Apr 052018

Creepa-BotInc. wrote:
Wait, there's some kind of giant ring around you. I think that might be a barrier separating you from any other worlds, so that idea of getting anything from any other world is a bust.

Let's  find out.

mtv-catfish wrote:
is it normal to be able to *feel* the stars?? is it in any of your books?

CodeSpark wrote:
Reach for the brightest one, it might be close enough for you to reach.

AmongtheStars wrote:
Wait a second, aren't stars made of magicka or something? If so, you might be able to siphon just a bit of magic from them, somehow. Worth a shot, anyway.

You've always heard they are "holes in the night sky to Aetherius", though these definitely seem more ball-like than hole-like. And while it sounds good in theory, vigorously groping the ball with your magicka-squiggle apparently doesn't siphon power out of it.

Three wrote:
The reason you couldn’t teleport out of the cage was that you didn’t sense anything outside to attach your magic to, right? Well, now you do. Might be worth a shot.

You try out your teleportation idea from earlier, imagining a tunnel along the magicka strand and yourself moving along it. You imagine as hard as you can, but nothing seems to happen. Either teleportation is more complicated than you assumed, or some subconscious part of you doesn't want to teleport up into the sky.

Another minute has passed. Sigrid is still talking, for now.

SightlyConcerned wrote:
Touch EVERYTHING in the big nothing!!!

VoiceOfReason wrote:
Don't pick one that feels evil or one that feels good. Evil would try to disguise itself as a good one. Pick one that feels neutral.

Aaaaand that looks like where you started. You must have gotten turned around somewhere. That, or space loops at the edges.

You're pretty sure at least another minute has passed, maybe two. You're losing track.

ApparentlyAlvin wrote:
Conjuration is not about might, or solving riddles, or agonizing over musty old scrolls. It's about fostering relations. Being friendly, you might say. You have to reach out to the spirits or the daedra and convince them that being here is better than being where they currently are, that protecting you is a worthwhile commitment.

You'd like to foster some relations! That was the whole idea. The issue is that there's just nothing out here. While it's surprisingly easy to reach your little magic-line up into the sky, all you've found are scattered balls of light.

Maybe otherworldly forces just really don't want to help you. Or, maybe beckoning help from otherworldly forces is just completely outside the abilities of a stupid country bumpkin who started magic two days ago. Like, it wouldn't exactly be the first time you've grossly overestimated your capabilities. It wouldn't be the first time in the last five minutes, what with your plan to magically teleport out of here.

thatItch wrote:
You know how you can't see two drawings on two sheets of paper at the same time when they're layered on top of each-other unless you put them against the light sourse? Try to imagine space around you as a layer and see if there may be other layers with something that may have something summonable.

Or... maybe you're not looking in the right spot.

You've been weaving your little magicka-line around in the distance as though you're going to find another world far, far away. If summoning creatures from other planes was some kind of very-long-range teleport, though, then every summoner would have to be an expert at teleportation. And like, you've seen Sigrid walk places. If you could teleport, you would never, ever walk.

But maybe it's not a distance thing, but "another sheet of paper". If you were actually going to invoke some kind of otherworldly help, maybe you have to look in some kind of weird, fuckways direction.

Which, of course, puts you back at square one. And to make matters worse, you hear a finality in Sigrid's tone that implies she's nearing the end of her longwinded explanation. Without the slightest lead, your plan to come up with a plan isn't exactly going great right now.

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