Oct 312017

GreenNeko wrote:
Hey wait.. you didn’t close the trapdoor behind you did you?

You left it wide open. That click was the sound of the trapdoor being shut.

Democracy wrought:
Make it look like the trap malfunctioned: 62%
Make it look like a thief ransacked the cave and got away: 21%
Uncloak so it can recharge: 12%
Barricade path: 5%

Lykozze wrote:
Quick! Put everything back where it was, including the bowling ball! If Sigrid is coming down here she could simply assume that the soulgem powering the trap ran out of energy and needs to be replaced.

Gorfail wrote:
Take the gem inside the pedestal.

Feynt wrote:
Put tacks pointy side up into the holes of the bowling ball.

VcSaJen wrote:
>Katya: It would make sense to ‘stack’ those books in your imaginary inventory. It would free some imaginary space. It’s not like you need to distinguish them, right?

internetcatchphrase wrote:
Witchfinder logic! Quick! Use a loop of the strap to snag a silver dagger and *indirectly* pull it toward you!

BobBobinson wrote:
Quick! Throw the paints off the edge before someone uses them to reveal your position!

ColdFusion wrote:
CLING TO THE CEILING! She’s going to sweep a broom around in there or something, to see if it hits something invisible.

Clinging to the top of the cage like this, you can’t see who’s coming. But you definitely hear heavy footsteps echoing through the otherwise silent cave.

Hunt wrote:
You’ve got some magicky books about bridges. Maybe they work for teleportation? Try a spell at random! Pretty much anywhere is better then here.

This isn’t just a piece of enchanted paper you can read to release a spell! This is a 300 page book explaining how to cast one. It would take you over an hour to read this in its entirety. You have about nineteen minutes before the invisibility cloak blinds you – and probably less than one minute before those footsteps get down to you.

Regardless, you flip through enough pages to determine that the book explains a summoning spell, not a teleportation one. All six books seem to be identical and a large amount of pages are dedicated to explaining jargon, suggesting these were probably used for a classroom of magic students.

The footsteps are getting louder. You stow the book back in your inventory before it can give you away.

Anonymous wrote:
What about the two barrels? Look in them.

Oh, right! You guess you skipped those.

Acting fast, you quietly pop the lid off one of the barrels. It’s full of water, and picking up water is apparently not within the scope of telekinesis. Without even trying, you assume the barrel is too heavy to telekinetically tip.

The other one, though… that looks like imp gall. You’ve had no problem telekinetically picking up globs of it before. If you’re quick, you could probably grab a little bit to-

Katia Managan!

I see you’ve found my lucky bowling ball! And I don’t mean that facetiously – it actually has a minor luck enchantment. It gets a strike every time.