Oct 272013

AMKitsune wrote:
Guardian Spirit: There appears to be something beneath the label on that bottle. Another label perhaps? Have a look, just to be safe.

Just gotta give it a little tug and…

Oh. Huh!

A more introspective spectre might ruminate on the possible motivations someone would have to leave a mislabeled bottle of poison out in the wild. But you… you don’t really care. Sometimes things like this just happen!

Mikhos wrote:
Aggy: Don women’s clothing and become Agatha the Dark Mage

l4tul4 wrote:
Aggy: Put on the old women’s clothing. Be the prettiest woman around.

You put the ornate dress back into the chest.

Perhaps a more suitable, more effeminate owner will come along and claim it.

Ransom wrote:
Those supplies aren’t very useful to you, but could be helpful to someone. Oh I don’t know, like that other adventurer?

Stormfeather wrote:
Aggie, you’ve already said you’ve seen a “much better” adventurer, so why not help her out for a while, since she’s obviously more worth your time and guardianship?

For one, you are a Dark Elf ancestral guardian. Your concern with the lesser races should be kept brief and passing at best!

For two… you don’t actually have any idea where she went. While it might be refreshing to compare your descendants to a truly competent explorer – especially one who shares your gift – she could be anywhere by now. Without any information on her whereabouts, or even confirmation she is alive, searching for her would be nothing more than a long, boring fool’s errand.

And for three, you probably wouldn’t even recognize her if you saw her.

Your entire memory of that meeting is kind of fuzzy!

Suomynona wrote:
Guardian Spirit: Backtrack the rabbit’s bloodtrail. You literally have nothing better to do.

That was the shortest adventure ever.

Once again, you have nothing to do.


“Hey, Booberry, are you guarding that box? I chugged one of the Detection potions I keep clenched between my thick, rigid lats, and I couldn’t help but notice that fine piece of faille enchested above me.”

“Knock yourself out, Fruitcake.”

“Thanks. I’ve been meaning to get my don on for a while now, if you know what I’m saying.”

“I can imagine. Given that you were naked in a… cave?”

“Naw, a crypt. Crypt-robbing is usually a bit dangerous for my tastes, but today has just been one lucky find after another! I haven’t seen a single skeleton, and I’ve already made over a hundred times my expenses! That is, assuming I can find somewhere nearby that will give me a decent price on all these enchanted family heirlooms.”

“Sounds boring and book-keepy. And getting a decent price in an Imperial city? Good luck with that one, Orsimer.”

“Heh, you’re alright, Windowpane. If you were tangible, I’d reward you with a hearty, jovial slap on the back.”

“I’m touched, or not. So what’s with the clover field?”

“Oh, these? I just keep finding more and more. It must be my lucky day! Even more than it was yesterday.”

Whimbrel wrote:
Why don’t you just use your obviously superior elven brilliance to solve everything?


“Mr. Orc, my fine inferior, you seem like a lucky fellow. Would you perhaps be willing to spin that bottle for me?”

“There aren’t enough ladies here for that, Seabreeze.”

“I don’t mean it as part of your vulgar mating rituals. I mean it as a method of randomization.”

“Your luck appears to manifest by making events that are random from your point of view – such as finding treasure – inexplicably more likely to result in an outcome that is favorable to you. Assumedly, this extends beyond monetary pursuits: any event that is seemingly random will occur exactly the way you want. Ergo, it seems reasonable to assume you could help me locate someone in particular by simply wanting me to find them, and then initiating a random event that will point me in their direction. Now, I may be dead, and slowly losing my mind, but I’m still a Dark Elf and therefore the logic here works out perfectly in every way.”

“I’m not sure I buy it, Seabreeze. Luck is a nice superstition and maybe has some tiny effect on the amazing things I constantly do all the time, but a mer can’t just rely on it like that. If I spun that bottle and it pointed you in even the slightest wrong direction, you would waste months of valuable time and resources searching for someone you’d never, ever find. It’s not a good investment.”

“But if it pointed me in exactly the right direction, then I’d save months of valuable time searching for someone I’d never, ever find otherwise. So they even out perfectly!”

“Just spin the bottle already.”

“Excellent! You are dismissed, lesser-minded creature.”

The dumb orc mutters something stupid about having business meetings and needing “to get his leave on” before taking his poison bottle and tromping away. He doesn’t even thank you for the awesome trick you just showed him. What an asshole!

Just wait. Someday, he’s going to be hunting someone down, probably for a respectable purpose like revenge, and he’ll remember your ingenious methods and be forced to use them! Just wait.

