Jul 062011

Eagle0600 wrote:
Quill-Weave didn’t actually say she was gay, maybe the other woman kissed her without her permission? And if she is gay, she is almost certainly very sensitive about it, so you should probably remove any direct references to that.

Oh wow, you’re right, that would make this letter so awkward. Let’s just pretend that whole last version never happened.

TheFinalWraith wrote:
You should also tell Quill-Weave that you’re going to Kvatch to also see if you can find a job… Because you still kind of need to pay her back for a replacement book, the money Gharug stole, as well as that invisibility potion she gave you and Gharug also swiped.

RatherInconsiderateFellow wrote:
Four different shirt thingies based off of Nightingale’s awesome drawing in four different colour schemes. Any colour set would work on any design. Also of note, a slightly different lace style for the boots.

laces&low neckline, no laces&low neckline, laces&high neckline, no laces&high neckline

Lucid_Dakou wrote:
Quillweave deserves something both stylish and practical.

Wheeeeeeatthins wrote:
When you finish drawing your clothes, draw a rad lizard gal wearing them doing a thumbs up and going “wooo!”

(the implicit thought would be that Quill-Weave could be that rad, if only she wore clothes like that)

Bropocalypse wrote:
>Katia, maybe you shouldn’t explicitly state that you think Quill-Weave’s clothes are boring.

Duly noted. You fix the letter accordingly and put the finishing touches on your drawing.

“Dear Quill-Weave,

Thank you for letting me spend the night here. It was really kind of you and I appreciate it. I’m sorry if I made things awkward.

Bit of a tangent, but did I mention I used to have these really bad nightmares about kings? I had one again last night, but you were in it. I thought the king was going to hurt you so I tried to stop him, but then he turned into a big monster and tried to kill me. I know dreams don’t actually mean anything but I just kind of wanted to tell someone about it. I am worried there might be some reason I am having this dream so much, so while I am in Kvatch I’m going to look for someone who knows stuff about dreams.

Since I’ll be looking for a dream expert and also some work while I’m in Kvatch, I’m not sure how long I’ll be gone. I’ll try to be back within four days, if that’s okay? Probably less. I just don’t want you getting worried if I don’t show up for a little while. Not that you would get worried or anything, I don’t know if our friendship has reached the point where worrying about people is a thing that happens, or if that’s just something that characterizes friendships in general.

But yeah thanks again for all the help you’ve given me, I really appreciate it and wish I had some way to repay you. Oh I did notice that you wrote yourself a note to buy more clothes and I remembered you liked the clothes I drew a few days ago, so I took the liberty of drawing an outfit design I think would look lovely on you. If you don’t like it that’s okay too, I understand, this probably seems pretty weird. Sorry if it’s weird like that.

See you soon,

Katia Managan”

You couldn’t find any colored pencils so you just label the colors you have in mind. Hopefully Quill won’t find it too annoying.

Doomkiwi wrote:
Wait, wait, wait, how exactly is fashion design not a trade skill? Katia you’ve been holding out on us.

Honestly, it’s not something you’ve ever even tried before. You never really drew much prior to your arrival in Cyrodiil, and this is the first time you’ve ever tried to design a fancy outfit. Maybe you have a natural talent for it? That would be kind of neat.

You’re not sure if there’s much of a demand for people who just draw clothes, though.

Mikhail wrote:
grab your cake, you’re gonna need some food for the road.


You really don’t feel like cake anymore.

You’re kind of a little uneasy even getting near it.

MagicHats wrote:
Quickly cast a flying spell and jump out the window katia, FLY LIKE THE FREE BIRD YOU ARE!

You don’t know any flying spells! And you don’t want to waste any more time goofing around; you have to get going!

… but on the other hand, the skeleton DID clear away the broken glass, and jumping out of a second-story window sounds like a really cool way to make an exit…

It turns out it wasn’t as cool as you thought it would be. In fact, it just hurt a lot. If anyone asks, this walking stick is your WIZARD STAFF.

The soldier is waiting outside the castle. At least he didn’t leave without you.

  • Broseph

    lol Tekkaman

  • Capt. Kip

    Where the hell is that guard’s arm?

    • Zerp

      Didn’t you see the comment earlier, back when they were both in the Countess’s castle or whatever? His other arm is off patrolling.

  • Vaporeon-Kun

    I find it kinda ironic Katia would write the colors of the clothes, considering Quill is color blind.

    • Zerp

      That’s… actually the opposite of irony. See, it would be ironic if she had actually COLORED the clothes because then Quill-weave wouldn’t have been able to tell. Not really even then, though, because it’s not like Quill is going to make her OWN clothes, so the tailor would be able to see the colors just fine.

