Oct 132013

Softsful wrote:
Katia, go talk to the bartender! BARTENDERS ALWAYS HAVE USEFUL INFORMATION!….. though I’ve never understood why…

>Katia: Maybe flipping the table wasn’t THAT good of an idea. Go pat that poor Bartender on the head and apologize.

TheTurnipKing wrote:
KATIA: Ask khajiit Bro how we go about not being a useless failure. He seems to have his shit together.

You are now this ghost instead.

Additional resource credits:
Cider – Most of the art

  • Tirian

    Why did the bunny become a fucked up night elf ghost?

    • the bunny didn’t become a night-elf ghost, there just happens to be a night-elf ghost next to a dead bunny. If I remember correctly the Night-Elf ghost was shown in the dungeon Katia “explored”. seems like this ghost pops up every time Katia has either gone underground, coincidence?

  • Man, I JUST decided to go back and archive-binge (well, earlier today, anyway), so I actually know who this guy is!
    I had forgotten that part entirely, so if this had come yesterday, I’d have no more clue than Tirian!

  • krystalkitty

    Well this was completely unexpected.

  • PrinceOfStars

    Ghost: Open the chest. Get the loots.

    • Sagredo

      The… literal chest of the rabbit? What kind of loot would a rabbit carcass have, especially in its chest? And just where, in all Tamriel, is a ghost going to store loot?

      • Fruckert

        Obviously the rabbit might have a fork, or some gemstones in it’s stomache.
        Didn’t you know that the wildlife of Cyrodiil loves to eat random junk?
        You find rubies in wolf stomaches all the time.

      • Kaor

        In his GHOOOOSSST POCKETS!!!


  • Kaze’aze

    Something wonderful happened to me today. My RSS feed popped a 1 next to Prequel.

    • needsomemiracle

      It’s not often a “1”, taken out of context, makes me happy, but I feel the same way every time.

  • Nickel

    Chekhov’s Gun, activate!

    …then again, knowing this comic, this is probably going to be shenanigans -> abrupt ending -> return to Katia, a la Dmitri’s sidestory. That’s… mostly okay too, I guess?

    • Kaor

      If so, I hope it doesn’t end as badly as Dmitri’s story. I was just starting to like the guy before, well, you know…

  • kome

    what is the thing to his left? i think i see blood, and i think it looks like a bunny. but there is also a gray square next to it, idk what it is.


    put the bunny
    back in
    the box.

    • FuzzyZergling

      That is a bunny.
      Which has been crushed by a brick.

      • kome


        put the box back on the bunny

  • LoLbuster

    i hope there another update tommorow. I really want to know why the hell were this guy!

  • Bob

    You now understand what you did wrong fellow readers who don’t actually read the full story?

    Making stupid suggestions will only ruin it for everyone and backfire everything in the worst way possible, with you becoming “That Guy”.

    Now try again, You Are The Ghost.

    • Would you, perhaps, say that we are ‘That Ghost’?

    • TheTurnipKing

      You realise that as a ghost, we are most likely non corporeal and therefore any attempt to actually do anything short of look at stuff is probably going to be non-productive anyway, right?

  • Tiberius Blake

    Coax the Rabbit’s ghost out so you have some ethereally fuzzy company, and take a peak inside the box, if the contents are unrecoverable by yourself, go forth and seek out Katia ( on the grounds of nothing better to do) and join her little misadventures before bringing her back to acquire the things inside.

  • Awemaster

    It’s time to use your ghost detective skills and solve the murder of that bunny!

  • Armael

    Oh boy! This is gonna be interesting. (I hope)

    • Dragomok

      I’m surprised you even have a slightest doubt about that.

  • Bunny: Become a ghost and ask the kind ghost sir next to you how you died.

    • Akatosh

      I’m thinking, at the very least, there is a bit of a language barrier here.

      • Do they have like, a ghost language to communicate? (… Of course not)

        • Sanguine-Wolf

          In Pathfinder there’s a language called “Necril” which is the language of the dead. It’s close enough.

          • Akatosh

            Not in my reality wolfie… this is Tamriel.

  • stupidjellyfish

    The trees don’t look Kazerad-like. Definitely not his work.

    • Zzzzzx

      if you read kazerad’s earlier post, he said he is getting a friend to help him out so he can get more updates done. He’s still not quite used to doing kaz’s style yet.
      Honestly, I can’t even tell the difference. I am derpicus.

      • stupidjellyfish

        I know. I’m just starting to notice the differences now.

  • Dan

    Well, this is the obvious conclusion of the chosen commands.I can’t imagine a better way to transit the narrative.

    Serious now: I love it!

  • C0Mmander

    So I’d like to know if you can post command here in the comment section and if they might be picked up to be part of the story. Because I’ve seen a bunch of people doing that already but I don’t know if they are just screwing around.

  • That guy who likes writing really long nicknames because he’s a really bored person this is taking a while isn’t it?Wait no, it isn’t, so what are you doing tonight?Im writing really long names because I’m bored, I enjoy watching cats cry though, do you?


    • you do realize your name is 4.456140350877192982… times longer than your comment. Maybe this will start a trend?


      • Yes, my name is brilliant, I enjoyed typing it very much, although it was longer I think the system auto shortened it for me, I like your name though, it is very pretty. Say, have you seen a yo yo and a pineapple somewhere around here? Some crazy cat stol

        This does not justify what he has done.