But for now, you have a competent explorer to find!

Additional resource credits:
Cider – Some of the art. He is not yet ready
to touch Gharug’s luscious, steely pecs.

  • Doohl

    Competent explorer! Aaahahaha!

    • Rufus the Ineffective

      He does seem to have formed a rather… idealised view of her.

      Ghost: Should you actually meet the ‘competent explorer’ try not to be too disappointed.

      On the bright side, at least she’s getting a reputation that doesn’t involve pineapples.

      • Lokion123

        too late,she already partly ruined that in anvil,remember,getting drunk,walking around naked on 1st night,and quill-weave accidently helping her ruin herself,was impressive tho i WILL admit…(not rly i couldnt see it)

        • Insane Randomness

          Yeah, but quill pointed out that Katia looks a ton like ANOTHER Kahjiit that lives in Anvil, and everyone thought it was her.

          • zortharg

            Yes but look at the 6th frame on the page – his recollection of the explorer – he doesn’t even remember it was a khajit, it looks like quill-weave’s species perhaps. Even though he was pointed in exactly the right direction, he won’t know her when he sees her. Unless of course when SHE sees the GHOST, she’ll say “hey! It’s me, from the cave!” or something.

          • APStorm

            @zortharg: You mean Argonian? Yes, it does look like an Argonian. And in a few moments it may look like a Nord, with the way his insanity seems to be going. And possibly cycle to one of the Mer. In any case, yes, his memory is unlikely to be reliable.

        • Bluescale

          Apparently she did start the whole paint-on underwear craze somewhere between Prequel and Oblivion though.

          I mean that still counts as something, right?

          • Redscale

            Totally counts as something. Never apparently got kicked off for the beast races, though. Don’t know what happened there.

      • Insanenoodlyguy

        Are you kidding? The whole thing will probably be in flames by the time he gets there. The legend will only grow.

    • gabe

      i dont want a f—ing gift from you! i dont even now if i should trust you!

  • Risingsun2252

    Wait a moment… That village had a strong magic reading earlier. I may be a bit fuzzy on details but can’t magic harm spirits? You should be careful.

  • Jetz

    “Thanks. I’ve been meaning to get my don on for a while now, if you know what I’m saying.”
    I don’t know what he’s saying! I need someone to explain this new age lingo to me!

    • LucaUmbriel

      It means he’s going to put on some clothes

    • Bluecaptain

      As you can see, he isn’t wearing any clothes. Also, he often says things like “I need to get my (verb) on”.
      What you might be confused about, is that one of the meanings of the word “don” means “to put on (something)”
      So, by “getting his don on”, it seems like he’s saying he’s tired of running around in the buff, so he’ll “don” (put on) that garment of clothing.

      • Nickel

        Ah. I was confused too, so thanks for explaining. I thought it was some kind of obscure reference to Don Juan that I didn’t get. Hrmm.

        • friendlyunit

          What’s even funnier is that Don is a brand of salami over here.
          In my case I correctly interpreted what he said but for my own stupid amusement deliberately misinterpreted it.

          • Lokion123

            god dammit,u just put the thought of his uglyass orc d*ck in my head…

          • Bane


  • Nickel


    “Sounds boring and book-keepy. And getting a decent price in an Imperial city? Good luck with that one, Orismer.”

    Pretty sure it should be “Orsimer”… if it isn’t I guess I am just awful at TES Lore? D:

    Also, pretty happy there’s finally an update~ And one that has more and more callbacks to old characters, too! Now we just need Quill-Weave to show up.

    Also, the longer Aggy’s story goes on, the more sure I am that Katia’s getting into shenanigans without us.

    • Kazerad

      Ack, no, you are correct! Typo eliminated! You get your scout badge for typo-hunting and a hearty, jovial pat on the back.

      • Nickel

        AW YISS. A nitpicker’s work is never done.

        (Also, the ‘edit comment’ button is broken? At least for me? That is why I am replying multiple times to my own comments? Sorry, y’all.)

      • Uknown


        • kaytavo

          speaking of “tytpo”….i found one in your comment

          • panoz

            Your “I” should be capitalized … and you forgot the “.”.

          • m

            He actually didn’t forget the period… he just misplaced it and put it between the ellipsis and the uncapitalized “i” as a substitute for a space.

      • cake

        actually, the typo still appears to be there.

