they ‘own’ the name, only that the person who usually uses that handle was (in a lighthearted tone) pointing out that someone else used it. Which isn’t really a problem. Considering they’re not even using a Zelda themed icon, I’m pretty sure none is masquerading AS Link, much less claim they own rights to it’s use, or doing so in defiance of Nintendo.

            All that aside, despite the popularity of Zelda, I’m -pretty sure- Link is a name that existed before that time. Unless 7 billion living people and countless billion ancestors never had the thought of such a simple name prior to 1980.

            Case in point, Brandon Fraiser’s character in Encino Man was named ‘Link’, short for ‘Linkovich’, but also as a play on words in that he was technically ‘the missing link’.

            Just sayin’.

    • MaximumCarnage

      I think the implication is Kaz intends is that Gaius is nodding to acknowledge that he heard what was said. But he nods in disapproval, because he disapproves of Stephane and his demeanor and his probability of being a cultist (at least in his mind.)

      It’s technically also possible to nod in disapproval. For example, at gun point, you are instructed to do something you do not wish to do. You glower at your assailant and nod slowly, indicating you understand the command and will comply… but you don’t approve of it. After all, you can’t shake your head at the same time. Then you just end up doing that retarded circular headbanging motion that only looks reasonable with three feet of heavy metal hair, and not understanding what you’re trying to convey, the gunman may mistake this for some attempt to attack him and shoot you. 😛

      Plus this is Gaius we’re talking about – disapproval is kinda his thing.

  • HoochieKookoo

    I hope Gaius didn’t forget his Master Ball.

  • thefirstonethere

    You gotta love Sworddog’s clueless expressions. lol

  • stupidjellyfish

    Kazerad, making me feel inspired as always.

    Beautiful stuff.

  • McRutt

    Kaz thinks it was going to take him a while to update, because he just bought a copy of simcity. Brace for updates every second day folks.

  • Rambo Dash

    Can I have the thing

    • Goldcat99

      Sigh no

  • Blezmo

    I wonder what Kazerad means when he says learning how to draw again?

    How could a great artist like Kazerad, not know how to draw that well?

    By the way, Kaz, the dog looks adorable in the first pic.

  • stupidjellyfish

    Why did you have to kill of cash sack? Best character in the damned comic.

    • Kazerad

      Cash Sack isn’t dead, he just teleported away. He is in the Cabal guy’s secret moneypile.

  • sabata2

    So, where are you accepting commands from then?
    Here in THESE comments?

    • Kazerad

      I’m going to be busy this week and I like to think the forum will be back up by the time I am free. I believe in you, forum people!

  • xKiv

    Where did the ice cream bowl go?

    • Nodzilla96

      She ate it all. Bowl included.

  • furnut

    Awww SwordDog in the beginning so cute 😀

    and damn, Gaius looking ready to do some murderating 😛

  • Sibil

    Fucking yes. Vaermina is by far the most kick-ass Daedric Prince but she’s never included in anything!
    Love for this webcomic +1200%

    • Bluescale

      Vaernima was central for the plot of pretty excellent mod for Morrowind – Hagge Island.

      Unfortunately available only in Polish.

      • Sibil

        Aw, really? I never got into Morrowind much anyway– but even when it comes to Prince fanart/fiction on sites like DeviantArt, you never see much of Vaermina compared to any of the other Daedric Princes, which I think is a shame cause damn she’s cool– her quest in Oblivion had me terrified! So I’m super stoked for her entrance here

  • Rhisereld


    Couldn’t resist.

    • Kazerad

      hahaahaha yesss

  • Hephaestus

    You know how sometimes authors put themselves in stories, just as inconspicuous side-characters? I think Kaz is the creepy cabal summoner guy.

    Or sworddog.

    Unless that’s actually someone else, then that would suck.

    • tronn

      I’m pretty sure that if Kaz were to appear in the comic, he’d be the avatar of Molag Bal.

      • BaronvonSomething

        >King of Rape

        Oh, dear.

      • Kingkaor

        Seems legit.

    • Kazerad

      Gharug Gro-Upp is my self insert.

      I am like him in every way.

  • Bluescale

    I love both the Daggerfall style summoning (and summoner) and how the space just comes apart at seams during the ritual.

    Also, between alchemy abuse and being completely unfazed in the face of daedric prince it just occurred to me that Sigrid might end up going to Akavir by the end of Prequel.


