Oct 182013

raves wrote:
Recap time! Nothing like reminiscing on your choices that lead to you being corporeally disabled.

tegerioreo wrote:
Try hard to remember your life and the mistakes you made.

Introspection isn’t really your style!

You’re a guardian spirit. While some ghosts would no doubt be content to rattle spectral chains and wallow in text-walls of self-pity and regret, you get bored pretty quickly when dealing with anything that doesn’t involve large, magical explosions. They’re kind of your thing!

Also, you’re a Dark Elf. You can’t remember your mistakes because – like all Dark Elves – you have no mistakes! Everything you do is amazing and therefore your valuable time is better spent telling other people about all their problems.

Like how objectively terrible these commands are.

the-well-man wrote:
Ancestor Guardian: Exposit on current situation.

Doomstar16 wrote:
Examine surroundings. Do you know where you are?

Last you recall, you were somewhere in southwestern Cyrodiil.

The dumb descendant you were guarding got himself smoked while scavenging Ayleid lightbulbs from an old ruin. You loitered around his body for a while, until a way better explorer came and blew the ruin up! Then at some point after that you got bored and left. You don’t know. You’ve already forgotten most of the details. The slow, centuries-long descent into all-consuming posthumous ghost-insanity is serious business.

Anyway, with your entire bloodline shamefully ended by their own stupidity and reproductive selectivity and no descendants left to guard, you’ve just sort of been floating around, talking to the occasional Imperial Legionnaire, and wasting time. Cyrodiil is terrible! Nothing exciting happens here. If you were back in Morrowind, you would’ve already seen like six guys get melted by wild animals!

HeadSix wrote:
Say, Ghosty– were you acting as a guardian/guide for that bunny? Man, that’s rough. What happened? Do all your charges get crushed by falling rocks like that? You must really suck at this.

Guardianangel…maybe. wrote:
Ancestor Ghost (I’ll call you Aggy): Recount for yourself why again you are apparently now guarding a bunny-body instead of your descendant in the ruins?

You are most certainly not “guarding” this dead rabbit! In fact, you have absolutely no idea why this random rabbit is dead to begin with. From the look of things, it is almost as though someone got bored and tried to nail it with a telekinetically thrown rock. And did an amazing job!

That couldn’t be the case, though, since you are the only sentient entity nearby and you would have remembered doing that – unless your slowly-encroaching ghost-insanity already wiped it from your mind. And since it presumably wasn’t your doing, the rock must have simply fallen from a higher ledge and landed on top of the rabbit by pure chance.

A higher ledge somewhere.

Aha! Mystery solved.

ForthanEldiar wrote:
>I spy with my little eye, something beginning with a treasure chest.

GReaperOZ wrote:
Ghost: Examine chest, there tends to be useful things within those. Plus it is half buried and looks a little old.

This treasure chest is old, unlocked, and only partially concealed. All common logic dictates that it should have been looted years ago!

Common logic has gradually started to make less and less sense to you, though, and you’re getting pretty heavy magicka readings from it, so you pop the chest open anyway.

Against all logic, the chest contains some ornate women’s clothing.

… and a pretty strong personality-enhancing potion.

Additional resource credits:
Cider – Most of the art

  • spaced

    yes I knew staying awake till an ungodly time would pay off. anyway I smell another outfit change in store for katia because that armor might very well be shredded by the left over zombies in the basement of the guild right about now.

    • Jeizar

      hehe it’s 11 H in the morning in there, a prequel update just before the meal, it’s so good

  • tronn

    Oh Kaz, you dirty little tease you!

    • Octane

      It’s enough to make a girl blush.

  • I can’t help but notice that ants are starting to feast on that dead bunny :c Anyway, women’s clothing? Is katia going to get a new outfit? 😀

    • VC

      Hahaha, I hadn’t noticed that. I love those little details.

    • Armael

      women’s outfit probably only means that the game’s protagonist is female. Sigrid, perhaps?

      • Uknown

        The protagonist is obviously Katia, Armael.

  • Pah

    “You’re guardian spirit”

    Something’s missing here.

    • Kazerad

      You win the Typo Hunter Award! =D You found the typo that I totally put in there on purpose to see how long it would take people to find it.

      (but no, seriously, thanks, don’t know how that happened)

    • Riddles

      No you are!

    • “hiding in the woods
      What is your sound”

      …okay, I’ll just go sit in the corner…

    • Will

      “Yer a guardian spirit, Harry.”

      • Harry

        “I-I’m a what?”

        • That means you’re dead, Harry.

          • Actua

            He’s the boy who didn’t live.

          • Lokion123

            LOL,total harry potter joke there!

          • Trout Face

            Huh? Where?

