May 302011

Ganelon wrote:
> Start with small bites. It’s a good way to measure your spice tolerance. Jalapeño dishes are not to be trifled with.

Fakeimposter wrote:
REMEMBER don’t tear into it recklessly! Eat in a precise, delicate manner or whatever.

Rarborman wrote:
Ja’khajiit ignore all these people and enjoy your food.

Seriously. A bunch of hungry, toothy-mawed carnivores were just given slabs of meat.

There’s like two humans here; if they don’t like you ripping your food to shreds they can just deal with it for a little while.

InvaderGIR wrote:
>Take the jalepeno off the steak. Request a glass of milk. Eat your food very slowly.

This tastes really good, but it is pretty hot. You ask one of the servants if maybe you could get some milk? You’re pretty sure that helps cool down spicy food.

You’ll just wait until he gets back to finish eating. You can’t imagine spicy food leading to any kind of disaster, but better safe than sorry you guess.

Fakeimposter wrote:
casually ask what Chorrel is like in person, having never been there yourself.

You heard Quill-Weave mention Chorrol, which you recognize as one of the towns close to the Hammerfell border. You’ve never been there in person, though, so you ask what it is like. Is it worth visiting?

The Countess says it’s a fairly nice city. If you’re looking for a place of your own to settle down, she heard there were a few houses for sale. It’s pretty far from here, however. By road, you’d have to go all the way to the Imperial City and then come back west, and the roads aren’t as safe as they are down here.

Baeralorn adds that the ‘Guild there has some good references on conjuration, if that’s your thing. You a conjurer?

You’re more of a set-things-on-fire-er, you say. You confess you haven’t dabbled in more complicated kinds of magic, though, so you might not have even found your “thing” yet. You just got your powers recently and you’re still a little overwhelmed by it all. You’ll keep that in mind, though.

Oh, hey, here comes your-



He did NOT just bring you a dish of milk.

  • Nick

    Look at his face. Smug motherfucker.

    • JRCameron

      +1 to this comment.

    • SoPoR SyCoPhAnT


    • David Kim


    • Deodesu

      Hahahahahah XD

  • Zayle79

    No emotion I’ve felt in my life has been stronger than the pity I have for that fictional character. The man, not Katia.

    • Titanium


  • J-Ro

    Son. of. a. BITCH.

  • matty406

    ERM NERM NERM NERM at the meat.

    • egg brother

      if your talking about quill-weave nibbling on the jalepeno, i saw that to. again really minor things i see

  • Scy

    That little…

  • Blast

    Dick move, bro.

    Dick move.

  • Cactus from outer space

    On the other topic – mage uses telecinesis instead of a fork… nice detail 🙂

    • Zerp


  • Aero

    Aaand the Argonian left her GLASS OF WATER next to yours. Raising it with her right hand, she put it on her left. Ok.

    Let’s hope it’s just water though, since it got refilled.

  • NoriMori

    Oh God no. Not amulet overload. Nonononono. I’m gonna be so pissed.

    *braces herself as she prepares to carefully click on the next page…*

  • Asbduhas

    I love your attention to detail when it comes to some of the lore. In this case, having the Countass’s Bosmer steward join in on the meat-devouring.

    • Dalen Vreth

      I agree, it’s simply astounding sometimes… I enjoy the little lore details second only to the game mechanics hidden in the narration or details.

  • Mc juicer

    gasp not the GLASS OF WATER!

  • Kajex

    Now, if only there were a dinner utensil which has a sole purpose of offing smart-ass motherfuckers.

    Or, she could go the Alan Rickman route.


    • Woundedkneecap

      Seen this reply, started giggling

      Looked up it, did it some more

      Realized that the first line applied to both a spoon and a glass, facepalmed while laughing

  • Sasha Nekosune

    I can just imagine it now… Katia Closes her eyes and clentches her teeth… Suddenly the Amulet implodes and Katia stands up Dramaticly. She opens her eyes to reveal that they are glowing hot with a seething inner fire! she conjures fireballs in her hands and roars epicly with her arms outstretched with fiery palms… and then… Poof… Nonchalant moment where everything fizzles. Katia blinks softly looking shocked and confused. before coughing nervously sitting down. or something like that.

  • tech

    Butler: Trollface

    • creeperbro

      That’s what I was thinking 😐

  • Jacob English

    ohhhhh manservant. ohhhh god manservant. your gonna get set on fire, you know that?

  • Stephanie

    whats with that floating piece of meat in the third to last panel? is it magic meat?

    • Alex

      It’s being eaten by a magic person.

  • Tygrahof

    OO! OO! OO! Kitty burn and NO FIRE!!

  • Camuloz

    Oh no he didn’t.

    Also such a troll or racist bastard!

  • Uknown

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL that man servant is such a troll

  • MentallyUnstable

    Oh god dammit you stupid lizard, you did not just put your rum next to Katia’s water.

    As for the saucer of cream. LOL thats how I take my milk too. No lie. It help me be more self concious of drinking it cause I tend to spill any drink on my shirt if I have anywhere important to be.

  • Smaug

    Bosmer like their meat RAW AND BLODDY!

    • Grymskar

      Wood Elves: Friendliest tree hugging cannibals you’ll ever meet…

  • dtlux14

    Oh god, what’s gonna happen? Being racist to someone isn’t good, especially if they can catch stuff on fire. Oh, the flamable tapestry, I remember those.

  • Djinnfest

    Oh you cheeky little shit…