Jun 072011

GenTrigger wrote:
>Ask her first, what are you? A country bumpkin?

Technically, yes, you are! But the Countess is speaking right now, and even a country bumpkin like you knows it is rude to speak out of turn.

Now she’s describing the warlord-chef’s cult of mercenary worshippers? This story sounds like it’s going to go on for a while.

Ganelon wrote:
> Do the tail thing again and ask Quill-Weave if you can have some of her water. It’s not like she’s going to refuse.

Quill-Weave is too distracted by the delicious cake! She does not respond to your prodding.

Zorva wrote:
> Don’t drink the water. Water tastes like crap with sweet things, it washes out all the nice sweetness and leaves a thick film in your mouth of diluted bittersweet nastiness. Just wait for a waiter to go get some milk that like, multiplies the awesome of cake.

Valid point, but you were planning to wash the water out with more cake. This seems like a sound plan to you, since it involves eating more cake.

Dermonster wrote:
–> Katia, the glass has alcohol in it. Think on that for a bit.

Quill-Weave specifically said she would drink water, to keep you safe!

She wouldn’t lie to you. If she did… it would break your little Khajiiti heart.

You’re sure that glass just has water. Positive.

  • Vincent

    Oh no …. ;(

    • eternity08

      Just so everyone knows, read at least one page more. You shall not be disappointed. I guarantee.

      • Dragatus

        Agreed. The flash t the end of the next page is official my favourite part of the entire story.

      • I think I might just puke in rage over this if she just skulls it

  • Titanium


  • Jebediah Oldenheimer

    Oh God, no…

  • Blast

    I don’t want to read any more but oh yes I do. *cries pre-emptively*

  • Henrik

    oh no please katia don´t do it =(

  • Sara

    I don’t want to read anymore.. 🙁
    But I want to know what happens next..

  • Robrand

    I’ve read the next page, and given the current track record I was expecting a terrible gaffe that would crush the main character’s self esteem, thus piling additional angst and embarassment just to have some hackneyed drama.
    Boy was I so incredibly wrong.
    I’ll just say, for the sake of other new readers, that what happens next is something to behold.
    Oh and try not to fall off your chair laughing.

  • BlueBelle


    That i at the end.

  • David Kim

    I wonder why she’s not impregnated from all the drunk sex she has with her drinking issue.
    She must have given birth to half of her original city by now.

    • Salamore

      >Orc (possibly unicorn too)

      >Unnamed necromancer who is typically Breton, Nord, Imperial or Elven. (Not being racist just statistically speaking) Also nord chocolates.

      • Salamore

        And a skeleton… 😛

  • dtlux14

    “Quill-Weave is too distracted by the delicious cake! She does not respond to your prodding.” Ok, take that line out of context…