Oct 242011

Iarei wrote:
Notice the ILLEGAL fire someone has started on the road south of Kvatch.

Also, is that a fire?

Asotil squints at the distant flames and says it’s probably nothing to worry about. That citizen in a red robe looks to have the fire properly controlled.

Oh, whew, you say. For a minute you were getting this feeling that something really bad was going to happen.

Professorzobot wrote:
Guys guys guys… we ought to keep it short for right now.
Katia: Give Asotil a hug.

ViniVidiVici wrote:
OH, also thank Asotil for being such a good company. And most of all: FOR BELIEVING IN YOU. ;D

Well then. You guess this is it…

You thank Asotil for all his help. You probably couldn’t have made it here without him, you explain, and it really means a lot to you.

And, well, it probably sounds sappy and stupid, but most of all you kind of want to thank him for believing in you. For taking you seriously, and not just treating you like some loser Khajiit with a magic fantasy. For making it seem like you could do anything (legal) if you put your mind to it. Most people don’t treat you like that.

He tells you he was merely doing his Just and Honorable Duty by helping an Innocent Citizen in need. With any luck, his actions have made your life – and all of Cyrodiil – a Safer Place. He wishes you safe travels on the short remainder of your trip and hopes your business in Kvatch goes well.

Asotil notes that you still have some Criminal blood on the back of your belt.

Oh, thanks, you say. It’s probably soaked in by now, but you can just turn it inside out.

Without further delay, Asotil mounts his steed and sets off for the Imperial City. You call after him, thanking him once again for everything he’s done and wishing him good luck on his own journey. He throws you a quick nod in response. Stay safe, Citizen. Stay alert.

GreyAcumen wrote:
Right now katia is at the proverbial 10 yard line (not that I expect her to understand what that is) With the type of luck she gets, this is EXACTLY the point where she’s going to get hit the hardest, because her luck always seems to turn the worst right after she’s started to feel good about her situation, and right before she actually manages to accomplish anything. You don’t have to believe in fate to recognize patterns.

Wow that is a super depressing way to look at everything that just happened. Ugh.

Yes, you recognize you’ve had this kind of pattern where, just as things are looking up, everything tends to come crashing down.

But back home in Hammerfell, you had a pattern as well. Every day, you disappointed yourself. Every night, you drank the disappointment away. There was no silver lining, no hope that maybe tomorrow would be better. You lived your life knowing you were worth nothing and that that would never change. It was the same, inescapable pattern every day.

But you escaped anyway. Or maybe Katia Managan did.

And sure, things haven’t been going completely perfect for her. Yeah, there’s that troubling pattern you described where things that are going well end up backfiring horrifically. But you just have to keep reminding yourself: it’s still better. Even if you can only be happy for a fleeting moment before it’s taken away from you, that’s more than you had before. At least you finally have hopes to dash.

And hey, if you were able to break a pattern once, maybe it’ll happen again. Everything bad that’s happened since you arrived, maybe that’s all in the past now. Maybe it was all just the short, painful prequel to something really great. Something that, over these last two days, has been just beginning.

So yeah, who gives a flying fuck about patterns? From here on out, things are gonna work. You’re gonna deliver Quill-Weave’s letter, get her a new book, find a job, make all the friends, and become the Katia Managan you believed in when you first stepped off that ship. Things are gonna be different this time, and you don’t care what luck, destiny, pattern recognition, narrative foreshadowing or whatever else has to say about it.

Entropy wrote:
get moving at a fast, but not hurried, pace; no need to injure yourself accidentally. And please, keep a good eye on your surroundings. Paranoia, in healthy doses, is a very good thing.

justme wrote:
Katia, you really want to check out what’s making that fire, don’t you? Admit it: the curiosity is just eating you up inside. But you must be careful! Cautiously approach, making sure that who/whatever has made that fire doesn’t see you before you see it. Perhaps use your excellent Kajiit climbing skills to hide in a tree and spy for a while?

You promptly disregard all this perfectly reasonable advice and excitedly scramble up the winding mountain path as quickly as you can.

This is going to be so great!

  • blackle

    she should take off her amulet of silence or whatever so she can kill any baddudes with her fire- wait, she’s out of magika. shit.

  • CW

    Katia didnt reply to the multitude of ‘what date is it’ commands. Uh oh this looks potentially bad.

    • Magoran

      Unfortunately, she said she was born in 413, and there’s been enough info to indicate that’s 3E 413. She’s twenty.

      So yeah, 3E 433. YAAAAAAAAAAAY

      • Felidire

        I assumed she was 19 (or younger.) She mentioned 413, and count goldwine is clearly still alive, which means this story would be taking place anywhere from a few weeks to a few years prior to where the Oblivion game kicks off – which is 3E 433?

  • Revereche

    See if our guy has made any progress in the realms of becoming a vengeful lich yet.

