Nov 242017

Collective wrote:
Shhhhh… She is probably bluffing! Keep quiet until you know for certain that she can see you!

McDegree wrote:
You better put your mask on or Sigrid will mind control you again.

Random_Thought526 wrote:
Dont. Make. ANY. NOISES.

You know, Sigrid says with a smirk, she could just electrify the cage until you fall off it. It wouldn’t be polite, but neither is sneaking into someone’s home in the dead of night.

Rogue wrote:
Don’t listen to a word this witch says! Attack her! What are you waiting for!

Ethanicus wrote:

Razuki wrote:

RustyF wrote:
Consider Eye of Fear.

virulentbunny wrote:

… You’re an Atronach?

Sigrid lets out a wistful sigh. Oh, how I wish I were so lucky! But no, I’m wearing eighty thousand septims worth of spells and enchantments right now, all for the same covetable magic absorption you received through fortuitous star alignments at birth.

Then again, it’s a little funny if you think about it. There you are, with a gift of literally divine origin, and yet someone like me can just buy the same thing. Starsigns, pyrokinetic powers, and even invisibility all seem a little passé when someone with the right equipment can just-

Chosenone wrote:
I feel like a boss battle is going to happen

Noicem wrote:
Throw the silver dagger at the god damn witch already!!

Zirrix wrote:
Throw the dagger at her!

Again, Sigrid emphasizes, she can see when you’re getting ready to throw something. And you do know that had a sheath on it, right?

You admit the sheath thing occurred to you pretty much right when it was leaving your hand, yes. You don’t exactly operate well in stressful situations, and being trapped in a secret spiraling death-oubliette by a creepy mind-controlling evil sorceress kind of qualifies as one.

“Evil sorceress”? Katia Managan, your words wound me more than any dagger through the heart! I assure you, I’m no evil sorceress here to cause you harm. I have only your best interests in mind, along with mine and everyone else’s.

Since I happen to have you over, though, I just want to talk. Find out where we got off on the wrong foot, and see if we can put things back to how they should be.

Just you and me. Heart to heart. Woman to woman.

I’ll even unsummon the tumblespider, if he’s making you uncomfortable. They like to stop bouncing and listen when there’s talking.

bob wrote:
spill the guts on her

Spyder wrote:
Her mind control powers are scent based. Block your nose with cilantro!

You don’t have those things anymore! You used them while breaking in. Right now, your inventory is mostly clothes, keys, and books – nothing that will help you in a tight situation.

The bread you picked up contains the necessary alchemical reagents to let you temporarily see invisible things, and the tacks and ball you threw are still within reach, but Sigrid is going to see anything you try. She’s probably already getting suspicious, since you’re standing here thinking instead of replying to her.

holytrauma wrote:
Katia: imagine how much time you have left, put a timer at the top of the screen

You’ve, ah…

You’ve actually been imagining a timer up there for a while. You’d rather ignore it, though, since you kind of have enough to panic about right now.