      • NoriMori

        But that’s why it IS ironic, because to Quill it wouldn’t MATTER what the colours were as long as they all matched.

        • Woundedkneecap

          Must resist… Can’t hold back…

          “I think it would be ironic If we were all made out of iron”

          Red vs blue… Invading other media… Must fight it… Errr

          • Tendoking

            Irony, the opposite of wrinkly

          • SotiCoto

            Irony 56y, the radioactive decay product of Cobalty 56y.

  • Is that… the Armor of Inferno from Ronin Warriors? It’s been a long time, but those shoulders look so familiar.

    Then again, given that you posted this part on the sixth of July, you probably won’t read this. >.>

    • Kazerad

      My admin panel shows me all the comments I haven’t read, so I actually read everything! Hello!

      I’m not sure exactly what the armor is based off of, since it was a reader-submitted command. As someone above pointed out it has some strong Tekkaman similarities, but you’re right that the shoulders are pretty similar to the Armor of Inferno. A quick Google search reveals the artist, Lucid-Dakou, has plenty of experience drawing robot suits so he may have just blended several influences together.

      • Ray-The-Sun

        My short, short time with Tatsunoko verse Capcom tells me it’s Tekkaman Blade.

  • another argonian

    what still makes my head spin is how katia got acess to future power armor blueprints

  • Tormuse

    The talk of a wizard’s staff / walking stick reminds me of [URL=http://www.shamusyoung.com/twentysidedtale/?p=922]this comic.[/URL]

  • Sara

    How come when she jumps from high places, she gets a cool staff, all I get is death.. 🙁
    That’s so unfair!

    • hades

      have you tried

  • “Honestly, it’s not something you’ve ever even tried before.”

    Is That Supposed To Say ‘Something You’ve Never Even Tried’ ~?

    • Kazerad

      Those mean the same thing! It’s not something she’s ever even tried before, and it is also something she’s never even tried before.

      I don’t unappreciate that you aren’t keeping quiet about the typos you fail to miss, though!

  • kurry

    “You really don’t feel like cake anymore.”

    I believe there’s supposed to be an “eating” in there, somewhere. <:3c
    teehee typos

    • Kazerad

      The “eating” in sentences like that is optional! Kind of like how I can say “I feel like pasta tonight”, and don’t have to specify exactly what I’m doing with the pasta.

      I appreciate the effort though! After these last two comments I think I’m going to have to give a prize to anyone who manages to find an actual typo in this page.

  • Masque

    So, I realize it’s not really a “spelling error” so to speak ……

    But I have noticed you frequently place a comma right before you use “and”, “but” or “because” .. (not too sure about but or because actually, but I have noticed the comma before ‘and’ a few times) Which is TECHNICALLY grammatically incorrect…..

    Oh I know, now I’m just being a prick 😉

    • Kazerad

      Nah, don’t worry, it’s not pricklike. I find comma rules are a sort of complicated issue, though, since although it is technically incorrect to use them in these instances it almost invariably helps increase clarity. In general, I tend to lean toward what I think reads smoothest.

  • Lineo

    hahaha, the missing arm again XD

  • Gentlecat Swede

    Found a mistake:
    “You really don’t feel like cake anymore.”

    I think it should be more like:
    “You really don’t feel like eating cake anymore.”


    Plus, I THINK the next line is kind of awkward:
    “You’re kind of a little uneasy even getting near it.”

    “You feel slightly uneasy at the thought of getting near it.” (or something along those lines)

    • zee

      But both of those sentences are perfectly fine? You might be reaching a little here…

  • Tigersong

    By the way. I might be just nitpicking, but who taught Katia to read and write? Was it perhaps her noble family?

  • seven

    Hey Kazerad are these image distortions intentional?
    I haven’t read any farther so I don’t know. Also it could just be on my end??

    • Kazerad

      I checked with some other people and it seems like it’s on your end. From the little I know about how gif data is stored, it looks kind of like it randomly skipped a bunch of pixels near the center. If you reload it may fix itself.

  • elise

    im surprised katia got hurt from jumping being a khajiit and all

  • Diggey

    For a seconf there I actually thought Katia had a limp because she was hurt in her nightmare and she just didn’t notice

  • kizmut
  • Duothimir

    As someone who has seen Tekkaman Blade and its sequel in their entirety, I can confirm that the armor is in fact Tekkaman Blade’s armor.

  • dtlux14


  • Dragon

    …That’s going to slow her down considerably, isn’t it? Can you maintain a 3MPH walk with a limp?