    • myshoescramp

      or just ends up as some refugee outside of Kvatch who gives you horrible deals on her wares.

      • Bluescale

        Bah! Forgot about her completely over the course of Prequel!

        In my defense I can only say that I haven't played oblivious much, regard it an immensely crappy game (flame on) and consider the awesomeness of Prequel incomprehensible to mere mortals for this reason.

        • TheWolfandtheRose

          Looks like we got ourselves one of those guys who “loves the elder scrolls” but only ever played Skyrim. I bet you think Morrowind sucks too because “omg AWFUL graphics”

          • Man of Mer

            To support this opinion, Oblivion had THE best storyline and best dlcs in my opinion. In Skyrim, all you do is; find dungeon, spam attack button, receive gold, throw useless crap into Lydia’s inventory. Slay Alduin by spinning around him and slash like inflatable dancing tube guy. END.

          • Bluescale

            Yeah, it’s pretty evident from my Daggerfall and Morrowind references (also Redguard, but I actually haven’t played this one) that I not only haven’t played any older TES games, but wasn’t, up to this point, aware that there were any TES games prior to oblivious and thought IV and V in the names are just some sort of fad. Moron.

            Anyway, sorry to disappoint you but Morrowind, which happens to be my favourite TES game, actually had pretty good graphics and still has awesome art design, as well as relatively hi-res textures (but horrid animations).
            Daggerfall (second best TES IMO) aged less well visually (mostly due to uninspired visual design, though some sprites were great), but it doesn’t really hurt my eyes with its giant pointy pixels either.
            OMGAWFUL graphics actually holds for oblivious, because everyone looked like malformed potato, while smearing the entire screen with excessive bloom and every surface with specular doesn’t automatically make graphics good, merely painful to look at. Still, between excessive level scaling, dumbing down, retarded dialogue, world and quest logic completely falling apart and complete disregard for established lore graphics were the least of oblivious’ problems.
            Skyrim is actually enjoyable, at least. Not as good as Morrowind or Daggerfall, obviously, but it has decent art design, tries to accommodate existing lore, doesn’t have petty lowlifes running around in full daedric, and don’t forget that most of its simplification and dumbing down can be blamed on oblivious making the removed elements redundant through bad design and implementation (curse you, Bethesda, for removing spellmaker and attributes, but curse you thrice as much for first removing their point by making attributes do the same thing as skills and by removing daisy-chaining of effects).

            And no, don’t run crying to Khaz.
            The fact is that you started it by posting unsupported (and as it turned out completely false) assertion about myself with obvious intention of insulting me and now you reap what you sow – I have no obligation to be civil to you at this point.

            Now go run outside and get hit by a truck, you little turd – nothing of value will be lost and the rest of us who enjoy Prequel regardless of our opinions on its source material will get to enjoy it in peace.

            (And apologies to myshoescramp for cluttering up his post with this mess, as well as to Khazerad for making a mess in Prequel comments)

          • Kingkaor

            I pretty much agree with Bluescale. Morrowind was awesome, what little of it I’ve played. Arena and Daggerfall were pretty fun too, despite both of their NUMEROUS problems, I.E; confusing controls, bland environments, the INSANE amount of glitches and bugs in Daggerfall alone, etc., and Skyrim is my favorite, mainly for getting me into the series. Oblivion was good in it’s own ways: the landscapes and environments were mesmerizing, it had great additions to the Elder Scrolls mythos, and most of the voice acting was so beautifully terrible that it reaches levels of unintentional hilarity that I hadn’t seen since “The Room”. But it wasn’t all that good. The AI was Pants-On-Head retarded, the lens-flare and bloom made the game brighter than the fucking Sun, the music’s volume was either Ear-Drum Shatteringly Loud, or muted, and it was almost impossible to find a character model that didn’t look like a failed attempt at a face transplant. But I still enjoyed it.

          • Dan

            Oblivion is mostly good, but full of weird stuff in all aspects of the game. The story is good but full of details poorly developed, the songs are fantastic but the sound effects are bad, the facial expressions are weird and hairstyles do not match anything in the game (it’s hard to take seriously an adventure when the protagonist is being accompanied by an ice cream and an eight-ball). The voices are bearable, but the look is too silly to be taken seriously.
            Morrowind is very alien and dreadful when compared with Oblivion. The graphical models are more primitive, but the designs of most creatures (including elfs and beast races) are far more interesting.

