Aug 152011

everyone wrote:
Ring of Firewalking: 43
Gift Basket: 19
Amulet of Reflection: 8
Wand of Silence: 5
That welkynd Stone: 4
Nothing: 2

MyUsernamesMud wrote:
You should send the ring, but make sure to attach a friendship-diamond to it, so she doesn’t get the wrong idea.

After thinking it over, you decide to send the ring. It’s small enough that it won’t get damaged during delivery, and is useful enough that she will probably appreciate it. At the very least it may protect her if she is ever accosted by a hostile mage, and it’s not like giving her a ring will cause any problems.

You compose a brief post-script describing the ring’s powers and the impact it had on your magic career. You also explain that she can send a reply to you via Baeralorn if she wishes, and mention that you really wouldn’t mind meeting her again – as a friend, apprentice, or even something more.

Of course, it would be awful creepy if she saw the ring and thought you were proposing to her after a one-night stand. You attach a small friendship diamond to the ring just to make sure she doesn’t get the wrong idea. That would be awkward!

At least you’re pretty sure diamonds signify platonic friendship. You don’t have much experience when it comes to relationships or their associated symbolism.

You really hope she replies, though. Even if she doesn’t want to become your apprentice, perhaps you can still provide tips on how to learn magic alone.

Bibliophael wrote:
So now we know that you have, in fact, studied in Kvatch. Surely you still know some people there? Surely you were not completely without friends? Surely one of your old comrades would be willing to take on an enthusiastic young Khajiit apprentice?

What, at the Mages Guild?

The Mages Guild is nothing but a cesspool of closed-minded simpletons with no appreciation for the oldest and most revered magical art. And that thing they call a Kvatch guildhall? Nothing but a bunch of filthy traitors.

Well, okay, that’s a pretty blatant exaggeration. But you still don’t want to endorse the organization anymore, given its latest stance on your profession. One day, you’ll show them that necromancy isn’t “too dangerous” to support. Even if you have to show it to their magically reanimated corpses.

But that’s just a long-term goal! Right now you have to send this letter.

You put Scruffles back in his box and seal your envelope. Baeralorn usually drops by a couple times a week. You’re not sure whether he’s here right now.

  • Soadreqm

    Does he always sign his letters with a little cat face?

    • some random dude

      why yes, BUT ITS NOT A CAT THING OKAY!

  • scruffy

    bring back scruffles

  • Jack

    He dresses an awful lot like Matt did…same knife and everything

    Even though I have no idea who Matt IS and surely do not wish to pursue him, since I don’t know him.

    • LiquidDinosaur

      Not to spoil anything. Lets just say that Matt’s social skills and hygiene make Dmitri’s look like he’s James Bond or The Most Interesting Man in the World. Dmitri lives and works with rotting corpses and annoying, shrieking ghosts, and this is still the case.

      • Kazerad

        Seriously. Matt’s like 40 and still lives with his mom.

        • Wind

          More or less… He lives with her head.

  • Azzurolix

    Is it just me or are the links broken?

    The last update doesn’t have a link to this one and it doesn’t appear in the top right corner either.

    • Kazerad

      I think I just forgot to clear the cache last time I updated. Next time I’ll keep it in mind and the problem shouldn’t happen again.

  • Ixcaliber

    Just read through this entire adventure, no doubt you’ve already been told how awesome it is. I’d just like to say that it is pretty awesome.

  • Avarice

    Seal that envelope with some sort of trap spell so that only a khajit can open it.
    You can’t trust Baeralorn with a kitten why trust him with a ring and this letter?


  • Shouta

    Why not just have one of your kitten delivery?

  • JJA

    What are the kittens looking at in the last panel?

  • Kreetn

    Kazerad: endorse this Awkward new necromantic OTP

    Also, fun fact, the first google result for prequel adventures is


    • Crumplehat

      I adore how furries blissfully miss all sardonic irony directed at them as if they’ve become immune to recognizing themselves as the butt of jokes.

