Jul 282011

McFrugal wrote:
Why don’t you lick your paws and preen yourself, little kitty? That’s what you should be doing after accomplishing something you’re proud of, right?

What? You burned your hand. Licking seems like the right thing to do.

Tallath wrote:
>Put necklace back on.
>Suggest to Asotil that it’s time to start the patrol.


You really should conserve your energy for the long trip ahead.

Throwing that ball of magic fire was pretty neat, but it was also dangerous. You need some fireproof gloves to protect your hands, as well as some training on how to use your abilities without relying on visceral, emotional reactions. In short, you have a lot of stuff you need to get before you practice any further.

You have power now. It’s important that you learn to use it safely and responsibly.

…pppffft ahahaha, yeah right. That fireball was completely awesome. You’re gonna do that again.

Eagle0600 wrote:
No pyromancer holds their fire, they summon and toss in one motion, so as not to burn their hands. Obviously, that’s going to take some practice to get perfect, but the point is to get rid of it quickly.

You put your hands together and imagine up another invisible ball of magicka between them. This time you’ll try to ignite it mid-throw. You know, rather than holding the ball of fire in your hand and staring at it with a dumb look on your face.

Let’s see if this works…

IronSaber48649 wrote:
Now for the ignition: Just do it, you walking flea hotel.


Total lady boner right now.

  • bluemage

    cue awesome fire-show.

  • Woohoo! I just noticed you got your site up and running!! I can keep track so much better now. Updated weekly?

    Shit! Lets be Furries!!

    • Dagon

      Oh god no.

    • der

      I suppose it was inevitable. Still…goddammit.

    • Trout

      Uh, yeah… Let’s not.

      • furball

        UH NO?


        • tjk

          Wait, Furball? THE furball?

    • Vicodin


    • E_O


    • Cassius

      Guys, before you all get *too* upset, “Shit, lets be furries” is the name of another one of Kazerad’s threads.


      • some random dude

        yeah no im still not becoming a furry (ever)

      • as soon as i read your comment, i remembered i made the second response in that thread.

        AGES AGO

        and now here i am reading Prequel

        (and i have nothing against “sensible” furries)

        • 300 Wingwangs

          What the hell is a “sensible” furry???

          • DAud

            One, that doesn’t want to act furry all the time, i guess? I suppose those, who don’t (excuse me) “pride parade” around in their full furryness all the time.

            … and of course the ones that don’t try to yiff the innocent bystander! ^,^

          • Cole

            Well ME for one. And most of the fandom for another.

    • retro

      go to hell

    • Iridius

      *Be’s a furry*

    • Jude Prudence

      die in a fire die in a fire
      EDIT: woah, hey, play nice. One or two “die in a fire”‘s are reasonable but much more than that is just impolite

      • Jude Prudence



    • Jebediah Oldenheimer



    • Tirien

      Already am.

    • TechUnadept

      I’d rather troll them. they’re so stuck up. And they raeg so hard when you zing ’em.


      • Felix

        Hey not all furries are stuck up and sensitive, you ignorant ass.

        • Sirus McMahon


          (also a furry)

        • 300 Wingwangs

          This was a hilarious reply.



      • Burgrus of Corgi

        I’m furry and I really don’t care what others think. Honestly, if you are so uninteresting/boring/menial that the only form of entertainment you can sustain is to make fun of what others enjoy, I pity you. Not that I don’t enjoy a good troll every now and then. Trolling can be fun.

        Feel free to copy and paste the second sentence to cast a fireball at haters of any kind.

    • Nrywsel

      Damnit, Happy. :C

    • Burgrus of Corgi

      Already am. In fact, that’s the whole reason I’m here in the first place.

      I came because I heard “catgirl”. I stayed because everything.

  • Soadreqm

    You did it. You successfully defeated an enemy by throwing a magic fireball at it. Even if the enemy was actually an apple and only a pretend enemy. It still counts.

    So cool.

  • Ourordinary

    Damn you are fast just a second ago I was at the bathroom then here you are with the next page.