        • You guys’s names are epic, I wish I just wish I could come up with a smarter comment for it…Oh well, in the spirit of keeping this comment trend going!

          looking at the dead body?

          • This trend is my trend! I will keep these ridiculously long names for all of eternity, mainly because I have nothing better to do in life other than typing really long names and reloading a page on a website for a slutty cat with emotional problems

            No, looking at the dead bunny without an amazed face, that dead bunny is beautiful, he just can’t admit it though.

    • L

      C-c-c-c-c-Combo breaker!!!!!

  • Blindeye

    Have an internal struggle over the fragility of life

  • Whicher

    Wooooaaaah! Its the guardian ancestor from the ruins back at the beginning!!! (Search in archives for “Abscond”, its a few posts before it). 😀

  • Akatosh

    Absorb the bunny’s soul, you know you want to.

  • Urilikya

    Ghost, you must find your descendant, appear to them in some mystical storm, and then declare to them that they must remember who they are.

  • NoriMori


  • Rave in your grave. Rave in all the graves.

  • Niveon

    Interesting segue.

  • bobucles

    > You are now this ghost
    Time to go to some local bath houses! There’s plenty of young virile dark elf action to check out.

  • That drunk guy…whats his name….FELDIN yeah thats…urrr me…..I’m to drunk to make normal commands

    Ghost: find someone the talk to……about your death or I dunno something….your dead what else are you going to do. like open chests that happen to be near you, Ha yeah right you can’t even put your non existing feet on the ground let alone use your hands to move things…unless….PICK UP THE DEAD THING AND THROW IT.

  • Kash

    Ghost dude, You like, SERIOUSLY need to haunt something. like. RIGHT NOW. Possibly large yellow cats?

  • Barium Sulfate

    Ghost hoodie. 🙂

  • Cake

    Hey there’s a chest by that bush. Loot it!

  • 4th wall veiwer

    I don’t know if anyone notices this, but the last time we jumped to another character was when katia spelinking down a well with fish trying to eat her. Given that the bartender dos not like katia and is now (probably) drunk, I think something comical or tragic has happend.

  • Relth

    “You are now this ghost instead.”


    • Relth


      Uh, oh. I can already see where this is going, now.

      That poor little kitty ),:

  • Alcastar

    oh no is that a bucket in that bunny’s head, i think it’s a bucket. its as if the rabbit was killed by some kind of bucket murderer.

  • Revereche

    YES I missed this guy =D=D

  • Nigma21

    Well you certainly know how to keep us in suspense……

  • oh dear.

  • Thrime

    Smoke of the Ghost-shrooms coming out of the Ghost-tree with your Ghost-bong.

  • Some ignoramus

    ==> Ghost: recap on life, and death, and afterdeath

  • This Azy

    Well that escalated quickly.

    Lets check and see if we have any ghostly items!

  • M

    So… are we this ghost because he has bearing on the plot, or are we just this ghost?

    I guess we’ll have to see! (Although I think he might actually have a connection to Kvatch…)

  • Sagredo

    Avoid the items of interest in the surrounding area, ignore the other voices in your ghostly head, and ponder just what degradation has befallen the stock of Mer these days.

  • jjwolfa

    Alyied ghost use your skills to talk with that bunny and discover his secrets…

  • Moo?


  • Snarktopus

    Being dead must really kill you, huh?

  • Donkurk

    Ghost: Contemplate reality of own existence.

  • minebynight

    oh god… not another 3 month long side story that will contribute nothing to furthering katia’s story!

    • Alcastar

      everything furthers katia’s story, even when it doesn’t

    • Akatosh

      You called for a… god? Don’t worry, it will be relevant, even if it isn’t.

    • dxm2000

      Another story like that? I think you must be reading a different webcomic, MineByNight, because the side stories in the side bar (save the poisoned apple) help the advance the story. One shows the details of the first meeting of Katia and Quill, the other, an event that maybe important later. And the side story that has taken place with the orc and the necromancer is also important, because of, for example, the ring.

    • Bonzohazard

      I so agree…. Next comes some three month wait for a three minute animated sequence… Prior to that, a single pane of a completely unrelated ghost floating next to a randomly conceived rabbit corpse… woo

  • That guy who likes writing really long nicknames because he’s a really bored person this is taking a while isn’t it?Wait no, it isn’t, so what are you doing tonight?Im writing really long names because I’m bored, I enjoy watching cats cry though,

    Ghosts, they enjoy dead bunnies

  • Andrew

    In my experience, ghosts tend to be jerks.

    Is this ghost a jerk?

    • tronn

      No, he’s a total bro ghost.

      • Andrew

        Oh I totally forgot that we’ve already seen this ghost before.

  • TheTurnipKing

    Entire Audience: We Love Khajiit Bartender
    Kazerad: Tough, it’s nearly Halloween. Have that ghost guy you haven’t thought about for over six months at this point.

    Truly, the brave authors choice.

    • tronn

      I think he’s doing it solely because he can.

  • dxm2000

    Really great story so far, definitely one of my favorite webcomics. I can’t wait to see what happens next, and the lovely artwork you create.

  • Alcastar

    spirit, please tell us of your thoughts on heroes.

    Or alternatively.

    Do whatever it was you were going to do before we all interrupted you.

  • Mzuark

    Aw, I see. You need time to figure out which direction you’re going in.

  • Shadowkey392

    Heeeeey! It’s ghost-guy again!

  • dtlux14