      Of course, this is only exceeded in pathetic hilarity of the people that dislike furries suspiciously far too much.

    • Gafonid

      so, basically the article says
      “this is homestuck for furries who couldn’t fap to nepeta”

      i don’t want to live on this planet anymore

      • some random dude

        oh god when you put it like that…. well no you can´t judge a crowd by a single man but… shit man i don´t wan´t to be on this planet either.

    • Tita

      i tend to be a little more forgiving
      but this is


  • KBB

    >Dmitri: Check to see if Baeralorn is here. If not, hob-knob with your fellow necromancers. After leaving your cats in your room of course.

  • Hatman

    Summon wolf/dolphin/dove/rabbit hybrid to deliver gift enstead

    • Ensigngisne

      It’d just come out as roadkill. Side affects’o necromancy.

  • Halbean

    Diamond rings are totally friendly! There’s no way she would get the wrong idea~! :3

  • Loreweaver

    >Dmitri: Be Baeralorn. Better yet, be Uriel Septim VII.

    Seriously, though, just got linked to this and read the whole archive. I’m loving it so far, I’ll definitely be reading for the foreseeable future.

  • Ahz

    >Dmitri: Cast Detect Life.

  • Alienz

    Wait…what are the cats looking at?

    • Crumplehat

      The ever-present aura of irrefutable doom and suffering around the comic.

      • Tita

        i like the doom and suffering! <3

  • Norexicu

    Deliver it yourself,Dmitri my man. Use mark spell in room, deliver letter to Quill-Weave’s house, in the night, like The Goddamn Batman, and then creepily disappear using a recall spell.

    In the way to deliver letter, bring cat food back to your room. Them cats need to eat too.

    • Norexicu

      I mean, something else other than daedra hearts

  • R

    Okay Dmitri Argoth, how many cats do you have? You also have a reanimated undead cat, and you also sign your letters with cats faces, I’m sure everyone else there Knows you have a cat-thing. Also Diamonds are a bad idea, Now she might get the wrong idea, a plain ring is the best deal, But i think that’s not going to work anymore since you more or less attached that diamond permanently huh?

  • Gradamit

    go find Baeralorn.

  • justme

    Mr. Scruffles is so cute! Even though he’s an undead zombie, in the process of decay. Also: hey, the kittens have noses now!

  • Zayle

    I feel obligated to remind everyone who seem to be speaking directly to Dmitri that DMITRI CAN’T HEAR YOU UNLESS YOU GO HERE:

    • Ramar

      On behalf of all the new readers and people who simply didn’t know where to go to add input I thank you my internet friend

      • Kazerad

        I have now bolded the message over the comment box, and put an exclamation mark after it! Now it is 20% more obvious!

        • Tita

          you should make it flash in glorious rainbows.

          • creeperbro


  • Gavinfoxx

    Wow, we totally reaped what we sowed there, didn’t we?

  • Rich

    This is perhaps the best comic evar

  • MACK

    reanimate a dead body and put your clothes on it and sneek out!

  • Zetta

    So I got linked here a bit ago. The whole time I was thinking “this comic has some serious mspa influence”.
    And then I notice where the “submit commands” link goes. :v

  • Cuon Alpinus

    I can’t get over how amazing Beltaine is after the Imp flash.

  • TwilightNinja

    I have a serious complaint to make…

    Your “next” button isn’t working. DX

  • Huino

    You caught me off-guard with “BLUH BLUH HUGE WITCH”.

  • Jeiluifang

    That treasure chest must be loaded with cat poop.

  • Servus_Vepcil

    Oh man, the references.

  • Canada

    The first thing i noticed in the third panel: ‘BLUH BLUH HUGE WITCH’
    ( love this webcomic by the way )

  • dtlux14

    I wonder if he has a cat thing, probably not, I love this story, midnight on a school night, staying up just to read this…