          • TheWolfandtheRose

            Lol, ok then. I guess you lift after all, bro.

  • tigerd22


  • myshoescramp

    is there any way I can throw money at this recurring problem to get an earlier update?

    • xKiv

      Can you buy 48-hour long days?

      • TheWolfandtheRose

        With enough money, I’m sure SOMETHING can be arranged. Maybe we can bribe Akatosh?

        • Murder

          You can’t bribe an Aedra who can deposit money in a bank and travel forward in time to reap the interest.

  • Steve

    Yesterday I had an amazing day, but this was probably thee highlight of it.

  • Mark Hooper

    “I merely wish to witness her reaction to Sigrid.”

    Oh Talos, please tell me that Sigrid isn’t gonna try her “charm spell” on a f**king Daedric Prince!

    *ahem* That being said:

    Vaermina: “…Dammit, always when I’m napping.”

  • Crazy-8

    >Gaius: Cut to the chase, no need for pleasantries with a Daedric Prince.

  • sabata2

    Gaius: Be the first one to introduce yourself to the demon. After all, if it weren’t for you, she wouldn’t even be here. AND it’s always a good idea to make a good first impression.
    ‘Move’ Sigrid out of the way if need be.

  • DarkEquinox09

    Oh hai Vaermina! You look positively creepy today!. Love the update.

  • Zer0DusT

    wish i said it sooner but at least i got my hurrah in just before the update, i knew you were coding something, oddly i feel the dragon born thing is the real excuse, why is that?


  • Nodzilla96

    You are now Sword Dog, and your animalistic mind cannot comprehend why the old thing is here, nor why your master lead you here. You cannot even comprehend why your master put the shiny things that cut others on your body, other than the fact that he weeps after he meets certain people. What your animal mind CAN comprehend is that the old thing has bones. You can smell them, and for some reason, you like bones, so your animal mind will now go retrieve such bones, not worrying about who or what cuts damaged in the process.

    • Nodzilla96

      What GETS damaged in the process

  • Steve

    I find it ironic, Gaius, that you have failed to realize that your engaging in suspicious activity with a cloaked man who is contacting an other-worldly being who has been summoned by a pentagram.

    Has Cult written all over it if you ask me.

    • Kingkaor

      Well, duh. He KNOWS they’re cultists. That’s WHY he asked them to help him. Wouldn’t you go straight to the demon cults for help if you were attempting to summon an all-powerful demon lord?

  • Peterdivine

    Excellent update, really cool effect for the summoning, and adowabow widdle SHOWDDAWG CHEWSES THE WOSES WHO’S A CUTE DOG, YESH YOU ARE, YESH YOU ARE

  • Curious Argonian

    This update was well worth the wait. I’m just wondering why the Daedric Prince of Nightmares actually appeared in the tear of the universe instead of just projecting her voice into the heads of Gaius, Sigrid, and the Breton.

    • Daniel


    • Murder

      She was literally summoned. Note that the plot of Oblivion hasn’t happened yet, so she had no need to project herself at people.

  • Chase Johnson

    There can only be one outcome…. SUMMON THE FLYING CHEESE MONKEYS!

    • Kingkaor

      Wrong Daedra.

  • woundedkneecap

    “Yes, but you can’t help but love us for it. – this update

    You forgot the quotation mark at the end :3

    Defiantly worth the wait.

    • Kazerad

      You’re reading it wrong: everything after that line, including the image, the flash, and all of these comments, is part of Sigrid’s dialogue.

      (just kidding, fixed. Thanks! And glad you found it wait-worthy even with the missing punctuation mark =P)

  • I’m still having some trouble figuring out what exactly is holding Gaius’ shoulder-pads in place. In the close-up image, if they’re wrapped around his arms, shouldn’t they completely cover the shoulders …? This way they look more like metal wings than pads… <_<

    • Speaking of shoulder-pads: apparently in the flash you forgot to include them at all…

      • Kazerad

        Whoops! My bad there. Rather than fixing it though I’m just going to hope nobody notices. Shhhh.

  • sabata2


    • tronn

      Yay! Jubilations!

    • Kingkaor

      LOL NOPE

  • Jian

    I would just sit back and let the others speak to the Deadric Prince first. If you know for certain somethings wrong, how about you take a sword from your dog and throw it at that green priest guy.