  • SuperGnome

    Holy crap, this was JUST uploaded, glad I decided to check this before bed.

    Attempt to wear clothes?

  • Dan

    I’m very curious regarding this treasure. Who would put it there? Why?
    If Sigrid was the responsible for this, what reason would she have to not keep and use this stuff?

    • MattStriker

      An emergency stash in case she needs to leave town in a hurry. It contains what she needs to start her operation over elsewhere under a new name.

      • Dragomok

        Oh, that makes sense. It is kinda obvious in retrospect.

        • RampantSeaTurtles

          However, I’d like to argue that Sigrid would plan ahead a little better than that and hide it in a less obvious place. Perhaps she, or maybe even Stephane, left it there for the lucky traveler?

  • Story Mode

    its bad that katia will never see this 😀

  • Man of Mer

    Who’s fan art do you think the outfit is based off of?

  • FaceMcFace

    I really hope he somehow meets Katia and tells her where this stuff is!

  • Shazbot

    Now what’s under the bottle’s label?

    • Shazbot

      I haven’t figured it out, but a better look at it makes it look like a partly scratched at label of a skull. Definite uh-oh.

  • Uneducated Guess

    Five bucks says the bottle is average wine with a label on it.
    Ten bucks says Katia gets the bottle and the dress after she gets the Welkynd Stone from Dmitri’s cat.
    In fact, fifteen bucks says Katia gets to “regroup” with the ghost and cat.
    Twenty bucks says Katia drinks the bottle and undergoes a placebo effect, hinting at a possible solution to either her alcoholism or alcohol tolerance while enabling a minor Deus ex Machina.

    Fifty bucks on the hopes that we get to see Katia in that pretty dress.

    • Story Mode


      • Octane

        Sounds more like bribes.

        • Uneducated Guess

          They are uneducated guesses with monetary value.

        • Octane

          Dangit. I have a doppleganger now.

          • Octane

            How are you certain you yourself aren’t in fact a doppelganger?

          • Octane

            …crap. Well one of us is going to have to change….*sigh* Unzip me.

    • A Harmless Grenade

      100 bucks on the ghost being ‘killed’

      • A Nameless adventurer

        He’s a ghost, he’s already been “killed”.

        • andwhyisit

          Safe bet then. 😛

    • Lokion123

      9001 bucks says some1 dies from poisoning from that poison bottle!

  • Urilikya

    Guardian Spirit, perhaps finding somebody who would be worthy of said clothing and personality potion might be a good thing to do. After all, it’s not like they’re of much use to you, that color completely clashes with your complexion and your personality is already top notch.

  • Thrime

    Aggy: Put on suit and drink the personality potion, thus making yourself the most influential ghost Tamriel has ever seen! Become the most successful ghost you can be Aggy!

  • Ransom

    I really would like to see Katia get some help from that ghost.

    Though the sheer craziness in the comments if Gro-Up comes by and robs him would be entertaining.

    Which reminds me, where is that cat?

  • Prof. Godel Fishbreath

    Maybe it is a relabled bottle of “Old Janx Spirit”

  • Moss

    Spirit: Loot rabbit

  • Some douchebag

    Aggy: Store robes in your inventory. Or just throw it back in the chest, that works too.

  • Furnut

    the ants…THE ANTS.

    • The ants are everywhere!!!

    • Actua

      Oh! No! Not the ants! Not the ants! Oh no, my eyes! My eyes! AHHHHHH!!!! AHHHHHHHH!

  • kome

    this is just like that thing with the necromancer and the ring. really guys, kaz takes lessons from HUSSIE.

  • Mikhos

    Who knew celestial bodies could aim so accurately, you poor unlucky rabbit… anyways this dude is awesome, period.

    • That Unlucky Rabbit

      I HATE U MOON!!!

      • xKiv

        We like the moon! Cause it is close to us!

        • That Unlucky Rabbit

          close enough to KILL US D:<

  • spaced

    is it just me of if you look at the bottle label can you see what’s behind it.

    • Gribble

      *le gasp* it’s a skull!

      • Risingsun2252

        It can’t be a skull, there’s a little white when he’s looking at it from the side too. I’d guess its the real label.

    • ScienceGuy
    • Do you guys have like X-ray eyes or something?
      The bottle does look suspicious though…

    • It’s not just you. Though I never would have noticed that if you hadn’t pointed it out.

  • Alcastar

    Hold on, that potion looks iffy. I’d smell it, to make sure it wasn’t mislabeled by some foolish nobody.
    Potions do have a distinct smell, right?

  • bobucles

    What the Oblivion? You can open a chest and pick up a bottle, but you couldn’t help your last remaining bloodline pick up a light bulb? You have to be the worst ancestor guardian EVER. I’d offer an appropriate burn, but that’d only make you feel alive for the briefest of moments.