  • Draan

    Lady boner eh? I wonder what that looks like.
    Also <3 this, +1 viewer.

    • J’raad

      erect nipples.

      • Scy

        How’d you know?
        Are you stalking me? o__o

    • Skelitor

      A lady boner is (By definition of a group of girls i asked) when they get a sort-of arousal in the form of a butterfly-like feeling in their stomach and “even lower”.
      But yeah, it also involves erect nipples.

    • Felix

      When a girl gets “wet”/aroused, according to the girl sitting next to me.

    • King_Burgerking

      I find it odd people are explaining this seriously.

      • It is srs bzns.

  • Christof

    Two updates in two days? Oh joy:D

  • KhanCake

    I know I wrote this on the last pic, but you totally deserve it again Katia! Have this badge again! You deserve another one πŸ™‚

  • Absalon

    “Wide-on” is another perfectly good synonym for lady-boner.

    • someone

      Not β€œWet-on”?

      • Absalon

        A tad blatant. Wide-on is a bit more vulgar, yet somehow more subtle.

  • Stos

    SO. PROUD.

  • BerkeleyHunt

    Woah there! Remember how you can’t regenerate your Magicka? Maybe it’s best to get walkin’ rather than stand around wasting magic like that, especially now you know you can totally throw fireballs.

  • Halbean

    Before ya know it, she’ll start making volcanoes erupt and summoning meteors from the sky. That or flailing around with another burning paw which would be quite amusing in my perspective~ πŸ˜›

  • Chaz

    That’s mah girl, Katia :’) You’re making your fellow Khajiit proud.

  • JellyMan

    >Commence with the victory dance of your people.

  • ShadyKat

    Time to do a happy dance =3

  • mpuone

    OMG…. you got the wrong apple.

  • Loki

    Awesome! But you just killed a citizen of the empire, and not the bad guy.

  • CheeseDeluxe

    Lady boner? Lady boner.

    god damn i need to finish my fanarts ;_;

  • Cliff_Racer

    Congratulations, Katia. It’s time to step it up a notch.

    Burn EVERYTHING. I mean, the apples. What you felis the power to take life! You’re not completely helpless!

  • Captain Honkbeard

    Perhaps you should throw some more to expand your purr view among the fiery arts.

  • GPope

    The panel of Katia flinging the fireball looks very rad; the exaggerated foreground shaking gives a really strong feeling of motion and depth. Are you deliberately cribbing from stereoscopic techniques?

    • Kazerad

      Hah, kind of. It started back on this page when I was trying to show Katia about to claw the king, but I noticed that horizontally shaking the foreground more drastically gave it a really depthy feeling (which makes sense with stereoscopy).

      I’ll probably play with it more in the future. I have to say, it’s incredibly tempting to apply vibro-3D to every panel (though that would probably be the most annoying thing ever to read).

      • FDJustin

        I could see that giving people migraines after a few panels (especially if they can see them on the same page like this) … But it’s still very cool. And maybe you could start a new comic style genre: Headache Comics. A real crowd-pleaser (for masochists!)

  • Draken

    Been following for a week or so now and glad to see the site and more stuff up! I came in at the right time. This story is the Cat’s meow ;D

    Congrats Katia, You’re on your way to proving that your old life is gone and you are what you are now; Katia the Wizard of Fire. Be careful with such fire that’s powered by emotion as that. It’s a good sign that such emotion is so strong it comes through as power and such aptly formed. But dare not let it get out of your control; and I don’t mean like before; hurt and even love for someone you know can be powerful, both good and bad. You can either accidently set afire a friend who you’re only angry at for eating the last of the cake, or set afire the very evil, dare I say, that Shadow King, that dares harm your friends who your heart burns bright with that same fire for.


  • SushiJaguar

    Hey, Katia? Remember that one time that you couldn’t fight competently with any kind of weapon, and you used up all your magicka on apples? That sure was fun when that enemy beat nine lives out of you while you flailed around with a staff.