  • Jian

    Be very careful when talking to a Deadric Prince

  • The Whicher

    Gaius: Accuse Vaermina of being a Daedric Princecultist

  • Vald

    I’ve been reading these for quite a many months now. Awesome comic, would pay (with money) for a physical copy!

  • stupidjellyfish

    What flavor of ice cream is Sigrid eating? Green tea flavored? Mint? I MUST KNOW!

    • Murder

      Infant tears flavored.

      • Icy Jaye

        nooo, of course not! Sigrid would NEVER eat infant tears! It’s probably guacamole!

    • Kazerad

      Mint chocolate chip.

      It’s really good.

      • TheWolfandtheRose

        Fuck yes, Mint chip is like, the powermetal of the ice cream world. Best goddamn ice cream flavor alive.

  • DeltaNeophyte

    Excellent update! I’ve been waiting for this one for about 2 weeks (when I caught up), and I must admit it was a pleasant surprise. However, I hope you don’t mind if I ask not one, but two questions –

    First off, why is everybody so tolerant of Sigrid? She’s just a criminal (and potential cultist). Can’t they do something about her basically robbing everybody?

    Finally, how long did it take for you to make that flash? I have some interest in the program (would get it if it weren’t so expensive), but it seems like any decent animation would take months to make, though the fact that you did yours within a month caught me off guard (unless you were working on it the entire time, though there seems to be evidence to contradict this).

    Thanks ahead of time for the answers!

    • Kingkaor

      Well, the reason WHY no one has done anything to Sigrid is because A) she could put almost everyone under some sort of mind-control, and B) She’s an incredibly powerful mage. Who knows how deadly she could be in combat?

    • Kazerad

      Wow, sorry for the slow response on this, it’s been a busy week.

      The flash didn’t take much time at all – probably just a day or two, if that. Try out a free trial version if you’re interested in it; it’s a pretty fun program.

      As for Sigrid, why would anyone be upset with her? She’s so nice and perfect…

  • DeltaNeophyte


    >Gaius: inquire about nightmare with Daedric Prince

    >Gaius: realize just how likely it is that the room is full of cultists

  • zuke

    lady vaermina herself!! i think of favorite “one eyed?” khajiit friend is in a lot of trouble now that the daedric prince of nightmares is involved. this might explains her nightmares and maybe her pyrokinesis problem.

  • egg brother

    Huzzah! I have been noticed!

  • egg brother

    sworddog reminds me of meeko. which reminds me that i accidentally “gave” meeko a sword in the middle of combat.


  • Man of Mer

    I don’t have adobe flash player, this is my smart phone.

  • Man of Mer

    Someone add the flash animation to YouTube cause I don’t have flash player on this smart phone!

  • Nodzilla96

    Download the Skyfire web browser on your smart phone to watch the animations! It has a video player that can play the flash. Just click the flash and wait for the video found thing to light up and enjoy!

    • Man of Mer

      Closest facial reaction; >8{
      3 Bucks, eh? How does puffin web browser do?

      • Nodzilla96

        3 words. No. Browser. History.
        Now you can look for your katia porn in safety. Eeeeee.

        • Man of Mer

          Touché, you pretty much just summed up my Saturday night.

          • egg brother

            i dont know whether to be surprised or dissapointed, so i will do both.
            O.O -_-

      • Kingkaor

        Or you could just wait until the text summary is up.

  • cheesybob1

    Not quite sure if you use a pentangle for daedra summoning…

    • Kingkaor

      Not typically, but it may just be for decoration. Pentagrams ARE needed for enchantment, however.

  • I notice that the depth perception is a bit off in some of the panels.

    Characters are actually getting taller the further they are from the screen, unless Sigird is really that tall.

    • Monkey

      Sigrid’s a Nord, so she should be the tallest in the room.
      Although, it does look a little odd

    • Kazerad

      I’m using fake perspective where the “tallest” characters are the ones in back, because their feet are positioned higher. Shhh don’t tell anyone.

  • BanditoWalrus

    Fucking awesome!! A Daggerfall reference!!

  • ObsidianGrey

    Gaius: freak the heck out, that thing looks like a cultist… with WINGS!

  • brulleks

    He might not be prepared to take his hood off, but I wish he’d take his hands out of his pockets. All the surreptitious fumbling that might be occurring within is truly enough to make me tremble with reasonable apprehension.