    • Nickel

      ALSO, do want the background of panel six. Epic Argonian (??) hero, please! Is there a vanilla version of the file without Aggy standing in front, so that I could, you know, gaze lovingly at it as I fall asleep every night? You know, things that normal people do.

      And the character dynamics are hilarious. The only thing that’s sad about this update is the fact that Katia is referred to as a “competent explorer”… I can’t tell if this is supposed to be foreshadowing or dramatic irony, because odds are she’s “infiltrating” the Kvatch Mages’ Guild right now–which we all know won’t work out as planned. Because, you know. She’s terrible. And Kaz/Cider (Kader?) has to live up to the subtitle sometime soon. She hasn’t cried in, like, thirty updates, and it ain’t Prequel if there ain’t crying Katias.

      • Kazerad

        Well, don’t let me stand between you and normality!

        Doing my usual scribbly thing for the ghost’s memories didn’t seem to fit, so I tried to hit that sketchy pen style and impractical outfitting used in Michael Kirkbride’s old Morrowind concept art.

        • tronn

          It looks nice, really nice. You captured Kirkbride’s style perfectly!

        • Galen

          Nice! Now I can read all the Daedric writing without Aggy being in the way.

          • chimericWilder

            Do come back and tell us what it says!

          • Galen

            The first bit of Daedric writing in the left corner says “Disgusting slave race” (bad racist Aggy!) and underneath it says “glass ax”.

            The center says “Atronach”, which I am assuming is the “gift” he is referring to?

            Last bit on the right refers to the imp as a “Formidible foe” (sic).

        • Nopon

          Kirkbride’s concept art and such was the first thing i thought of when i saw that panel. It’s quite nice indeed

          Thanks for the aggy-less upload.

        • Dan

          Awesome! Will Aggy’s memory convert other events to epics stylized prints? It would be great to see Katia fails to became mythological heroism in his mind.

        • Expresate

          DOOOOD. First thing I thought of was Kirkbride’s art. You did it perfectly.

        • Link

          I have a feeling Aggy’s memory has made Katia a dragon =P
          Who knows, Dragonborn has to be born every now and then even if there’s no dragons to slay. Perhaps her soul/spirit is that of a dragon =3

  • 8bit

    When he started stabbing the dead rabbit I laughed out loud.

    • Kyber

      Lucky rabbit’s foot my friend! Gotta keep that good luck flowing!

      • Actua

        Rabbit had four of em…didn’t do him much good.

        • Kaor

          Well, duh. Everyone knows RABBITS don’t get luck from their feet! Their magic properties only come to be once severed from the body!

          • Actua

            Ah. Good ol blood magik. Im sure the orc approves. Stinking wretch…huh. I thought I wasnt racist…Wait Im not. He’s just an arsehole making other orcs look bad. Ill be sure to use his soul to make an enchantment on a public toilet. I mean if you’re going to kill someone you hate, why not make their death more meaningful than their life? No more frozen seats for Bruma.

          • Bluescale

            I wonder if you could make really lucky rabbits by cutting off their feet then sewing them back on.

  • tronn

    Ghost, his eyes are up here!

  • Irrevenant

    “And for three, you probably would’t”

    • Kazerad

      Not anymore he would’t!

  • Jules

    Did you mean ‘ingenious’ methods? It seems unlikely that a Dark Elf (living or dead) would refer to his own methods (or his own anything) as innocent and trusting.

    • Kazerad

      You know I am just on a roll today. Thanks.

      • Kazerad

        Actually no, I changed my mind. It’s funnier the other way. Thanks anyway.

  • Wait. Cider isn’t ready for… What now?

    • Erm… We wait for Cider to get ready? Oh my that came out weird…

  • Mikhos

    ^.^ This dunmer dude is awesome; wonder what type of explorer he would’ve been if was alive.

  • I can’t wait to see what would happen when Aggy meets Katia again! 😀

  • billy

    I have a feeling like the orc is really the “player’s” character

    • Woodledude

      Honestly, I thing we’re being taken through several different personalities of PC. The Orc is the guy who kills everyone and robs everything, Sigrid is the guy who “hacks” the game, taking advantage of different kinks in the game power limited only by her patience for tedium, and Katiah is the guy who has no idea what video games are.

      • Dan

        The first time I played Oblivion may character had the same luck Katia have.
        “Troll! Let’s kill it.” Dead. “This time you won’t hit me!” Dead. “You may be too strong for my iron dagger, but I bet you can’t dead with my level 1 fire spell!” Dead. “I’m going to sneak and avoid that strong troll.” Dead. “Run! Rur for your lives!” Dead.
        After a fell hours of trial and error I made my own chameleon suit.