    Maybe we should get this show on the road so you can remain able to help Asotil, just in case.

    • Joy Baker

      You have no faith in Asotil. He can PUNCH OUT FIRES. What more proof do you need?

      • Razortail

        Huzzah! Fire punching to the rescue!

        Though seeing Katia do something so proudly brings a tear to the eye. Little kitty nobody is a little kitty apprentice mage! Enjoy the lady-boner m’lady… enjoy!

  • Ensigngisne

    Congratulations, you’re a purromancer.

  • Suraru

    now you can burn pineapples next!

    • Helio

      Speaking of pineapples… am I the only one who noticed that as the webpage icon?

      • Alex

        No, you are not.

  • CrashFu

    I’ll be waiting for the day when she visits a proper mages’ guild once more, her fireball spell all mastered, and decides to start playing with those magnitude and area and duration sliders a bit.

    Then! THEN! She will gain the ability to make things briefly, uncomfortably warm in a one-hundred foot radius, all for the mere cost of ALL OF THE MANA! Mwahahaha.

  • Nadir

    No need to spend all your mana on some silly apples.
    Should conserve it for emergencies and get a move on.

  • Vero

    I expected that to be another “well that’s what would happen if you were a badass” scenario.
    Katia’s just hitting success after success lately, something horrible must be around the horizon.

  • Legends12

    i cant even remember how i found this less than a week ago. and its still getting more and moar epic

  • The Lucky Dank

    You are NOW out of Magicka.

  • Unlusty Argonian

    Totally time to strike a Purroucias Adventurer Pose. (this moment it totally worth a shitty pun.)

    • Unlusty Argonian

      Make that Purroucious. Need to get my shitty puns spelled right.

  • Dood Shadowskin

    Nicely done. Coming from an Imperial Magicfist (It’s a guy who likes to punch stuff, alot. And just so happens to be good at magic.) I am proud of you. Now conserve your magic and be off. I am certain that there are enemies that need your fiery justice on the road.

    Needs an edit button upon this site.

    • Kazerad

      I felt kind of bad for you so I just made that spelling corrections for you and got rid of the post where you pointed it out.

      I’m not sure if I have the ability to enable editing for comments! I’ll investigate this later.

      • Dood Shadowskin

        Woo. Sympathy points for a Magicfist.

        Anywho, I do believe that you have one enemy left. That poison apple has to go. Actually hold on. I hear those fetch quite a few coins in the market. See if Asotil will let you hold on to that apple to sell. And if so, BE SURE YOU MARK IT! We don’t need any sudden deaths. Unless its that Orc. Now, i’m just complicating things…

  • SushiJaguar

    You missed, loser! Get your aim right, Katia!

  • KhanCake

    Why is everyone saying she got the wrong one, or that she missed the (pretended) bad guy and hit an (pretended) innocent.

    “THESE are your enemies. These fruits have wronged you, murdered your family, and committed atrocities against innocent civilians. Like all criminals, they are now target practice.”
    Asotil said all of them are bad guys “The poisoned apple is their boss! He is also target practice, but is worth more.”

  • Link

    Yay! Another update =D

    Go Katia! We all knew you could do it! =)
    That last expression and the attached text made me laugh a little bit too hard I think xD

    Also, Katia looks much more like an actual in-game Khajiit in that first action panel, makes it easier to imagine her in the game =P

  • KhanCake

    I just keep constantly updating this site to see if the next one has been released πŸ˜› I just really love to read these.

  • Hannibal

    Good job with the whole ignition throw, Katia. Your aim still leaves a bit to be desired, but you can always practice later. But if you have any more Magicka stocked up, wouldn’t it be best to save it for when you need to use your new badass powers in combat? Plus it’s probably time for Asotil to start gloriously defending the fine nation as per rigorous schedule and all that, yeah?

    • NuVanDibe

      archmage travin, you do know that commands are supposed to be left in the mspa forum thread and not here, right?

      • Oh. They are?
        *looks at my post*
        Eh-heh. Now I know.