  • That guy who likes writing really long nicknames because he's a really bored person this is taking a while isn't it?Wait no, it isn't, so what are you doing tonight?Im writing really long names because I'm bored, I enjoy watching cats

    Oh hey just what katia needs, probably not gonna get soon though unless the guardian spirit has some real badass aim and throwing abilities, but with katias luck that potion is going to end up killing her somehow. I am also questioning if in the background wether or not that city is going to spontaneously combust any moment soon.

    • andwhyisit

      The bottle label obscures a skull. It will likely kill anyone that is foolish enough to drink it.

      • That guy who likes writing really long nicknames because he’s a really bored person this is taking a while isn’t it?Wait no, it isn’t, so what are you doing tonight?Im writing really long names because I’m bored, I enjoy watching cats cry though,

        Unless you’re an argonian, argonians are cool like that.

        • Actua

          Poison immunity bitches!
          ….Wait, does that mean we cant die of alchohol poisoning?…PARTY AT MY HOUSE!!! BRING ALL THE BOOZE! ALL OF IT!

          • Galen-Ra

            How about we each bring five or six bottles of vodka and maybe 30 Jägerbombs?

  • Armael

    There’s no way KATia will ever discover that chest.

  • I checked and “Personalhy” is not a real word…

    Drink it!

    • Pristine Dark

      It says “Personality”. It’s just the slash for the ‘t’ comes dangerously close to the capital ‘I’, making it look sort of like an ‘H’.

      Moreover, why is it only the letter ‘t’ that is lower case out of all that writing anywho o.O)?

      • Story Mode

        ItS calLeD dysgAaphIa.

  • Weasel16

    DRINK IT! DRINK IT! DRINK IT! DRINK IT! Rub it all over your self… or better yet pour it on the bunny!

  • Risingsun2252

    Ghost Guardian: I seem to remember helping the better explorer who blew up the ruins when she fought Imps. Why didn’t you aid her as your next protectee? Surely a non-dark elf would need such assistance

  • Not-so-common-sense

    What the heck? Did Kaz just just make this dunmer ghost a parody “Morrowind” fan-boys? AWESOME!

    • Shazbot

      speaking as one, appropriate and factual jokes about it is not a problem. It’s still the best one of the modern games.

      • Not-so-common-sense

        I’m not saying its a bad game, I like Morrowind, I really do, but y’know those people who go on and on about how its the “best game ever” without acknowledging its weaknesses and saying every game afterwards is not worth their attention? I can’t really stand people like that, and its nice that Kaz is taking note of how silly the thing is in his own way.

        • Shazbot

          It isn’t like there aren’t any Skyrim fanboys who go on and on about how it’s the “best game ever” without acknowledging its weaknessess and saying that every game before it was not worth their attention. 😉

          I don’t really see the ghost as having anything to do with fanboys or Morrowind the game. Kaz has had quite the lineup of fun and well-developed NPCs (perhaps even including Katia herself), so I don’t see the ghost as being anything more than bored and comparing things to his homeland.

          • Not-so-common-sense

            Yeah, I guess your right. I guess I was just jumping the gun and interpreted it that way.

    • D. G.

      Are all elves racist against non-elves in Prequel?

      • Not-so-common-sense

        No, not all of them, however in TES series as a whole, elves generally consider themselves higher than the other races its just some are more polite about it than others.

  • Gorbash

    A personality potion huh? Tricking that explorer that blew up the ruins into drinking it should lead to MORE awesome things happening, you should do that, it will be sweet.

  • Nerp

    Hey Kaz, if you’re going to thrust the story onto another character and then call commands terrible, just drop all pretense and draw the comic however you want to.

    • Link

      To add depth to a character by picking two commands and have him saying it’s not his style is not the same as wanting to draw and tell the story as he please. He still used other commands. Personality is important to make likable characters.

  • FlintTD

    It says “A pretty good style-recreating artist” on the bottle.

    • Story Mode

      Ciderad is a pretty good.

  • Pristine Dark

    …Did anybody else notice that the arrows on the spell the ghost uses always points in the same three directions. Plus he said he was getting strong magika readings from the chest that the dress and potion was in. The other two points were at the poor rabbit and the town….so… 1+1 = the rabbit was killed by a celestial body with MAGIC! (I think). *wonders what the third arrow is for sure*

    • tronn

      The moons of Nirn are simultaneously both decaying corpses of companion spirits to the world, and planes infinite in size and mass. That rabbit was killed by a chunk of rotting skin of a minor god falling off, which sounds pretty magical.

      TES lore is weird like that.