  • Neow46

    [Ominous clouds intensify]

    • MegSkoomaPirate

      I know! I’m wondering if this was during the night that Katia spent in the chapel or if it’s during what is currently happening to Katia…. Or if all Oblivion is about to break loose.

  • D. G.

    Gharug’s epic luck reminds me of that bosmer from Tribunal who you find one day begging for money in the streets, and then later on that week he’s managed to literally trip over a complete set of Ebony armor because the guy has 777 luck:

    • MegSkoomaPirate

      Yeah. And then he tries to kill you. Nice guy. I even had the 1,000,000 gold he asked me for!

  • Sninjo

    When Katia meets Aggy/Aggy meets Katia I wonder how things will unfold or turn into.

    I understand that Katia is trying to take initiative (and I really do hope our cute girl does get her way through the struggles)
    but eventually I think she’ll need a lot of help from Aggy.

    and Aggy better be there when she does xD

    I knew staying up late tonight would do some good and I was right.

    Thanks for the update Kaze

  • Thrime

    Woot, a useless comment saying hooray for another update.

  • Alcastar

    yes, im sure katia has something that could resemble competence.

    • Kaor

      Paint-on undergarments, perhaps?

  • Vince

    Cider’s art is looking good! Perhaps one day he will be ready to take on the pure green sex that is Gharug.

  • Bob

    “Sounds boring and book-keepy. And getting a decent price in an Imperial city? Good luck with that one, Orsimer.”

    You damn got that right. Most shops can only take up to 1000 to 1500 septims max for buying whatever you’re selling. So selling those several pieces of enchanted armor costing up to 5000 gold to most weapons shops will only get you an terribly low profit return.

    Also most of the stores in imperial city are the real crooks. Whatever expensive pieces of armor you sell at such a low selling price, they jack up the price 2x the amount.

    • Dan

      He can just buy a bunch of useful scrolls and potions than sell the loot.

      • Dagda Mor

        That’s how it works in Skyrim, but not Oblivion.

  • TheSexyMenhir

    Come on, we know what happens to all possible companions of K… though one might argue that it allready did happen to him, hmmm…..

  • WhoKnows

    Wait… “gift”? What gift?

    • Story Mode


    • Ghnaggi

      Scaring off imps?

    • D. G.

      He’s probably referring to the BirthSign of the Atronarch that Katia was born under (and presumably Aggy too). After all, how many other things could the Dark Elven master race have in common with cats?

    • Risingsun2252

      Perhaps the gift of being a hero like the priest thinks Sigrid is.

    • Adoring Fan

      …Or maybe it’s just the fact they’re both mages. Cause, y’know, magic is a gift.

  • M

    Heh, between Altmer and Dunmer, the charm of some of these elves must get their noble elven features rearranged alot.

    Good thing for this one, it’s already a ghost. XD

  • theplunderking

    damn it, I kinda hoped he’d drink the bottle :/

    • Me too. :/

      • Story Mode

        me too…I fucking hate this guy!

        • Lokion123

          ESPECIALY me,hopefully he shoves its up his ass as storage and it leaks out and kills him…

          • Lokion123

            but since hes ultra lucky w. 4 rabbit feet,a gold horseshoe,lots of clovers and a SH*TTON of loot,i dont think thats gonna happen tho…

    • Even if he did drink it, he is already so lucky that it would turn out that he had a parasite in his gut that he didn’t know about that was about to kill him; and the poison would kill that parasite with none left over to harm Gro-Upp.

      A Very Confused Person

      • You seem to have your name and comment in the reverse order.

        • xKiv

          At least he(?) has them in order at all.

        • Dion

          I think that’s the point. He’s a very confused person.

          • The person formerly known as a very confused person

            Yeah, it was just a little joke on my part, probably gonna stop doing it since I found out that the character limit for name is much less than for comment.

      • Link

        Was this intended to be a Hitchhiker’s Guide reference, or did that just happen by mistake? =P

        • You mean the part where Arthur Dent eats the fuzzy things he found in his fridge, and they kill off the virus that he did not know he had contracted; that would have killed half the population of Earth and made the other half go blind. Yeah, that was goin

          A very confused person

    • Adoring Fan

      Of course he wouldn’t drink it! He’s too lucky. That’s why Aggy peeled back the label and shot the rabbit- Gharug’s luck made it happen.