  • Motherfucker

    I love how you compensated for Sigrid having oblivionface

  • Yanazake

    … now THAT’S an old hag… with bug wings. She looked awesome for a second, then not anymore.

  • Shou

    I really enjoy reading this comic. I found it yesterday and even my job hasn’t stopped me from reading all the way here from the beginning. XD

    I leave for Navy bootcamp in 2 weeks, so I’d really, REALLY appreciate having an update before then. :3

    Oh, and I wanted to complement you on your amazing flash animation skills. Your characters have great..erm…character. 😛

    • Kazerad


      (and as of writing this, it looks like I will get out one or even two more updates before you set off)

  • Shou

    I really enjoy reading this comic. I found it yesterday and even my job hasn’t stopped me from reading all the way here from the beginning. XD

    I leave for Navy bootcamp in 2 weeks, so I’d really, REALLY appreciate having an update before then. :3

    Oh, and I wanted to complement you on your amazing flash animation skills. Your characters have great..erm…character. 😀

    • Shou

      They’re all pleasantly insane, too.,

  • Intenze

    I’d give an arm and a leg for a .gif of SWORDDOG eating that flower.

    • Kazerad

      It already is a gif! Just with some other trash around the edges.

  • Any idea which of Silence’s songs are in the flash bit? I’ve listened to all of the available ones but none of them are the one in the animation.

    • Kazerad

      I’m not sure if he’s uploaded it on his Tindeck yet. I’ll tell him to.

  • Tormuse

    I just wanna say that I still love Sworddog! 😀

    (Also, ooh! Ominous Daedric Prince!) 😮

  • Icy Jaye

    I’m afraid for sworddog… Katias’ necklace of silence has a dog soul powering it, and this is before she got it. Quell our fears, please!

    • Graknorke

      I believe that it was a puppy specifically.
      So sworddog is probably fine unless time travel is involved.

  • Nodzilla96

    Me: Live Comments! LIVE!
    Doctor: Charging up the paddles!
    Doctor: 25% charged!
    Me: Your gonna beat this! Keep fighting!
    Random guy: Hey are we still he-
    Doctor: 75% charge!
    Doctor: 100% Percent! STAND BACK! And….. CLEAR!!!!
    Paddles: *Commence zappy electricity noise*
    Doctor: IT. IS. ALIVE!!!

    • Nodzilla96

      On a side note: Kazeradae Commentia is just Kazerad Comments in Latin. All medicines use Latin, so I improvised. Your Welcome.

      • 1412

        Also, that comment made my day. Feel proud!

  • JamesMuliz

    Gaius: Tremble with fear reasonable apprehension.

    Sworddog: Continue to have no idea what the heck is going on.

  • Graknorke

    “even Sworddog seems unnerved by the unholy ambiance. ”
    Shit just got serious.

  • tronn

    Sigrid seems to like ice cream, a lot. I wonder how she keeps her figure?

    • Nodzilla96

      She “burns” calories pretty easily.

    • Kazerad

      There are only two body types in Oblivion, and the ice cream isn’t going to turn her male.

  • Dar’Zerro

    I think i’m losing my mind, i swore i saw my baby sister run into her room, in the middle of the night. more like 2:00 AM but still, i feel as though my eyes are not correct.

    Also i have the scariest sense of deja-vu.

    Help me?

  • zortharg

    Here’s an intelligent question for you. Why is it that Sigrid is so big on getting massive amounts of money? She doesn’t SPEND it. She also uses her charm to get people to sell her the things she wants to buy for absurdly small amounts of money. Namely, the bookstore where the seller has been brainwashed into thinking that magic books have a value of 1 septim each. We know from his dealings with Katia that the bookseller is in fact a hardliner businessman so it doesn’t make sense that he would be naive about that, it must be that his mind was altered to get him to sell the books for that price. The only “evidence” that Sigrid has used any of these ill gotten gains in any significant way is her CLAIM to have paid 100k septims for that HORRIFIC mural. But did she REALLY pay that? That’s just what she said. The bookseller is actual evidence of what she is paying for things, and why go to the trouble of saving a few measly septims here and there on books if she so readily pays thousands of times that in one fell swoop on the mural, and for that matter, why go to such trouble to rip off poor people like Katia? Think of how many people just like Katia she would have to rip off to get 100k – about 5000 right? That’s one person every day for over 10 years (on Earth at least, who knows how many days are in a year on this planet). She didn’t just spend 5 seconds on Katia, she had dinner with her. I think it is more reasonable to suppose that she in fact did not throw away 100k so readily. So, does she just want all this money to swim around in it Scrooge McDuck style, or is there an actual PURPOSE in mind? Something she wants to accomplish in the future that even she can’t weasel into happening without large amounts of actual tangible funds?

