Dec 242019

SkoomaCat wrote:
Asotil was probably running ahead of schedule and you just missed him, you should go out looking for him.

Not today, bad ideas! Up here you have a nice, elevated vantage point that lets you see for miles, whereas down there you’d be surrounded by hills and trees. Even if you didn’t instantly get eaten by bears or fall down the mountain and break both your legs (which, let’s be honest, would absolutely happen), you’d just be making it even harder to spot the person you’re looking for.

Plus, if he had shown up and left a couple minutes early, you’d still be able to see him on the road from here. And just in case he showed up super early:

Hey, you call up to the wall guard. Did you see an Imperial Legionnaire come by?

‘Fraid not, the wall guard says.

Okay, thanks, you say.

There. The guard didn’t see anything, and his whole job is to pay attention to his surroundings and make sure nothing potentially dangerous is happening near the city.

And just in case the guard is slacking off and missing things, you double check with the Dagon cultist. He confirms that no Legionnaires have come near the town. You thank him, offer him a sweetroll, and ask if he’ll take one up to the wall guard too, if he’s headed in anyway.

BlackMesa12 wrote:
Drink the drink and eat the eat.

Beanzz wrote:
Practice your newfound magic skills. Your brain is a muscle, so start doing some pushups!

Rain1234 wrote:
Now don’t go wandering off, he MAY be a little late, but you dont want to miss your only bodyguard

Bane_Kaikyo wrote:
Reassess Inventory…. Again.

I mean a lot changed really fast

Asotil being late wouldn’t surprise you. Apparently, protocol mandates he stop and kill every potentially-threatening animal he sees (which you witnessed a lot of on the way here). Plus, there’s always a chance that his schedule-shift was denied, or that it got shifted less than six hours, in which case he could show up at any time. Everything is going great right now, so you want to make sure you don’t step away the exact moment he shows up.

As for your inventory, your new acquisitions are a bottle of milk, a box of glazed sweetrolls, a new set of arena armor, the new grammar book for Quill-Weave, a “leek” (weird Cyrodiil onion), some magicka-restoring mushrooms you’re pretty sure you sold the shopkeeper yesterday for way less than you paid today, and a bag of coffee beans.

You aren’t exactly sure how to turn coffee beans into coffee, but you figure you can work that out while waiting. You know roasting is involved at some point in the process. Presumably not the step that makes it hot at the end, since you’re pretty sure it’s not called roasting when done to liquid. It’s just… heating.

Fluorescence wrote:
Rock: Be slightly uncomfortable to sit on

Nope! Everything you sit on is warm and comfy.

Those couple months you were shaved were the first and last time you experienced the horrifying world everyone else lives in. There is literally one advantage to having fur, and this is it.

Okay, you’re pretty much over sweetrolls now. You absolutely did not need to get the box of 24.

BookFan57 wrote:
You should use this time to study your new spell books! Nothing like several hours of sitting on a rock to practise shooting lightning from your hands and then subsequently healing the injuries your inadvertently cause.

That sounds like a good reason to get a grip on healing magic before trying the lightning out. Though on the other hand, learning magic the proper way (as in, reading a book) probably involves a lot less injury than your ordinary “desperate experimentation” style of learning, so starting with healing may not matter.

You’re not sure how long you have, so you guess you have three choices of where to start. It could be pretty useful to get a basic grip on healing magic, but it’s also a new type of magic you know absolutely nothing about and don’t even have accidental experience with. Lightning, on the other hand, might come to you more naturally since you already have a tenuous grip on fire, but having another way to burn things wouldn’t exactly mean as much. It’s not like you and Asotil are going to get jumped by an evil bandit who can somehow only be hurt by magic that’s not flames.

Then there’s also the option of reading more into conjuration. Even if you technically did use conjuration magic already, it was only one time, it was based off a single diagram you saw in the book, and the Ideal Master said your “leyline was too sloppy” to have been usable without help – meaning there’s a lot you might still have to learn just to do it again. Plus, unlike the other magic, you actually have someone you can turn to if you need a hand learning it. Which… you guess kind of makes thematic sense, for conjuration. It’s basically just calling for help, even if it’s technically breaching the barrier between universes and cavorting with ageless, inhuman entities.

Or option four: you could try to make coffee.