      I have the feeling that Gharug has some remaining dislike against Katia, so the ghost WILL find her, and it will be bad for her, because that would be good for Gharug. He would just be being amazingly lucky.

      I also have the feeling that you could explain everything that happens in the universe as somebody who’s really lucky making it happen by accident. This is why all aliens are humanoid and have hot females which are compatible with us- there’s some super lucky guy who wants green space babe tail.

  • Armael

    Kaboom! Gro-Upp out of fuckin’ nowhere!

    • “KABOOM!”

      • Gro-Upp


        • Story Mode

          problem with Gro-upp?
          he is now dead.he can no more show in this comic.
          CASE SOLVED!

          • Then pop open that bottle of poison and pour it on his face, and set his body on fire.

          • Story Mode

            Chill him out with gasoline

  • SomeShadyGuy

    Wait, where did the name “Aggy” come from?

    • Lokion123

      from us 😀

      • I changed my name for this one

        It sounds like its our semen

    • Irrevenant

      Ancestor Guardian, brah.

  • Lokion123

    typo on “about having business meetings and needing ‘to get his leave on’ to before taking his poison bottle”

    • Kazerad

      No longer! Thanks.

  • Hope


    Those clothes… They’re the same clothes the Hlaalu alchemist was wearing. And a bottle of poison?
    …I am now suspicious

    • Dan

      Interesting idea, but despite the color there isn’t much in common between this dress and the one Falanu was wearing during the flashback (although that priest probable didn’t know what she was actually wearing).
      It is interesting to note that, despite the color difference, the treasure dress looks a loot with the one Falanu uses during the game.

  • Terry

    Hah! Silly Gro-Upp! Don’t you know that if you angle a lucky horseshoe so the points point down, the luck DRAINS AWAY?

    I hope he doesn’t know that. I hope ALL HIS LUCK is in that thing and it’s all leaking everywhere. HAH.

    Also, he has a Ring of Firewalking. So when newly-competent Katia meets him and wants revenge, it’s still not going to go well for her. Sigh. 🙁

    • tronn

      Exactly, the luck drains from the horseshoe into Gro-Upp, flowing over his sweaty, glistening pecs like an unicorn’s kiss.

      • Terry

        That… was not an image I needed.

        • Story Mode

          you asked for it 😀

  • Kami Uizado

    Aggy, (not a very fitting name for a dark elf I have to say…) Maybe you could teach that adventurer you encountered some of your superior magical knowledge, such as enchanting and possibly something more complex than fireballs?

    • Kami Uizado

      sorry, mistook this for the forum for placing commands… Attempted to delete it but failed.

  • Awemaster

    Hmm, is that foreshadowing I see in the last paragraph?

  • Slovier

    A-MA-ZING chapter. I don’t know why, but it stands out others.

    Maybe it’s because I’m a little buzzed.

    KEEP IT COMING, I’m really anxious to see what happens during Battle of Kvatch!!!

    • Random Guy in Kvatch


      • Yes, you better leave Kvatch before the battle starts!

        • Scared Kvatch Citizen

          BY THE GODS,HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN!!(also is this like the daedra invasion or something?)

          • Mythic Dawn Cultist

            Battle? What battle? We’re just gonna have a little bonfire, some s’mores, maybe an extremely peaceful bongo face-off. Don’t mind us!

            Lord of Destruction be with you.

  • Ransom

    Gro-Upp seems like the sort of player who plays simply to max out his stats and act like a jerk to all the NPCs, ignoring the story. C’mon Katia! You can’t let him grab the mantle of player character!

    • Haxor Guy

      easy fix,BREAK DA GAME!!!!!

    • not rogueSnail

      or she could just sit and cry like usual. That’s an option.

  • zee

    I’m really surprised there hasn’t been more speculation on the suspicious as all hell mislabeled poison…

    • Ransom

      Either someone is a sadist or it was intended for someone else.

  • Jix

    Geez, how bad is this guys memory is. I mean, why is he remembering Katia as an argonian.

    • yo mama

      thats supposed to be like some badass nordic hero image instead u know…

      • Dan


    • Dan

      Apparently Aggy considers any beast race as “Disgusting slave race”. He probable just don’t care for which kind of beast race she is.
      At least he idealizes her.

  • anon

    Orc seems to be a “hero”…

  • AngremboR

    I don’t know which day is it, but it’s looking stormy night again (if the orc said “from yesterday” it must be Katia’s first night in Kvatsh). But I’m surprised the direction is right.