  • iZZY


  • justme

    Lady boner–HA! But is it a lady cat boner?

  • NuVanDibe

    why do people think that she hit an innocent apple? all of those apples are bad guys, and the middle one is the boss apple. those are all bad apples. bad, bad apples.

  • Katia, you are officially a badass.
    But you probably should give it a rest now. As totally fucking awesome as being able to throw fireballs around like a fucking boss is, you might want to save it in case you need it later. And maybe running out of magicka will leave you really tired? I don’t know, best not to find out if you don’t have to.

    I’m so proud of you. <3

  • Rotanilrac

    Katia: Level up!

  • Woulfe Loung

    That book thing? That you thought was a good idea? Have you even written anything in it yet?!
    This is huge! Write down these instructions, this awesome thing you did, right naow!

  • Kaza

    I was expecting a cat-astrophe, but I was wrong.

  • kil

    Woh woh there, don’t let it go to your head! You’re still just an amateur. You can set things on fire now, yeah, but up against a Real Threat, that probably wouldn’t do much. Yeah it works great for roasting apples, but for now it’s probably only good as a distraction. Also you must be Very careful with fire! A misfire could burn somebody’s house down, or start a forest fire! On top of that, where do you plan to get your next magicka charge? You do have a big mana pool, but how much have you already used up since the chapel healer and the blue fire? Though, I think you are safe to use it all on practice for now, since using it in a real fight would probably just make whatever you cast it at angry. Unless they are deathly afraid of fire or something, or they are a tree.

  • Pirate_Steve

    Good job. Just practice that trick until you get it down pat.
    Also, you might not wanna mention your birthsign to the soldier.
    If he knows you sometimes absorb magicka, and you come across an evil wizard, he might use you as a shield.
    I’m pretty sure using cats as shields to absorb magic isn’t against the law.

  • FreeGlass

    Love how that animation creates a tad of depth perception.

  • why this page have so many comments?

    you make one of your best thinks right here

  • TechUnadept

    Asotil: I smell fish… and burnt apple…

  • McJeeves

    hard nips

  • ArtiLove

    Lady Boner = Dying of laughter!
    Waaaahahahahaaa Love it love it love it!

  • Rodrigo

    *Cue victory fanfarre*

  • Cassandra

    She looks so cool when she throws it! So proud of her!

  • Things got pretty interesting around “lady boner”

  • Edmond DantΓ©s

    That last panel and that last line are absolutely perfect together. I loled so hard that I let my head rest on my desk as I laughed. Your sense of humor is spot on Kaz, thanks again.

    • creeperbro


  • Satch

    Man, lots of comments on this one, then granted, technically a large milestone happened πŸ˜›
    Can say though, lady-boner, or even simply “boner” is fully anatomically possible, since the vulva has erectile tissue. One in the clitoris and two on the side, like a wish bone. So yeah, we do get erections hehe ;D

  • AnonymousDragonWolf

    Very, very late, but…

    “You know, rather than holding the ball of fire in your hand and staring at it with dumb look on your face.”

    Shouldn’t it be “with a dumb look on your face.”?

    I know how you love not having mistakes on your story.

    • Kazerad

      You may have located and destroyed the final typing error in the entire story!

      Of course I said that to the last person who found one too. But this time maybe it is the real thing!

  • Tormuse

    I love the look of mischievous glee on her face in panel 4. πŸ™‚

  • You know, when I first started reading this I didn’t know if I’d like it or not.
    But I just shouted: “Yay! You got one!”

  • I’m a furfag and I call myself a furfag.

    Fucking furfags, don’t be so sensitive, this is the internet.

  • Twilight-Kun

    “Total lady boner”

    Ah, that made me chuckle

  • Erik

    *Picard facepalm* @ the comments…

  • Rastannar

    Spent about 6 months trying to figure out what “Lady Boner” was, felt so stupid once I got the answer.

  • Shadowkey392

    Katia, that is what being awesome looks like.

  • dtlux14


  • Dragon

    As of panel 5, my last comment is retracted.