Dec 072017

Lazyninja wrote:
Is that a timer until the cloak wears off or until she kills you?

Well gee, it was supposed to be until the cloak wears off, but now you’re pretty worried it might also mark the end of your life. At least right now, you can still try to dodge anything Sigrid throws at you, or at the very least see what she’s doing. Once the cloak takes your eyesight, all you’ll have to defend yourself is your words.

But maybe that’s not so bad. Maybe… you can just talk your way out of this?

Somethingsmall wrote:
Just tell her that you only want the mail and nothing else

Diplomatextreme wrote:
Just talk it out. You hold nothing to bargain with so just try to talk

Look, you tell Sigrid, I’m sorry I broke into your secret death cave. I was looking for my stuff, but all the doors in the Guild were locked, and then I found a key to that one that was all chained up, so I thought… My point is, bad decisions were made. I just want to get that package you stole from me last night, and I promise I’ll be out of your hair forever.

Sigrid’s brow furrows with concern. Katia, you’re speaking almost as if I robbed you! As I remember things, it was you who you generously elected to donate some supplies to my guildhall – and I was greatly appreciative of your contribution, no matter how meager. Yet, for some reason you’re now in here trying to steal it back, all while accusing me of theft!

“Generously elected to donate”? You mind controlled me! You put on your weird pheromone perfume, and it made me think you were the greatest thing ever!

If my perfume made you think more highly of me, Miss Managan, then I daresay it accomplished exactly what perfume is supposed to do. Why, if you’re going to penalize me for being likable, I’m almost offended that you’d attribute it solely to some silly perfume rather than my good looks or winning charm!

But you see, what I truly find concerning is how your perception of me could’ve shifted so suddenly and without warning. In nary a day, I feel like I’ve gone from your close friend to a bitter enemy.

Well yeah, my perception of you kinda tanked when I realized you mind controlled me!

Sigrid’s voice takes on a feigned tone of remorse. I am deeply sorry if I somehow made you feel this way, Katia, and for all the distress it has clearly caused you. If I may ask, were these perceptions triggered by something I said? Something you thought about after we parted ways? Maybe even something you ate or drank, after which you suddenly found yourself thinking-

Drakkon wrote:
Your greatest “power” is that you WILL NOT fall for her charisma crap, not to mention the countless personalities in your head.


This isn’t some kind of gloaty villain speech.

You’re trying to figure out how I threw off your control.

And you’re still speaking as though I am some sort of monster out to do you harm.

What I’m interested in, Katia, is simply constructive criticism. For you to say these horrible things about me, break into my home, and go snooping into my perfectly inconspicuous storage rooms implies to me that I clearly wasn’t the friend to you I thought I was. If I’m to avoid these situations in the future, I need to know exactly what caused these negative feelings to emerge. With the number of friends I have, you’re certainly not the first I’ve had quibbles like this with, but I’m a quick learner. I’ve become much more careful when choosing my words and accessories, enough that I can usually keep this sort of situation from happening… or lasting.

Everyone I know is happy to be my friend, and I enjoy being their friend in turn. Is it truly so wrong to care about others’ happiness, Katia? Because if you think so, maybe you’re

Holy shit, Sigrid, you’re an evil mind control wizard! You can’t turn that around and make me the bad guy here!

Nobody is a “bad guy” here, Miss Managan! We’re simply two people discussing our problems. And the sooner we figure out where things went wrong – what would drive you to steal back the donations you made to your favorite guildhall – the sooner we can carry on as if none of this ever happened.

Thought_or_Whatever wrote:
Quick! Set fire to all her shit then while she’s distracted been her in the back of the head with he bowling ball!

If you don’t mind my saying, you’re not the most intimidating person I’ve had in that cage. Stephane, for one, knew a distressing battery of combat magic – and that was before I started wearing the absorption spells. I am confident that with the right words we can come to a peaceful solution that we are both happy with.

And I should remind you, it’s not as if you have any other choice.