    OH MY FUCKING GOD I CAN TELL THE FUTURE. When the guardian spirit put the dress(?) back into the chest I thought ” Huh, that Orc guy with the fuck ton of clovers should wear the dress, since last time I checked he was butt naked” so I went on to read the rest of the comic before commenting and MY FUCKING GOD HE APPEARED. Although I had hoped he would wear the clothes in the intended way, because he would look simply fabulous if he did. So yeah….I AM A FUCKING WIZARD OF TIME AND SPACE. P.S I threw my ipad onto my bed and ran around my room yelling “Fucking called it” before actually reading the rest, just to let you know.

    • Shazbot

      Please, the position is already taken.


      • Moo?

        That was slightly disturbing


        Fuck, I now have a rival for the title, I must now go challenge him!

  • Moo?


    • Aggy

      I am changing my name to Aggy in celebration!

  • Relth

    Why do I get the feeling he’s not looking for Katia?

    Why do I get the feeling Katia’s already been caught?

    Why do I get the feeling that everything’s not gonna turn out the way I expect/want?

    • Cynder111


    • tronn

      >Why do I get the feeling he’s not looking for Katia?
      Because it would be comical if the ghost were to mistake some other beast race member for Katia.

      >Why do I get the feeling Katia’s already been caught?
      Because the last time Kaz switched the narrative to another person he used it for a time skip.

      >Why do I get the feeling that everything’s not gonna turn out the way I expect/want?
      Because the cat, she cries.

  • Adoring Fan

    Minor typo detected – just below the eleventh picture.

    “Heh,you’re alright, Windowpane.”

    I’m pretty sure there’s supposed to be a space between the first two words. There’s only a comma right now.

    • Kazerad

      How did all these typos even happen? Thank you, my adoring fan!

      • Lokion123

        I dont know,count myself lucky my fans can tell where they are!

      • Adoring fan

        By Azura, by Azura, by Azura! It’s Kazerad! I can’t believe it’s you! Commenting here! In response to me!

        • Bob

          Restrain yourself boy, Lest you impel kazerad to shout you off a cliff with his sad catting thu’um.

          • This made me snort Dew. Nostrils do not do the Dew. I’m still laughing whilst crying.

            And this is so mired within the comments, I don’t feel bad at all for necroing. S’not like someone from the Internet Police will come along and say Hey. Stop that.

  • Story Mode

    silence before storm err i meant update

  • Story Mode

    is it made in photoshop?

    • What is made in photoshop?

    • Boggybean

      …..it’s made in MS Paint…..

      • Story Mode

        ou i tought its was meant to look like it was made in ms paint….i am bitching because they deserve soooo much admiration for ghost scenes.its sooo hard to do transparnt things in ms paint.

      • Kazerad

        Actually, it is made mostly in graphicsGale! With bits of Flash for interavtivity, Anime Studio for shape tweening, and Sai when Cider is working on it.

  • AngremboR

    I have a bad feeeel about this.

  • The argentinian reader


    • Hello 🙂 I assume you are new here, so.. Welcome to Prequel! 😀

      • The Argentinian reader

        I speak in spanish, but i read prequel in english. I love it. Empesé a leer prequel hace un par de meses. Translte this because i’m not very good speaking english, but i understand english.

        • rogueSnail

          it looks like you speak pretty good english to me man :), don’t worry about it not being your first language thought. everyone understands

          • Silly Zealot

            Amalaya, You mean I’m the second Argentinian newcomer this week?! Huahua!

            (Also, I’m just gonna abuse this comment to ask why the ghost hasn’t introduced the newly desceased to the afterlife, maybe even keep the bunny’s ghost as a pet? Even ghosts need company once in a while!)

          • The Argentinian reader

            Bueno, ya que hablas es español, no pensas que tal vez alguien deberia traducir a otro idioma prequel para los que no sepan ingles tengan una oportunidad de conocer la historia?
            Igual, aunque la tradujeran la seguiria leyendo en ingles. Translate

          • Kazerad

            People have asked me if they can translate the story before, and I usually ask them not to. I appreciate that they have an interest, but there is a lot of stuff I think a translator would miss unless they were a very good one. I personally prefer there to only be an English version.

            I tried to write this message in Spanish but gave up after an hour of trying to remember how. I swear I used to be fluent six years ago.

          • Silly Zealot

            I do admit some of the cat burns are hard to translate, and “Katia Puta Managan” doesn’t have the same ring as the original f-bomb.

          • The Argentinian reader

            hahaha, you´re right, just saying. thanks for the answer Kazerad!

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