      • Irrevenant

        I’m not really sure I’d call Lorkhan a minor god considering he’s the reason Nirn exists in the first place.

        He’s a pretty big deal to mankind and the elves.

  • Distortia

    DAMN IT! I just discovered this a week ago, and I want more!!! Sadness-sauce…

  • A person

    Go to the closest town or something maybe there will be something to do or at least scare some people for fun

  • Risingsun2252

    Whats with all the “lets scare people and cause havoc” non-sense? You’re a GUARDIAN spirit. You either need someone to guard or some monster to explode.

  • Lokion123

    BRO,peel of the label,thats POISON!!!

  • Uknown

    Kaz, shouldnt it be “make no mistakes”?

    • Kazerad

      Are you implying he chose the wrong word? He’s a dark elf. The problem must be with your grammar.

      • Uknown

        Sorry, my bad.

  • Akatosh

    I suppose you could put on the woman’s clothing and hang around in bars…

    • Autrec

      He guards dead things,
      He floats and thinks,
      He makes his hand all sparkly!
      He could put on women’s clothing, and … hang around.. in.. bars…?

      He’s a Guardian Spirit and he’s okay, he works all night and he sleeps all day!

  • rogueSnail

    Me wants new uptdat

    • A few days should do it. Me thinks. You can survive till then?

      • rogueSnail

        no me cant

    • stupidjellyfish

      More like… UPTCAT

  • Lunchbox

    Find someone who could need the potion. Possibly an orphan, or a well meaning diplomat.

  • Mr. Skungeous

    An observant individual might note that potions usually come in small, gracefully tapered bottles. Large, straight sided bottles in these parts generally contain wine. Which makes this obviously altered label strange, since booze doesn’t usually do much for your personality. Dependent, of course, upon your definition of “impressive.”

    Suspicious, says I. Like chess pieces laid on a cosmic table.

    • Rune Heart

      Fallout says otherwise. It’s a nice Charisma boost, sometimes.

      Also; Hello, Aedric artifact.

      >Ghosty Dude:Do the ghosty ancestor-guarding thingy.

  • NotACultistKing

    I think there’s a CULTIST belief somewhere that a rabbit lives in the moon… so the rabbit must have been put there by CULTISTS by the orders of a NOBLE? Perhaps…

    • Risingsun2252

      Those evil cultist kings. When will they learn?

  • tech

    It’s booze isn’t it?

  • Motherfucker

    Anyone ever notice we only get to ‘be’ insane characters? Like properly be, the imp and the amulet don’t count.

    • Kazerad

      Though correlation does not necessarily imply a causal relation, remember that it can.

      • rogueSnail


    • Lunchbox

      Possibly it is only because one person can only have thoughts of many people if they are crazy.

  • Moo?

    There is a label behind the ‘a pretty good personality potion’ label! Zoinks we gots ourselfs a mystery scoob!!!

  • Lokion123

    sigrid yeh b*tch,why did u hire thugs 200 yrs in the future to kill meh sigrid yeh b*tch!(based on a recent b*tch move she pulled to kill me in skyrim for NOTHING on the bridge outside riverwood)

  • James

    Ancestral Ghost. See if there’s a name in the collar of the dress.
    Also, thoroughly inspect the chest for anything else, such as clues to where the chest came from or where it was heading to.

  • HalfBit

    Hey, what’s that city up on that hill – sorry, *which* city? maybe you could use it to get your directions, ghosts don’t exactly need nourishment or respiration, right? you could just float around until you see someone worthwhile guarding over, give yourself cause. either that or, you know, find a way to get into the next life, maybe the mages guild of the town can help you with that.

    then again, you are a ghost, who ever helps ghosts?

  • horizon

    i read this entire comic in a night what the hell do i do now

    • Rufus the Ineffective

      Suggestions (i.e. this is what I did in the same situation):
      1: Read it all again.
      2: Go back and marvel at the beauty of the two dream sequences.
      3: Hone your pole-dancing skills.
      4: Be patient!

  • Flaprat

    I like the reference to the last “pretty strong personality-enhancing potion.”

  • ParadoxicalIntention

    This is really fun to read! I started last night, just got caught up, and this is a really lovely piece of the internet, I tell you what!

    As for our ghost friend, wouldn’t it be odd if he suddenly decided to be Katia’s guardian spirit? I mean, the two already have a connection going. And he can really benefit her, methinks. Ghostly powers and all that.

  • Shadowkey392

    Ok, I think I like this guy.

  • dtlux14

    Now I can see I am getting to the end. While I used to see comments from 3 years ago, now I only see them from 7 months ago, and it is my belief that there hasn’t been but 2 updates in the past few months. I am sad it is almost over, and I have to WAIT for updates. WHY!