  • TehTeal

    Be that horse! That has to be the most sour, overly serious, non-prancing pony I’ve ever seen. Why so sour Mr. horse? Katia to stingy with the hugs?

    • Skullman

      Asotil draws the eyebrows on his own horse.

      This is canon.

      The horse’s temperament has yet to be commented on, though.

    • EveryZig

      I think ASOTIL painted the angry eyebrows on him, rather than the horse being sour.

  • Rarborman

    Ja’khajiit this is just going to turn out horrible, I know it.

  • der

    I read that the link was “katia-bid-farewell” before I read the content and thought this was going to be Kaz’s “don’t have time for prequel anymore sorry” post. thank god it wasn’t

  • cake

    that second last picture, the one with Kat smiling, is gut-wrenchingly adorable.

    • Kyle Hyde

      Kazerad you’re going to make me die of going “d’aawwwww” so much

  • Adult Puppet Show

    I’ve used the “resurrect” console command more times in Kvatch specifically than I have in any other place in Oblivion, Morrowind, Fallout 3 or Fallout New Vegas.

    • Dragon

      Hope spot very definitely confirmed, then…

  • Demonskunk

    Well, I’m sure that after everything horrible that happened on days 1 – 3 that things will have to be at least pretty decent for a couple days.

    Get that letter delivered, first thing!

  • Koachie

    She still has a slight chance to, you know, not make a mistake.
    Right guys? Right..?

  • Last man sitting

    keep eyes sharp for any possible obstructions, muggers, imps, fires, necromancers, pineapples or nobility

  • Auggle

    Enter the town to deliver the letter first. Other interesting things come second such as investigating the fire or job hunting.

  • Phantom Hoover

    Ten pounds says Asotil gets killed by Gro-Upp.

  • ClancyDamon

    Bravo on the bait-and-switch Kazerad. Given the dozens of “ASOTIL is going to die in the next comic” posts and suggestions I thought for sure you were doing something horrible in image 3 and 4.

  • MaxieMan

    And then she tripped and her head fell off

    gane over

    • Funderful

      LIES! Revert to last save.

      All is well.

  • Cliff_Racer

    Anyone noticed the horse getting a good look at Katia’s ass?

    • Adult Puppet Show

      Friend of the unicorn.

  • Zayle

    Thanks, Kaz! I knew you’d do it eventually!

  • Adult Puppet Show

    I’d just like to let you know Kaz, this Adventure persuaded me to attempt to replay every main Elder Scrolls game released.

    Not even the imminent release of Skyrim did that.

    • Corovaneer

      I second that. The game in the next update was quite a bit more enjoyable, though.

  • Midaves

    I guess it will be normal Kvatch OR some not-so-random altmer running towards ya saying we’re all doomed.

  • Blast

    Optimistic Katia is best Katia!

  • I just opened the internets, and there was a Homestuck update, and two Prequel updates–hooray for not using the internets in a while.

    And eeeee!!!!! first time one of my comments made it onto a real page! I know it’s not a big deal, but it made me feel special for a bit.

    Also, panel three is adorable. D’awwwww……

  • justme

    Also: nice title-drop, Kaz.

  • Link

    She will make ALL the friends.

    • Lochcelious

      Glad I’m not the only one that noticed that. She will deliver ALL the books!

  • Ger

    “Citizen in a red robe” sounds suspiciously like the necromancers >_>

  • TechUnadept

    Wun, Fowwest, wun!

  • Tormuse

    That hug… that tail… so much cuteness… D’Awwww… 😀 😀 😀

  • reader me

    Aww man, that hug was damn sweet. I almost shed a tear.

  • Doschx

    Katia feels like a reincarnated Vriska trying not to fall into the same shitty (short) life.

  • Pollock

    love the “Oh-for-heavens-sake” look of the horse in the third picture

  • patrick

    “You lived your life knowing you were worth nothing and that that would never change”
    i do believe there is an extra ‘that’ in there.

    • Kazerad

      It’s a crude formulation but technically a correct one – the first “that” is part of “knowing that” and the second “that” refers back to the idea that she’s worth nothing. With only one “that” – “lived your life knowing you were worth nothing and that would never change”, it implies the thing that will never change is the fact she lived her life.

      Thanks for bringing it up though! I definitely appreciate that people are at least looking out for typos and miswordings.

      • patrick

        ah, i stand corrected then. apparently my brain could not figure that out at three in the morning. haha
        no problem!

  • bob

    I got so scared about her going to Kvatch… I mean “Oblivion Crisis” anyone?
    But the soldier said that that has already happened. I feel safe.
    (tottaly nessesary double that)

  • Nyerguds

    D’aww, that picture just before the last one is adorable 😀

  • Gordion

    Who wears red?
    The Mythic Dawn wears red.

    • Uknown

      I realized that when i read “red robe”

  • dtlux14

    Oh, that last panel 🙂

  • Tpaypp

    god please, not just kvatch conflict. i want katia to made her job. i dont want her to end this journey in peace. author, i ask you