    • Nodzilla96

      I think you won the JPEG

      • zortharg

        I want it to say “Zortharg the Destroyer, Scourge of the Universe”. Bua ha ha ha.

        • zortharg

          Or Cosmos instead of Universe. I like that more.

    • Maybe she puts in money orders for imported goods, to places that are far outside her magical influence.

    • Dragon

      Why is this not nearer the top? Considering how relevant it is to the author’s comment…

  • squiddapult

    Isn’t this sort of like something a cultist would do?

  • Red-Rock-Run

    Vaermina has moth wings. She’s just been from the Dreamsleeve, apparently.

  • Nathanial

    tell the demon that you will slay it if it tries to kill you.

  • bob

    some time i am comntmplate victory of katia… she is journey but man.wihth beard is -happening story now.what has happen to adventure? red dragon woman? i read story but dog….

    • Nodzilla96

      Ok then.

    • TheWolfandtheRose

      what is this I don’t even

  • Fishing4Food

    When will the summary for the animation be posted?I read the comic on the ipad so I can’t watch it 😐

    • Nodzilla96

      If you are willing to spend about 3 bucks you can buy the skyfire web browser. It plays flash

      • Fishing4Food

        I’ll keep to safari, last time I decided to change it my head almost imploded.

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  • stupidjellyfish

    I just noticed there being a question mark on top of Sworddog’s head. What a charming little devil.

  • Rainbow_Dash

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    I think the cultist dude in a green robe is from Apocrypha.

  • Nodzilla96

    Well, can’t sleep again due to me dying in my dream again. Seriously? fuck bears. And pirates. Anywho, can’t wait for Vaermina to give an ominous hint leading to katia in a way that no one could suspect.

  • Uzi_Man

    Random question.. is Kazerad male or female?

    • Nodzilla96

      Kazerad is a cross of elf, dolphin, bull, cat, and maybe horse. This information could be slightly false though.

    • Kazerad


      • piq

        I knew it!

  • BlazinVoid


    • Nodzilla96

      And this is why Saint Jiib killed anything flying over 20 ft.

  • IWasSoulTrappedOnce

    The most intelligent and insightful on-topic comment.

  • but its pizza day

    katia has kat in her name.

  • Nodzilla96

    Kat is just “Cat” with a “K” in front.

    • Bluedragon

      Nodzilla is just “Godzilla” with a “N” in front. Just sayin…

      • Nodzilla96


  • Mozilla Firefox

    I never knew they had refrigerators in Oblivion.

    How does she have ice cream?

    • Dan

      Fo Krah Diin

      • Flubflub


    • Kazerad

      The bowl has Frost Wraith teeth set in it! It’s an obscure reference to a tiny Skyrim quest where someone uses the teeth to keep vegetables fresh.

  • Nodzilla96

    Wow. I am truly proud of you fans out there. Not a SINGLE complaint for an update, and it’s been more than 10 days! I think we need to celebrate somehow….

    • Blezmo

      Probly because the cool flash animation. Though I have to admit myself, that this update was more full.

  • Griever Lone-Wolf

    Great, Vaermina’s here. Now I’m terrified.

  • FelexBlake

    After gaius’s flashback i think we need a Meanwhile back in anvil. I miss quill-weave. hows she been the last couple days?

    • Tobi2500

      i agree, we should check up on quill-weave

  • SB

    So what song was used in the flash? i now it was by that Silence person but the credits on the bottom don’t say what song it was! Unless it’s an unreleased one? It just sounds so neat I want it in my playlist 😀

  • Caspercraft

    It is a bit too soon for change of dialogue…

  • Eibhlin

    holy shit this update gave me chills

  • Diggey

    The king of worms just yuckin’ it up in the background
    (I actually know that these summoners did look like that in Daggerfall)

  • Mzuark

    That was remarkably badass.

  • Dragon

    Tell me I’m not the only one who LOL’d when they summoned a butterfly.
    Also, nice effect for the fabric of the universe being torn asunder.